Hooters, The - Boys Will Be Boys Lyrics

With every step I take
I get one step in step with you
With every move you make
I can't wait to make my move
Got your voice buzzing in my head
And a roller coaster down my spine

Well don't you know that Boys will be boys
And I could never live my life without you
Sometimes you make me feel like I got a heart full of toys
Oh baby, boys will be boys

Tell me what can I do
'cause I can't change the things I said
I can't help the way I feel
Or what goes on inside my head
Bad news and broken dreams
In time will fade away

Well don't you know that Boys will be boys
But baby I'm a man since the day I found you
Sometimes you make me feel like I got a heart full of toys
Oh baby, boys will be boys

And don't you know that girls will be girls
And I just wanna live any way that I want to
From either side of the fence
Vivre la difference
so help me boys will be boys

Got your voice buzzing in my head
And a roller coaster down my spine
Well don't you know that boys will be boys...
boys will...boys will be...boys will be boys...

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Hooters, The Boys Will Be Boys Comments
  1. Oskar Åsfjäll

    Best ever

  2. amaranta arcadia castillo gómez

    Great song of the Hooters, I love the band since I was 13 years old :)

  3. Hasindu Bandara

    I like so much this song..!!!!

  4. Carmen G

    Me too i love the Hooters and im 28 the concert was great

  5. Jason Barbush

    i saw the hooters in '86 the same year i had my first bad weed. times of innocense

  6. Andre Poernomo

    Takes me back to my junior high years. Thank you very much!!

  7. David Ramírez

    I want see the original video, who knows some link?

    Giady italy

    https://www.google.it/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://vk.com/video11513863_162533320&ved=0ahUKEwiA59vJ-P3OAhUpKMAKHRaJAdsQwqsBCDAwBg&usg=AFQjCNEyPbLXskgbHkrsuOeUM2OVjIkcJQ .. this is the official video ..

    David Ramírez

    +Giady italy. Ooh thank you so much!! you make me the day!! I am thankful with you.

    Giady italy

    +David Ramírez oh it's okay , you're welcome. .xx

  8. üdü Wendt

    Das is wahr.Boys will and want to be boys.Teddy

  9. sapporo ricca-ricca



    sapporo ricca-ricca イエス!

  10. 二ノ宮正寛



    Doi H

    フーターズかそれ以外か?レベルですね。これだけの多彩な天才集団はほかにはないと思います。エンジン999、サテライト、カーラ ウィズ AKなどもいいですね。ウィンデイ ジェストンと言う絶世の美女フィドル奏者が加入し、シンディー ローパーをコーラスにフィーチャーした素晴らしい曲でしたが、あまり成功したとは言えない成績でした。アウト オブ タイムと言うアルバムが、圧倒的過ぎて、意図的に無視されたのかな、とも思います。この曲はシンディーのガール ジャスト ウォント ハブ ファンの返し歌だそうです。

    Arthur de Vrome

    @Doi H Indeed!

  11. staketenernie

    Das ist absolut Fett, Mr Fett.

  12. ElCoyote1230

    Thanks for it!!!!

  13. san isidro embobinado

    Cyndi Lauper and her first band!!!


    featuring Cyndi Lauper.

    Kolin Zuver

    the best singer

  15. Robert Coogan

    I'm a big fan of The Hooters and I have all their albums, from Amore to the 5x5 ep. I live in the UK. Sadly they never come over because they have never made it big here for some reason. I emailed them about 10 years ago and their PA (I think) replied that it wasn't financially feasible for them to perform in the UK. The nearest they ever get is Norway and Germany. This song features their manager singing an extract from "Wild Mountan Thyme" via the telephone while at the airport as the intro, and obviously Cyndi Lauper too. People haven't mentioned what great songwriters these guys are too, they wrote songs for or covered by Robbie Williams (Old Before I Die), Ricky Martin (Private Emotion) , Cyndi Lauper (Co-wrote Time After Time) and Joan Osborne (what if god was one of us)...Glad to see people loving The Band on here too. Largo is a great album on which some Hooters collaborated with some of The Band personnel. Mindy Jostyn also appeared on the Hooters Live album 1994. Sadly she died of cancer 2005.

    Roman Kozel

    @Robert Coogan Who is lead singer of Hooters? Rob or Eric?

    mark casey

    I'm in Ireland and I love these guys and would love to see them coming to Dublin, Belfast, London or Glasgow, I'd try and go to all the gigs

    Robert Coogan

    I suppose it's Eric Baziilian, but they are collaborative.

    Robert Coogan

    That would be at least 2 of us then Mark!


    i am big fan too

  16. martenlandstrom

    This song is on the album Out of Body released on MCA Records back in 1993. It's the only release by the Hooters to include violinist Mindy Jostyn, who joined the band the year before and apparently left after only a couple of years.

  17. Buster Minal

    Has this been released on an album? Can't find it anywhere...

    Amaury Palmen

    +Jim Fjalestad of course well the album is "out of body"

  18. VfLBorussia19001

    Man verbindet ja immer irgendwas mit einem Song. Bei mir war es die Ausbildung von 92-94. Da lief das Lied rauf und runter! Und auch heute kann man es sich sehr gut anhören :-)

  19. Messy Bun Queen

    I've listened to this song since I was born, and I still love it just as much now as I've always done 3

  20. ersanchez

    Cyndi Lauper is amazing!!!

  21. John LaStrada

    As a backup band -- The Hooters are second only to The Band. The Hooters have backed up & participated in the success of many artists. One CD to check if you can find it: Largo -- on Mercury Records -- produced in 1998 by Rick Chertoff & Rob Hyman of The Hooters -- backing the likes of Taj Mahal (his "Freedom Ride" on this LP alone is worth the price of the CD), Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, Willie Nile, Paddy Maloney, Carole King, with members of The Band (Garth Hudson & Levon Helm). A great CD.

  22. gghvbvgg


  23. TheKitkatgold

    Thank YOU!!

  24. jango fett

    i´m followin this band since 1987 great band

  25. jango fett

    great band and great song