Hoosiers, The - Worst Case Scenario Lyrics

You got out the wrong side of bed and liked it
The only love you get is unrequited
Mourning Monday, all week long's not healthy
But being happy's only for the wealthy

You can't see past the worst case scenario
You'd be happier instead if you'd stayed in bed
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile

Wallow in your miserableness as you tend to
You've mastered looking unimpressed, do I offend you?
Mourning Monday, all week long's not healthy
But being happy's only for the wealthy

You can't see past the worst case scenario
You'd be happier instead if you'd stayed in bed
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile

You can't see past the worst case scenario
You'd be happier instead if you'd stayed in bed
You can't see past the worst case scenario
You'd be happier instead if you'd stayed in bed

I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
Pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
(You can't see past—you can't see past worst case scenario.)
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
(You can't see past—you can't see past—)
Oh, oh, oh

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Hoosiers, The Worst Case Scenario Comments
  1. UsotheMarshmallow

    "but being happy's only for the wealthy" got too real, real quick

  2. Dante Samuel Veizaga

    Wao que buena música :3

  3. 「Min Min」

    i keep coming back! this band has really good songs all of the songs are so catchy aaaAAHHH


    yea fr, it sucks that they fell into obscurity, I really hope they release some good music this year, they're planning to release some new songs

  4. Michael Meyer

    Jesus rediscovering Christ

  5. denise elizabeth

    i wont give you unrequited love

  6. marwinout

    All of their old stuff is better than that take me to church shit


    wdym? are you thinking about Hozier?

  7. vivid suzume

    Oh my god, the beginning drums in this song sound IDENTICAL to the drums at the beginning of LA Devotee by Panic! At the Disco. I feel like I'm tripping after realizing this...

  8. Charlotte Allen

    Honestly this band is my CHILDHOOD i’ve never stopped and will never stop listening to them. ABSOLUTELY BANGS

  9. Thomas Edwards

    Holy shit this song is 9 years old tomorrow

  10. Charlie Chan

    This needs like 300 million views. Best song on the album.

  11. CurlyGirl

    Heyo, here from 2018.


    2019 gang

  12. Grisel Calcagno

    To this day, this entire CD is one of my favourites, every single song is amazing and original, very refreshing.

    Jay V Man

    Same here! Been over 10 years now since the albums been out but every song is still blissfully unique and incredibly well written.

    Brodown 64

    @Jay V Man 10 years? Dang.


    @Brodown 64 yep, 2017 was actually the 10 year anniversary of The Trick to Life

  13. Spirit Warhol

    Jesus I love these guys

  14. Noodle the funky Homosexual

    Where is Killer at? Please! That's my favourite!!!


    @Lopez if it was so easy for them to make a music video, they're fully independent now and don't really have the budget to make a music video anymore


    @Omar3722 ahh DAMNIT that really sucks- doesnt it amigo?


    @Lopez yea, but good thing they're independent, Sony basically fucked them over when they couldn't sell enough copies of The Illusion of Safety, I hope they can find a new and better label

  15. tali- alidooda

    Anyone here cuz Levi

  16. laura law

    Forgot how good these guys are

  17. Kimberlyn doesn’ T

    I love this song

  18. Alys Jones

    Wow, what a jam!

  19. J2oMan

    i watch aot hows this song related to levi? i just clicked it to listen to the band

  20. Australian Eugenics Expert

    Omg it's Robbie from Lazy Town!

  21. jennie akgae

    i brought myself here because i love this band and this song ♡

  22. provacativemoose

    damn. this song brings back middle school memories

  23. Millie Warner

    ❤❤Literally my favourite The Hoosiers song.❤❤

  24. Ruth ღ

    Me termine enamorando de esta canción. ♡

  25. Luna-M

    Cuando eres la unica que habla español por aqui y tienes que traducir todo :'c

    Harry Lydford

    Yo soy de Inglaterra como los Hoosiers y yo hablo espanol :)


    +Harry Lydford Eso es increible! Es tu lengua materna, o la decidiste aprender?

    Ruth ღ

    Comprendo <\3

  26. Kathy Fernanda

    Skyfly brought me here 😂

    FandomTrash Kai

    Kathy Fernanda same

  27. Casey Clark

    Sky Fly brings me here

    Casey Clark

    Yes, are u?

  28. Mollsy 101

    These comments are
    25% Ben Stiller lookalike comments
    50% this is >character< from aot!!!1!
    15% British or American??????????
    10% people who actually like the song


    and 100% reason to remember the name.

    Untalented Gamer

    It's captain Levi!


    1% pointing out the other comments

    Odst Marine

    Would you like to have a cuppa tea good sir?

  29. TheGrumpyPanda 101

    aot Levi all the way he never, rarely smiles loord

  30. KingsWorld2015

    What the fuck is Ben Stiller doing in this video?

    Chris lovett

    KingsWorld2015 dead

  31. Laura Claire X

    Love this, like if you're watching in 2015

    Chris lovett

    Laura Claire X 2017

  32. Silverclaw of Fireclan



    Silverclaw of Fireclan Who the hell is Levi?


    damn. It's an anime, Shingeki no kyojin, and a character is Levi. Everyone dies except him


    fatigada Still don't know


    @fatigada oh it's aot, eh

  33. xMarcoBodtx Levi swag Ackerman

    This song makes me think of levi from attack on titan xD


    +Finn Breidenbach I think I know why, if you listen to the lyrics its like they're talking about levi
    "you got out the wrong side of the bed and liked it" XD


    +kungfumountaindog I think it's because someone made an aot cosplay music video using this song lol (because that's how I got here aha)

    Sunshine Marmot

    +theycallme_lili that... that makes a lot of sense.

    Slytherin to the TARDIS

    Sunshine Marmot
    How in the world did you get that impression?

    Kimberlyn doesn’ T


  34. Jan Kropáček

    All songs are everything

  35. Shugoluver 2228

    This song is everything.

  36. lewis allen

    Play at electric picnic in ireland plzzzzz!!!! be unreal

  37. James Waterhouse


    Bruno Rafael


    wulfran jauffret


    Slytherin to the TARDIS


  38. Secondhand Orchestra

    I pray one day live to see you break a smile...

  39. NouXor

    <3 Hoosiers for ever <3

  40. Alice Johnson

    Love it

  41. nanami kubo


    Chris lovett

    nanami kubo yes I agree

    I N D I E L Y R I C S

    eso mero. 😎

  42. Brendan Brady

    After meeting and losing the perfect girl, I now understand this.


    +Brendan Brady How'd you lose her? Tried looking under the bed?


    +bookwormmaddy Maybe he could try the kitchen.... jk

    krista wong

    not funny even if you were making a joke

    Brendan Brady

    @kri stop Who?

    krista wong

    @Brendan Brady  @Forge Plays 

  43. Luke Kelleher

    8 it was ben stillers family

  44. aimee chadwick

    His voice is awesome...just awesome!!! Love their music!<3

  45. Louisa MG

    I love your comment :)

  46. Mark Before

    one of my favorite songs of all time

  47. panpa naber


  48. Caitlin Johnson

    Love love love this song!!! Woooo. Just one of those songs you HAVE to dance about to!

  49. Kisalemming21

    They kinda remind me of the B52's updated

  50. frustwisted

    So freaking underrated.

  51. Faye Sweeney

    Saw you in Chatham yesterday, amazing!

  52. gary judith coxon

    love this song

  53. FullPotentialHarmani


  54. James Rumsey

    How has this got less than 200,000 views!? :O

  55. James Rumsey

    That is one cool shed! Love The Hoosiers <3

  56. Pikachu Power

    British music is Awesome

  57. Beth Worthy

    Erwin looks hot in this vid ;)x

  58. An_ice_cream

    He must have 5 alternate accounts too...

  59. TheRetroDoug

    Bit like the same statement from Pan sapien. But to be honest why bother responding to his statement. Everyone has there own opinions and yes, America is normally thought of as the land of opportunity. Some people would prefer living over there just because of their own preference in music that is being made is on offer.

  60. TheAEStudios

    So you can speak for an entire countrys worth of people most of which will probably disagree with you... no chance

  61. TheAEStudios

    speak for yourself

  62. TheAEStudios

    ben stiller was born first (citation needed)

  63. JJJamesG

    i dont, i think e do have better history, tv and music ( but there are some awesome americans) but america do make good movies but we have james bond

  64. Fyodor

    Hah, I live in Indiana and we all call ourselves Hoosiers.

  65. Beta Draconis

    Isn't that Hoser, like loser but with a H

  66. MrManofalltrades

    incorrect, Ben stiller is a Irwin Sparks look alike

  67. Shonnese Reid

    this band makes my life

  68. UVB

    Was learning the song, used it as a reference point

  69. Lucy Davey

    What about it?

  70. Elke Tiotuico

    For some odd reason, I like how all the top comments in their music videos have at least one saying that the lead singer looks like ben stiller.

  71. TheAEStudios

    no... movies you can have but the rest... just no

  72. Baked

    That's clearly your job, idiot.

  73. jade shepherd

    or is Ben Stiller an Irwin Sparkes lookalike...

    Cathy Gao

    Technically Irwin (32) is a Ben (52) lookalike.

  74. IronMike876

    Only 160k views? I probably clocked them all up myself :c

  75. Sohee

    thx, that's really nice to say about us, but america is awesome, i want to go there one day.

  76. RizzlaKicks

    4 people woke up on the wrong side of the bed and didn't like it.

  77. Rafael Acuña

    Pyro :D

  78. Leo Ashby

    you dont know your fashion

  79. Rhys Williams

    @zoeburgessx Yes, nice to see that you care for the children, and show support during the KONY 2012 thing, but really? In the middle of the comments section of a Hoosiers video?

  80. Ashes To Dust

    all he needs is a fez

  81. Ashes To Dust

    he looks like the last Doctor

  82. Zoe Burgess

    KONY 2012!

  83. Patricia Ann

    lurv dem

  84. Ciggie

    proud to be 1/4 english :P

  85. Potahto Potayto

    The girl still couldn't see past the worst scenario even after the song and break a smile...

  86. Alison Condy

    okey who was the one that put the 1 dislike

  87. Nicky Ray

    @aaronrushton1 City of Sydney eistedford, Sydney

  88. Aaron Rushton

    @Nikkiirayray967 eisteddfod wales? intresting, where was it?

  89. Nicky Ray

    Im from Australia and I heard their song 'Cops and Robbers' at an eistedfod and some kids were dancing to it and I loved it so I checked them out. No-one I know has heard of them

  90. Hennikari

    Does anyone know how this is known in America? I'm asking because this is isn't very popular here in the UK, only coming 76 in the charts at the time of release. Has it been played on a TV show or a film?

  91. AlejoAR93

    I'm mexican and I love this band :D
    I heard them in FIFA 08 since then I love this band :D

  92. Kyle Gamble

    @missiworld Sorry, But, GTFO Our British Music, Yanks don't understand Any of it, We're too good for you. Now GTFO, Before I get Racist about this.

  93. Conrad Magger

    Only 141 112 persons ???!!! Please it's not possible ..

  94. Jacky Smith

    F-ING AMAZING!!!! I've been in love with the hoosiers since... FOREVER!!!! :D I love them so freaking much <3

  95. dertl

    This grows on me every time I hear it

  96. arogantni

    dude is a ben stiller lookalike lol

  97. Live and Unsigned

    The Hoosiers at Live Fest in London July 23rd!

    Special limited offer on Live Fest tickets 2 for the price of 1 buy now before offer ends livefest . .co . uk

  98. Amelia Oxborrow

    @bombella100 probably somebody in austrailia because their upside-down so they thought it was a thumbsup