Hopsin - Don't Trust 'Em Lyrics

Hey yo, pass me a Kleenex before I lay this shit down
I can’t believe this shit man
I tried to be a lover boy, little bitch broke my heart
Words of wisdom

Don’t trust ‘em
Don’t you ever ever trust a ho
Don’t trust ‘em
Don’t trust ‘em
Don’t you ever, ever, ever, ever, trust a ho
‘Cause ooh ooh ooh they be lyin’
They’ll slip behind in your service
Ooh ooh ooh they be lyin’
What have I done to deserve this?

What happened to “be honest with me and I’ll be honest with you”
Your whole past Mrs. Innocent I thought was the truth
Bitch had me felling ill on my knees barfing my food
I’m no longer the same nigga now; I’m heartless and rude
My homies said never trust a ho, but I casually ignored it
Till I got caught up in it, now I see the reason for it
But I had to be retarded, go and release my heart
I always thought that I’d bring the drama, never knew she would spark it’
That’s just the way to learn, I go the tables turned
To get to my cold state of mind I had to make it burn
For pussy, one night stands is my only source
Fuck that love shit little bitch, I’m feelin’ no remorse
Why should I? You had me acting like a fool
Trapped inside your loop because you’re afraid to sacrifice the truth?
Come on, how many niggas you really fuck with?
How many time you really suck dick? Quit lyin’ to me you dumb prick


Man don’t trust em don’t you ever ever trust a ho don’t trust em
Don’t you ever ever ever ever trust a ho
‘cause ooh ooh ooh they be lyin’
They’ll slip behind in your service
Ooh ooh ooh the be lyin’
What have I done to deserve this?

I’ll never find love, screw it, fuck it, been through enough shit
There’s nothin’ you bitches can do to go renew your justice
I’m too disgusted and I’m tired of being played with
You should have thought about all this pride in the occasion you fucked around
Thought for a while you were amazing till I got the pieces
And pilled up the equation
Had a nigga goin’ in and out your crotch
Not knowin’ this little skank done been around the block
A year later out the blue we having trust issues
After I already fell in love with you
Come to think of it the image does fit you
You fucked every nigga on the thug menu
And I’m the dumb kid who thinks he found his soul mate
He’s blinded by the light till it goes dim,
Now his hand is right beside a knife
A violent type of life is what society offers
Man, why even bother?
Just remember


Don’t trust ‘em, don’t you ever ever trust a ho
Don’t trust em don’t trust ‘em
Don’t you ever, ever, ever, ever, trust a ho
‘cause ooh ooh ooh they be lyin’
They’ll slip behind in your service
Ooh ooh ooh they be lyin’
What have I done to deserve this?

They’ll hide their colors from ones they wanna love
Even if you ask her, more than likely she ain’t gonna tell
Been through this too many times, so take it from me, ooh take it from me!

Yo if you about to fall in love you need to think twice on it
‘cause girls are trifflin’, they’ll start lyin’ when they invite you in
Have you feeling like the man; you think you found a keeper
Girls have said they love you; but when she say it, the sound is sweeter
You love is drowning deeper, now she’s acting like she smoking pounds of reefer
Confessing that whole fuckin’ town done beefed her
Then you like “I left this bitch with my heart, she ripped it apart, I should have seen this from the start”
The shit you and her go and do it sounds nice
But the fact remains, you don’t turn a ho into a housewife
That’s what the fuck I did, and I regretted it, that’s why I’m negative
No medicine could get rid of this
The next bitch who lies to me, watch me damage her
I’m pickin’ her up and body slamin’ her
And that’s real, so if you think your girls a ho but you didn’t witness it
Assume she’s a ho, ‘till proven innocent
And just remember;


Don’t trust ‘em, don’t you ever ever trust a ho
Don’t trust em don’t trust ‘em
Don’t you ever, ever, ever, ever, trust a ho
‘cause ooh ooh ooh they be lyin’
They’ll slip behind in your service
Ooh ooh ooh they be lyin’
What have I done to deserve this?
Fuck love. Don’t hate me
Hate these lyin’ ass bitches for making me make you hate me

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Hopsin Don't Trust 'Em Comments
  1. Lil Bird

    Don't trust a girl in general, they ain't worth the pain

  2. I love tek

    Uuhhh they’ll be trippin


    Nice pic at the end

  4. isaacJjacobs

    It's not "they'll slip behind in your service" it's "they'll slip right under your surface"

  5. Willay Dee

    If you think you girls a hoe and didnt witness it assume she's a hoe until proven innocent

  6. Christopher Fair

    Jesus, I like Hop, but how many fucking songs about getting over an ex does he have ffs?

  7. Renè Bekkvik

    im probably the only watcher in 2019, but i can tell my future self: Welcome back here Jackass. You got your heart fucked again. Good job :D

  8. The Absurdist

    Another Youtube comments section that's just one big echo chamber...

  9. Maxwell Djeco

    situation ranow

  10. Angelika Freitag

    What the fuck?!
    I was a hoe too and my boyfriend did turn me into a houswife ;)
    But still he cant get over my past and after two years he is still paranoid. Thinks i am secretly fucking arround and shit. I changed my whole life because of him and he keeps throwing absurd acusations. This song makes me sick. Exspecially the comments. You guys need help just like my boyfriend. I will probably leave him soon or even cheat on him. Why ? Because i am sick of beeing treated lika cheater. Might as well cheat!

  11. Elie BECHARA

    0:26 best part

  12. Elie BECHARA

    "Good Guy Left Behind" the manlier prequel :P LOL



  14. Cristiano Lover

    HOPSIN is like an elder brother who guides us !!! Thankyou for spittin the truth Hop!!!

  15. Amit Bisht

    116 hoes detected


    Been sober for almost 4 1/2 yrs smartest thing i heard was under every skirt is a slip.

  17. G-Zeus Crise st

    Read my story guys, never trust a hoe, started dating this hoe which everyone warned me about, I didn’t care, I knew she was slutty, ignored it, fell in love, she cheated, I forgave her, cheated again, forgave her, and now she’s trynna say the baby she has is mine, I wore protection and the development of the pregnancy is 3 weeks, 3 weeks ago I broke up with her for two weeks, NEVER TRUST A HOE

  18. Valentin Cristian

    This should be played at weddings

  19. Colin Harnack


  20. Brandon Griffiths

    I remember being in high school listening to his ill minds with 2,000 views.

  21. ChrisS82

    110 thots decided to dislike this

  22. Stephen Lavoy

    Thank you hopsin you have made me see the light!

  23. Jennifer Harrison

    I'm talking about mike

  24. Alex Gutierrez

    Danm we need rappers like this 😪💔👏💯

  25. Immortal & Undestroyable

    All bitches be hoes!!!

  26. kiryu kazama

    The one reading this

    Don't you ever ever ever trust a hoe
    She will slip behind in your service 🤗🤗🤗

  27. Siddhesh Dhengale

    So true 😂💯😈🔥😘

  28. Alen Mustlovski

    MGTOW anthem

  29. Joseph Johnson

    Hopsin is always telling my story

  30. Lef

    Slap bitch support domestic violence!!!

  31. Mohd Hambali

    And that hoes turn to innocent nuns right now

  32. mike c

    Hop be spittin some real life shit bro frfr

  33. Raymond Medina

    Yup FUCK LOVE! Don’t trust these bitches or love! Just fuck them and leave them!

  34. Johnnie Lambert

    man i love this song nice truths that need to be said well worded

  35. Xavier LeBlanc

    My girl cheated on me with MY ex and now they’re bi and dating each other

  36. Alex Wilson

    I trusted a hoe 😢

  37. the shaff puss alstars

    preach brother!!!

  38. Fullrusher

    Been cheated on 8 times and have came to this same conclusion, women like The idea of a good guy but would rather fuck the scrub... 5 outta the 8 time ice been cheated on i had to wait for sex past 6 months, and had to keep up dates and travel expenses , only to have my girl cheat on me with nigga with buss passes and no job ... Im sticking to tinder and one night stands

  39. Charlie Deen

    So true tho damn

  40. Forbesart19

    yeah truest thing i have ever heard, little bitch did break my heart, they are all cut from the same cloth guys, fuck em over before they fuck you over

  41. Gator Boy

    Big factzzzzz

  42. glen quagmire

    She told me she had problems and couldn't get pregnant then she did and said oh you can go if you want ... Oh thanks i didnt know i was sperm donor . and if I bring up anything bad in the past I get kicked out but any mistake ive made always comes up :( bitches

  43. addleyrose

    Can we get a female version of this song please 😂 although imagining him suck dick made me feel a little better

  44. Tiffany Monson

    This shit so real🤣😘

  45. Everything means nothin W/ø the1 you love

    (Nø Standards)

    These B¡tChes a¡n't sh¡+
    But Tr¡ck-Hœz w Tr¡Xx

    "You f*cked around thought for a wh¡le you were amaz¡n'"

    (t¡l' ¡ got the p¡eces and p¡led up the equat¡on)

    "Come to th¡nk of ¡t, the ¡mage does f¡t you
    You f*cked every (ugly) on the money-hungry menu"

    Don't ever, ever, ever, ever trust a hœ...
    Cause oohoohoohoohoohooh
    They Be Ly¡n'

  46. Shaheryar Khan

    Got Cheated on after 8 Months

  47. First Off, I'm such a bitch but

    2017 and hearts still get broken


  48. Bryan DeSimone

    Glad i found this gem it explains literally everything i just went through

  49. Mr Stoney420

    70 dislikes were probably hoes

  50. Thomas Miles

    They be lyin frfr

  51. Vicente Romero

    Fuck all those hoes belen this for you bitch

  52. Mr J

    In society, it's women who are encouraged and celebrated for embracing this fucked up trend of feminism and breaking the once sacred bond of marriage. Even if some good women exist, they are ALWAYS taken so there's no reason to trust the idea of love. MGTOW for life.

    Bruce Wayne

    Mr J Taken by guys who master the art of imitating a tough guy and hiding behind people.They also make it seem as if they did some hardcore shit on the street in order to avoid explaining a lie and the fact that they are really hiding because they fucked over the wrong person and had to skip town.Pussy never has a problem being around a pussy is the way I see it.

  53. ylliL yawnoC

    She said not to worry about her ex but guess who she left me for?

    Iceberg Slim

    Jeremy Ojeda indeed

    Tony Lance

    i am the ex in my story.. but then she left her ex for her ex and it kept repeating.. shes a hoe

    Captain Germany


    Jt Higgins

    If she says don't worry about the ex. It's because she is

    Raymond Aranda 210sideshow

    The next? Who's your uncle, brother, friend? Her coworker even though she started yesterday

  54. Damien EscoBarr

    Damn,should have really taken advice from this song.Bitch-ass hoes.Fuck'em all.

  55. Dimension 47

    girlfriend just broke up with me today after a year and 6 months. this song is in my "don't fall in love playlist" I should of listened to myself

    Morgan Conley

    Dimension 47 I need that

    Ranger 99

    Well don't fall in love or mess with girls at all

    Raymond Aranda 210sideshow


  56. Joey salinas

    Damn hop went off


    I love hopsins beats

  58. Filippo Leporini


  59. Lil Brady

    shoulda named it never trust a hoe

  60. Aaron

    Listening to this after my girl cheated. This makes me feel a little better 😂😂

  61. Cheryl Boyd


  62. OneLuvv Jasmine

    2017 and still bumping this

  63. Mayra Tellez

    Hoez are everywhere. Fuck them hoes

  64. Strong Pker

    she a hoe until proven innocent. sad mentality to have to have but DAMN do guys have to treat it that way.. i could be straight the fuck up with my intentions and these bitches will still lie! even when theres no reason to! shits insane.

  65. Markis Watson

    lol real

  66. wacky tobaccy

    literally gonna be my state of mind for a while now

  67. Jayedin Elijah

    just found out i was cheated on.. time to get fucked up and not love no more

  68. ALPHA '95

    this is what turns lover boys into players, so I dont understand why bitches complain when they created the mess haha fuck em

  69. donzinater gaming

    never give a ring to a hoe either she will take it and leave u in the dust

  70. Joshua Hurd

    I'm so totally getting this song

  71. KlubTHEMinecart

    A hoe has my ass cuttin, i had to cut her loose

  72. RobinHood Edwards

    you got to squeeze theses hoe for everything they have and as soon they dont give u what you want leave them u got to do to survive

  73. Peyton Nichols

    he had fun making that hook

  74. T-REX Padilla

    this song is so true

  75. Elephantstripes

    wow what a fucking song. Hopsin you're pear genius

    Pedro Miranda

    Elephantstripes 😂😂😂😂pear

  76. B-doe - ThatsHowitBdoe

    You're videos are definitely dope! Come by my channel and say what's up! Subscribe if you like anything! Hope to hear from you!

  77. JN cooking

    let her go and dance while you do it UHH!

  78. Mike Myerz

    this fucking explains my life thought I was in love n she was a hoe bitch warned me from the start to and I fucking was blinded should of just left

    Tanner Reed

    Mike Meyerz if she warned you that's kinda on you lol😂

  79. NIMMHATV Rap Beats

    but how to identify her, being a hoe?

    Sam Kabeya

    You can't...

    wacky tobaccy

    NIMMHATV i know it's a bit late but it's in the lyrics "assume she's a hoe till proven innocent"

    Joe-Ann Landry

    NIMMHATV Hip Hop & Rap Beats does she have a vagina? then she's a hoe


    That's why they're hoes until proven innocent.

    Abel Franco

    No need to identify. They ALL are! The sanctity of relationships has gone out the fucking window. And it's ALWAYS when we think "no, not my girl. She's different. She'd never do that to me." If she gave up the pussy quick to you, she'll give up the pussy quick to someone else too.

  80. LeoGuitarize

    ''she's a hoe until proven innocent'' best line ever


    Ho. I know, even the lyrics say hoe. Just saying.

    James Beal

    the next bitch who lies to me
    watch me damage her
    I'm picking her up and body slammin her!!

    that's mine, i could off slammed her head through a fucking wall 😂😂

    Clyde Tate

    LeoGuitarize futxzett

    Tony Lance

    you cant turn a hoe into a housewife... best line ever

  81. Lesley blomsma

    gat no purpus

  82. Brandon Vokurka

    Don't trust a hoe. so true. I mistakenly got into a relationship with this girl who left me less than a month later for someone else but came back, I stupidly allowed it and now, months after, she's waiting for "her nigga" to get out of JJC... he's 16 and makes money by selling weed. I make money through work. I love working. as a matter of fact, I'm just more depressed when I don't have a job... it happens every time lol. working 7am-4-6pm.. ugh. and every time she's with me we click. then she abandons me because she "can't be with an ex" then tells my roommate she still likes me BUT she's with somebody else that she left me for. ....thats fucked up. its all fucked up. never ever trust a hoe.

    JAi Torres

    hey man females are just something different now a days fuck these girls I have a broken heart now. little bitch broke my heart! they don't know what they want a hard worker or a low life scum bag!

    Brandon Vokurka

    @Jonathan Torres they seem to go towards the scumbags 90% of the time lol. Its fucked up man I'm about ready to give up on relationships.


    do u live in fresno u said jjc

  83. Hipster Berry


    JAi Torres

    +HaZe MasTeRY fuck you fereal

    ALPHA '95

    long story short, if you dont trust that "lover boy" he's eventually gonna wise up start playin bitches and you gonna be first on the hitlist


    Cause mfs like me who don't cheat..?

    Tony Lance

    because they wont hurt you, stfu

    Michael Stewart

    Hipster Berry 😘😂👌👀 cause you be lying 🤥

  84. Alo Kaasik

    32 sluts disliked this.

    Lamees Reda

    Alo Kaasik 59 sluts

    Xxslendermanxxwatchyoback vocals LeGiT

    Name Less The Rapper 60 sluts now

    iiGotDaGrenade -

    66 Sluts 2017 July 16

    dragon ball stuff

    79 and still counting

  85. Charles Mclaughy

    shit we all made the mistake once cx never again

  86. Tactical Dash

    I agree with every word he says. holy hell man, holy hell.

  87. The forgotten one

    true story so true

  88. Anti Christ

    yyyyyy the fuck u lyinnnnnnnnnnnnnn y u always lyyyyyyin MMMOHMYGOD

  89. Christian Hansen

    real shit 😒

  90. JOKPlaysRoblox

    The Same Girl bout 5-6 times she cheated on me i still forgive her xD Im Retarded xD

    Ainsley Ross

    I can’t stand niggas like you, how can you still love a bitch who sucked or fucked 5 or 6 different niggas. That bitch is a dumpster leave the garbage.

    Christopher Sebastiao

    JDS12451 You'd allow someone to play you like that? Should cut it off the first time it happens. She doesn't give a shit about you if she can cheat.


    JDS12451 I’ll never ever understand people who give 2nd chances. like damage has been done, fuck outta here you dont deserve my attention.

    Beholder_ Within_Mirriors

    Don't stay loyal to a girl if your with her and she does that to you do it back , it works ;)

    Iceberg Slim

    JOKPlaysRoblox story of my life

  91. Swag Muffin

    this is such a good song too bad it incites hate and violence towards women


    Pretty sure it is against the cheating bitchs not real women that dont screw around.

    Sean D.G

    TheOverlyLongUsername nah, type of shit you warning about would be denying that any of what he rapping about _ever_ happen except in _reverse._ til the replies hit the double digits, I ain't gettin too worried.

    Iceberg Slim

    Swag Muffin fuck bitches lol


    Swag Muffin filthy hoes deserve nothing but hate. So what's the problem?


    Lol shouldn't cheat then not have to worry about violence ho

  92. Jose Cruz

    Don't trust em ..

  93. steelersd26

    Hip hop version of the Sopranos theme?

  94. KingLouieGaming

    This song makes it hard for me to trust any girl.

    Son Goku

    @KingLouieGaming, Good. You're learning.

    Tito Tito

    ooooow.....they be lying.....

    Ranger 99

    You shouldn't😂

    Bill Kopp

    KingLouieGaming good

    ninja jin

    Every girl is a hoe. Im body slamin that bitch!

  95. Jakob Von Beisch

    Jordan Q lol

  96. jc666jc

    they'll slip right under your surface *