Hopsin - Marcus' Gospel Lyrics

I done lost myself again
I done lost myself in sin
I've been burned by selfish men
I've been died but held it in
I do not want hell to win
Life's cold, I done felt the wind
Could it be any clearer?
When I look in the mirror
I just see a jackass with a tail to pin
Me and my family ain't close
So I got some fame and went ghost
I am not paintin' a hoax
You can hear the pain in my flows
They say that life has it's ups and downs
But why do I stay in the lows?
I don't like Marcus, I don't like Hopsin
I am ashamed of them both
You see, all that I have is my money
I had no idea that this was coming
I fell into the stereotype of a rapper
I'm how they package a dummy
This is my reality I embrace
I look back and I can see my mistakes
I just wish that I could rewind the days
I honestly don't want to be out of place
I guess we gotta face
All these issues like this as a human sometimes
Yes, I am losin' my mind
If you ever come to that conclusion, it's fine
Don't ignore all of the proof and the signs
I made my bed, I'ma lay in it
The thought is as soothin' as wine
Now all need is a suit and a tie, I tried

[Michael Speaks:]
In my lowest times
I have failed to see
Sunny days are waiting
I'm in need of some company
God, please help this pain
'Cause I don't wanna ever see
This lonely road again
(This lonely road again)

Take it away, I want the peace, I want the happiness
I took a blindfolded shot, it was accurate
But in my heart I know I never asked for this
See, this life I'm in, it seem miraculous
Who knew I'd break a few bones when I tackled it?
It's been years and I still can't adapt to it
I cannot predict what my next chapter is
There's a hearse speedin' fast in the ashes and
I feel like I lay flat in the back of it
There's no love in my eyes, so look up in the sky
Bring me back like you did Lazarus
I can hear the devil whispering, "Come play!"
Injecting me softly with numb pain
My fingers are covered in blood stains
It's torturing I see in my son's aid
But one day, that will all change
When the fog strays, it's a lost page
That had blown away into the hallways
In the land where the wild dogs play
When you're confined into a small space
You will know that that's enough to cause rage
I'ma kick until the fuckin' walls break
I don't know what made me walk straight
Into this fire, my soul is burnin' quick
I've been told this isn't permanent
Growin' up, my father made a lot of mistakes
I do not know why I didn't learn from his
Can you direct me to where the furnace is?
I need to do away with pain that's lurkin' and
Maybe figure out what my new purpose is
All these bad vibes are so discouragin'

[Michael Speaks:]
In my lowest times
I have failed to see
Sunny days are waiting
I'm in need of some company
God, please help this pain
'Cause I don't wanna ever see
This lonely road again
(This lonely road again)
In my lowest times
I have failed to see
Sunny days are waiting
I'm in need of some company
God, please help this pain
'Cause I don't wanna ever see
This lonely road again
(This lonely road again)

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Hopsin Marcus' Gospel Comments
  1. JG _S550

    much love fam. we all strugglin out here. you da man hops. hit me up if you wanna kick it out here in portland OR.

  2. Jad Mariam

    who's here in 2020 ? :)

  3. Osama Qtaitat

    Here is the response from someone

    It's us, mind power
    Live life, mind power
    It's us, mind power
    Live life, mind power
    Yo, fuck anybody I might alarm
    Life is a tour, I sit and ride along
    Taking some notes and then I write the songs
    I'm staring down the road my life has gone
    Is this where I belong?
    Is it wrong to not believe in right and wrong?
    My mental state is fucking me up
    And I cried upon while asking You for some answers
    But we don't have that type of bond
    Now my desire's gone with the way that I've been living lately
    If I died right now, You'd turn the fire on
    Sick of this bullshit, niggas call me a sellout
    'Cause I hopped to Christianity so strongly then I fell out
    Now I'm avoiding questions like a scared dog with his tail down
    Feeling so damn humiliated 'cause they looking at me like I'm hellbound
    What story should I tell now? I'll just expose the truth
    I'm so close to the fucking edge, I should be close to You
    But who the fuck are You? You never showed the proof
    And I'm only fucking human, yo, what am I supposed to do?
    There's way too many different religions with vivid descriptions
    Begging all fucking men and women to listen
    I can't even beat my dick without getting convicted
    These ain't wicked decisions, I got different intentions
    I been itching to get it, I've been given assistance
    But the whole fucking system is twisted
    Now I'm dealing with this backlash because Marcus isn't a Christian
    And I've been told that my sinful life is an addiction
    But I can't buy it, it's just too hard to stand beside it
    I need an answer and humans can't provide it
    I look at the Earth and Sun and I can tell a genius man designed it
    It's truly mind blowing, I can't deny it
    Is heaven real? Is it fake? Is it really how I fantasize it?
    Where's the Holy Ghost at? How long it take Man to find it?
    My mind's a nonstop tape playing and I can't rewind it
    You gave me a bible and expect me not to analyze it
    I'm frustrated and you provoked it
    I'm not reading that motherfucking book because a human wrote it
    I have a fucking brain, You should know it
    You gave it to me to think to avoid every useless moment
    It was a mission that I had to abort
    'Cause humans be lying with such an inaccurate source
    It's gon' be hard to put me back on the course
    Next Jehovah's witness to come on my porch, I swear I'm slammin' the door
    A lot of folks believe it though, but I'm not surprised
    Humans are fucking dumb, still thinkin' that Pac's alive
    I ain't trying to take your legacy and torch it down
    I'm just saying, I ain't heard shit from the horse's mouth
    Just sheep always telling stories of older guys
    Who were notarized by you when you finally vocalized
    Now I'm supposed to bow my head and close my eyes
    And somehow let the Holy Ghost arise, sounds like a fucking poltergeist
    Show yourself and the boom is done
    Every rumor's gone, I no longer doubt this shit, you're the one
    I'll admit that my sinful ways was stupid fun
    And all my old habits can hop onto of a roof to plunge
    I'll donate to a charity that could use the funds
    Fuck the club, instead of bitches I'd hang with a group of nuns
    And everyone I ran into would know what I came to do
    I wouldn't take a step unless it was in the name of You
    I hate the fact that I have to believe
    You haven't been chatting with me like you did Adam and Eve
    And I ain't seen no talking snake unravel from trees
    With an apple to eat, that shit never happens to me
    I don't know if you do or don't exist, shit is driving me crazy
    Send your condolences, this is me reaching to you so don't forget
    If hell is truly your pit of fire and I get thrown in it
    I'mma probably regret the fact that I ever wrote this shit
    My gut feeling says it's all fake, I hate to say it but fuck it, shit I done lost faith
    This isn't a small phase, my perspective's all changed
    My thoughts just keep picking shit apart all day
    And in my mind, I make perfect sense
    If you aren't real then all my prayers aren't worth a cent
    That would mean that I could just make up what my purpose is
    And I could just sit in the church and say fuck in the services
    Man, what if Jesus was a facade? Then that would mean the government's God
    I feel like they've been brainwashing us with a lot
    So much that we don't even notice that we're stuck in the box
    Man everything is what if, why is it always, "what if?"
    Planet Earth, "what if?" The universe, "what if?"
    My sacrifice, "what if?" My afterlife, "what if?"
    Every fucking thing that deals with you is fucking suspect
    I'm fucking done, I'm fucking done
    This is my fucking life and I'm living it, I'm having fun
    If you really care for me, prove that I need to live carefully
    But I'll be damned if I put my own pleasure aside for an afterlife that isn't even guaranteed
    We are you, and you're us, stop playing games
    My life's all I got, and heaven is all in my brain
    And when I feel I'm in hell, my ideas are what get me through pain
    Do as you please, and I'll just do me, I'm a human, I'll stay in my lane
    Ill mind
    It's us, mind power
    Live life, mind power
    It's us, mind power
    Live life, mind powerful

  4. Mikeal Medina

    2019 still going though things shit wont change unless you are willing to change

  5. op h

    This and neon cathedral on another level

  6. Marxi

    This album is still Fantastic, heard The whole thing on my way home from my right shift and feel like a big burden have been removed from my shoulders. Thx Hop

  7. William Solia

    I don't get this is he religious or an atheist?

    Madison Drew

    Jesus Christ isnt a religion

    Gavin Bryce

    He was never an atheist. He was talking to God on ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7.

  8. Ryan Allison

    At least he wants better and actually thinks unlike every other rapper

  9. twztid13

    Damn this goes harder every year i listem to it. Hop, FYI, God is a consuming fire. That burning may be to get the impurities out. Stay strong, man.

  10. Aina Madelene Sonmark

    Everytime... like a lightning... right into the heart... like many of his song!
    Is nice to know you're not alone in feeling deep darkness and confusion about oneself but at the same time... heartbreaking
    I recognize myself in many bits of a lot of the songs, feeling alone, like a freak for not being/thinking/functioning like others. Give everything and then a big punch in the face as thanks...
    36 years old now and just some 2-3 years ago I thought to myself FUCK IT I'm done... "no more fucks to give" so to say 😜
    Be you, no one else can
    💛 to you whom ever reads this

  11. Jsson Hicks

    That was fucking beautiful hop if a person can't feel that jams emotional energy than their not a human dam being !!!!

  12. large_cat

    here from the weirdo on the hopsin subreddit talking about his spiritual experience with this video


    The video is something completely else when on acid my friend. I've tried it, and I've seen that reddit post too.

  13. tastymuffin72

    i do like marcus i like hopsin ! <3

  14. sabrina vleeschower

    This song just helped me make it through the night.

  15. Deanna Croff

    Marcus, I appreciate you.

  16. LisaMarie Velez

    Keep your head up. God Bless You never let them take your shine.

  17. Cohen Forbes

    2 favourite artist love the music hopsin, from. Australia 🇦🇺

  18. Lekan

    I like to see Em collab with Hopsin and Nf❤️❤️❤️

    Madison Drew


  19. Young Yoda

    November 2019 i hope people find this gem, otherwise its for me

  20. Cody Craft


  21. James Chitwood


  22. Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδοπουλος

    my new favorite song

  23. Vince 2020

    It literally feels like just yesterday this song was posted
    ...Man this makes me think about the future and the past

  24. That Guy

    You know Hop, if you only made songs like this, that tell the story of who you are and what you feel, then I’d be the most loyal fan you ever had. And I bet I’m not the only one.

  25. Articulated Random Intelligence

    Wow, what a sad song... :(

  26. Ridjauhn Ryan

    Found it 😭💣💡💡💡💡

  27. Wood Crafter

    Hopsin just know that this song gave me goose bumps. Love your music man.

  28. Sue Deem

    this song makes me think

  29. Trevor

    I'm waiting for my sunny days. Betrayal is a bitch. Just like the cunt that did it.

  30. IvanVlogs

    Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Believe the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, got buried, and rose on the third day. Trust this is sufficient enough to give you eternal life. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will get saved. (:

  31. Ryan Valero


  32. Joseph DeRosier

    If you're busy arguing over faith you missed the point of the song. Play it again. Dude is going through it and is low. Hop keep your head up man. Got to be strong. Easier said than done fa sho.

  33. Rodilz


  34. VI god

    I hope you will be back as soon as possible my man ...

  35. Khuliso Mathoho

    My fav. One of the best music on my playlist

  36. Bruce Van Nelson

    @nolifeshaq should review this one

  37. lajoya heyward


  38. andrew bodzer

    Your our hope

  39. L LeBlanc

    Great song. So deep.

  40. Williams Usifoh

    Mumble rappers have got to go.

  41. any thing computer or windows related l

    wow powerfull lyrics.

  42. Spongebob

    I love the sound of this song, does anyone know what type of rap/ music it would be classified under?

  43. midda C

    Hop > tech nine

  44. TheCr0wned

    cmon someone make me a video like this but i want my face faded in it. Ill pay huge money $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  45. Lennon Roberto

    Brilliant, soulful, a masterpiece

  46. Jericca Young

    I’m so so sorry I failed you 😢how can I face you

  47. Libra Gang

    Never heard'em flow so calmly🤣

  48. dank koser

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love Hopsin. You understand pain in a different way..pains always been diffrent to us people..I understand you man. Please trust me when I say these words to you

  49. Marcus Moore

    I gotta get on...

  50. fairyette wings

    Marcus u are art. Never give in. Only love.

  51. Lost Forever

    Song gives me the feels. Kinda reminds me of gangsta lean from d.r.s. for some reason. I know not the same.

  52. Training Evolution

    They say life has ups and downs but why do I stay in lows?!!!!!!

  53. alex axel

    Don't worry, fans who listen to hop because of eminem won't find us here

  54. Jericca Young


  55. Dustin Mccurry

    Warn us all before anything happens to the person you are today💯

  56. Dustin Mccurry

    Hopsin please dont just die ]from who you are right now, no matter if u signed anything!!! To any INDUSTRY)you have exposed so much truth to me about the system & how they are running us. Dont let them get you if they do come to end you.🤫🙌🙌🙏

  57. Justin Pesce

    Love this

  58. Andres Calix

    Hop you have what newer rappers don't, you give music purpose and a true meaning and that's something the newer rappers will never have.

  59. IceCityMenace

    Still one of my favorite songs Hoping HOP the Best

  60. Tiffany BabyKitty

    This is so beautiful and inspirational oh my God Hopsin is so amazing and so cute well I think about him all the time and he is really really really really really good at everything at music at everything he is so cute too

  61. Jericca Young

    😭😭😭😢🥺😇I love you Marcus

  62. Jericca Young

    I need you me being here I feel lost the way I feel I can feel I’m killing the earth 😪

  63. TheCr0wned

    Will pay good money if someone can recreate the video image for me with my face and the lightning and clouds in background, HMU let me know, $$$$$

  64. Zachary Erlenborn

    this makes me like gospel music

  65. Sans

    Who’s here reading my comment and getting confused?

  66. EBZ's Brother

    Hey Marcus I commented on you "I don't want it" video; I can I help you 💜 please contact me

  67. LOL CLIPS!

    I would call you s lyrical artist. But you're more. You're a pure artist. Lyrically, mentally, and in you're drawings. Keep it up hop.

  68. anthony powers

    God please help this man .I've been there may God bless u and hear your prayers ijn aman

  69. Robby Bobby

    Wow wow wow...... Bruh, I praise God for this song and for your waking up once again man. Coming to God can be sobering and hard to understand fully but He is real and so is His enemy. His arms are always open

  70. Gustavo Macias

    This is the song.....Shiii bro! The day I get to meet ya, I'm good....No one knows that pain!

  71. pedro perez

    Who’s here after watching “I don’t want it no more” ?

    Jason Ashley

    I heard this song way before that, but it's very similar to this one in many ways.

    J M

    Yeah I thought I heard all Hops shit by now but this slipped through the cracks for me... just heard it

  72. Seth Wiseman

    Shit made me cry such a good song

  73. Lil Hempy

    Jesus is working in you wait for the time for your calling war is what we face that is what your feeling but that is the love you have for your creator Jesus Christ

  74. Andrew Wood

    This is even more powerful when you relate this back to ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7, powerful stuff

  75. blue nebula

    when the gospel people sing its so peaceful the song is peaceful in general wtf am i saying haha

  76. PureBluee Official

    Underrated Hopsin Track

  77. The Truth Channel

    This is music right here folks. Truthful, genuine and has real meaning. If I cry it is something. Keep this up. This inspired me for the first time in a long, long time. Thank you Jesus.

  78. Marcus B

    This is pure all hopsin music has purpose and meaning other than fucking or doing drugs one of my favorite of all time much love and respect.

  79. DreWitta3tv

    I needed this.

  80. Marcus Moore

    If you see this Marcus....i feel you dawg. Imma start putting my poetry out there...i never heard this before until now....but. Word. I appreciate this. I appreciate you talking to me through yourself. I can only hope they respect me, like they never did you. This is my promise.

  81. Liz

    Preach! 🙏

  82. Tyson Kobes

    U have done it again hop u made my shitty days into tolerable ones and through the truth u wish to spread u open the eyes of the people looking to end the pain

  83. Ashley Swiegers

    Why do people say they here for u then just disappear like u never existed 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻💔💔💔💔😔😔

  84. Marcus Grobler

    This song is on fire !!!!

  85. YoSquiglyMan

    How is this the first iv heard this. Like nocturnal rainbows 2. Amazing!

  86. TZ ;D

    What do i think of Hopsin? wait let me get a beer ,,12 hours of sleep and 100 slaps in the face .

  87. Ryan Maciel

    1.1m? Is it only recording my views?

  88. ZDI

    this reminds me of a church song in a black neighbor at some some parts.


    I was here from the start of his career in music

  90. Tristin Kuehl

    This song underrated

  91. Sky Vera

    Real good work on this song bro

  92. Adrianna Lynn

    Who sings the chorus???? Omg


    Michael Speaks a gospel singer

  93. DamnSkillShoot s

    Love u Hopsin but who's the dude singing God damnn


    Michael Speaks

    DamnSkillShoot s

    @Composure thank you :D

  94. orbit earth7

    love it, thank you man. this song helps me a lot. it has been a hard road to this day. 'ppreciate ya.

  95. Miss 'Lena

    Is that you singing?

  96. Li'a Talaga

    Watched da vid of his paintings....
    Heard dis cutt at da end...
    Searched & found it...
    Once the hook kicced in tears started running down my face...
    #salute #seattle

  97. Forgotten81supporter

    it`so peaceful

  98. Mista Bombastic

    Bro who is the man on this hook???? Great singer

    reggie carter

    Mista Bombastic EXACTLY ? Somebody respoooooond!!!!!😩😩😩


    @reggie carter Michael Speaks, he's a gospel singer. Glorious voice