Hoosiers, The - LoveStoned Lyrics

She grabs the yellow bottle,
she likes the way it hits her lips,
gets to the bottom, it sends her on a trip so right,
she might be goin' home with me tonight,
looks like a model, except she's got a little more class,
don't even bother, unless you've got that thing she likes,
I hope she's goin' home with me tonight.

Those flashing lights come from everywhere,
the way they hit her I just stop and stare,
she's got me love stoned,
man, I swear she's bad and she knows, I think that she knows.

She shuts the room down, the way she walks and causes a fuss,
the baddest in town, she's flawless like some uncut ice,
I hope she's goin' home with me tonight,
and all she wants is to dance, that's why you'll find her on the floor,
but you don't have a chance, unless you move the way that she likes,
that's why she's goin' home with me tonight, oh.


Those flashing lights seem to cause a glare,
the way they hit her I just stop and stare,
she's got me love stoned,
from everywhere she's bad and she knows, I think that she knows.

Those flashing lights come from everywhere,
the way they hit her I just stop and stare, stop and stare.

Those flashing lights come from everywhere,
I think she knows [x2]

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Hoosiers, The LoveStoned Comments
  1. AGKyran

    Oh... wow.
    This nearly made me cry, just to play again that song.

    It's been 10 years since the last time I was there.... The memories.

    I'm so grateful this music is still there. Not long ago someone told how everything here on youtube and on the internet in general, are like scriptures and messages from the past.

    And I really feel now how he is true.

    Thanks, old me, for posting lots of stuff. I had forgot this song, and just playing it again, WOW !

  2. Callie Bays

    This reminds me of a guy that stared at me at 4-H camp

  3. Cameron Wilson

    it's class

    Roland Deschain

    Cameron Wilson you irish?

  4. Ruby Blue

    Ooh I love this song :3

  5. sitkid

    shut up.. this is no way near justin

  6. Baby Jae

    This is beautiful. :D

  7. OneAndOnlyLilMissMee

    @JoshuaSpeers123 Yes that's why I have 35 likes. Because 35 people are clearly ALSO dicks.
    Besides jeez don't hate, just chill and correct. Like the ways of a Grammar Nazi.

  8. NinjaDarkLord619

    Urm I think 7 people pressed dislike by accident, excuse me youtube, but you need to fix this kthnxbai

  9. Alita Pall

    WOW i actually though the original was good but woah, this is stunning ((:

  10. Tankaroidgalore

    damn this is epic. never thought i would sing along to a JT song.

  11. Kareem Eweis

    great! 5*

  12. jenny book

    that's pretty insulting to say it is their best song, as it's a cover of Justin Timberlake.

  13. MissPopeyes22

    does anyone know where i can download the song? i love it too too too much not to have it in my playlist :'(

  14. Leadman1989

    hey jerk that was my last cookie *weeps*

  15. Leadman1989

    do you want a cookie?

  16. Florencia Obach

    the hoosier's it's much more better

  17. NoMercy8008

    Maybe download them here from YouTube using the Converter? (:

  18. OneAndOnlyLilMissMee

    i love it when alternative music bands do r&b - it always sounds better!

  19. Ben Pilkington

    To be fair james blunt needs all the support he can get, The Hoosiers are amazing though :D

  20. Lynnk

    This song is so beautiful when Irwin sings it <3

  21. GayGeisha

    LOVE the hoosiers. And LOVE this. This is real music.

  22. Holly T

    they're so amazing live! was right at the front! this was like last year when i saw them! was so close to meeting them but then got ushered out by security :L

  23. melonman767

    better than the original

  24. Sheila Sánchez

    I like it more than the original!!
    Someone have the lyrics, please?

  25. Nathan Lund

    I love this.

  26. John Lopez

    wow, this is a mesmerizing version..

  27. lLottal


  28. Emma Jones

    This is amazinnn (:

  29. misskiti

    It's all very Tori Amos! Not that that's a bad thing!

  30. JuelzCollister

    i don't like it actually, sry ^^

  31. jlea

    Justin's is a dance track, this is a slow ballad

    you can't really compare.

  32. Jonathan Hayes

    I wish more bands would do covers as good as this.

  33. BehindThe NormalityIT

    i saw the hoosiers in a'dam last year (L) the fucking rock!!

  34. kirstyms03

    awesome :D

  35. kirstyms03

    really????? my ex love JB and i love the hoosiers :P

    when did you see that?

  36. mikethe2ndd

    I don't enjoy there musif from there first album but this cover is super!

  37. Marie De La Pierre

    Just great! Better than Justin's! :-)
    The Hoosiers are just great!!!! Also live!

  38. Laettie Ellison

    brilliant cover. irwins voice is pure bliss. but the hoosiers are always great ;D

  39. kirstyms03

    I FLIPPIN LOVE THE HOOSIERS irwins voice is soooooo unique i love irwin!! :P

  40. iseabbv

    Or maybe an episode of Scrubs...

  41. Queeny4001

    I can just imagine this being played at the end of a british tv drama. Really good.!

  42. Andrew Mitchelmore

    can't wait to hear them live in june

  43. Cheyenne Williams

    I love the version
    My Favourite band Doing My favourite song of all time (Appart from everything gose dark from the hoosiers.lol)