Hoosiers, The - The Most Peculiar Day Of Your Life Lyrics

I got a problem with the big man
I’m not big he isn’t clever but he leathered me good
And what’s it take to be the big man
Apart from size
Apart from size

And now my problem’s with the policeman
I’m just saying please man can’t you turn a blind eye
An eye for an eye

I said hey, you couldn’t write it
The most peculiar day of your life
I said hey, don’t fight it
Just hope the tunnel ends in a light

I got a problem ’cause you’re laid back
You see I wanna pick a fight every now and again
Don’t think you’re safe ’cause we go way back
You say that’s ok, I don’t mind

The mirror’s wrong upon reflection
I think I know myself less the longer I stare
I stare, I’m aware, self-aware

Out on my ear
I’m just another drop in the lake
Let me make myself clear
For you appear to be struggling to take
Wise words could never reach us
How could we ever read the lipless, lipless

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Hoosiers, The The Most Peculiar Day Of Your Life Comments
  1. Blue Rive

    this doesn't have enough comments

  2. Andrew Hobgood

    you need to have more attent1on towards your lyr1cs.

  3. Luke Roper

    Pretty good.

  4. Amina Sijamic

    holy shit the lyrics are so fucking gpod
    and the tune is MMMMMM❤❤❤

  5. Владимир Берг

    Одна из моих любимых групп. Из этого альбома меня "поразила" песня: The Most Peculiar Day Of Your Life.
    One of my favorite bands. From this album, I was struck by the song :The Most Peculiar Day Of Your Life.

  6. Louie Benn

    best song as the new album imo!