Hoosiers, The - The Wheels Fell Off Lyrics

Do you remember when the wheels fell off the bus
We were heading for a wedding and there was no stopping us
I fell head over heels but that wasn't enough
And now the bolts that bind us have all just turned to rust

I wonder what's under your bandages
We speak the same words in different languages
Just say the word and I'll help you to unfreeze
But it's so hard when you don't know the word for please

Do you remember when the wheels fell off the bus
I was caught dragging my heels when you were in a rush
Driving has a way of proving perilous
What good's a steering wheel when your hands have both been crushed

To catch perfection with a net and rod
White whales haunt your vision and you lose sight of what you've got
You are unshakeable in your self-belief
Just like all madmen who succumb to the deep

Tell me where did you go
Tell me where did our friend go
Tell me where did our friend go

Pangaea to Atlantis
In just under a year
You did all the drifting
So I'm gonna save my tears

Probably all my fault
That you couldn't be more wrong
I've tried too hard for too long
Too hard for too long

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Hoosiers, The The Wheels Fell Off Comments
  1. 「Min Min」

    CoMe To DaVaO aaaAAAHHHH

  2. Some Icelandic Dude

    Such an underrated band

  3. Yernodahh220

    Swear if Ed sheeran sang this acoustic bet like a billion views

  4. SikeOKensai

    The world needs you. Especially Indiana

  5. afromarco005

    needs millions of views

  6. Martin MacDonald


  7. lobochilango

    Hi, does anyone knows who engineered the album?

  8. pigammon

    Didn't like News From Nowhere much, but the new album's ace. Glad you're back lads <3

  9. Supreme Lord Daddy Emperor President Trump

    I really enjoyed this song, it was fun and up beat like some of your old songs. The only thing I don't like about it really, um nothing. This song is great keep up with the good work

  10. Jarpreet Singh

    I don't like their newer stuff apart from this song, their songs are really slow and sad now. I liked their upbeat fun songs back in 07 and 2010

  11. Dovah Girlie

    Th... They're back? THEY'RE BACK IN FOR MORE? FINALLY!! :D

  12. LMI101

    His voice is so pretty... Awesome song

  13. Ben SepticEye

    Does anyone know any songs sounding like the period between 1:39 and 2:00? Thanks.

    Hamish Malcolm

    Can't think of any songs exactly like it, but it reminds me of Mika

  14. Mega

    i went to one of your concert +The Hoosiers

  15. TobyT2003


  16. Luke Nyul

    Great song! Can't wait for the new album, it's released on my birthday! Perfectly timed guys! :D

  17. Mert Kucur

    Really want to see you guys live!

  18. TheOneAndOnlySomething

    yay! the hoosiers are alive!

  19. Merkadurk

    Fab tune, please come back to Swansea sooooon

  20. Reanne_Michelle

    Can't wait to see you guys in October

  21. Ben Hartles

    I've missed you guys so much it seems like a life time ago that I listened to your first album! Your music was there for me in my darkest moments and to this day it still helps make me smile when I cry.

  22. Damian Prentice

    Awesome! Great tune!

  23. Martin Rose

    This is 2012 all over when I discovered The Hoosiers for the first time and their great debut album.. How times have changed since then, looking forward to the new album!

  24. Elizabeth Galligan

    Great song. Welcome back hoosiers. I've missed you. ♥:-)

  25. MaestroManTV

    A new album already? It feels like just yesterday the news from nowhere was released. Anyway these two eps are great. It has the well written and well produced parts of the news from nowhere mixed with the fun and lively aspects of the first two albums. Hopefully I'll get a ticket to see you guys live

  26. Mellonote

    Not a huge fan of the blatantly obvious "Lets right a guitar hook that's people will remember", its a bit too pop for me, but the rest was solid.

    Cathy Gao

    This a pop/rock band, what do you expect?

  27. cuteypetz

    I love this!! <3

  28. Jamal Shelton

    Lovely sounds to hear in the morning (:(:

  29. Marta Canino Romero


  30. michiyoZzz

    this is absolutely lovely

  31. Pencliff

    October 9th feels too far away

  32. UHCredhead

    Wanna go see you in bangor just a piss take that I'd have to go with an 18yr old when I'm nearly 17 and can already drive arghhh

  33. Smallspark Space Systems

    Weyoo Love it!

  34. Unspoken OUCH!

    I never do this, but now I do, FIRST.
    I've dissapointed myself