Hooters, The - All Around The Place Lyrics

Here comes Molly in an overcoat
The middle of summer she just missed the boat
She a looking for pity, just a different life
But for the grace of God goes you and I

And here comes Willie little out of touch
Guess he must have messed around just a little too much
But it's never too late to get another chance
When your just another victim of circumstance

Now I'm calling everybody stand face to face
We're all sisters and brothers in the human race
We can learn from each other ain't no big disgrace
Just throw a little love all around the place
All around the place...

Now sidewalk Sally's standin' in the rain
That umbrella of hers has seen some better days
And Long John Silver's in the pirate mode
Yeah, the Harlem River must have overflowed

Well some folks got it and some folks don't
And some they want to share it and some they won't
But whatever's broke just needs a little fix
And it's never too late to teach a dog new tricks

So I'm calling everybody stand face to face
We're all sisters and brothers in the human race
We can learn from each other ain't no big disgrace
Just throw a little love all around the place
All around the place... All around the place...
Just throw a little love all around the place... get it...

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Hooters, The All Around The Place Comments
  1. Science Freak Show

    Who rediscovered this song via Izombie?

  2. SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy

    This song with subwoofer in the background is like eargasm levels of good

  3. Michael Boyce

    Trump's followers are true Zombies,and his Impeachment is the piece!

  4. TheMikelKatzengreis

    The Hooters !   einfach nur genial !    gestern in Erfurt live gesehen - Top !    Ihr seid echte ´Könner´ - merkt man ja sofort und die Stimmung war bombastisch,  Danke dafür !

  5. artur siedlecki

    Jedna z najlepszych kawałków lat 80-tych (:

  6. Daryl Behm

    I think they use to be Cindi Laupers band or possibly had the same producer

  7. Natalie Shannon

    I dedicate this song to all insane Christian Trump supporters. You fell for the false prophet. You turned into a zombie. How sad.

    Natalie Shannon

    True Christians are going have to build an Ark to get away from the fallout Hell of Donald Trump! Trump the Antichrist has come and the rain will fall on us all and drown us. True god fearing Christians need to rise up and show our faces and take Trump out! He mocks the Christian faith by telling lies.

  8. Andrzej Winnicki


  9. 123 456

    this song is awsome mixed with supernatural

  10. Dan Brammer

    Awesome tunes! Thanks

  11. Anita Thewes


  12. GADCL4

    Always liked this song. Even if it is about a load of bullshit that never happened.

  13. Jon Deaux


  14. Iceman2630

    All U zombies with your Media accounts, is this the world it has come to?

  15. Jose Sanchez

    un temazo que Asia mucho tiempo que no podía en contrar este tema grasias

  16. Frank Shrank

    Schon krass. In den 80ern spielten die in riesen Amistadien, Ende der 90er oder 2000 im Nachbardorf in der Turnhalle wo sonst die Rentner ihre Gymnastik machten. Später spielten nochmal im noch kleineren Nachbardorf neben anderen einstigen Weltstarbands die auf ihren alten Zeiten durch Europa über die Dörfer tourten. Hätte mir das in den 80ern jemand erzählt, dass die 15-20 Jahre später bei uns in der Provinz spielen werden, den hätte ich für besoffen gehalten.
    Mal schauen wann Madonna hier auftaucht...

  17. TheKimilii

    Dobłe :-)

  18. Captain Highbury

    I did not understand the biblical connotations.

  19. Tom Trevethan

    FreeKing Awwsome

  20. kevin dances with wolves

    I'm a fan of big hooters.


    Ich bin zwar erst 12 aber ich feier die Jungs

  22. Daro Xxx

    Najepszy chyba czas super muza

  23. Amunia

    Auch heute noch einer der absoluten Top Songs !!!

  24. Daniel Geisler

    Handmade, Musik für die Ohren, Augen zu und ab... Versucht es nicht zu erklären, geniest es...

  25. Stefan Koelsch

    In the eighties industrial plant was obligation

  26. Todd Henry

    Brilliant !!!

  27. Aleksandar Vujicic

    The hooters, bad company, survivor, journey, rick springfield its fantastici. Perl jeam, red hot C. P ITS SHIT

  28. Chris Langston

    Hand up!

  29. Kasia N.

    tekst tekst tekst

  30. Polixeni Tsipopoulou

    F... O.

  31. Tristan McKee


  32. Sky Henry Blue

    Soon. God. Willing

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    Bedtimey. Fairy. Story. For. Little. Girlies

    Tinkley. Twinkle

    Matilda. The. African. American. Fairy. From. Brooklyn. N. The. Crockagator. N. The. Magic. Bean

    Soon. Goodwilling

    God. Bless. You. All



  33. Sky Henry Blue

    Post. Lost. Hit. Wrong. Button. Or. Something


    Film. Related
    Woman. With. Scalet. Letter
    Famous. Long. Time. Great. American. Classic. Book. Also

    Her. So. So. So. Beautiful. At. Time. Is. Rare. But. Not. All. To. Rare. Mux. Spanish. English. Mix. Beautiful. Beyond. Belief

    Him. Leading. Man. But. Not. Pretty. Boy. But. Very. Subtle. Beautiful. Man. Handsome. Great. Great. Craftman. Master. Craftman. Actors. Both

    This. Hot. Hot. Sexy. Film. Beautiful. Beautiful. Shots

    Sad. Terrible. Awesome. Sexy. Hot. Film
    Bombed. Box. Office

    N. Film. Can't. Remember. Title. Same. Time. Period.

    Guy. Young. Stuck. On. Self
    Asked. Home. After. Church. Dinner. Girl
    He's. Like. No. Your. Poor. Only. One. Roast. Chicken. Going. To. Other. Woman's. Girls. House. They. Always. Have. Two. Roasted. Chickens. On. Sunday. After. Church. Dinner

    I'm. Like. Him. Only. Read. He. Going. There. Money. Two. Chico. Roasted. Rather. Him. There. Not. With. Me. If. Woman. Girl

    Although. I. Do. Like. Two. Roasted. Chickens. Dinner. After. Church

    Funny. Thing. Thoughts
    How. Stupid. This. Crap

    Two. Year. Evil. Is

    Your. Duh. Guys

    See. All. The. Time

    Notice. Like. Most. American. Woman. Legs. Hyper. Locked


    See. Bunch. You. Coming. At. Them

    I'm. Like. Evil


    You. Get. No. Play


    Get. It. Stupid
    They. Hate. Evil. Men. Mean

    Why. Wouldn't. They


    Your. A. Woman. Girl.

    That's. What. You. Want

    Guy. Do. Anything. Mean. Evil ?

    Betray. You. Beat. Them. Kids. Anybody.

    Oh. Yeah that's. What. You. Would. Want. Isn't. Stupid




    Try. Growing. Brain

    They. You. Us. Most. Is

    Like. Actually. Christian. Nation

    Christian. Values

    They. You. Hate. This


    Get. It ?

    Try. Brain

    God. Bless. You. All

    Notice. Most. Them. Legs. Hyperlocked.

    Wonder. Why ?

    Military. They. Like. Soldiers

    You. Don't. K ow. That

    But. Like. Brave. Honorable. Ones



  34. Sky Henry Blue

    How. Dee. Church. Wanted. Note

    Favorite. After. Church. Get. Together. Dinner

    Don't. Laugh. Not. Dis


    Me. Long. Time

    Favorite. After. Church. Dinner

    Family. N. Friends. Like. Invite. Friends. From. Church. Right. After. Church. Early. Dinner

    Roasted. Chicken. Mashed. Potatoes. Goblet. Gravy. Green beans. Salad. Cake. Buttermilk. Biscuits. Or. Cornbread

    Big. Long. Time. Southern. Traditional. Dinner. After. Church

    My. Families. Southern. Half. It

    We. Never. Eat. Ate. That

    I. Do. Lots. Sunday

    I. Make. All. That. So. Good. Soon. Soon. God. Willing. Tell. You. How. All. That. Homemaid. Easy

    Film. Related. Cow. Boy. Grady. Awesome. Kinda

    Woman. With. Scarlet. Letter
    Demi. Moore. Garry. Oldnan

    Awesome. Amazing. Terrible. Sexy. So. Beautiful. Beautiful. Film

    Critics. Hated

    I. Saw. Amazing

    Don't. Know. What. Thinking

    Her. So. Beautiful. Burn. Your. Soul. At. Time

    Him. Awesome Incredible. Actor. Amazing


    Treasures. Both. Big

    Finish. Soon. Phone. Needs. Charge. Don't. Want. Lose. Work

    God. Willing

  35. Garry H

    Love this song..so powerful...

  36. Hess Sabine

    Good But old . Listen.

  37. ion

    Monster song!! Im in love 🤩

    The Twilight One

    ion.. you got that right! I have been listening to this beauty since it came out. After beeing redpilled, this song sounds amazingly prophetic! Have a nice day,😁!

    Garry H

    In a time when Music was music and men were men..now it's just empty noise and men imitating girls..sad..

  38. hoosierhobbies

    Just saw them at EPCOT and they were just as good as ever!

    Justin Forsberg

    Soooo jealous!!!

  39. craig rupp

    you dont have to hide anymore

  40. Regina K.

    An meiner Glatze muss ich noch etwas arbeiten!Aber ihr könnt ja zum Friesör gehen!Da gibts dann Schusswechsel umsonst!!!

  41. Gabi 80' jahre

    In den 80' schon geil gewesen 🥰🥰👍🤗🤗

  42. Daniel O'Connell

    This is an absolute belter. Overwrought biblical lyrics, hyper emotion and entirely pretentious. But my god it works!

    Finn McCool

    Not to mention the well-coiffed 80s hair and high 80s fashion in a 80s factory setting - the whole package is better than the sum of its parts.

  43. Patricia Lozano

    Sonando Noviembre 2019 me encanta!! 🎷🎸🎹🎶🎶🎶🇦🇷👻

  44. LCS-318

    The title of this song is a short science fiction story, written by Robert A. Heislein, which was edited in 1959, then taken to the cinema "predestination" in 2014 the director is Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig. Then copied by the Director and Screenwriter Baran bo Odar, taking her to Netflix in 2017 to the hit German series "Dark."Greetings from Bogotá Colombia 🇨🇴

  45. King Kong

    Eine Super-Band, vor allem live!!! 80er pur👍😉

  46. ueberdruck

    I was born in CCCP 1988. Listen this Song first time maybe ca. 2002 but it is amazing

  47. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it taken from the "Nervous Night" Album by The Hooters in 1985?

  48. Brad Campbell

    Great song!

  49. trummdum

    I think the entire 1980s are crammed inside those shoulder pads

  50. bluesmokerH1

    The dualism of breaking the rules in half should be a clue? ha!


    WoW....dude... Good one... Wondered about what this meant...thanks! Man...

  51. Alex Russell

    What in the fuck I got here from looking up the "Hey all you people" part in spongebob cool song though for sure

  52. Jennifer Juckett

    My first concert ever! .. was looking this up for a work-related post.

  53. john meek

    love song john single australia

  54. AllRequired

    They could have been an institution.

  55. robert sinnett

    words with meaning....i might say

  56. Martin Mehlhorn

    I love it

  57. Kruppt808

    i didn't know zombies were so religious

  58. judy tripp

    Eric is 🔥!!!!!!

  59. Hommerecorder

    this is a masterpiece

  60. Alejandro Alban Alvarez

    Holy Moses met the Pharoah Yeah, I've tried to set him straight Looked him in the eye "Let my people go!" ... Holy Moses on the mountain High above the golden calf Went to get the Ten Commandments

    All you people in the street

    Yeah, he's just gonna break 'em in half!

    All you zombies hide your faces All you people in the street All you sittin 'in high places The pieces gonna fall on you No one ever spoke to Noah They all laughed at him instead Workin' on his ark Workin 'all by himself ...

    Only Noah saw it comin ' Forty days and forty nights Took his sons and daughters with him Yeah, they were the Israelites! All you zombies hide your faces All you people in the street All you sittin 'in high places The rain's gonna fall on you Holy Father, what's the matter? Where have all your children gone? Sittin 'in the dark Livin' all by themselves You don't have to hide anymore! All you zombies show your faces All you people in the street All you sittin 'in high places The pieces gonna fall on you! All you zombies show your faces (I see you out there!) All you people in the street

  61. Alexandra Violetta

    We played this song on the funeral of my father. All people cried.

    The Chosen One

    May God give you and your family Strength & Comfort you All

  62. Rizo Danzan

    80s music is the staple for the music today. This part of history will not be repeated ever

  63. paul thompson

    massively underrated band!!!

  64. lwt5150

    Holy Father, what's the matter? Where have all your children gone?

  65. lovely Unicorn Stella

    Yes this was great. No we have other intelligent Songs.

  66. Regina K.

    😘All rhat Zombies Show your Faces!

  67. Hess Sabine

    Nice a Swimmingpool 😴😴😴😗😗😙😎😎😎

  68. loveistruth 5*7*

    The fact of the matter is. Everybody is a zombie. We are all Walking Dead because we are dead in our sins. But the news of the Gospel is that you can be born again. You don't have to stay dead in your sins. Jesus made a way for us through the cross. Believe on Jesus and the work he did on your behalf, put your total faith in him. He promises you eternal life because he loves you and the father will accept you into the family if you trust in his son Jesus. And that the last Trump and the resurrection you will receive a new glorified body and be welcomed home by Abba Father

    Simply LW97.

    You left out baptism in wtaer. Romans 6:2-4

  69. René Gabelgaard Lund

    Holy Moses a good song

  70. Michelle Müller

    Wow wow wow😍

  71. theufwik

    i remember watching them in frauenfeld (CH) in 1993

  72. amigo boofo

    Zombie governments for zombie people!

  73. Pro. Logic

    just minutes left for this system of things

  74. 123 456

    i would love this song in an supernatural episode

  75. Emilio Luburic

    I vlaži se glava pa vlaga ima i lica raznih na neki način i umiva se pa mozak zdravog čovjeka šamponi,umivanje,šišanje ima i glava raznih čovjekova temperatura je 36,5 C a okoline 23 C tzv.sobna temperatura eto to da se i tušira pa čistoća pa mikrosvijet posebno spolnih organa pa i pazuha pa čistoća čist

  76. James Graham

    I TOTALLY forgot about this song.

  77. Mark Kus

    Great song about the plagues of Egypt’s pharaoh god is great!

  78. Bibi B.

    Ich liebe diesen Song

  79. pbr-streetgang

    Raises his hand

  80. Ivan Barišić

    Another masterpiece from the 80's just discovered ^^

  81. Arne Idinsen

    This song is pure comedy! Holy Moses Tried to set the Pharao straight! ;D

  82. tom magne nilsen


  83. Cheryl Currier

    Those of us still listening in 2019 are the ones who dont need to hide anymore. Clearly we see who the pieces are gonna fall on.
    No longer feel the need to say a word, except.

    Sammy hooligan

    Yes, it's falling into place. The good and bad is slowly separating, being distinguished.

  84. Ellis Dee

    they should make a remake…. all you smombies

  85. Osvaldo Garcia

    Great song!!!! The hooters!!!! Rock /pop 80' the best!!

  86. Букля

    🎙️ SUPER 👍👍

  87. Katherine Margeson

    I honestly thought that maybe I’d imagined this song or that it was a “real rock song’ from an ‘80s soap opera until I decided to look it up. It’s real.

  88. Wojtek Bednarski

    I love it.

  89. Jackie Martin

    Looking forward to seeing them in Clearwater FL next month

  90. Naeriol

    ''Hello. My name is Jane...''

  91. MoOn42O

    I'm a believer, do you ?

  92. Bansky

    Faceless gaming