Hoosiers, The - Killer Lyrics

I hate my work, but I'm in control
I'm fearless now, but it cost my soul
Save yourselves, the moon is full
Under its power, gravitational pull

Blood red lips, they shake like leaves
You're flesh and blood, but what's underneath?

Don't turn out the lights
Kiss yourself goodnight 'cause there's a killer
And he's coming after you
Kiss yourself goodnight, tonight
'Cause there's a killer and he's coming after you

It's alright to scream
I'm screaming too,
Why'd you think I do the things I do?
For shadows haunted me like ghosts,
So I became what I feared the most

I conduct fear like electricity
A man made monstrosity

Don't turn out the lights
Kiss yourself goodnight 'cause there's a killer
And he's coming after you
Kiss yourself goodnight, tonight
'Cause there's a killer and he's coming after you

Oh oh, oh oh

Don't turn out the lights
Kiss yourself goodnight 'cause there's a killer
And he's coming after you
Kiss yourself goodnight, tonight
'Cause there's a killer and he's coming after you

Don't turn out the lights, kiss yourself goodnight
'Cause theres a killer and he's coming after you
Don't turn out the lights, tonight 'cause there's a killer.

Oh oh, oh oh

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Hoosiers, The Killer Comments
  1. Izabella Manning

    wHoO, hold my hentai-

  2. Faye Lockwood

    Haha cool, there's so many fandoms here apparently. I'm from the YouTube fandom.

  3. Ishana Vikram

    Guys, lets all just appreciate the song. This song is *not* based off *ANY* fandom. Not undertale, not creepypasta, not anything else. Its a really catchy song and lets just appreciate that.

  4. Silent Scream

    I love this

  5. E-29

    I was here like ''Oh god how sad people come from fandoms, I mean Ididn't- wait a minute.'' I mean, all the times I discover a song is because I just discovered it and not because a fandom and see all the comments saying they came from a fandom, but this time I'm one of them, I discovered the song like two years ago because UnderTale, though I think that's better than never discovering the song. I love the song, thanks UnderTale fandom.

  6. Scribbles

    I know a comment just told us all not to hate on the people who found this song through a fandom but the number of people telling us their fandoms are seriously annoying. If this opinion bothers you then ignore the comment.

  7. Not Applicable

    Reminds me of Dead by Daylight

  8. Jennifer Richter

    When I Listen to this I think about Creepypasta Lol

  9. zaumipha kitsune

    Yall are commenting about fandoms and I'm here because of a sadness runs through him

  10. Angie What have I done *Last name*

    I see a lot of people saying “it’s not for that!” And I just want some nice comments not people telling what people can’t do about their song.
    Also, I came from warrior cats. Well not really. But I just learned a sadness runs through him from a map. And I found this. Great song

  11. Miss MidNight :V

    Is there anyone else who found the song by yourself instead of a fandom?
    In my case it was the yt recommendations '-'

  12. zaumipha kitsune

    *ive come from the Hoosiers fandom*

  13. 田枩


  14. Echo is unknown :3

    anyone here just looking for the newest comment

  15. Jupiter

    This song slaps

  16. Asshole

    Listening to recommend songs at 2 am, good choice. Brought me here.

  17. Ruby Productions

    I’m just here because my friend showed it to me, this song is heckin radical (thinking of using it for my upcoming collab/map I’m thinking about)

  18. lazy bones AFPHY

    3:32 "intrumental".......ok

  19. Dumb Fool

    I uhhhhh- came from Spotify

    I’m a whore for this song

  20. sad cat

    i found this song randomly on spotify, now im obsessed lol

  21. Dino Spit

    Killer Queen has already touched the replay button

  22. DuckelBuddy

    I've been listening to the Hoosiers for a long time now. I only came to this video because I didn't remember what the lyrics were at the "blood red lips they shake like leaves" part.

  23. Rythmi_Mink

    Ive never seen an undertale animation with this song?? And i was deep in the fandom X"D I found this song cuz I really like their song Cops and Robbers :3 its a hecka cool song

  24. citrouille sterling

    Lawrence Oleander and Sal Fisher... oops

  25. DetroitKCM

    Why do people in fandoms these days flippin ruin the game/anime/manga/Tv show? Like, I've gone out of fandoms because of stupid fangirls/fanboys that do stuff like "OH MYY GOD *Insert character here* IS MY HUSBAND, HES SO DARK AND BLAH BLAH BLAH" Its just like, Stop, You ruin everything for everyone.

    Sapphire Rose

    Scourge from warrior cats is mine


    @Sapphire Rose I wanna commit die.

    Sapphire Rose

    @DetroitKCM same

  26. Ms Freakshow

    I'm here because I want to relive the 2000s by listening to songs like these

  27. XENØ

    How come I never heard this song before omg it's so good

  28. StarrytheKitty

    This song reminds me of Bucky Barnes tbh

  29. IncrediblyBananary

    I just really like the song like if you just listen to the lyrics- wOw

  30. Greenfire Seraph

    I actually mostly like the song because of the way he says killer

  31. ya girl lila

    sweet mother of bops this is a good song

  32. Sidney KrySabKul ARCHIVE

    Hmmmm, This song sounds so familiar to me, i never really heard the song, i dont think but....

  33. Jack 018

    i found this song
    on undertale amv

  34. Magnificent Trashcan

    There's more people commenting about people who comment that people commenting about what fandom they came from Is getting annoying

  35. boredomes

    me: stop saying this is about your fandoms lol it's not
    also me: associates it with my fandoms like a gremlin

  36. Chloe Magill

    idk about y'all but this sounds like dallon weekes from idkhow.

    Blip Noodle

    Chloe Magill that’s another amazing band

  37. Ren River

    What fandom is this from I’m just hear for old music help

  38. JohnEgbirds_

    The whole song is fantastic, but the opening (the first ten seconds) are just 👌👌👌👌

  39. Lucia Meléndez

    I like this song ;^)

  40. Miles Wenger

    Yo this is a b o p

  41. DayDream Dog

    cool song! especially like the chords in the instrumental! its also kinda scary i stumbled upon this song while binge reading happy sugar life XD needless to say i kept it on loop during the rest of my read to enhance the experience! 10/10

  42. Empty Boxie

    uH,, I came from DBH fandom. I found an Animatic ''A sadness runs through him'' and checked Hoosiers out.. now all of their songs are on my play list. I'm just sad this one repeats so much, it limits what I can do in an animatic. EG, killer and hes coming after you, turn out the lights.

  43. Joji Lokioji

    Everyone is here from, like, Undertale or something, but I'm just here because it's basically Dexter's theme song? Y'know, that series from Netflix? The best show in the world? Yeah, that.

  44. roadkill

    ashe bradley vibes!

  45. Bade Camkir

    Everyones like sal or undertale or some stuff and im like...phantom frm ace attorney.cmon

  46. Alex the wolf

    this is my worst fear becoming a killer

  47. dolphin meat

    I found this because of an everymanhybrid speedpaint this is one my favorite songs now

  48. Emil spelled hell

    My heart legit quivered ... I'm in love with this song!!!!! MARRY ME MUSIC MY LOVE!!!!

  49. Emil spelled hell

    69 haters, LAMAO GTFO BRO!

  50. - Camille -

    This song makes me so nostalgic :'(

  51. End me

    There's more comments complaining about people complaining about the people who say they came from different fandoms then there is people complaining about people who say they came from different fandoms and comments of people who say they came from different fandoms.

    Woah what?

  52. Shiona Hyakuya

    go to sleep

  53. Anubis Statue


  54. jack nan

    Fifa 08 brought me here

  55. Jetpack Blues

    Slenderverse? Anyone?

  56. Cecil

    i get annoyed by fandom comments too even tho its a bit pretentious, altho i found this band from a danganronpa amv lol

  57. alex

    Is it just me or this song fits Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter? (specificaly in the 6th book)

  58. Tim Sillery

    Yo this was used in Undertale? Where would I find a video of this happening? Peace and I hope y'all have a wonderful new year.


    Klep Trep never was, thank lord

  59. frafkie

    many people thought of Undertale but I thought of Virgil Sanders? No? Just me? okay

    Jetpack Blues

    spinelessmonkey You know what I like? Your profile picture.

  60. Buttercup Ghost

    Don't turn out the lights, kiss yourself goodnight

  61. sam

    im not here from a fandom im just gay for the song

    rawan baeza

    What a coincidence, I came from the gay bitch fandom too!


    this song just attracts the gays i guess sdnfjksdnfkjsndfkj, , ,we're out here,, ,gay as fuck, , ,emo as fuck,, , hell fuckin yeah

    Marianna Łuczak

    What fandom? Damn I'm here for just song too

    Lucas King

    this mans voice is... yes

  62. SynysterBullett

    I really just don't understand why people are mad how they see people that are saying they are here from fandoms then they say "we don't care where you came here from just enjoy the music" seriously just stfu you're the one that needs to enjoy the music and appreciate they even listened to the music. Some people...

  63. btsvna

    2:47 "intRUmental" xDDD

  64. İmge509

    So all comment section is about peoples who come from different fandoms and other peoples who are telling them to enjoy the song. İs anyone have a comment or a joke about the song? Do you even know what this song about :/

    (Btw this comment is also about peoples in the comment section but not about the song isn't that so ironic)

  65. E-29

    I came from the video of UnderTale cuz I'm in that fandom, but I know it's not made for UnderTale, and well, it don't fits cuz Chara is not evil
    Well, the song is amazing and I don't have nothing more to say

  66. Your_Everyday_Youtube_Commenter

    No one gives a *-shit-* if you came from a fandom

  67. sarah the ghost cat

    I didn't come here from a fandom at all.
    What makes it strange, I just randomly went through my likes playlist and found this.
    I don't remember listening to this at all, and I don't remember finding it.
    But hey, I'm glad I found it, again?? I guess. Its an addicting song I will admit.

  68. Oji Papa

    Old Hoosiers fan, but Ive recently listened to Ludo and IAMX and I feel like this is a good in-between the terror you feel in an IAMX song and the sweet lyrics and vocals of Ludo

  69. AnitaSleap1080z

    I mostly remembered this song from years ago because of his vocals at the end of it. Took me a while to get here and now I'm satisfied.

  70. Spark Kitsune

    I came here from my recomendeds

  71. actually dead

    I love this song.

  72. Arnar's Personal Dumpster Fire

    Some people seem to have been brought here by Undertale or Eddsworld..
    Well, i came here from EverymanHYBRID. (I know nobody cares, but whatever.)

    Jetpack Blues

    I knew I couldn't be the only one!
    The Speedpaint, right?

    Arnar's Personal Dumpster Fire

    (I know this is a late answer dfgdfgfd) But yep!

  73. Allison N

    did anyone not hear this from a fandom cause I just found this by clicking on random songs ;--;
    good song though

    Amanda Carvalho

    I found it on a youtube mix

  74. SpaceSoda

    For some reason, this seems to fit Daniel (from Camp Camp) so much to me?? Or am I the only Camp Camp fan finding so many drawing ideas????

    Blu Ezelt

    SpaceSoda Judging by your pfp, you're a FNAF fan. If that's the case, I believe the song is far more fitting for the Purple Guy/Springtrap

  75. Alexandra Elena

    this is kiling me at nigh man.But still good SONG.👍👍✌👌

  76. rainbowfansy ʕ•ع•ʔ

    i found this song

    on the homepage

  77. PrefrostedSundays

    Am I the only person here because it was in my recommended?

  78. WarriorAngel4God

    oh my fuck stop complaining yall and enjoy the song ffs
    i mean yah sum ppl came here from undertale or homestuck or what-fuck-ever. i came here from an undertale vid two years ago, and since then have fallen in love with hoosiers. and if someone wants to say where they found the song from, who cares? dont be a prick smh,,, just enjoy hoosiers!!

  79. Jiggly Cheese Cake

    Uh, I came here from liking The Hoosiers. Anyone else?
    Edit: :v Anyone know how to loop on a mobile device?

  80. Filthy Fajita

    _coughs because im here for anti_

  81. Alexia Madison

    Everyone: This song wasn't made for your fandom

    I don't even see comments about people mentioning their fandom

  82. ♥Jupi_Gail♥

    Is it weird that I put this on right before I go to sleep?

  83. Mister Vexton

    :") Am I the one who got into this song because it was recommended? Or y'all just heard this from your fandom :')
    I love this song it's so

    Jiggly Cheese Cake

    I found it because I like the band-

  84. AllieLlama

    Honestly, this gives me an OFF or Eddsworld vibe :v
    But this song is still so freaking awesome.

    Jiggly Cheese Cake

    Definitely a Tord vibe

  85. Prism Cosplays

    Here for The Hoosiers, i have no regrets.

  86. BloodEaterMom

    Im i the only one who just stumbled across this amazing song and not lead here by a fandom?

  87. AsIUnderstand It

    Y'all know what's more annoying then people commenting about their fandoms? A ton of comments complaining about the people commenting about their fandoms. Everyone who's here is here because they know about the song/band and enjoy it and that should connect people, not divide them.

  88. Hadibug811

    Idk why but this song reminds me of Twilight.....

  89. Delaney Roberts


  90. Malevolent The Dragon

    "Intrumental". Anyone catch that-

  91. Obito Uchiha

    If there was like a male version of Jennifer's Body... this should be its soundtrack.

  92. 64M3R CR3470R

    I was happy until I came to the comments...

  93. Punkin Juice

    I came here from search.

  94. Rachel

    Honestly this makes me think of Tord

  95. pee

    hey here's a joke, whats the difference between people whining about the hate they're getting on their fandom and the haters themselves?

    nothing, they're both whiney little shits.

    Sliced Bread

    weed man true dat, shame this isn't top comment

  96. Madame Kilbourne

    Reminds me a lot of Ciel. "Don't turn out the lights kissYourself goodnight cuz there's a Butler and he's coming after you!" XD But seriously we need a black butler amv of this song

  97. Madalyn Davis

    anybody come from the hoosiers?

  98. marktv444

    Jonathan Crane theme