Hopsin - Super Duper Fly Lyrics

"Uh yeah uh uh uh chyeah, TURN ME UP!
Yoo, Just leave this shit up to me pal"

[Verse 1:]
They call me hop, the king of this hip-hop
The moment that I hopped in the game it got hot
Rappers thought that they would be ruinin my plots
In this industry but homie I'm doing it 'vualaa'
Soon as I step up the flow, niggas know I'm untouchable
With the mic I'm a cut ya throat, guess it's cause I'm so rugged yo rugged yo
I'm keepin it real (fuck the dough [3x]) I'm lying homie I love it yo
I'm a beast at this, I ain't really unleashed it yet
Obviously I have I'm just bad at keepin it secretive
And if you do wanna piece of this, buddy you can recieve it quick
Yeah I know that chu sayin fuck hopsin he's a dick
I give the streets a click of how I met em off the game
I'm a rack it off the chain, till my records off the blade
Spread a web across ya name.
Make sure you suckin it, grab ya belt and buckle it, time to end all this fuckin shit

I got some flows and they super duper nice,
Just gimme' a dope beat and ill be super duper tight,
Lace it up, sell it for a super duper price, WHY WHY
Cause I'm $uper Duper Fly.

Hey I'm so fly, FLY, look at me flyin away.
I can fly, I can fly, HEY, I can fly, I can fly, HEY, I can fly

[Verse 2:]
Not abomishing, throwers words astonishing
We coming in different change it up that's what I'm promising
Yeah you got potential and all a that but chu not as sick
Someone tell these lowdown and dirty fuckers who Hopsin is!
It's been awhile, feels like five hundred years
But the apocalypse is finally here, a lot of these queers just run around thinking that they hot
But they cold as fuck, when I drop that shits gon be over then ya'll gon know wassup
Niggas actin like that they hate to show love, till they find out what I'm capable of
I'm finna fizz up like bakin soda, put so much pressure on you niggas you'll be forced to exit the game, cause my games is so tough
But chu muthafuckas is probably gon keep on coming back like roaches
But I have the potion, outwit you just like a pack of vultures
Cause I rap ferocious ya'll lack emotion that's needed in this
I bees the business what can I say I just need to win it.


[Verse 3:]
My image doesn't appear to be viscous, but just by hearin me whip this
I'm sure that chu could tell I'm lyrically gifted
It's a conspiracy, is it? definitely, if you step to dis me ill make sure you rest and impede switch your mic and record emcee
Evidently I'm known to kill this devil in me
You can tell it's in me my flow has been mastered elegantly
If you fellas tip me it's cause you feelin the jealous envy
Next time put more thought in it before you sell ya cd
I wouldn't say that I'm the father of rap, but rap's father died so I just adopted his ass
Since none a ya'll will take him in, watch what I'm a make of him
The nigga finna be the muthafuckin hottest thing again
Ya'll been treatin the game wrong, man hopsin ain't chya friend
I ain't taking back none of my words fuck who they defend
Ya'll claimin that you niggas from the hood and the streets
Then whys the fuckin game hollywood as can be?


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Hopsin Super Duper Fly Comments
  1. Kendrick Lamar

    Forgot ab this. Different times

  2. xWOG 1920x

    2019 & Still Fire🔥

  3. kosmique

    this is how a beat should be.

  4. Jamieson Reynolds

    em would be a dope feature the way beat hits after first chorus i immediatly thought of him would be SUPER DUPER FLYYYYY

  5. Jake B

    Listened to this as a kid. God its good to be back.

  6. M J A Y

    Classic 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Graz

    Why does he sound so different on this track than he does on other shit?

    soheil adam

    This track is old, he was a teenager here, his voice was deep.

  8. Tqny

    I need the beat please? Can someone find it cause i can't

  9. Mclean 400

    Shit goes hard

  10. Trapn

    Who was here before 1.6M Views?

  11. Trapn

    This beat reminds me of my bedroom at night #2018

  12. Tony Lance

    hopsin can literally cure depression.. until his song ends

  13. Sauce Samurai

    Still here in 2018 hop

  14. Levi Newman

    He is Soo good honestly

  15. tj banks

    Damn this song gonna be 9 years old this year and it's still 🔥🔥🔥

  16. DarthMufasa

    he entered this soo smooth

  17. Chelsea Calloway

    SO GOOD. Hopsin is definitely the best rapper...i used to be an Eminem fan, but grow tired of his nonsense and collaborations with pop stars lol

    Hash Slinging Slasher

    Chelsea Calloway what pop stars?!

  18. Lily-Rose Varnam

    my favourite song always its a super duper fly

  19. Nicholas Winter

    Hopsin - Happy Ending in HD

  20. Ali Alsayyed

    Still lit in 2017

  21. Stan Rice

    ya fuckin' a right, hop"s the shit

  22. Breanna Guerra

    he's hottttt

  23. bobby bez

    I'm a big hospin fan but when exactly did Eminem die? I thought that be something I would hear about..whole style is based off Eminem including content choice. Js.

  24. Divi ded

    I was the 1000th sub

    Brandon Lamb

    Gary Tyler great accomplishment 😂

  25. Spiffy Spoken

    this tune had me walking miles like I didn't have fatigue !
    so I respect this track

  26. ArKane Truth


  27. J. G.

    One of my favorite of Hopsin


    gotta love Hopsin

  28. cody andrews

    when the music tells you to turn it up you do it.

  29. nouserr

    hop hop hop !

  30. Skoal Bandit


  31. Aaron How

    Yeah this is tight!

  32. Charles Nutt

    honestly he does talk about some real shit. shit I think if most of us just was open minded bout somethings he he raps about and just talks about as well. we would be doing better as people not just as a individual. and I ain't jockin him or nothing cause shit I've been thinking and also been open about it to everyone around me before I even heard of him. but shit everybody has their own opinions

  33. ROBLOXHandler


  34. Ztip444

    love all his music but ill minds 7 wrecks my brain when im high

    Wesley Cavalcante

    +Ztip444 90% of ill minds7 is tha same words my brain imagine in a conversation with the Almighty


    ill minds 7 is an argument that will never get solved untill we find out for our selfs after death but untill then ima get high go to work and enjoy whats around me

  35. il100374

    This is fucking ill
    "My image doesn’t appear to be vicious
    But just by hearin' me rip this
    I'm sure that you could tell I'm lyrically gifted
    It's a conspiracy, is it?
    Definitely, if you step to diss me I'll make sure you restin’ in peace, switch a mic, I wreck an emcee"

    andrew key

    +MoonMantv you're*

    Bijan Soltani

    +il100374 conspiracy? LOOK AT HIS NOSE!!!!!

  36. Hidden Vision

    Speed 1.5 Sounds pretty good.

    Игорь Миронов

    You right )

  37. Andre Manse

    """"i wouldnt say that im the father of rap, raps father died so i just adopted his arse"""""

    Matthew Lonican

    @Andre Manse is that line about tupac? or maybe eminem since hopsin thinks he isnt good anymore

  38. Lachlan Cuzner

    Hopsin's nose is Illuminati confirmed.


    Equilateral triangle


    You made me laugh. Good job

  39. Geoff Mayberry

    HOP---Pray i win the lotto!  All this whack industry has become will be a bad memory for labels...  Those dumb asses cant figure out talent from auto tune nowadays...  a face is NOT talent..  the music/heart is where it is!  those of US ELITE know this..  Best Luck Brother!

  40. Radical Rob

    NO, FUCK OFF ALEX! !!!!!!

  41. suzie rangi

    This song is the best and i love the beat Hopsin is like my favorite rapper 
    cause he is super duper fly 

  42. suzie rangi

    This is a mean song :) <3 

  43. A. Long

    16 year old  British rapper. Check out the two recent songs i'v put out and see if you like them


    "British rapper" FOH

    A. Long

    @GeneralMcKeon It doesn't matter where you're from. There are American, British, Spanish and multiple rappers from multiple races. But if it doesn't sound like your *cup of tea* then that's alright.

    See what I did there, because all British people are addicted to tea?


    True true, just listened to your music and its actually not bad lol. I just thought it was gonna sound really awkward because i haven't heard a British person rap before. 

    A. Long

    @GeneralMcKeon Thanks, I appreciate it


    @***** what

  44. John Doe

    whats wrong with his nose... he get punched in the face too many times?


    @Klay Brown haha I know right why don't you just come out already 

    Klay Brown

    Once again childish bullshit, hit puberty before you talk to me like that


    @Klay Brown come on man join the rest of them like your boy drake and be open to sucking BBCs 


    @Ur Mad
    nice one, you showed him!

    x Nick

    AHAHAHA I think its a drawing or something. it doesnt look real

  45. Ephraim Ortega

    Hot! Oh yeah!

  46. ivel kroezen

    I love when using headphones his first  "I can fly" comes from the left and the second one from the right

    Mr_ Whitehair

    hahaha :D

    holy potato

    +ivel kroezen Ikr

    Ian Nimmouse

    opposite for me

    T three Hip Hop

    Bro it sounds dope with the powerbeats

    Tony Lance

    its uncomfortable

  47. Christopher Corbin

    late to this, but for real!!!! this is hip hop...from the W. coast!!! props!! :)

  48. Nephibis

    Nice beat. I fuck with hopsin. His music is hot. Lyrically he is crazy


    @***** It means I like his music... 

  49. SecretCodes Dievas

    Weirdest nose ever

    music low

    true lol

  50. Liliana Ramsing


  51. Rage1422

    He executed this perfectly.

  52. Prizzer OFFICIAL

    This song is fucking raw, I got raps on my channel you can check them out. New video coming in 2 weeks!

  53. Blue

    1.5 speed is awesome
    same with 1.25


    Fuckin sick bro


    Yeah it is

    Your Long Lost Uncle

    Try it on 0.75 speed

  54. Skoal Bandit


  55. Topher Smith

    Pyramid nose. 

  56. Aubtin .Shahabi

    The hook is fire

  57. I hate Urinals

    I was really feeling this... Then he started singing

    Denee Weathers

    +BIG THURST TV Hahah

    A Guy

    +Daniel Marshall Damnnn Daniel calm your nipples.

    Andrew Philips

    go back to your autotune mumble rap that sounds like the artist is gagging on a small dick if u dont like hop's hooks


    these hopsin fans are straight trash. hopsin really needs to check his fans b/c now it makes no sense that you can even criticize their idol


    this is really late but still: i agree with you that some of hopsins hooks are weird but if rapping is legendary

  58. SiaSia H.

    Do something wit that skill! get out there and let it be known!

  59. ivel kroezen

    I don't say I'm the father of rap, but his father died so I adopted it.... damn nigga

  60. Raeed mndow

    this beat is just....just freaking awsome!! he reminds me of old slim shady

    Abandoned Maine

    @3V1LKNIGHT Good? You mean trap? lol


    @Taber Pasternak why would he mean trap?


    Large fact

  61. Jh Ford

    If you're up to date with his Ill Mind series singles and his most recent album he's been rapping as both Hop and Marcus for a while now, proving Hopsin is definitely an alter ego/alternate persona for Marcus, akin to what Slim Shady is for Enimem/ Marshal Mathers. His biggest influences are definitely Eminem and Tupac.

    I think he's one of the best young artists in rap.

  62. Michael Lindfors

    craaazy beat! Funky Fly beat

  63. Art Vandelay

    "My image doesn't appear to be viscous, but just by hearin me whip this
    I'm sure that chu could tell I'm lyrically gifted
    It's a conspiracy, is it? definitely, if you step to dis me ill make sure you rest and impede switch your mic and record emcee
    Evidently I'm known to kill this devil in me
    You can tell it's in me my flow has been mastered elegantly . "

    Tro Kiiros

    Philemon Vineeth resting in peace* wreck an MC*

  64. stevaughn williams

    I don't even compare hopsin to eminem because there both different type rappers.

    Dragon Cunt

    stevaughn williams not really , there styles and rhymes themes are similar well ems old style

  65. Cole Malesytcki

    I gotta laugh at the dumb fuck who said people still like Lil Wayne.

  66. World FreeStylers

    Dance cover coming to YouTube, Google+, and Facebook near you
    #subscribe   #videos   #dancer   #dancecrew   #WorldFreeStylers   #worldfreestylers   #hiphop   #music   #dreambig   #worldwide   #popular   #fameandfortunes   #career   #freestyle  

  67. MonkGoneGamer

    Lace it up sell it for a super duper price ...............

    Ethan 12432

    @Rogue Monk Did you watch the same video? WOW

  68. Brendan Adams

    hopsin reminds me of slim shady

    Brian Scholefield

    Brendan Adams thanks 🙏

  69. kayj905

    Sounds like really good music for a montage....

  70. Tonary Burley

    the hook though sound like nate dogg

  71. OG S

    it remindns me of eminem

    Brendan Adams

    i think of eminem and slim shady two different people

    eRa Shank

    @Brendan Adamd Oh wow man your so different, nobody else does that.


    same man the beginning

  72. HopsinsGirl

    That beat is super duper fly!


    Wow!! This don't even sound like Hop.

    TJ Wayne

    You should check out Kung Fu vampire ft. Hopsin trunt up

    Jumpmansmo 360 Haunts

    The Haha in the song is from hopsin dogs

    Brian Scholefield

    HopsinsGirl wow

    Tony Lance

    I feel like your ramona haha

  73. Luis Marsh

    Holy shit amazing

  74. samuel bishara

    nice as fuck. beat is dope

  75. youwouldjake

    i love this fucking song i prolly bumb it 7 times a day

  76. Travoy Harvey

    I know it does not to be repeated.. BUT the beat is nice. I like the Nate Doggish vocals. With a mix of Tech9. Beat is sick. No issues there!

  77. mag wambui

    i like his background

    king g

    He has shoes like this album cover

  78. TechNick

    This beats got me crackin up, in a good way! Good sheeiittt.

  79. Courtney Love

    I love this song tho! Hopsin goes harddd :) And in the middle the "Nate Dogg" sounding dude

    The Worm

    U tell em baby lol

  80. Courtney Love

    Lol nice nose

    Courtney Love


    Ethan 12432

    @Courtney Love It's just a shit drawing, also Courtney did you kill Kurt or not?

    Courtney Love

    @Willy Wonka Meme THats not a shit drawing thats a picture of hopsin hahah llol his nose tho. And yes i killed kurt hahahah

    Ethan 12432

    @Courtney Love
    Oh, that looked like a drawing

  81. Vlad Blaze

    Don't fuck with the unlucky 13, bitches.

  82. Louis Castro

    Hopsin real n**** no like Lil Wayne

    allgood yupyup

    bitches talk shit nd get fucked up^^vv

  83. Crazyawesome104


  84. James Blood

    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Bob is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   This tank & Bob are against Google+
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      ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..      / \     Youtube if you are with us

  85. Rich Welsh

    People who talk shit bout artists should fuck them selves we work hard as fuck for you shitalkers this dude is awesome I wish I could get on a track with him


    Did you just upheave yourself to the same ethereal plane as fucking hopsin?

    Old Gregg

    @QlimaxfreakxD y u do dis


    goobi pls

    Old Gregg

    @QlimaxfreakxD y u do dis dolan

    Rich Welsh

    I hear you bro but hop is a real og homie

  86. Kid Kilo

    old school hop haha this shits awesome click my blue name to hear a super dope song

  87. C a i o

    That beat...holy crap

    C a i o

    Thats corny

    Hop has the best beats .

    Jamieson Reynolds

    Its got that with doctor vibe fuckin hopsinnnnnnnn with a em feelin chorus BOTH SUPER DDUUPPEERR FLYYYYY

  88. Traxick

    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Bob is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   This tank & Bob are against Google+
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      ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..      / \     Youtube if you are with us

  89. khalifa asdas

    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Bob is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   This tank & Bob are against Google+
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      ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..      / \     Youtube if you are with us

  90. Minty Swish

    Who the fuck decideds to start a conversation about macklemore on a hopsin song. Cmon man. Two absolutely completely and utterly different artists.
    My opinion is macklemore can go to his pop music shit. (His only good song is wings..)
    And hopsin should keep making his music the way it is cause it's hella fucking sick.


    Mack isn't bad, he's not hard though. Hop did say he respects and likes Macklemore, so opinions are opinions. I agree though, this shit isn't important right now.

    Ladz Wick

    hes back with his new song, glorious haha which is amazing

  91. MasterGoatfish Dota


  92. Cj Zaboo

    he has real songs, but he's not really a good comparison for hopsin or most other rappers, even though he has good music.

  93. nzingha jordan

    I dont give a Fu*k what anyone says I love Hopson!! 3

  94. Mr. Beantastic

    Dude is so gay. Asking everybody to fuck his butt.