Hopes Die Last - Scared By The Mirror Lyrics

It ain't that easy
When you wake up
Looking at the mirror you realize
You've lost that brightness in your eyes

But you feel
The same as yesterday
When your arms were too short
To embrace your life alone

It's a bad day
Cause you're still waiting
For the call you're used to
Expecting them to tell you
What's right and what's wrong

But this time it won't come
This time you're alone
And the world outside
Will never shine for you

I'm here
Waiting for you to come
Standing still to believe in something more
I'm here
Waiting for you to come
Standing still to believe

I'll never be in a deathbed
Crying of what
Could be done or not
All I need is free my mind
From the ghost I have inside

Such a strange day
When you understand the meaning
Of the words they said:
"Life is hard, you will see it"

But after all
You need to feed yourself with dreams
Otherwise you will die
Without even knowing why

I'm here
Waiting for you to come
Standing still to believe in something more
I'm here
Waiting for you to come
Standing still to believe

What makes you feel alone
Like there's nothing left to show
(Can't stop growing, can't stop growing old)
What makes you feel your time is near
(Can't stop growing old)

I'm still the same sick boy you knew
My heart has got not place for you
Can't stop growing old
I'm here

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Hopes Die Last Scared By The Mirror Comments
  1. korawit woonsin

    Miss them so much!!

  2. HeyImSnappy

    Man I'm probabky literally the only person listening to this in 2019 huh


    @AbztraK wow keep it going guys! love taking emo nostalgia trips on youtube <3


    @HeyImSnappy yeah!

  3. dylan parrott

    such a underrated great band

  4. Eloara Nathane

    I am sick for this band omg

  5. Alfian Dony

    throw back to 5 years ago

  6. wearyourskin

    Damn i miss this band. The new alphawolves shit blows

  7. Arek Core

    Love from Poland

  8. Zacc Haggerty

    This is a shitty song if i wanted to hear someone scream like a bitch id piss my girlfriend off


    to bad no one cares about your opinion and to bad you're gf ways 300 pounds

  9. BFLW

    Reminds me a lot of "it's dangerous business walking out your front door" by underoath

    nicholas heim

    I know, that bands awesome and their back together


    It really does tho

  10. Master Haraldur

    Please check my channel to see the cover I did for this song!

  11. Adrian Moreno

    Hopes Die Last is nothing now that Becko and Ivan left.... ;(


    +Adrian Moreno i wish becko would make more music with Everland but i guess he's doing that dj stuff


    +subaleet yea but do you know if I can find the lyrics for the everland suff?

  12. ilenia corvino

    italians do it better. 

  13. Matteo Manuzzi

    *ç* AWESOME

  14. michael Richardson

    this song makes my dick hard

    Some Body

    Thank you for that wonderful tidbit of information.

  15. Alan Neal

    Does sound like Underoath

  16. Iron- Boreas

    Only started listening to this band tonight and I am already in love with them

  17. PaigeXMetlow

    Very Underrated. :/

  18. Elena Armaroli

    If I were a song, I'd be this one I think...

  19. Chelsy Llamas

    I love how he sings omg <3

  20. Chelsy Llamas

    my favorite song from them <3

  21. Jason Silva

    These guys are way too underrated.

  22. JoshTehVideoMaker

    Beautiful song, screams are unbelievably good at conveying emotion compared to lows

  23. Wes Skalaski

    Reminds me of They're only chasing safety.

  24. Lydia Clément

    Like. *-*

  25. Moonxter

    No dislikers ? ou yeah , it should not have dislikers ! :D

  26. david entendu

    There is so much heartache and emotion put into this song its truly a favorite of mine.

  27. david entendu

    Talk to me, now or never, and tell me why we have lost the pleasure. I need to know why I'm sacred!

  28. david entendu

    This song reminds me a lot of Underoath and that just means this bands Fucking incredible!

  29. Invader kittie

    Omg! One of their best songs !! I'm in love.

  30. Steven Martinez

    Awesome song

  31. XxStAyFuRrYxX

    Epic song :D