Hoosiers, The - Goodbye Mr A Lyrics

Goodbye Mr. A

There's a hole in your logic
You who know all the answers (oh-oh-oh-oh)
You claim science ain't magic (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
And expect me to buy it

Goodbye Mr. A
You promised you would love us, but you knew too much
Goodbye Mr. A
You had all the answers but no human touch

If life is subtraction
Your number is odd
Your love is a fraction
It's not adding up

So busy showing me where I'm wrong
You forgot to switch your feelings on, (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
So, so superior, are you not
You love a little bit but you forgot

Goodbye Mr. A
You promised you would love us, but you knew too much
Goodbye Mr. A
You had all the answers but no human touch

If life is subtraction
Your number is odd
Your love is a fraction
It's not adding up

Goodbye Mr. A
Goodbye Mr. A

Goodbye Mr. A
The world was full of wonder until you opened my eyes
Goodbye Mr. A
Wish you hadn't blown my mind and killed the surprise

Goodbye Mr. A
You promised you would love us, but you knew too much
Goodbye Mr. A
You had all the answers but no human touch

Your life is subtraction
Your number is odd
Your love is a fraction
It's not adding up

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Hoosiers, The Goodbye Mr A Comments
  1. Don'tPlayOverwatch

    Here from Olly

  2. aneliz farcas

    i'm so glad that i heard this on spotify!!! it reminds me of a musical song tho lol.

  3. jasmine wood

    the memories- it’s been 11 years since I first saw this and it makes me so happy

  4. ratsp

    well this video happened huh..

  5. LeeStar1234

    A good song that sadly doesn’t get noticed😔

  6. Seb J

    I just realized this song is about the character Mr A, created by Steve Ditko, an objectivist superhero who later became The Question and inspired Rorschach from Watchmen.

  7. Leandro Santiago

    Fifa 08 feelings

  8. 満伊集院


  9. はまだ


  10. angie espinosa

    Goodbye Mrs Inface

  11. Aria Song

    I like this song but I prefer the vibe of the Philosophy Tube cover, honestly

  12. [insert name here] oki

    Guys im not lying
    These dudes went to my school

    Dame White

    lol I am Sophie and I saw ur comment.

    [insert name here] oki

    @Dame White Nazir: *goodbye Mr Aaaaaaaaaa*

    Dame White

    Mega lol in french

  13. Damián Casillas

    FIFA 08 eeeeaaaa :,)

  14. Rickky Simpson

    10 year challenge

  15. Geek37

    This is pretty good. This didn’t even cross the Atlantic and here it is, yet again, over a decade later, I’m hearing old music as new music for the first time. Oh well, that’s how it goes.

  16. Inter Stellar

    good old days...

  17. Max

    Fifa 08

  18. dj Samuel

    I didn't know that Ben Stiller could sing😂

  19. Xero

    Its been 11 years. wow

  20. Worldwide Bread

    11 years later and we’re still saying bye to Mr A

  21. Dearbhla is super cool

    no spoilers, but Goro akechi in Royal 😳😳

  22. David Dubeux

    The most iconic FIFA song, hands down

  23. SpecializeExposure

    Anyone here from Singstar ?

  24. Alek Mansdoerfer

    Is this song a "God call out"?

  25. Aid

    2020 anyone?

  26. manik prasher

    It’s 2020 and I still here to say good bye Mr. A...❤️

  27. Fusuy

    Adam levine

  28. Holmes Da Realist HDR

    Only just realised this song was inspired by The Matrix (Which was inspired by the actual matrix). Agent Smith to Mr Anderson AKA Neo

    How could THE ONE ever get dominated by a secondary.


    Wow your right, makes sense with the lyrics too. Goodbye Mr Anderson. Philosophical movie!


    @OnTheLooseEscape the matrix, don't let the agents blind you

    Holmes Da Realist HDR

    @JAPE GANG MUSIC True, the one will expose the artificial rulers we are currently serving and we can finally work for everybody as a whole and not the 1 percent

  29. Retro Theo

    Imagine kidnapping a superhero so you can sing at him


    Retro Theo it would be a weird day

    Toby O'Neil

    Retro Theo I would serenade Black Widow.

  30. Trung Le

    I miss all the singer looks like Ben Stiller comments :(

  31. Kyle Emergency Epic McCrory

    Seeing this on tour soon. So excited!

  32. Red Sun Order

    Goodbye mr. fifa

  33. Joel Hannigan

    stealing my brother's PSP to play FIFA 08 and listen to this... damn that's over a decade ago

  34. Richard _

    A good use of the engineering design process.

  35. Hugh Christian

    FIFA 08 ps3 at 1:36

  36. redder_dominator

    Wait, did they kill a good guy, is Mr. A good? I always thought he was a supervillain

    Max Davis

    redder_dominator yeah I was thinking he could be a good guy caught by bad guys. What good guys captures the bad guy before killing him.


    redder_dominator I think he was a good guy who became corrupt

    Max Davis

    IntroBert well I’m not sure the newspaper said missing superhero and mr A

    Toby O'Neil

    redder_dominator I think the song describes a fake superhero. He is good but not actually good. And these guys are fed up with how Mr H was knocking about so they replaced him.

  37. Comedy Effect

    discovered this purely on accident, actually pretty catchy

  38. Saby96

    fifa 08

  39. Archiworks 992

    fifa08 anyone ?

  40. OOCC TroggBlue


  41. Dang

    sidemen video anyone?

  42. Rory McGuinness

    Anyone here after the sidemen video

    Richard Mbanaso

    lol yeah, how did they know that song

  43. rosa black

    Is anyone going through a weird journey of the YouTube algorithm?

    Dick Smally

    rosa black yes

  44. oli wingate

    Ay wheres ma fifa 8 mandem

  45. LeShannon Sharpe

    Ronaldhinio and Rooney nuff said

  46. James Humphreys

    I use to listen this song, I might had watched the video but I can't recall them, doing an 60's batman theme

  47. Hans Hanzo

    DR P sends his regards.

  48. Refreshingly Cynical

    Mr Blue Sky, please tell us why, you ha.... oh, my mistake

  49. gay child

    what the song is about: a math teacher dying
    music video: *band kills super villain*

  50. Flo __

    The viedeo is shit but the music is legendary

    Timmy T. Turner

    The videos well good

  51. Klocc562

    MTV will never be the same

  52. Danny Hustle

    Lol the views is so sad. Why why why.

  53. Andy Thompson

    I heard this on the radio the other day. I’d forgotten just how utterly terrible this band were. And this is a total, blatant and shameless fucking rip off of Mr Blue Sky. I’m surprised that Jeff Lynne hasn’t filled these boys in 😄

  54. ConcernedFoop



    i am concerned

  55. Vincent Janaysay


  56. Patrick Hewitt

    I have heard this song in the background of every fifa video ever

  57. jauxro

    if this band's plan was to have me mistake them for other indie bands with double letters in their names then boy howdy it's sure working

  58. stezario

    Goodbye Mr Ray

  59. Adarsh Salvi

    Fifa 08

  60. Vincent Janaysay

    Who is mr.A?

    Timmy T. Turner

    Mr a = mr Anderson was their maths teacher in school who died around 2006

  61. Vincent Janaysay

    Why this sounds like Beatles late 60s music
    Its sounds like paul mccartney

  62. ChocoChoo

    I am still waiting for a part two to this story

  63. ronan ó kane

    Ben stiller becomes a superhero

  64. Анатолий Серга

    это видео нужно заблокировать во всех странах

  65. Anonymous

    Lol comrades I bet a lot of people are confused by the comments

  66. Master Yeet

    I miss fifa 08...

  67. セーメー


  68. MidnightFox

    Irwin in this though... Such a baby face omggg

  69. Jules Yo

    The Boys (2019)

  70. minefreak 555

    Thought this was about Steve Ditko's Mr. A

  71. Idris Ertem

    Fifa 08

  72. this dude

    he looks like ben stiller

  73. Soggy Ahh

    Goodbye mr a, bye bye baby blue...

  74. Joshua Dalumpines

    ahhhh FIFA 08 😭

  75. Persian Yank

    I remember playing this on my zune throughout highschool in 2008 or was it 2007. It reminds me of some bosses songs in games

  76. DarkZide8

    I'm here because of Philosophytube!

  77. Olivia Landreth

    This sounds like an early Panic! At The Disco song! I could totally picture Brendon Urie singing this. Great song 👏🏼

  78. Audrey Harjanto

    Spiderman far from home lookin pretty good so far tho

  79. catlover67803

    Goodbye Mr. Epstein
    You promised you would [REDACTED], but you knew too much

    Soggy Ahh

    catlover67803 uh
    What are you referencing

  80. Taliyah


  81. mad hanger

    2000s British pop music was the best

  82. Isaac Mundia

    So uh... Who's watching this in 2019 with fond memories of FIFA 08?

  83. Kevin Guadalupe González Monarrez

    Esta canción la empece a escuchar en el fifa 2008 de play y me gusto.

  84. Nazo Unleashed 22

    Who is here for FIFA 08?

  85. Smith Smitherson

    I can only see Ben Stiller

  86. Voxsmash

    I only just noticed Mr A is a play on the word Mystery

  87. xXPandaGalaxyXx

    Ok but like, what if this song was about the actual mr A comics and not a political commentary? Mr. A was kinda of a dick who only though in black and white. He would never consider himself wrong, as that would make him evil. Kinda fits the song a little bit.

    Soggy Ahh

    it has nothing to do with the comic book character its actually supposed to be in memory ofIrwin’s english teacher, Mr anderton
    Irwin said this song is about the man who knew everything, "but he goes mad with his own power. Because he corrects everyone, but nobody wants to know their faults, because then the world becomes a very complicated place and less happy. So it's that thing of how everyone knows someone who knows too much.”


    @Soggy Ahh ohh ok. Thanks.

  88. Linux Streamer

    Here because of Philosophy Tube

  89. Thomas Harvie

    This deffo says mr aids a couple of times lol

  90. samtrue3

    Damn why didn't they use this song as the theme for "the boys"

  91. Eduardo Castillo

    FIFA 08!!!!

  92. Daisy R

    Did we ever get a sequel to this video?

  93. Ellie T

    Oh god I love this so much. Who else listening in Oct 19??

  94. Mr Hard Apple

    when you finish learning the first letter of the alphabet

  95. Dantalv

    Wow, ben stiller sings too.

  96. Christian Zuñiga

    Grande Ben Stiller!!

  97. Adam Simpson

    Someone involved in that video were fans of Batman 66