Hootie & The Blowfish - I Will Wait Lyrics

Aboard his ship he stops to stare
Needs to smell her, touch her hair
Say's "I can't be without her"
Tonight he's going to be without her

"It's late now", she say's
Makes her mind up goes to bed
Another night alone without him
Another night alone in Charleston

When I wake to find the solace of
All that we've become
I can't wait to make the promises
I've been leery of

I'll be there waiting for you
In the morning when times have changed
I'll be there through the lies and all
Standing like your soldiers
You hold your secrets
Through the days when I need to be alone
I will wait for you
Through the lies and all

She was left behind so they could stay
God to feel him this she prays
It would make her feel so much better
I want to feel so much better

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Hootie & The Blowfish I Will Wait Comments
  1. Chris Britt

    I'm glad im not the only one who knows this song exists and thanks is great.

  2. Von Milash

    Ps first heard this song back in about 98 on hyperion Bay.

  3. Von Milash

    Nothing like the sound of an overdriven tube amp. This is such a great song.

  4. Harry Cox

    "I'll be standing like a soldier for you" is such a great line, such with such passion. I love this song.

  5. Dave Vogt

    Awesome song. Love this one! Who’s listening in 2019?

  6. Matthew Black

    Who's watching in 2019?? This guy👍

  7. Samantha Danielson

    I need a love like this.

  8. 1sradss

    Was never a big Hootie fan.... it this is a great, GREAT song!

  9. Kareen Burgos

    I will wait...

  10. Anastacie Robbins-Cole

    If we love,we will "wait," for the love of our soldier.:):)

  11. Frank Paul

    Pure awesomeness

  12. Anna Dunkerson

    This video/song maakes me smile Soooo Big you can literally loop my lips over my ears and That Hootie Bootie Shake, DAMN 😁😍😘


    I Like This Song



  14. Anna Dunkerson

    I absolutely love this song!

  15. Evelyn Fahy

    Love love love it....brings back some great memories!!

  16. Fabio rock

    Eu amo voces

  17. Brianna Barton

    the love of my life and I recently split so he could go get help for his drinking problem and so I could get help for my mental health issues and although he left me to give us both time and space to heal and focus on ourselves and not drag each other down, I will always be here waiting for him and listening to this song as a reminder. ❤

    Zach Lee

    Brianna Barton hope you are doing better

  18. Mark Haight

    my friend bill and i used to heckle hootie and the blowfish at bars in downtown charleston in the late 80s. good times. glad they made it big though.

  19. Anna Dunkerson

    Im going strait to Amazon and buying all his Cd'S right now!!! Merry Christmas to Me ❤

  20. Anna Dunkerson

    Darius please reunite with Hootie and the Blow Fish, you are this Band!

    Emerald Falcon

    They already did

    Frank Davis

    Guess they did ,seeing them tommrow at the wharf!

  21. nickel baby

    Still sounds great after all these years.

  22. Frankie Bergeron

    Awesome song ! One of the most underrated bands of the 90's. I'm hoping they do a reunion someday.

  23. Nittaya Samile

    Luv me sum hootie. One of my favs! LEFTY JOHNSON FB

  24. Frankie Bergeron

    Awesome song ! Should of gotten more airplay !

  25. Izwanerr Err

    it's 2018 now.miss those day

  26. anofi berry

    Absolutely my favorite Hootie And The Blowfish Song...

  27. Zul Hilmi Hamdun

    My favourite song from hootie

  28. MariyJesu Rodriguez

    Maravillosa canción 👍👍👍👍

  29. Caitlin Weems

    The Hootie butt-shake 1:55 :)

  30. rr byers

    what was the name of the song they played in a movie as the credits rolled can't find it beautiful song somebody herlp me please

  31. Austin Preston

    Very annoying song, just...damn..bad.. I hear it everyday at work..

  32. Emmy B Felix

    🎼I'll be there waiting for you🎼💕

  33. Jacob Thomas

    The harmony of their voices is a wonderful thing

  34. Israel Aleman

    Reminds me of my days on the Saratoga. I had no one waiting for me.

  35. Jacob Thomas

    Dat voice

  36. Kathy Voland

    Best damn music EVER!

  37. Doggy Doge

    The guitarist in the back looks like dirk nowitzki lol

  38. allan gate

    truly a great song

  39. Kareen Burgos

    Their best song

    Anna Dunkerson

    Im obsessed with it!

    Kareen Burgos

    @Anna Dunkerson Me too!!

  40. Taylor Queensbury

    this song is very special to the women in love with men at JB Charleston

  41. demoCRIPS & reBLOODlicans 1

    Meant hootie

  42. demoCRIPS & reBLOODlicans 1

    Damn bootie was the shit

  43. abeja poyo

    90s songs brought me here. One of the best song by the best band ever!!

  44. Terrilyn Shaw

    Hootie was a fantastical band!! Miss them!!

  45. Stocko

    Best band!!

  46. GaeasBlessing

    Howard Stern brought me here.


    he mentioned the song?

  47. Ruhl Williams

    I love country music but Darius really should've stayed rock. He's was so much better with hootie.

  48. Nee Ner

    I love this song!!! I miss hootie and the blowfish!! We need music like this again!!!

    Crystal W.

    Nee Ner yesss we do:)!!!!!

    Georgina Toland

    They‘re back on tour! Yessss!

  49. Albert Gatte

    just found this song... how good is this??? I can't get enough of it.

    The Archard

    Albert Gatte Welcome! 😁

    Kareen Burgos

    I think it's their best song 🎶

  50. barefoot0750

    perfect song!!

  51. Patrick Sullins

    This is my favorite hootie song!


    Patrick Sullins mine as well


    Same here

    Kareen Burgos

    Me too!!

  52. Slishes Maloney

    One of my favorite songs of all time sang by one of my favorite singers of all time!

  53. Jayd Richard

    First time I've heard this one. Great song. Darius/Hootie and the Blowfish, define good music.

  54. Micheal Cinquina

    Very underated song I agree

    Joseph Miraglia

    I think this song would have caught on if it would have gotten more air play on the radio.

  55. Thomas Ponzio

    thought it was funny people called Darius Hootie like in the 60s Peter Noone was Herman

  56. Thomas Ponzio

    great guitar the last top 20 hit for the best rock band of the 90s

  57. ben072009

    Very underrated song. Just...damn...good.


    +ben072009 yup, that's my fav. song from them and the first that i heard from them in some simpler times

    Eric Case

    Let me add this is simply GREAT

  58. Barry Wood


  59. Barry Wood


  60. Micheal Cinquina

    S o me of the greatest people in the world live down south andi live in B altimore

  61. Micheal Cinquina

    One of my favorites

  62. Oliver Bulezuik

    Love & Life, want this music around more often.
    Haven't heard it since 2011, still great!

  63. Del Curry

    Darius was awesome as a member of "Hootie & the Blowfish," and even better as a solo artist; his version of "Wagon Wheel" is the best ever!!! Go see him whenever he is within a 5 hour drive; yes, he's that good.

    Ed Sweeney

    He is awesome in concert!!

  64. Travis Howell

    Still good.


    i miss those year when the music so good.........

  66. Boris Andreev

    Black or white?!WTF it is great music!

    Cortni Odoms

    I no write I love country music.

    dick large

    Who asked black or white?

  67. Cristian Dopazzo

    I'm from Argentina and I think this is one of the most beautiful songs by the Hootie. Darius's voice is awesome, I like some of his new stuff, but the Hooties really rocked my teenage years!!!!

  68. Vickie Santay

    I don't care if he is black or white, I am proud cos he's from South Carolina and lets everyone know.  Love my SC boys...and girls!  He is great, that voice is awesome!!  But like him better with Hootie and the Blowfish!!

    dick large

    If you didn't care why did you mention it?

  69. Orlando Hernandez

    Does anyone remember being surprised as a kid in the 90s when you saw his music videos and the reveal that he was black? Not hating, I thought it was cool.


    Being black myself When 1st heard "Time" by Hootie and the blowfish I immediately I had to download the song. and when I found out the lead singer Darius was black I was proud of him

    Dave 208

    When I first heard it, I thought it was cool.  He completely did his own thing.  I still love Hootie and the Blowfish, and his solo work.  This is just awesome rock & roll, that I am not afraid to play in front of my toddler.


    racist bitch come to Berkeley and get fucked up!

    Orlando Hernandez

    Ericochico on the way Chico baby

    Jacqueline Black

    @EricoChico u make no fucking sense

  70. Bob Weiner

    #715 on my all time countdown

  71. Trinitarian

    Man that Darius has some voice.

    Gene C

    Darius hottest and blowfish


  72. Christopher R

    awesome song i love their music 

  73. Peter DiGaudio

    Don't like Darius's solo stuff as much as the Hootie material. A friend is going to see him here in a few days. Hope he does his Hootie hits as a solo act.

  74. mysty storm

    The very best and my very favorite Hootie song... 

    Samantha Danielson

    mysty storm same!

  75. Steven Robbins

    If you liked Hootie, I think you should do yourself a solid, and check out Darius' solo joints. Pure Americana, and damn good music too. "Charleston, SC 1966" probably one of the best albums of the year in my opinion. Jus' sayin!

  76. Carolyn Burkham

    Still waitin' on the name and number of the drummer...Darius is already taken!

  77. Carolyn Burkham

    Only song I have EVER attempted at karaoke....LOL!

  78. deaconsmom2000

    I think it's cute, the way they shake their little hineys for a change. :)  [apologies to my child for turning you off food forever]

    The Archard

    deaconsmom2000 lol

  79. 30hatman

    In my opinion, this is their most under appreciated song.

    dadadruma Marcopoulos

    Mine as well

    Tim Priestley

    It's the only one I really love...

    Kareen Burgos

    Yes it is..my favorite song of theirs 🎶

    Pat Mccurry

    I agree. It should've went top 40.


    Been going to their concerts since 1993. Agreed!

  80. AnnHattieAnn

    In the chorus ... second line in the first part is "lies and all" ... then the chorus finishes with "rise and fall."  Both (lines of) lyrics are in the chorus, so both are correct ... it's not one phrase or the other exclusively.

  81. Kelly Rocco

    no, it's the lies and all.  It was on the album jacket(or cassette as I had LOL)

  82. Goldie3377

    Love Hootie's dancing in this one. :)
    Aren't the lyrics:
    Through the rise & fall {not the lies & all}
    "She was left behind so they could stay" ???
    "I'll be standing like your soldier." ^_^
    God bless, protect, & guide our Troops! :) <3

  83. Patrick Hebert

    The only country song I ever heard Darius sing is his remake of Wagon Wheel. The rest are pop songs labeled as country.

  84. theclassicgamer

    7 people didn't wait.

  85. escuse me

    ?? Haven't talked with me then lol

  86. joe84fl

    Little known fact...before 'The Social Network' Jesse Eisenberg was in for Hootie and The Blowfish


    1:43 totally that's the n word! but how can that be?!?!

  88. Darius Rucker

    i couldnt agree more

  89. Elric Runefire

    I was just thinking the exact same thing!!!

  90. Dan Mackey

    Why this song wasn't a big hit is still beyond my understanding!!

  91. Big James

    i concur

  92. Joseph Brown

    Popularity aside, I don't think good, clean music like this will ever be made again. Now it's all auto tune and computers. Very few have the natural, pure talent that, not only Darius had, but the whole band had, both instrumentally and vocally.

  93. AnnHattieAnn

    Absolutely wonderful song. And I just gotta say, Darius' two little dance moves from about 1:52 - 1:57 ALWAYS make me smile. Just ♥ these guys. Sure miss them. But hey, thank God for YouTube (posters)! I can listen AND watch anytime. \o/ *cheers*

  94. mike

    cuba gooding jr. "NO....I AM NOT.....HOOTIE!"

  95. Christian Kangudie

    What a voice.

  96. Antoinette Chanel

    @noteventhetrees This is simply awesome! <3, A professor in California

  97. FoxfirePoet

    I loved Hootie and the Blowfish long before I joined, but as a new soldier in an Army family, this song means all the more (Even if it is a tad Air Force heavy.). Thanks!

  98. Chubzdoomer

    Sappy military bullshit aside, this is an awesome song.