Hoosiers, The - I Will Be King Lyrics

I will climb the hill
And I won’t come down
I can see the world
And its turn has come for it to bow

I live for the day
I win the fight
Finally I get to choose what’s wrong and what is right

I will be the king
And I will be in charge of everything
I have the right to reign
I never need your permission again
I hope you’re on my side
Traitors cannot hide when I am king when I am king

When I take the throne you’ll drop the knee
And ask yourself why you were not more loyal to me
When I take your head the world will see
All were wrong who doubted me and my sovereignty

I never gave consent
To the shackles in which I spent
Too long to ever cry surrender

Now the world must pay
For making me this way
Heavy’s the head that wears the crown

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Hoosiers, The I Will Be King Comments
  1. Legomars

    Honestly this kind of feels like the feeling you get when you realize you'll be moving out soon, i turned 18 recently and its very freeing to think about how i'll be living on my own soon!

  2. rainy

    1:48 1:54

  3. Justin a

    This might sound messed up but i have narcissistic personality disorder, and this song is like a theme song about what it's like.

    Roland Deschain

    Justin a yeah you gotta relax pal


    Roland Deschain thats not how mental illness works amigo

  4. Alexa J.L.

    Alucard is your song?

  5. Veronica Baker

    Why don’t they have a one hot version

  6. Tetsuya Kobayashi

    This song is SOOOOOOO underrated :(

  7. Stephanie Austin


  8. lee_n_doodles

    The only problem I have with this song is that the bass drum is pretty inconsistent. Other than that, the song is perfect.

  9. My penis is unbelievably small but

    Me when I get my new flat 👌👌

  10. Chilopoda freut sich wie ein Schnitzel

    The beginning reminds me of smth but I don't know what

    Fabrizio Aliaga

    na nana na ana my chemical romance

    Stephanie Austin

    Me too, definitely deserves more likes...I haven't listened to Hoosiers since 2007, glad I remembered them. 🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎧🎧🎹🎹💿😁

    Baban Illustration

    Has the same tune as 5 years time, think the band's name is noah and the whale?

    Willian Moncada

    hey that reminds me the song of Blur, Coffee and TV

  11. Jamie Liristis

    Literally listen to this song at least 30 times a day on here, phone, or any chance I get. Love this song!

  12. bookwormmaddy

    Weirdly hooked on this one!

    Muudy Bwoos

    +bookwormmaddy same..

    mom said its my turn on the xbox

    bookwormmaddy same tbh.. i dunno what makes me love this song in particular.

    Derek Borillios

    Perhaps the inspiration feeling of breaking away from pain and suffering and becoming the king of the world, of freedom and being reborn. Heh.

    Anime Rink

    me for a while tbh

    Sweet Tooth

    bookwormmaddy same