hooligan chase - Nice And Smooth Lyrics

Nice and smooth, ayy
Nice and smooth, ayy (what up)
Nice and smooth, ayy (what up)
Woah (what up)
Ayy ayy ayy, ayy ayy ayy
Hey ayy ayy, ayy

You don't mess around with Jim (no you don't)
Just a Billy with a mandy makes ya grim (make it grim)
You Mrs. Bitters and well I'm Invader Zim
Never pay for pussy I might liquidate a pimp
Pillow talkin' ass, you a simp
Higha then you ever been, look like a blimp
Do, Dope boy reverend, you just a wimp
Saucin' from a better man, come dip yo shrimp
Fish net to her collar like a glimpse
With some ho's like Jane Goodall with tha chimps
You want a band first you need a Pete Wentz
I, I know what I'm doin' I don't need yo three cents
She tryna' sex God and about time
I'm on stage ten what the fuck a cloud nine
Love to play my music she dissectin' every line
Lowkey super star you got some titties I got signed
Boom boom in the bed like boom boom
Give me metal face, MF Doom Doom
If I'm sober someone endin' up in tomb
Make sure you lockin' every door to every room
I, I quit cigarettes, it's a Juul, ho
Her papi chulo, hit like Albert Pujols
Leave me on two though, why this bitch sell sudo's?
Just keep it cool ho, both my nuts a duo
I'm on some bigger shit, bend a bitch, licorice
Shoot yo shot, follow through, flick a wrist
I'm just tryna' breaststroke, lick a tit
She sealin' off my death note with a kiss
Fuck a bitch with both eyes closed, word to Gucci
In the sky with diamonds 'cause you know I love Lucy
I could never sweat and no I don't own any Coogi
I don't act bad, I just am, she just boujee
I would get fired watchin' porn on the job
All my yellow diamonds look like corn on the cob
Playboy shit, I was born gettin' slob
Bad news brown like a storm on yo block
Peace, arrivederci, I'm out, the door
Peace, arrivederci, I'm out, the door

Nice and smooth, nice and smooth
Nice and smooth, nice and smooth
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Nice and smooth, nice and smooth
Nice and smooth, nice and smooth

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hooligan chase Nice And Smooth Comments
  1. Alice Liljenberg

    1 year later and this is still fire

  2. shadow guy 900000

    What the beat tho


    shadow guy 900000 ayy welcome to the party

  3. nosdvd


  4. Michael Nowland

    Bc you need to listen to it here https://soundcloud.com/hooliganchase/nice-and-smooth

  5. DuhShazey

    This hasnt blown up cuz his name isnt 'Hooligan Xan' , cmon yall should know the new generations now a days, they are half retarded and need it to be referenced to drugs to think its cool.

  6. Vestra

    I cant stop bumpin this

  7. hazardzone13

    Fuckin love this

  8. Garrett Jones

    Dude the way he looped the bass with this beat is actually perfect

  9. The alt-flight

    Nice choice of ladies for the cover!

  10. Cody M

    Never pay for pussy.. i might liguidate a pimp...

  11. Cody M

    Really vibin on the 80s video game instrumental

  12. kingPin

    Do u actually work with hooligan this is very important pls respond

    Jimmy Alfredo

    kingPin No he doesn’t, hooligan chase is just a nickname

    J TJAN

    Jimmy Alfredo it’s his rap name my sisters friends with him

    Remi Werty

    J Tjan suuuuure

    J TJAN

    Remi Werty she went to middle creek with him

    Remi Werty

    J Tjan and give me one reason to believe you..

  13. lil jeff hardy

    So underrated

  14. Josh c


  15. LeanMeanRevengeMachine

    honestly how the fuck arent you more relevant this shit is fuckin lit

  16. Great Mallard

    My Nigerian just alluded to Mf Doom

  17. vs Janks

    this mans legend

  18. Habsi

    When the fuck is chase gonna blow up

  19. Cooper Nightengale

    Hooligan is the man ive been listening to this man since dumbfuck was dropped he on the come up boys and girls

    neos russ

    Fr everyone listening to him now I've been on this trend👌🏽💨💨

  20. Adrian Salazar

    look up for the come up

  21. tacoguy316

    how is this not popular?

    Exploring With Finn

    Because his name doesn't have lil in it

  22. Curated Flame

    He produces all his own shit 2! like come on! been saying he was going to blow up since may 2017! seriously! Check out the first interview ever done with Hooligan Chase way before he started to blow up that we did in May of last year! > https://curatedflame.com/2017/05/10/interview-with-hooligan-chase/

  23. Mohamed Moktar

    this shit fire

    hit my email, or soundcloud

    Email: [email protected]

    soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lilthunderbolt

  24. Gabriel .C