Hopsin - Panorama City Lyrics

I built this empire off rebellion
Niggas seem to have a problem with what I be selling
All I got is dope and I just make the world inhale it
Bitch I am the dope, you're blind as fuck if you can't tell it
I dropped out of school so I could focus on my mission
Principal is calling mama saying that I'm missing
I'm taken to homeroom and then after that I'm ditching
Start off bumping Dirty Dozen in my fucking system
Mom and dad would look at me and knew my mom was [?]
I look in the mirror, my reflection was my bestie
That's just how it was since crystal took my nigga Jesse
It's me against the planet, motherfuckers gon' respect me
Shit but I ain't tripping, got a mighty reflex
Stronger like I'm a feisty T-Rex
Mobbing the streets with a white T3X
The mic is 'bout to be how I relieve stress
Niggas blowing up left and right and it might be me next

Motherfucker look me in the eyes and you can see it's no surprise
That I've been living like there's no tomorrow
All I got is grinding on my mind, middle finger to the sky
Fuck the planet or you'll end up with your heart broke
In Panorama City nigga

You know where to find me at
You know where to find me at
In Panorama City nigga

You know where to find me at
You know where to find me at
In Panorama City nigga

Before the paper
Way before these groupies ran the world and caused [?]
I was rocking [?] out with the skaters
Vandalizing spots until security would chase us
Young and fucking clueless with the homies that surround me
Doing hoodlum shit and got me locked up in the county
Fights are popping left and right these motheruckers rowdy
They gon' whoop my ass if they find out I'm from the Valley
My whole crew is cocky, homie, nobody could stop us
Chilling on Tobias Avenue sipping horchata
Shooting [?] guns at cars until we saw the coppers
Once we got confronted we would lie and say its nada, gotcha
A decade later I only grew worse
Niggas say they hate me, that's cool
I hated you first, the truth hurts
I guess it's just a few perks
From all my crazy [?]
The power of my mind can fucking move earth

Motherfucker look me in the eyes and you can see it's no surprise
That I've been living like there's no tomorrow
All I got is grinding on my mind, middle finger to the sky
Fuck the planet or you'll end up with your heart broke
In Panorama City nigga

You know where to find me at
You know where to find me at
In Panorama City nigga

You know where to find me at
You know where to find me at
In Panorama City nigga

You know where to find me at
You know where to find me at
In Panorama City nigga

You know where to find me at
You know where to find me at
In Panorama City nigga

[Joey Tee:]
Find me in the P.C. baby
Find me in the P.C. baby
Find me in the P.C. baby
You know where to find me
In Panorama City nigga!

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Hopsin Panorama City Comments
  1. BrianVoid

    did anyone ever catch hopsin aging?

  2. FoopszGaming

    I skated all thru panorama city in 2018 all up and down Nordhoff and parthenia. That taco place you went to weak 🚮 but the sushi truck on Plummer 🔥🔥🔥

  3. BrianVoid

    would listen to this all day over all the flex 60 iq bullshit

  4. WebbanationX

    Htf did I miss this one? So gaddamn hard

    I listened to this album too. I would've remembered this.

  5. I am Gilgamesh

    I liked dude's part in Spy Kids yo.

  6. Dekan Trubility

    2pac meets gtav

  7. Steven Huerta

    Hell yeaaaah!!! About 4 years ago he skated with me and my homie at Blythe skate park. Very humble and respectful. What this city needs/:

  8. Green eyez White

    Og Mr. Scrap from the 80’s off of Sylmar Avenue. Where the 93 first started!! The Great 818

  9. Christian Gonzalez

    Mission hills to panorama city niggah

  10. B Baker

    I wish I could've said more but I didnt want to bother you. I hope you're cool today Marcus 👌🏿❤

  11. Cody Lee Page

    I never realized he keeps saying yah over and over for the first 1 minute and 20 seconds of this song for his ad-lib and then starts back up on verse 2

  12. christopher mora

    1:48 all you had to do was follow the damn train cj.

  13. christopher mora

    This is like gta but with skateboards

  14. Nathan Levier

    I dropped out of school so I can focus on my mission - IAMDAVIS

  15. Mike Levitin

    Am i the olny one who hearing here the 3.am vibe (eminem)
    Love this song btw

  16. Jn 1977


  17. Yvng_ Slpy818

    Lmao I live in panorama 818 shii

  18. William cordeiro

    I live in Portugal and like since 2007 ive been listening to this dude Hop is a great artist and One of the few real ones left 🙏

  19. Joey Robles

    Fuck it's like listening to Tupac again

  20. chap chevy


  21. amunman

    Как будто телепорт в начало 90х

  22. Jeffery Burney

    One more person to save rap thanks Hops fr man

  23. JBU

    This Got WestCoast Bump to it. Still Bumping This in 2019!!

  24. Cecil Stone

    I Have Never Heard AnyBody Ackowledging Panorama City...I Grew Up In PC In The 80's...A Different World From PC Today...Keep Doing Your Thing Brother...Sounds Good(Smile)

  25. ChronicalClinic42

    Imma make a Hopsin gta 5 character

  26. ChronicalClinic42

    straight outta
    Panorama city

  27. Apep Apep

    I got a mighty reflex

  28. Louie Rodriguez

    Taurino was a must lol 91402 all day!!

  29. Naggot

    I was gettin Tupac vibez from this. Bruh shits fuckin dope 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Brett Anderson

    Song is 4:20 long. Coincidence, I think not.

  31. Phillip Harnage

    This song is the most underrated rapped by the most underrated rapper in the game. Damn. Someone tell hopsin he has helped me through a lot with his music. We gotta get this dude out of the dark space he's in.

  32. xIsabellYayx

    this reminded me of those music videos filmed in south central, los angeles. i live in panorama city and i always thought that it was like the south central of the valley. never would i have ever thought someone would’ve thought the same. real nice, my guy!!

  33. 100% R.A.P

    Esse flow é do Eminem!!!kkkk


    Hopsin man you def in the top 5 artiat ever bro you been way overlooked you should,be on everyine,radios real kick it bruh keep puahing these dope,songs out ima be here waiting

  35. Jake Reese

    Anyone else get California love vibes?

  36. Anthony Baltodano

    That's the hood!

  37. Voice of Insight

    Plp say they hate me, That's cool I hated you first..

  38. horrorgami

    "a decade later I only grew worse" lmao same

  39. TranceSFX

    4:11 that goat to g.o.a.t recognition hahaha

  40. FuvknWILDN

    Dude I miss panorama bruh. Vegas boring

  41. Maria Nava

    Chillen In Tobias Ave. Sipping Horchata😜
    Panorama City👏

  42. Luigi Uzi

    The best!!

  43. jose Santa

    4:12 two goats looking at each other

  44. Dennis Elias

    Thats crazy this niggas used to posted up in the hood ...now is nothing but blytheros serio shit.


    Hopsin ain't livin in the hood no more, what is he supposed to rap about nigga living the sweet life now that is what this song is for to give us insight in his past, but he hollywood now it is what it is.

  45. Kovpak ggg :3

    Я ебу, мужик, это ахуенно. Русские тут?)

  46. likemike751

    Dat beat boy 😍🥰

  47. A G

    818 FO LIFE!!!

  48. majid gharibi

    This is the Real Hip Hop

  49. art and game

    instru plz

  50. Blue G

    Damn I used to be up and down the streets all the time. Much love to the entire 818 area.🔥 Thanks Hopsin✊

  51. preciado Maria 97

    Ayyy lol I went to Monroe

  52. A.N.S

    best rapper ever give like wen you see so

  53. Alex Silvious


  54. Boatz N. Hoezz222

    "Gta vibes anyone?"

    Thats called G funk my good sirs'

  55. Patrick Burns

    How does this only have 2.4 mil views..

  56. C. S.

    Yep, the goodwill, I bet I'll find u there.... or the social security office, maybe Walmart? OOoohhhhhhh, PRISON!!!!! THAT'S where I'll find you😂😂😂😂🖕

  57. NestorZ

    Best new school american rap song i have heard! The 90s vibe is so intense

  58. Betzy Salinas

    Lmao I live in panorama city and I always eat there 😂


    Shit, me too, let's kick it

  59. YaBoyJacob DX

    2 words : west coast

  60. beyondwordz

    *BIG* *CYPES* & *HOPSIN* woulda been a dope colab for the city

  61. Holy Meatballs

    A song for the mother land

  62. christopher mora

    Next game

    GTA:Panorama city


    That should be the title for GTA 6

  63. Seven

    Dope as fuck \m/

  64. Polo King For Life

    I love the NWA...Ice Cube...Dr. Dre beat feel to the song.

  65. Noregrets360


  66. James Cole

    Man I’ve been listening to every song of his trying to find one that isn’t fire but I’ve been unsuccessful thus far

  67. itzz bonilla

    I felt weird knowing that I grew up in the same place he did I look at the background and recognize every corner and street

  68. Carlos Pedroza

    Makes me feel at home

  69. Mehdi B

    Good song
    Da Real westside rap shit

  70. Steel Cervantes

    Stupid i lived in panorama city my whole life in green village aint never see that foo he aint active he just talk

  71. Jumpmansmo 360 Haunts

    Hopsin : yo Joey you wanna collab
    Joey tee : you know where to find me at

  72. Vaquero Vegano


  73. seth martinez

    U know where to find me at!!!! Nigga!!!

  74. seth martinez

    This song is fucking dope af. Great hook, ill verses, dope westside feel.

  75. El Felix

    @1:11 is right infront of my old apartments 9075 cedros ave

  76. El Felix

    Damn homies yall literally jumpin threw apartments i grew up and did shit too fucken miss cali (818) PANORAMA CITY HOMIE bumpin this from Salt Lake City


    Still hot!

  78. Pofurg

    this is the only hopsin song that doesnt make me wanna kill myself

  79. knowwhatim sayin

    This muthafucker ain't no real panorama city g the real ones dead or in jail💯

  80. Tristin Kuehl

    Gta much

  81. Noel From Fulton

    Thats right panorama city is where i. Live yall should go listen to big cypes who is another good rapper from panorama city

  82. aryan j

    Orange atmosphere inerware give gta san vines dog

    Just keep oj loc out

  83. That Blackguy74

    lol just noticed Robert Neal is in this video

  84. Jordan Santos

    One of my favorite songs off of the album. Nice head bobber

  85. Minah Tshabalala

    2019 we still riding in panorama city ✊

  86. Black Cat

    1:20 remeber gucci gang HE A COPY WID THE TIGER *WHA*

  87. NemeX

    4:10 - 4:15 :D

  88. Slim-So-Nasty

    This that old school west coast vibe

  89. Patrick 25

    thought i heard all your songs.....this goes harder. damn...

  90. TGS Nicholas

    GTA 6 trailer looks awesome

  91. Team 5

    I knew hop for so long i have knew him since he dropped sag my pants

  92. nicole byers

    do something with Eminem

  93. Mo Med

    Fuck eminem nigga u the shit 🖤

  94. Th3GhostVX

    Your the goat dad

  95. Jonathan Gutierrez

    I live in Panorama City and I recognize every location they're at lol

  96. Captain Chumbuwumba

    Who else lives in Panorama City???

    Gucci plays

    Blyth street OG niggas!!


    I'm like 6 hours away from yall

    Michael Sanchez

    Why do they call it Panorama city if it's Los Angeles still..

    818 cali562

    @Michael Sanchez the SFV (panorama city) is in the L.A county, Los Angeles is like 35 minutes from the valley.

  97. Slim J

    HOPSIN for President - Make the World REAL Again !

  98. Carlos Martinez

    My hood . Vct Vicentero

  99. Jacob Boyett

    FUCK YEAH! BEIN diabolical