Hopsin - BUS That Lyrics

I'm on the road right now
Back of the tour bus, chillin' (Kato on the track bih)
Just wanted to drop some shit
You know

Okay, a wise man told me
That niggas that you beef with will probably be your best pals
(Is that right?) Got my ear to the streets
And I notice everybody dropping shit, I feel left out
(Is that right?) If you in it for the cheese
This is real trap music, yeah, you go be a dead mouse
(Is that right?) You on a oneway street
Either collab or turn it around, that'd be your best route
Listen, y'all need to stop with the dissing
No one pays attention, so quit with the chitchat
Listen, y'all niggas steadily fishing
You riding me hard and my girl want my dick back
Listen, these niggas play like it's cool
And then run their mouth soon as I'm leaving, why is that?
Listen, I've been touring off an album
I ain't even dropped, you prolly think I rigged that (Nice)
I'm the plate, nigga, you just the dish rack
The whole ill Mind series, I done did that
Niggas double taking, getting whiplash
How you tryna school me when I skip class
Confrontation with you is just quick cash
What the fuck you gon' do when your shit crash?
I got the juice, don't get caught in the splish splash
We don't fit in together, we mismatched
I am the misfit that nobody likes
I am colder than ice, I will hold up your life
You bigging you up, you were so overhyped
You were no good with mics, you'll be gone overnight
I saw my window and I dove on it right
Plus the flow is precise, I'm just rolling the dice
You claim that you got the shit on lock
Thinking you safe, but homie, I done broken it twice

All around the fucking planet
Niggas on my shit, dog
West side, east side, north side, south side
Bitches on my dick, dog
Snatch yo' freak, I'm that nigga
Cash on fleek, I'm that nigga
Past O.D., I'm that nigga
As for me, I'm that nigga
All around the fucking planet
Niggas on my shit, dog
West side, east side, north side, south side
Bitches on my dick, dog
Snatch yo' freak, I'm that nigga
Cash on fleek, I'm that nigga
Past O.D., I'm that nigga
As for me, I'm that nigga

Look, got a brand new chick
She a law student working real hard out in Cape Town
(Cape Town, Cape Town) I became ill
When I hit the beat raw, it was ass up, facedown
(Facedown, facedown) Homie, you ain't shit
You tryna shine, I'ma turn your sunlight into a gray cloud
(Rain, rain) Had to hit you with a new flow
Saying that I sound like Slim Shady during 8 Mile
You signed your life away to record labels
While I'm signing big ol' voluptuous titties
I run through the city, the ladies are comfortable with me
They're wet and I want to go swimming
A wonderful feeling (Woo)
I strike that pussy like a thunderbolt hitting (Woo, woo)
Ladies say "Oh my God, papi
It's all in my hair now, your cum is so sticky" (Yikes)
Am I a sellout or prodigy?
Word on the street is the question is suss
(Suss) Niggas threw dirt on my name
It's ironic that they just got left in the dust
(The dust) You got your head in the clouds?
I am convinced that your head is just stuck
Hmm, don't make me go through my files
And pull all of your dirty evidence up
(Oh no) Niggas it's been on, my pen strong
If one shot fires I'm Kim Jeong, so bitch, run
I sent bombs like ISIS from Islam
You drenched on with a light mist of piss, son
Who you know could get it like this? There is none
Rip your limbs, gone from a sick collision
See my nuts hang low, you can't miss the big ones
I'm coming, nigga, here, tell your chick to sip some

All around the fucking planet
Niggas on my shit, dog
West side, east side, north side, south side
Bitches on my dick, dog
Snatch yo' freak, I'm that nigga
Cash on fleek, I'm that nigga
Past O.D., I'm that nigga
As for me, I'm that nigga
All around the fucking planet
Niggas on my shit, dog
West side, east side, north side, south side
Bitches on my dick, dog
Snatch yo' freak, I'm that nigga
Cash on fleek, I'm that nigga
Past O.D., I'm that nigga
As for me, I'm that nigga

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Hopsin BUS That Comments
  1. Vital

    Even the trap is lyrical 🔥🖕

  2. Ryan Zerbel

    i like how he goes to make a meal and comes back with a rap lol tfing skill

  3. Jérémy Saliou

    When u realize you're physically at is the street at 20, n this guy has 32 y old 😂

  4. Nasser G.hunter

    isis Not from islam .

  5. Heather McGrath

    Omg, his body is killing me. He definitely that n***a. Loved the video too. Different and weird is the new sexy.

  6. Justius Contreras

    No kap this is probably my favorite musik video ever

  7. ZsomberThePomber

    0:00 restart button😉

  8. Matthew LaMacchia

    Just because the Bible is not God doesn't mean you sign with the government....God damn Hopsin that hurts.

  9. dmok420

    oat meal cookie mixed with a red bull??! Ask hopsin hes that nigga.

  10. Dastish fantastish

    please give money donation 😢😢

  11. MichKidd616

    Hop come back🔥🔥 💯

  12. Victor Panico

    Hopsin should collaborate with Lil Wyte

  13. John Jerald

    We are far passed bussing at this point lol

  14. Malcolm McNab

    Hop the goat 🐐

  15. Shade

    2020 gang still here

  16. rondrecat 1990

    Still bumping this in 2020.

  17. Cody Trejo


  18. Allen Lawtonz

    NOT A PLANET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just sayin but very good Chill Video lol ..

  19. Shaggy Dogg

    Ok Marcus. Calling u out. Where's the fire been at? U need to start telling people what they hate to hear again or just stay ghost. Im on OLD fan, and I know you been having hard times and all but WTF!! You have the materials to make a real difference now, so go be the real Hopsin or I'm gonna start burning you just to spark that fire under your @#$

  20. Chris Smith

    2:13 till end straight snaps

  21. Brooklyn Sage

    i hear the sm58 lol

  22. David Hutchinson

    Love the song, but am I the only one that noticed that he barely sang throughout that entire video? All he did was pretty much eat while the singing was going on 😂😂 😂. Otherwise banging track 👍💯.

  23. Aeron Jacob's

    Why'd he drank mouth wash then start eating again lol other then that love the song

  24. SnazzyPeridot848!

    2:26 I guess you can call this lyrical super saiyan.

  25. KBTITAN24

    Dat flow doe 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Alexandros Kostas

    How does this man not have diabetes?

    M WeBz18

    Alexandros Kostas genes.

  27. Mind Master's

    This beat is too much🔥🔥

  28. Jose Guapo

    Hop the real

  29. xldaanlx - _ -

    Al his videos are high quality, this is Soo simple and such a good vid aswell 😂😂😂

  30. LøCøMøTiøN Productionz

    Swear I remember the exact moment this song came out. Literally. The day after changed my whole life. This whole year did

  31. Garrett LaRoe

    1:20 all he wants to do is grab some food and he has to dance to the music

  32. ztheking11

    He finally put this on Spotify!

  33. The one reborn

    For those coming back in 2019 this is now on Apple Music.

  34. Jessica Strange

    YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY FIRE AND ALWAYS FUCKING WILL BE❤🖤 Ive been bumpin hopsin for almost 10 fucking years and you have always been intensely EPIC my niggah❤🖤 YOU ALWAYS SPIT FUCKING FIRE😎😎

  35. Brandon Lee

    Why did he use the listerine first lol. That meand that tasted like shit.

  36. Fierce

    Fucking love u bro🔥🔥🔥 but bruh I envy u sometimes tbh🤔🤔😆😆💩🍆

  37. Can Dündar

    Please Spotify!!!!!!

  38. Tëŷ

    2:25 sounds like Techs flow in "Bass" with Hop and Merkules @ 1:33 on bass

  39. Tim LaCroix

    Hop has been scared by liquids around electronics, reading that body language like a mf. Inside that ill mind 💯

  40. Emanuel Mckee


  41. Emanuel Mckee

    Hopsin best rapper alive

  42. K-KortaCurly.

    Rap Robot Vibes.

  43. Prod. by MiB.

    Took 2 years for my ears to catch up to this.

  44. Akona Romero

    You still my inspiration

  45. Akona Romero

    Hope you’re staying up n doing well big dog

  46. Austin Slater

    This song goes way too hard

  47. brooklyne t

    wtf this is already 2 years old

  48. chris wagle

    Goes hard

  49. Camron Williams

    hopsin's tour bus has more food than my house

  50. KingPrince

    Hopsins tour bus reminds me of my bedroom

  51. Kado

    Im just letting you know now that he rinsed the doritos out with the mouthwash and the outmeal cookie and redbull brought his tastebuds back to life BEFORE he ate the hotpocket 😂

  52. nunya beez

    Careful with liquids by your hardware hop ... I lost a lot of music that way 1 day yall might here my shit then again I hope u dont I'm scared to be famous

  53. Mason Gaudreau Moore

    Over 2 years old & this still kills

  54. eduardo cabral

    The Goat

  55. Someone Yes someone

    More than 2 years later and this is still banging


    Came back too

  56. Coolboi Got Bars

    I’ve never heard his voice this deep anyone agree?

    soheil adam

    His voice always was deep, listen to his old raps when he was young his voice started changing over the years.

  57. Angel Negron

    The budget for this video must crazy high!

  58. Anthony Gulliford

    Straight Flexin

  59. Matthew Limon

    2019 bitch

  60. HAV0K TV

    My ''nigga plz" face :: 2:26

  61. HAV0K TV

    This nigga left dat bathroom light on 💯💯 that's sum real shit

  62. Luciano Loya

    What my day off looks like

  63. Raphael De Sousa

    Shoutout straight from cape Town ♥️

  64. corey richardson

    my nigga dranking wine in a box!!! lol

  65. Mauri C

    Come back hop 🔥💯

  66. Biggie Tupac jr

    Most underrated hopsin song

  67. Purple Hearts

    6 million views. 100k likes. All done on a tour bus. That's dope.

  68. Michael Jewell

    Thank you

  69. Venessa Brewton

    My friend ?

  70. Abstruse Visions

    Just made a song and called it BUS THAT AND filmed a random video and got almost 7 mil views. respect

  71. Olga Gkatidou

    Hopsin THE SEXIEST MAN i ever seen😍💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💣💣💣💣

  72. Dana Willard

    hopsin youve changed go back to the old you hollywood is demonic

  73. Emma Barnes

    anyone here after "i dont want it" ???

  74. Itz Youssef

    I’m that nigga

  75. JoeyTheBB

    Is this on Spotify

  76. lit guy42

    SOOO underrated 💯 it hurts me how many people sleep on Hop, 100% among the elites


    his freestyles are actually batshit insane

  77. Son Gokū孫 悟空

    Best his track

  78. marshaun mathers


    marshaun mathers

    ASK 4 M3 im that wigga

    marshaun mathers

    boogie ft infinite ft nozzikozzi watever chronilogical order rainy days

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  80. Kingofthegods79 Tv


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  82. Jair Bear

    We need this on spotify Hopsin!

  83. PolarBro Omega

    Alright there's a lot that's impressive here, but can we pay attention to the fact he made a music video just going to get food and a drink? xD

  84. Tyson Jackson

    Hopsin recreating his own version of A Milli video 👍

  85. Vincent Roman

    Bus that is a shout out to….. canibus

  86. Ben Dover

    2 years already!? Time is fucking flying, please calm down!!

  87. Andrew Gilliam

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    SHIT THIS IS FIIIREEEE! How haven't I heard this before?! Wtf?!

  89. Merry Me

    just a missfit🎶......🎼no frets.....🎤.....wheres my penis¿?.....¿not my penis?¿.....wheres my penis......?¿...

  90. ND Gaming

    Bruh it's already been two years since this dropped I remember getting the notification for this when it dropped like it was yesterday

  91. Dalton Zeigler-Nolan

    Why this not on spotify omggg i love this shit

  92. Twisted One

    "your signing labels, while I'm signing those titties"

  93. Lee Hughes

    Jheeze ! Hopsin's "Tour bus" is luxury I could live on that bus no cap and that microwave was something else you could warm up 3 meals in that monster lol . Hop must of been stoned tho come on that's why he was so laid back chilling at start on bed then up he gets a quick swill of Listerine now think Mmmm munchies ! . Fuck it i no Pop a Hot pocket in monster micro open a can of red bull have some doritos a few bite's of a oatmeal pie and im ready to go Hopsin put the hip in hop you get me ! . Stay blessed my G I'm out peace . ✌🧢🚍🥤🥧

  94. Teku_MrFunny

    anyone else still listening to this in 2019

  95. Tony Dozier

    Good song

  96. Farai Mberi

    It's my girl whose ass he was beating here in Cape Town. Now we miss him. I can not do it alone

  97. Chase Schreiber

    1:21 hopsin been hittin the woah since before it was cool