Hopsin - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 9 Lyrics

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up
And now your daddy doesn't fuck with your momma (hell no)
No, Daddy doesn't fuck with your momma
All together, come on!

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up
And that's why Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma (hell no)
No, Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma

Oh, hello son, I really wish I knew you
I'm your father you'll probably never be introduced to
You'll only see me on TV or maybe YouTube
But now I know your momma is probably dating some new dude
So how you liking Earth? Are you loving your existence?
I wasn't at your birth, 'cause your mother made me miss it
I tried to get a visa, I applied and they denied it
'Cause your momma told the police that I beat her, she was lyin'
And now I'm banned for something bad that I ain't even do
There's a lot of land and water separating me and you
You're far away in Australia and I am in America
So I cannot be there to do all of the things a parent does
This is my attempt at me raising you from a distance
You have Hopson in your blood, you are special and you are gifted
The punishment your mother has given me doesn't seem fair
Just know I love you, son, and I'm wishin' that I could be there

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up (it's sad)
And now your daddy doesn't fuck with your momma (hell no)
Nope, Daddy doesn't fuck with your momma
Now sing it with me, son!

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up (yeah, that's it)
And that's why Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma
(That's why what?) (Hell no)
No, Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma

I know you and your momma staying with her parents Bill & Kirsten
You're partially black, I'm confident they're feeling nervous
They don't like colored people, in their eyes you're still a burden
They assume you gonna grow up shooting guns and stealin' purses
But that's not true, son, don't be sad
I know you're not like that, you know I got your back
Listen, here's a funny joke that you could tell your grandmother
She looks like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters
Oh, I forgot, you're too young to know what that is
But that's the kinda thing I like to say to plumpy fat chicks
The humps on Mom's chest, they're not real, they're elastic
And if you look closely, you can see she's made of plastic
Like a toy, you my boy, my son, my friend
I promise we gon' be together somehow in the end
I am very ashamed that you don't have my last name
Every night I go to bed and I'm feelin' this wicked pain, because—

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up
And now your daddy doesn't fuck with your momma (hell no)
Nope, Daddy doesn't fuck with your momma
You know what time it is, son

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up (that's right)
And that's why Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma
(Daddy doesn't fuck with who?) (Hell no)
No, Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma

Currently my life has hit the floor
I can't lie to you, shit is hard
I should be building with the Lord
It could be what I'm missin' or
Maybe I should continue to hurt your momma and diss her more
Just to relieve the tension that sits in my heart, 'cause it is sore
When I'm spittin' bars about all my cash and exquisite cars
This was on my vision and you were the one I did it for
My relationship with your momma is sittin' in the morgue
After all this hell, I can't lie, I do wish she did abort
Our lives are so unhappy
'Cause this world is cold and nasty
Just know your daddy don't condone havin' a broken family
I'm so sad we couldn't work out our issues 'fore you arrived
And now you have to suffer
'Cause Mom and Daddy have stupid lives
You're way too young to notice it
You don't deserve to go through this
If I do see your mom again, this time I will assault the bitch
At least then I'll feel like my banning was justified
Look at your momma, thank her for fuckin' up all our lives, and sing

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up
And now your daddy doesn't fuck with your momma (hell no)
Nope, Daddy doesn't fuck with your momma
Where's my choir at?

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up (Momma had to fuck it all up)
And that's why Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma
(Daddy doesn't fuck your momma) (Hell no)
No, Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma

Oh, son
I'm sorry I can't be there with you
But I'll be there soon
But Daddy doesn't fuck with your momma (no, no)
No, Daddy doesn't fuck with your momma
Just know that

Our lives coulda been so good
But Momma had to fuck it all up
And that's why Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma (hell no)
No, Daddy doesn't fuck with my momma

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Hopsin Ill Mind Of Hopsin 9 Comments
  1. Luke A. McKay

    Where's the Penriff Panfers gear on the walls? Ha.

  2. That OneGuy

    Mama had to fuck it all up

  3. Gabriel Jackman

    My dad yells at mom when she doesn’t even do anything then my mom yell back

  4. HIGHLYUnique

    SPECIAL KIND OF GUY❤️🤙🏾 don’t stop music

  5. Dooo Baar


  6. Jamie 1022

    My dad don’t fuck wit me cause I’ll show him I back up my threats to that abusive bitch

  7. Zachariah Conklin

    Watching this in 2020...I fought my for my daughter in court lost cause i was in California & I'm a white male. It took my daugther being put into DCFS and going to court 3 hours away for me to get custody after determining mom was a meth addict.....so sad how we get treated when we are responsible men. So happy to hear he got reunited with his son. This reached out to me on so many levels. Thank you, Hop...

  8. Anthony Farias

    Relate to this so much my sons mom took off blocked me from all social media I havent seen my son going on 4 months and I have no clue where she took off smh

  9. Anton fischer

    the modern when im gone

  10. Angel Roman

    I really dont know about the recent things about you hop but when you said he is all the way in Australia it just shot though my head on what's going on there, I do not if know your son is still there or not but I pray and hope he is safe 🙏

  11. Brian Jr

    This is sequence to hotel in sydney.


    Bu şarkıya türkçe altyazı ekleyen kişi kalbimi çaldın kralsın

  13. zach O'Flaherty

    I always felt like the wind up box at the end was a hint for the child to find when he grows up.

  14. TheMattMattik

    I could literally switch up a few words and This song would be describing me right now

  15. Preview Ninja

    That hit way to close to home...

  16. Jack_ Focht6

    Hopsin there are people out in the world like me who lives for your music you got me through my depression when I got depressed as fuck I would put my earbuds in and listen to your music at one point I wanted to kill myself but your music got me through it

  17. carlos h

    had to come back to this masterpiece

  18. LilllJohnny

    Damn this hits harder than my dads belt

    Oh what my dad is in america

  19. Awakening Enthusiast

    I can't even imagine being away from my son for a week let alone dealing with what Hopsin has to deal with. I feel your pain brother to an extent and I'm so sorry you have to deal with that! I'm getting all choked up thinking about it

  20. Dakota Edwards

    2020 still as hot as the day it dropped. Respect to hopsin loved the music for years!!! Emotional pain doesn’t ever have 100% go away, My mom ruined my family on Christmas in 2008 but it’s okay when you have music to escape to💨💯

    Halo God

    Dakota Edwards what she do?

    Dakota Edwards

    Halo God she cheated on my dad Christmas morning

    Halo God

    Dakota Edwards wow fuck that bitch

  21. Dr. Kira

    Everyone else: this reminds me of Eminem

    Me: This reminds me of my Mom. When I was about five or six, my Mom had to get me to go live at my Grandparents' house up in the Northwest Territories. My Mom was struggling financially at the time, and she couldn't have me around all the time while she was figuring that shit out. Three years later, she sent me a disc that had a video of where we were gonna live and along with that came a song that's almost the same as this one. The only difference between Hopsin's kid and myself is that my Mom could've taken me back anytime once she figured out the money stuff and Hopsin couldn't take his son back (at the time around when this Ill Mind was released) because he and his girlfriend had a lotta disagreements between the both of them before they had his son. Also, my Mom never did the music thing for money nor did she seek out fame. It was more of a hobby of hers that she put down after a while. But like I said, she got me back in the August of 2008 and Hopsin got his son back a little later after this whole debacle.


    I can't be the only one going back and watching all the I'll mind songs

  23. Aska Pound

    Bro this song hits me deep story of my life

  24. Eli Jenning

    We all know one of those dislikes is the mother

  25. Tennyson Smith

    Why do I get Eminem vibes from this?

  26. Dan Courtney

    my dad was an abusive alcoholic i disagree with this shit but lobe hop

  27. Soulful Bliss

    Sooo you love your kid SO much you wish he would've been aborted? Yeah makes sense lmao

    Matthew Ayonayon

    He's not saying that

  28. ProgrammingIsEasy

    Cant believe this song is more then 2 years old, time flies. Cant wait for your comeback Hopsin.

  29. Jay Breezy8374

    I can't see my kids because Im black. In Florida they are on it heavy. Plus I'm from Newyork so people like to make a example of me. I have 3 kids I'm afraid to go see. Because she's white. And threatens to call the police. Go to court..To loose, I'm a felon. What the fuck they care. Hopsin😒

  30. Jgfyjjgfgj Ugyigddhjgf

    2020 anyone?

  31. LBR Gaming


  32. Eric Huston

    I just discovered Hopsin a couple weeks ago and I love him and this was the first song I listened to and I love it

  33. Steven Garrison

    This song hits hard

  34. Baby choppa

    Eminem type beat much?

  35. Jesus Christ Is Lord

    Where is mommy now?

  36. Reinout B

    showed this song to a fat kid ...

    Hes still fat but he liked the song

  37. Turner Race

    This seems to have a lot of inspiration from slim shady. I'm really been vibing to this one hopsin

  38. Denver Lipp

    Hey hop I've been falling u for awhile I really feel u on this song im trying to become a rapper hope I see u one day bro but back to the script my gf did the same shit but she told me it wasn't my baby so if u got a son I pray for u dog keep it real🙏

  39. Brootz

    This song hits haaard af _o_

  40. Ethan Anderson

    you should make a number 10

  41. Jesus Christ Is Lord

    Ariana grande

  42. Lucas Uranga

    If I do see yo mama again this time I will assault the bitch

  43. 베이비진

    Can somebody tell me what happened?

  44. Dr0p

    I feel bad for u man

  45. Will Thach

    Straight fire



  47. Jayden Vidal

    Fuckin respect to hopsin for makin this man. For real. Its fucked up when parents do this to their kids. So happy hes finally back with his kid🙏🙏🙏

  48. joshua weber

    Really inspired by your music. And this song relates to my life lost my dad to drugs and drug abuse and i want to think you for letting us people know were not alone

  49. Heff Comedy

    Who else is here after Hopsins new drama about his baby mama he posted on Instagram

  50. Mike Gazzeny

    his son sees this sings it to his mom his mom be like 0: his son is like YOU B****

  51. Mike Gazzeny

    the police sees this offcier: 0: *Takes the kid and gives his son to hopsin

  52. Bgthetruths World

    I’ll mind 10 soon???


    Hopsin thanks for this song it is so similar to my life thanks hop

  54. Garrett Beatty

    This is every Karen song

  55. Rizal Baclig

    He is like em

  56. the juggalo channel fuck off

    This really hits home hop thanks

  57. Barney Ray

    Hopsin man this song made me cry! This is a huge issue for so many kids/adults! What's sad is that a lot of this pain and deception doesn't have to go on. It's really pathetic and immature as well as severely petty how mothers and let's just say parents in general let their baggage and issues with the other parent get to them so bad that they let that poison flow straight to that kid and show him all that ugly trauma and pain! They oughta be ashamed of their self!

  58. R.K Wyn

    A real man fights to be with his kid, no matter how tough it gets...excuses are for pussies. Its a privilege to be a parent.

  59. Keeran 21

    Good vid the change the eye brows tho

  60. thedynamicdodo s

    Holy shit it's been two years. It feels like this all happened last month

  61. Gary Kerwin

    Sounds like that VR goose game with that Dog mascot

  62. night beauty

    Like me and my dad

    Mercs Lucid

    al Forcia it’ll be ok bro trust I go threw the same shit bro it’ll be ok ❤️

  63. Zack Chamberlain

    Momma had to fuck it all up.

  64. Kidd Kaash

    Kermit looking freash doe

    Mercs Lucid


    Mercs Lucid

    Kidd Kaash u earned yo self a sub for all that and ayo check me out

  65. 14k Shay

    Hopsin is a great person for wanting to still be in his sons life even after all the baby mamma tried to do

  66. Ian Campbell

    Hope, similar situation bro. Keep your head down and get him, your boy deserves it

  67. Maiya Woods

    steriotypes get in the way of people getting with there kids and thats the dumbest thing ever

  68. Mirela Aleksa

    Reminds me of Mockingbird by Eminem


    Mirela Aleksa after all eminem was hopsin inspiration

  69. Lucas Kotsifas

    Props to hop for getting someone else's kid to pretend to be his

  70. Konner Crawford

    You and Chris webby should get together for a ill thought. It would be nice to hear some real shit

    Benny Blaze

    You mean raw thoughts? 🤷‍♂️

    Konner Crawford

    @Benny Blaze with both of them why not combine the two of them

  71. Matt From wii sports

    Ion even have a baby mama but fuck my baby mama anyway🖕🏼

    Mercs Lucid

    Matt From wii sports hahahahahha

  72. shadowgamer4516

    Bro this fucks with my hearts strings I went through the same thing but I was younger man hopsin mad respect bro

    Mercs Lucid

    shadowgamer4516 same fr

  73. Jose Guapo

    Thoes 8.4k r from broken mama's

  74. Abdu

    This track heavily inspired by eminem 97 Bonnie and Clyde

  75. Mixx 7895

    This is sad but what hop is sayin is true

  76. Santiago Lara Romo

    You got Hopsin in your blood You are special and you are gifted

  77. Carter VII

    Happy Thanksgiving from my whole family to yours.

  78. balisongman07

    My little girl cried over this. She's 5 and it fucked her up brother.

    Chris Colbert

    Tf you got a 5 year old bumping this for?


    @Chris Colbert I was "bumping" this and she came in to the room

  79. Spaz101 Rodden

    Real I feel u

  80. J P

    😭 dang yo, I’m sorry for sleeping on you for so long hopsin. but you mad ill

  81. Gabriel Rivera

    god i know this feeling. i feel you brother. its fun y you and i say similar things. we are changing the world brother. dont ever give up. everything is workin out as god himself desires it. we are his warriors and so much more

  82. ME Mucraft

    Imagine if some kid didnt had a dad and was just listening to this song...

    Chicken Biscuits

    ME Mucraft me

  83. Ryan Emberton

    Song touches me hop can't do nothing but say I feel the pain

  84. Dekoder

    well he went for the plastic blonde bitch, and she went for the black guy, both got what they wanted.

  85. Evan Ingalsbe

    Use me as a Hopsins sons mom is fucking retarded button

  86. Bottle Waddle

    I was told to follow the number 9 :)

  87. desperate dave

    just heard yo got your kid back in your life man.. I know what its like.. my ex took off with my son .. I didn't know where he was for over 2 years.. he was 2 then.. so I didn't get to know him at all till he was 5.. it was torture like I would never wish upon anyone.. this song has hit me deep every time.. I felt your pain.. glad its over man..

  88. Sebastian Dominguez

    This is so sad I’m sorry hop

  89. Skull Killer

    Am I the only one that realizes that the mom is a real bitch

  90. Ste Bradbury Design

    This has a strong Eminem - Bonny & Clyde vibe , and i love it

    Fat Man

    Eminem inspired hopsin to start the rap career

  91. Daniel Peach

    This song speaks volumes for ALL the men out there who would give up their literal lives for their kids, while the vast majority of contemporary single moms of this world want nothing more than to be paid for having children, to hurt the father and to be recognized as "Strong" all in an attempt to spite the Natural Order of Family in which a Father and Mother come together to Create the quintessential familial Unit for their children. It's a sad state of affairs when Single Motherdom is tantamount to being "Brave" when it is in all reality the absolute Worst potential outcome for the kids and it is being proven time and time again as society crumbles.

  92. Steve Viera

    Damn it been 2 years