Hopsin - FV Til I Die Lyrics

[Hook - Hopsin:]
Ya'll ain't even seen the nigga Hop coming
That's how I roll, dawg
The second niggas take they eyes off me
I leave 'em on the side of the road, dawg
I'm the realest, believe me
Niggas can't see me, they'll take a life to be me
Ye-yeah, who the fuck I rep? Can you remind me
It's Funk Volume till I D-I-E, my nigga

[Verse 1 - Hopsin:]
Yeah, you behind if you don't know the power (nigga)
Product this shit the moment Ruthless started goin' sour (what?)
Niggas is sayin' fuck you to us, but we have spoke it louder
Now they come to us for advice in the game, they know it's ours (true)
Cause It's so hard just to survive in this era
We learn from trial and error, it's hard for cowards to bare us
They know the style is terror, nigga we everywhere
Yeezy and Hov ain't the only niggas that's wildin' in Paris
Back in the day, me and my nigga SwizZz was always in grind mode
Reppin' that 818 was just like walkin' that tightrope
We've seen rappers come and go and get lost in this cycle
So we had to fuckin' make sure we left all of your minds blown
SwizZz? He told me 'bout his brother Damien sayin' that he could create a structure for us
We're guaranteed to make a win
I said I'm in, let the games begin
So he introduced us, then after that
We plotted on some ways to make us trend, yeah

[Hook - Hopsin:]
Ya'll ain't even seen the nigga Hop coming
That's how I roll, dawg
The second niggas take they eyes off me
I leave 'em on the side of the road, dawg
I'm the realest, believe me
Niggas can't see me, they'll take a life to be me
Ye-yeah, who the fuck I rep? Can you remind me
It's Funk Volume till I D-I-E, my nigga

[Verse 2 - Hopsin:]
You see, I took a shot out of the glass of mischief
Made an album so raw the way you just had to get it, every track explicit
I figured those of you who was in love with rap would listen
And tell your parents that it's the one gift they should grab for Christmas
Then I blew up way faster than what I had predicted
It's like magic, isn't it, they love my language and graphic image
Some people thought Ruthless put me into a bad position
But I over came it and outshined 'em, I'm back up in it
2011, went on a nation wide tour
Came back and dropped that Ill Mind 4
That put me in a cool place, swiped up a million views in a few days
I celebrated inside of swimming pools sippin' Kool Aid
I shot a video with my nigga Tech and B.o.B
I went from feeling lonely to how does everyone know me?
2012, I made the XXL Freshman list
I knew that this fuckin' game was gon' be mine when I stepped in it
Come on, man

[Hook - Hopsin:]
Ya'll ain't even seen the nigga Hop coming
That's how I roll, dawg
The second niggas take they eyes off me
I leave 'em on the side of the road, dawg
I'm the realest, believe me
Niggas can't see me, they'll take a life to be me
Ye-yeah, who the fuck I rep? Can you remind me
It's Funk Volume till I D-I-E, my nigga

[Verse 3- Hopsin:]
I was online chillin', bloggin' and what not (okay)
I stumbled across this one nigga, reminded me of a young Pac (right)
I asked Dame if he heard of Dizzy he said, "Come on Hop
I been bumpin' his shit before you, bruh, his songs hot."
If he had that push, then so many doors'll become unlocked
He said we should sign him, I said that's a long shot
We flew him to Denver to see our show and said you fuck with this shit?
He said, "Shit nigga, yiggity yamp, I'm up in this bitch."
A few months later, one of the homies had stopped me
Asked if I had seen this raunchy, zombie filled, godly video, that's beyond beast
I said, "probably, I don't know, who the fuck you speakin 'bout?"
He showed me Skitzo by Jarren Benton, I started freakin' out!
I'm like, oh shit! I had to show SwizZz
And Dame and they both flipped, it's a trip, this nigga's so sick!
We had to put him on quick and blow this nigga up
Now we got a serious squad, the truth, it is nuts

[Verse 4 - SwizZz:]
Yo, I took the college route to figure out my path in life
Romp the UCI and that lead me right back behind the mic
I tried to make my dad proud, brother got his MBA
While I was wildin', takin' random classes tryna find my way
Junior year, I had to bounce not to blindly chasin' dream
Calculated riffs, I knew that I devised a perfect scheme
Hop was gazin' at the moonlight, I just hit the valley scene
Dame got rocked by the recession, then we formed the fuckin' team
F-U-N-K-V-O-L-U-M-E, nigga
Seven years into this shit, somehow we're only gettin' bigger
And we're just now gonna start the shit, I've been up out the picture
Dizzy, Hop, Jarren, and Hoppa stay confident I deliver
So I'm grateful for the chance and the position that I'm placed
Meet the aftermath, the aftermath, the Funk is in your face
Independent livin', we control every decision made
What up Dame? Prepare the reign, we killin' this thing, it won't stop, bitch!

[Hopsin & SwizZz:]
Haha, Zzzeed up
Don't act like you don't know what time it is fool
Dizzy motherfuckin' Wright
Jarren Benton
DJ Hoppa
Let's make it

[Hook - Hopsin:]
Ye-yeah, who the fuck I rep? Can you remind me
It's Funk Volume till I D-I-E, my nigga

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Hopsin FV Til I Die Comments
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    This deserves to blow up

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    Still this song in 2019

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    Put captions on lmao yt trippen

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    When times were better

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    2019👏 may no longer be in FV but the best is nothing to fuck with😍

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    All lies all lies all lies.

  7. lunch box tooth pick

    Every one like this is wack cause the they broke up ...but I just dig a newer song with hop and swizzz

  8. KC Fann

    Who is here in 2019,

    Who cares if he ain’t with FV! This track still 🔥🔥🔥


    YES! YES! YES! FV was the shit back in the day. Too bad Dame fucked up :c

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    FV till i d.i.e 2019

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    Nigga said PERISH. LET US ALL PERISH 😍😘👌✨💖🔪🔪🔪💥

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    Did he die ?

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    SwizZz lowkey the best member off funk volume

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    SwizZz underrated asf

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    2019 🤙

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    So fucking wierd

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    This is awkward he left FV😂 This is still a dope song!


    Y u always liean ohh my gawd

  31. ACE Nick

    1:19 Did Hopsin say dameon was swizzes brother.....but wasn't that was Hopsin I'll mind 8 was about. So basically Hopsin signed swizzes brother as a manager, and swizzes brother fucked him up?? Holy Shit....Hopsin got fucked from his partners brother, which makes sense why Hopsin said he's not going to sing with Swizz anymore. People are fucked up......and Hopsin is right

  32. MC Smooth Rapper

    UP Til I Die

  33. Aaron Ruddy

    If Dead Horse was made, there's still hope. 2018 represent.

    MC Smooth Rapper

    Aaron Ruddy dizzy wright, jarren benton, swizzz , and Hopsin will always be some of my favorite rappers of this new era but I think this is the start of all of there solo career that we get the opportunity to watch... hopsin put them on the map now we get to watch there solo careers.. I kinda like it

    Aaron Ruddy

    It's not like they are D12, they've always been solo. They just collaborated. Just sucks cuz FV was a label they worked from the bottom up and it just caved in on them.

  34. ZCharger IE

    Lmao I love the hook and the song but he left so....

    MC Smooth Rapper

    Dame is the reason he left so you know i guess thats just life. Swizzz , dizzy wright, jarren benton, will always be my favorite rappers

  35. Tylor Cardinal

    Damn been a lil since fv break up but shieeettt I still bump them

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    post Malone: shfhdfhfsjfsjfndsnfnsfsdnfgsgkgfodoiiaudgaTYDEADUAJFJKOKjouihufiahifbsngfmsgoksigsn
    post Malone fans: oohhhhh fire

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    Jambo what does Post Malone have to do with this?

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    This song is so throwback. Back when SwizZz and Hop had no beef and FV was still around.

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    im  spittin on you dudes all you think you got the bars but you cant get far so youll never get bars get a job before I burst my verse up on you still going to church like a jerk feel my vengeance pendants stare  killing you dudes here and there take a seat in my electric chair

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    Romello Williams forreal! feel exactly the same way

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    3:41 stop listening...


    SaiyanPride 17 why swizzz honestly went harder then hopsin in this song


    Swizzz is dope

    SaiyanPride 17

    I agree.... It's just that his verse here is out of order Chronologically, plus it's hard for me to get hype about SwizZz's FV career when I know he's probably not gonna make it big in rap anymore...

    Gavin Bryce

    SaiyanPride 17 Lol I know Swizzz is annoying

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    Ranx Alter you know they say not understanding sarcasm is a sign of autism so I don't feel comfortable making fun of you for not understanding my joke

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