Hopes Die Last - The Wolfpack Lyrics

You are full of shit!!!

Life is one
I'd rather die instead of wasting my time
Years pass by
And all we did is prepare to die
Here I stand
This time I came with the heart in my hand
In the end
I gave it all but I want it back

We are the ones that bring disaster
With hell above and heaven below
We are the ones who don't obey the master
The blood that flows will be never enough

I woke up
Everyday on the wrong side of the bed
All screwed up
I got my guns cause it's time to react
It will hurts so bad
Like a kick in the teeth
All I do is keep your neck on a leash
I wont cringe
Down on the floor like a whore at your feet

Fire motherfucker

All my bullets are my sons
I love 'em all and they will love me
I'll stay lazy on your throne
And I will love it and it will love me
They will love me

We are the ones that bring disaster
With hell above and heaven below
We are the ones who don't obey the master
The blood that flows will be never enough

Drive your nails
Dress your crown
Stop your bitchin'
I'll burn your cross and I'll be fine

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Hopes Die Last The Wolfpack Comments
  1. nicksibphc

    1:30 Сука я ел блять!

  2. Ady Masuari Mustakip Lee

    she is worst than Elizabeth Báthory..

  3. C4R ROT

    I like you dead 👉

  4. Antonio Quiroz

    Too much flippy hair. 😂😂😂

  5. Antonio Quiroz

    Why are they so goddamn skinny?!

  6. Derrick Lollis

    Man that fucking ending 🤘🤘🤘🤘👌


    Pussy blood, elixer of immortality

  8. Luis dias

    I liked of the video clip and I think the music insurgent band HOPES DIE LAST!

  9. Костя Степанов

    Шикарный клип

  10. Andor Ferencz

    the drop beated so hard that the sun disappeared

    and earth

  11. Andor Ferencz

    this music is extreme!

  12. Di Malabanan

    i love you hopes die last

  13. Zhokhu

    Sick song, kinda reminds me of MIW.

  14. Sinte Lyons

    THIS FUCKING SONG 🔥🔥 All the way from start to finish it was nothing but energy I feel this shit 🍕🤜🏼🤛🏼

  15. Miki Peru

    People that like this, are retarded people,I just came to saw the immense quantity of crazy guys in our world. It's a pity to see, poor lives.

  16. Lithianic

    I missed the old screamo. Feels connected.
    This? I'm not into demonic rituals. This would be a nice story horror movie though. As music... hmm..

  17. Rxndom Mystxry -

    She just drank period blood wtf

  18. Дмитрий Непомню

    Скучно!очень скучно!Бас -гитарист!беги из этой группы-спасай свою карьеру!Остальные тупо клоуны ,а не музыканты.

  19. Olenka Lopez

    What genre does HDL belong to?

  20. Erik Jason

    Badass song, I hope they release stuff like this in the future.

  21. Toms Alcore

    Becko cool

  22. MegaD347H

    My neighbor told me of them. Unto you I congratulate.

  23. aaron porter

    0:00 - 0:27 That drops fucking fire

  24. Алексей Легамо

    Who`s saw Poroshenko in 1:55?

  25. Shanaka Kulatunga

    Is it me or, is everyone just being really silent today?

  26. ThePaperChicken

    Holy fuck the intro soooo good

  27. nébula

    ;-; ITS A F***** BEST MUSIC

  28. nébula

    ._. unico brasileiro aqui ;-;

  29. bodziugov

    Nie drzyj ryja

  30. The Giver of El

    Where can I find an instrumental?

  31. ?shun

    Dei cazzo di italiani <3

  32. Jurass official


  33. Yuu SnowNight

    Wft i think I'm in love with that Video * ^ *

  34. Jerome Drehmel

    thank god for monsterbreakout ♥

  35. Albus Blackmore

    Thanks a lot Hyun's Dojo!

  36. mariages mélancolae

    j'aime bien mais un peu trop ténébreux à mes goùts

  37. HΛL x08x


  38. BullJames 125

    I feel like beating the fuck out somebody so bad kick them in the face like a little bitch XD

  39. Digital Reality

    Badass fucking song

  40. senseipunk


  41. Aaron Crissostomo

    la mejor rola

  42. The Black Dahlia Nigga

    Very dark lyrics!

  43. Noah

    melhor música, e melhor banda. <3

  44. animen

    ода! мего клипак..лайк и подписа от мя))

  45. Emma McCrea

    You know it's a good song when the opening line is "you are full of shit" >:)

    Jerome Drehmel

    yeah i totally agree with that XD

  46. Emma McCrea

    To be honest, this video gives me a Marilyn Mason vibe. I really love this song, can anyone recommend others by them that are like this?

    Derek Bray

    This is a one of a kind. But their older stuff is more post hardcore feel and the new stuff is more metalcore. They are a unique band. One of my very favorites next A Skylit Drive.

  47. Lord Tesla

    I love it <3
    Anybody know what style is this ?

    Emma McCrea



    +Make a Pie for
    +Emma McCrea try Blood Stain Child and SIent Descent there is simularity

  48. FX Crimmy

    Period. Water. Nuff Said. -To John.

  49. Александр Игнатов

    this is really great and takes my brutality by the first notes!)

  50. MellowSoul

    Damn Daniele

  51. Lino Gomes

    This sounds like Gazette

  52. Psicologico Macabro



    +Gutter Gamer tb e nois uasdhusahdsa

    Psicologico Macabro


    tutorial de batata


    Psicologico Macabro


    tutorial de batata


  53. BMOAT

    hello, is this song copyrighted ? if she is , if i give credits i'll get copyrighted :-?


    if it is*

  54. Black Wildfire

    fucking awesome

  55. Winter Sterling

    The breakdown at 3:00 :D

  56. Disco Cake

    those tall dudes are creepy af.

  57. OG Edits


  58. ////

    formula is as follows:
    a) start out in the mid-to-late-2000s as a screamo/electronicore band
    b) make a mediocre EP at first and then a year later make it somewhat big with your first full album which is actually good
    c) do a really good sophomore album
    d) by 2011-2012 be considerably heavier but retain just enough of your former sound to keep the fans happy
    e) post-2013ish make a super heavy generic djentcore album like everyone else

    I know bands grow and change but it seems like this is the general pattern imo.

  59. lim0n aids

    Marilyn Manson like this '-'

  60. christian trottier

    it was all good till she drank the water in the beginning

  61. marco aurelio severini

    Daje Regà! Mostriamo che non conosciamo solo la solita merda italiana!!

  62. Doug Ug

    Eu amo esa banda mais ese clip... '-'

    Eveline Marques

    não vejo nada demais com o video :-/

  63. Kian Najmechi

    Soooooo, she gets her period, drinks period water, followed by "YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!" well thank GOD she didnt let out some brown water to go with the red water as well...

    BullJames 125


  64. Jordyz96


  65. Hunter McMillin

    What in the actual fuck? I think my ears bled and my mind imploded. That was AWESOME. ^_^

  66. mel gk

    i love this song....but wtf with that girl in the bathtube and her period??? :P

    Tu Rincón Anime TV

    drink period? wtf? xd

    mel gk

    +andre anaya gonzales omg I didn't notice that xD hahahah

  67. Travis Mckenzie

    This might be the worst thing I have ever heard.

  68. Витька Недвич


  69. Gabriel Oliveira Martins

    This is my kind of melody.

  70. Sergio Martinez

    Where am i? lol

  71. Elijah Melrath

    I've noticed they are starting to use clean vocals less and less in this band, which sucks for me because I'm more of a singalong kinda guy. I obviously like screams, but I also like clean, and the clean vocals in this band are great like in the songs "Chapter One: Unleash Hell" and the "Firework (Cover)" I really hope I start hearing more clean in this band.

  72. Jonathan Skye

    Awesome song. Nd btw I'm not a hater jus givin my opinion lol. In the begining did that girl really jus hav her period in the tub and drink it LMFAO. and this band or this band in this song at least in my opinion is like
    Suicide silence/motionless in white/. Maralyn manson lol

  73. Adam Welsh

    sounds very similar to Crossfaith... not that that's a bad thing

  74. Laura Paola Pastrana Chávez

    Yomi period tea time!! XD

  75. TheNotLearning Channel

    thats some fucked up shit.

  76. The random Comedian who is weird

    This is meh fav song now

    Afro Nanami

    wow its my old account

  77. Crujiff0014

    vi ho visto venerdì scorso ad Alatri..

  78. traumathor89

    iate a lavurà!

  79. HΛL x08x


  80. Guns for Show, Knives for a Pro

    Wow they are fucking crazy heavier now. I love it.

  81. Bryan L. Baez

    This band has lost everything that made them unique.

  82. Symbol Ascent

    Gorecore? LOL

  83. Fulvio Bennato

    perchè il video comincia con una donna che beve il suo mestruo ?

  84. Mason Lewis

    Looks like Creatures haha 

  85. Micah Bennett

    I just realized this EP came out, only been listening to them a few months but still I never saw this. Anyway, I can go either way on the techno part but this new sound is much even better than they were before. It's the type metal I thought died out

  86. Antonio Salmo Rodrigues Magalhães

    haahha a mulher menstruou na agua jsksskss so de zua

  87. RichardsStillScreaming

    When did they get all fucking dark and awesome!?

  88. mikey ash

    Why is she drinking her period

  89. Marty Plays

    o_o guys.....i love the song, but the first scene..... was that a period blood? XD

  90. Vote Cartman

    Thumbs up if you got hard at 0:27 and came at 0:37

  91. Prof Pwnalot

    too much wub wub techno for my liking. Rip Hope dies last.

    dsadsa dwafds

    needs more deathclaws in the music video too :/

    Prof Pwnalot

    true, also not rip. They are apparently brining back the old school Hopes Die last



  93. Simpson328

    Saw them 3 years ago.. thats some cool stuff

  94. Jesse Copeman

    Loved this band since i was like 16 :D

  95. Sasha BVB

    awesome xxx love hopes die last

  96. thebaconflapsable

    I get a Manson feel from the video and the lead sometimes looks like Chris Motionless. Sweet song nonetheless.

    K A N E

    Funny thing motionless in white actually feel like the spiritual successor to Marilyn manson despite the obvious difference in genre.

    Emma McCrea

    Omg I said the same thing, then scrolled down to see you said it too