Hopsin - West Coast Eclipse Lyrics

When I rap, I like to seem whack at first
And rhyme cheap words, like curse and verse
And once it passes like one or two bars
I turn the switch on and start crushing fools hard
Who said the west isn't consistent, I'm fixing a fix it
For all these niggas who listening and living emprisoned
I figured it isn't missing it's villain, killing them' image
Now I'mma rip this, now witness it as I finish the sentence
Losing hip-hop was a tragic loss but I found it and glued it right
To my dick so if you want it you'll have to jack it off
Rappers acting soft as a fabric cloth, I'mma smash them all
Their nuts are like berries, mine are the size of basketballs
I choke MC's out with a strong vice-grip
Then beat them with the sticks from the cross that they hung Christ with
Head to the club then pull me a sprung white chick
You all know how Hop gets down, he one nights it
I sleep walk at night with a bunch of madness
Mob through the halls and talk with a Russian accent
Ready to kill like I'm a real thug assasin
Who beat my dad's ass and wake up like nothing happened
I'm ruthless, and I do drop bombs
I got fools in the valley like, "Dude, nuh uhh"
When my album drops make sure that you cop one
We need a raw fool like me since 2Pac's gone
Wack rappers like, "Hop, I'll disable you in the booth"
I'm like, "For real? That's a fatal attempt to do"
You thinking you spit the truth, I shake you and strip your jewels
Then hang you up from a roof, and strangle you with a noose
Cremate you with four torches, flame of the torch scorching
Leaving your corpse tortured of course it's hardcore shit
And if there's ever a day my pockets hurting
I'm robbing you with an Osama Bin Laden turban
Hip-Hop is urging for a new flock of verses to rock the circuit
All you flops emerging are pitiful, we did not deserve it
Your style ain't even worth the fame
It's watered down more than New Orleans during a hurricane
Your whole album was a verbal shame
I'm Hopsin, don't act like you ain't heard the name

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Hopsin West Coast Eclipse Comments
  1. Chris Balodis

    this is so dope Hopsin has always been a god

  2. Seth Rice


  3. BurninBlaze206

    The beat is Grindin by Clipse. Only know this from playin Saints Row lol. Still bumpin this song on my phone pretty much everyday!

  4. DrrrZolty

    Ok please contact me for it.

  5. DrrrZolty

    Like A Boss, With Goku Armor!

  6. Werewlfkng

    I think the beats from freeway~flipside???

  7. Kenya Bklyn1ny

    What song is this beat from

  8. p wilson

    you a dragon ball z fan good for u if u are

  9. agbrenv

    wasn't this originally a Clipse hit track?

  10. Garrett Stuart

    no1 cares stfu

  11. kqwerty11

    That's a compliment for soulja boi, I would say Hercule.

  12. Jared Gardner

    if hopsin was goku then soulja boy would be bitch ass raditz

  13. Shane Hunter

    anybody know of a remix or mashup of this verse over a different beat?

  14. FMoMMaTriPPleFivE

    lets have sex

  15. Steven Murphy

    Hey everyone! NEED NEW MUSIC? Check out my new track on my page "All We Do" YOU WONT REGRET IT! Thanks :)

  16. 747stoner

    are you stupid as well? he doesn't even have 1 fucking video on his channel that was my point plain and simple foolish fuck. or did u not even read the whole convo?

  17. StompShadowsStomp

    Super Saiyan Hopsin!!!!

  18. Visar Maksuni

    you against hopsin? nope

  19. 747stoner

    really smart ass? click that channel name and look at all his videos and video views and subs man.. think and look before you comment

  20. Cameron Weissmann

    This song is the shit

  21. Cameron Weissmann

    Fukk the 2 haters

  22. MajorTbagz

    His channel name is under the comment....

  23. Burnin Blaze

    Yup the Clipse`s Grindin beat. I remember first hearin this shit and it still always goes hard

  24. PAY EJ

    Hopsin go hard

  25. phoenix low

    isn't this like the "grinding" instrumental?

  26. Vonny

    I see what you did there...

  27. MississaugaMissions

    dope. you went hard. too bad your new music is sounding less like this and more emotional/self-concious

  28. Sterling Brathwaite

    No this is Grindin by the Clipse

  29. Flemian87


  30. palmer491

    Lip gloss - LIL mama

  31. Tripy420 Skilz

    the only dislike is sogay boi hahahaa

  32. Jay Gets Deep

    That's like sayin just cause you can spell you can rap do yourself a favor n stop makin dumb ass comments its bad for your health you nimrod now spell check that then suck on It

  33. Jay Gets Deep

    It's not hard when it comes natural scrotum sucker

  34. Jay Gets Deep

    @ man7rah you ignorant if u didn't know that you don't have to know how to spell to rhyme or use a rhythm

  35. momof3klj1978

    Hopsin is dope tyler is dum

  36. ThatRealMassacre

    Cassidy Killed This Beat Too !!

  37. Hopmadness21 2nd channel

    russian accent lol

  38. Man7rah

    @J-Thug D.R.K. First you need to learn how to spell in order to step it up.

  39. Jay Gets Deep

    he really inspired me to step up my lyricle game wit this one

  40. Neil Schaffer

    LOL i love the art. Goku is a great inspiration!

  41. 747stoner

    oh really? mind giving us the link or channel name? :p

  42. trip topped

    goku lookin ass nigga

  43. Dâkk S4vvŸ IŃ ThÉ B4GGie

    now this is sick soo glad there is no juggalos in this one...


    hell yea

  45. Terryonna H.

    I love hopsin so much

  46. Rapper Soly


  47. kameron smith

    hell yeah


    @TimoEkhart yeah he is!!!

  49. Thatboii King

    This Shit Is Raw

  50. Timo Ekhart

    waha lol... he has a freaking ssj suit on xD

  51. mike r

    goin hard every track

  52. FADEN h. FUFU

    Ighit keep it up hop