Hopes Die Last - Alpha Wolves Lyrics

Time has come
There's something I should tell you with these words
That I don't come to fall
Trying to be the rose among the thorns

Tell me
Are we awake or sleeping?
Do you know what we're meant to be?
Is there a single reason
Why we're breathing?

Tell me what you see in the river
Behind the mirror you decide to live in
A hand comes out to hold you up
The same hand you try to hide

Am I accepting oblivion?
The dark side of myself?
What is this light that guides me?
To be the rose among the thorns

Time has come
There's something I should tell you with these words
That I don't come to fall
Trying to be the rose among the thorns

Tell me
What you are aiming for?
Tell me how grateful would be your soul
If with your eyes you see things fall

(Have you ever)
Stopped floating in my consciousness?
Come and wake me up
My black heart is turning red
And I'm drowning in freezing water
Not realising what cold is
Cause my heart has turned to red

Take me over
Have you ever tried to stop them?
The time is up
So take me over

Take me over
Where everything is clearer
Where the lights are brighter
Than what my eyes can see

Take me over
Take me over
Take me there
Where my eyes can’t see

Time has come
There's something I should tell you with these words
That I don't come to fall
Trying to be the rose among the thorns

Now wake me up

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Hopes Die Last Alpha Wolves Comments
  1. Robert Trisca

    fucking amazing.

  2. Lila

    Still Awesome in 2020! <3

  3. Marco Valdebenito

    Choenla jiges ijos de la oerra

  4. charlie berry

    The beginning always gets me amped AF 🤘

  5. Royal SilverTV

    Been jamming this song all week on my Spotify and just now finding out there’s a video. Wow, this is fucking amazing.

  6. GregoryCrimson

    I see people calling them “BMTH” “Archites” or any other shit, can’t you fucking hear this sounds like “HOPES DIE LAST” ?!?

  7. Kitten Dreamur

    I miss Becko...😭😭😭

  8. Rudi Setiawan

    why them (hiatus)? it's hurt

    Doc Malior

    They are not on hiatus. Hopes Die Last became a new band called Alphawolves.


  9. Darnell Ganoung

    Hopes die last is the best

  10. YungXrist


  11. Hey its Leslie

    I can hear Underoath in here 😱❤

  12. YungXrist

    2018 ❤❤❤

  13. Bryan Calero Aguilar

    I love this song...

  14. Andrea Soledad

    Excelente banda, una de mis favoritas

  15. ardiantoined

    Wow, it's the first time I check your stuff since Some Like It Cold. Nice song.

  16. Mei Mei


  17. ackjeot canary

    Where is Razihel?

    Antonio Quiroz

    닉넴뭐로하지 Daniele replaced Razihel since 2009. He’s been out of the band for almost 10 years.

  18. Game Over

    Muy buena

    esther biersak

    siiiip uwu >:v

  19. Lu Cifer

    Well...U did it... After 2 years f3om now on watching this all along I wish 4u he will come back u did a great song.... Rly I am for this all along, he will come back. It's time. Reunite. We need u. We need it. Now....cheer the shit 1 time 4 all us forevermore. If u n3ed me I am watching u. 4 1 might revolution thought Europe. Waiting 4 u the last 3 years. Ans2er hopes di3 last

    Doc Malior

    They ARE back by the way. They just have a new name. Hopes Die Last became Alphawolves. Here's one of their newer songs


  20. Toms Alcore

    I N F L U E N C E

  21. Marshmallow Ev

    Son increíbles muy buena banda,no se porque es como si tuvieran una influencia de 30 seconds to mars o la voz del cantante se me hace familiar a jared leto.

  22. •Roberta Must Die•

    ma sono italiani?

  23. Manuxia

    vocal like johnny depp :D

  24. Corbin Armbruster


  25. Cezar Will

    I can not believe that Becko left HDL :(

  26. Vladimiros Doulgaridis


  27. AtmosOner


  28. AtmosOner

    it's funny how they use camera angles to make the lead vocalist look tall but he's a hobbit haha

  29. Kayla TV

    better than bayonets

  30. Feeddaaa -

    They are now know as alphawolves I been listening to you guys for a good 5 years loved every song please keep up hopes die lasts legacy

  31. cyanidedroid

    RIP, welcome ALPHAWOLVES

  32. Samuele Massarenti

    We grow... We evolve.

    Good luck guys.

  33. August


  34. David caballerock

    ya espero con ansias 2017 por ustedes carnales

  35. yung sims

    well i that moment u thot u would not like da band tilll is sounded like bmth haha XD

  36. Black Metal Till Death

    another next generation of pretty boy thrashers wining or pretty singing. can't any newer bands be differant or not the typicall.. to many already. just saying.. not saying their bad musicians.. just predictable radio rock

    Rxndom Mystxry -

    Black Metal Till Death
    lmao the radio plays metalcore? What stations? I need to know

    -Uɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ-

    Rxndom Mystxry come to finland
    here the radio stations play thrash. Death and even metalcore

  37. Frankie Featherstone


  38. Joelajuie Pdp

    Which of them is Razihel?

    Antonio Quiroz

    Joelajuie Pdp none.
    Razihel left the band a really long time ago. (Specifically since 2009.)

  39. Isabelle Yazzie

    how did i just find out about these guys

  40. Yo no soy Joaquin

    The Best Song *-*

  41. Giu Cobain

    love 😻

  42. Mathias Velo

    Cuando te pones a pensar que cualquier negro se puede hacer famoso por cantar tres palabras y la gente con talento no consigue tanta fama :'v

  43. erdi so

    I don't know how many time I have watched this vid.but this made my day.I like it omffffg

  44. Sander Tangstad

    This is definitely one of my favourite songs, the lyrics are so epic 😁

  45. Florea Daniel

    i really love the screaming in the begining, does anyone know more bands/songs like that?


    Architects - Broken Cross, Architects - These Colours Don't Run, Bring me the Horizon - Shadow Moses

  46. Dany Dari

    no one ever said that they broke up. all there was a black picture on their fb page. but on the personal social media of the members, no break up was mentioned there. in fact of you go on facebook and see their profiles, and go under where it says work, it still says they are part of the band.

    I wonder if its just a hiatus or a temporary breakup. I remember they said in November that new songs would be released but nothing came. I wonder if they maybe lost a label or something happened and they can't make music for now.

    I understand with an underground band like this, it's easy to assume. but we can't just assume. It's best to wait. Sometimes things aren't always what they seem. even if they do, who knows they may get back together again, and their music will always live on!

    Rxndom Mystxry -

    This is metalcore

    Dany Dari

    GREAT NEWS! Their new drummer Danilo Menna posted that they are making new music on instagram!

    Manea Andrei

    Hopes Die Last is over. They are experimenting new music styles now and will be releasing them under a new name . Hopes Die Last 2004-2017

    Dany Dari

    Manea Andrei I thought of it as they just changed their name.. the same guys are still together though.

    Void Shrine

    Dany Dari Their new band is called Alpha Wolves

  47. Дмитрий Непомню

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  48. Metal AccOunTant

    Sucks they broke up :(


    They broke up? Source?

    Metal AccOunTant

    Sources don't follow low level bands like this. They disappear off the radar and nobody notices.

    Memento Mori

    No they didn't. They continued without the old vocalist.

  49. Simplyric

    I really dig these uncleans!

    Rxndom Mystxry -

    These are cleans


    Rxndom Mystxry - Not most of them.

  50. viking rune



    Grandissimi!!! Siete gli Asking Alexandria italiani!!!

  52. neil Chuang

    feel likes bring me horizon I mean's composition

  53. Sara B

    was this their last song? :,(


    Their last song as Hopes Die Last. Becko left to focus on solo work, and everyone else from HDL is starting up a a new band together

  54. Роман Ващук

    Как же качает

  55. jbgwtf

    Hopes Die Horizon

    Семен Шогин

    stupid hater, it's post-hardcore.

    Doom metal tortoise

    this is Metalcore my friend

    Doom metal tortoise

    it does have the same rythm as shadow Moses though


    Shadow Alpha Wolwes

  56. 박인복

    형님들 제발 신보 내주세요.......ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

  57. Alex Gard

    so where's the new album already??


    They broke up



    simone c

    tu zia broke up

  58. nickwick35

    One of the most underrated bands ever

  59. rico Esterhuyse

    bloody asum song

  60. Exotic Bailey

    Your band deserves more attention :( makes me sad

  61. appleseal

    Tbh imo 2008 was the best year of HDL, now they're shit and i want Nick back ):

  62. JavierCore

    BMTH - Shadow Moses ...

    Hunter Pennington

    listen to some like it cold. sounds like underoath. they definitely pull sounds from other bands but they fuckin kill it every time

  63. Leo14

    guys, your songs are very cool, i love this band, i have all albumbs hahaha. good lucky in their way

  64. Luck Kellin

    And New Album ????? 2016 2017 2018 ???


    I think they broke up

    Metal AccOunTant

    Yeah they broke up. Fuckin Sucks


    that is a fucking lie,they never say that men

    Luck Kellin

    Yeah What happens is that Becko has other band, and who want to leave the band or maybe waiting in 2017 or nothing...

  65. ianhominid

    not avant-garde enough to be screamo

  66. Doggybuns

    please update us on if you guys are making an full length album. Been listening to this since it came out

  67. Diego Lima

    Very good man

  68. charley jackson worsnop

    no cretiquen

  69. charley jackson worsnop

    amo esta banda me encanta i love

  70. Michael Daniel

    yeah it sucks this isn't on Spotify but I know that it's probably harder to do without a Record Label. You guys sound better than ever.


    +Michael Daniel It is on spotify^^

  71. Cord Rehn

    Dat bridge doe... so filthy love it someone ought to tab this beast out else I will

  72. InMyLittleWorld

    Il momento in cui posso dire di essere fiera del mio paese vah *Q* grandi raga spaccate <3

  73. August

    of course we will all miss Becko but this is still good, and Im happy that they are still able to make music

  74. Lea Grauvogl

    wich album is this?


    It's the "Alpha Wolves - Single" on iTunes

    Lea Grauvogl

    @CaeoGRION thanks. there is the band yet?


    I assume you meant album? If so, not yet.

  75. john ramirez


  76. Brick City

    like it

  77. Kenthzz

    Tan pocas reproducciones :'v

    Braian Heredia

    Justo en el kokoro :'v

    Alfonso Barria Catalan

    y esta banda es de las mejores q puedan existir :(

    jorky daft

    la escuchaba desde los 15 años ajajajjajaja ya estoy cucho ajajaj

  78. doug ribs

    cade os br que ouve hopes? sera q so o unico aki ashuashua

  79. Mike Faller

    I hope these dudes make a new album soon because this was fucking awesome!

  80. Mumei

    Where's marco? :( was looking forward to hearing him.

  81. Black Crow

    We like this .... we like it a lot. This does NOT suck. Get in touch. We may be interested in signing you.

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  83. Marco Toni

    I'm really sorry for Marco "Becko" Calanca, the band has changed several to many element over the years and he was the only one that I still listened to them. now they have become flat and nonsensical. ARE STILL ITALIAN BAND??? that shit

    Mi dispiace veramente per Marco "Becko" Calanca", la band ha cambiato diversi elementi negli anni e lui era l'unico per cui ancora li ascoltavo. ora sono diventati piatti e sensa senso. SONO ANCORA ITALIANI??

  84. Daniel MG

    La fucion de Architects con BMTH :V best song

  85. M. Evelin Labra Sandoval.

    No inventen!! Está increíble. lml♥

  86. Abel

    this song suck without Becko! I wonder how people can like it!

    Isaiah Wootton

    Cuz they aren't closed minded

  87. Luck Kellin

    When new album?

  88. Felipe Bento

    Need this song on Spotify

    Samuel Willoughby

    It is...


    +Samuel Willoughby hi

  89. Sofia Carnesciali

    L'idea del lupo l'avete trovata grazie agli Oklahoma Means Run? Per un **o Lupo.

  90. RDxKa0s

    I'll be buying this the moment it drops.. Don't keep us waiting for too long now!!!