Hoodoo Gurus - Shadow Me Lyrics

I was counting on you being there
Hoping you would shield me from the glare
Shadow me - I have lived in shadows all my life
I've been waiting an eternity
For tonight to spread it's arms and comfort me
Shadow me - I have lived in shadows all my life

Things we did together yesterday
Feels more like twenty years ago
Oh, baby, I never lied
I told you my hands were tied
All the time. You said "That'll be fine"

Like the mariners from ages past
I steer my way through trackless seas
By the light of stars

Won't you be my shadow?

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Hoodoo Gurus Shadow Me Comments
  1. Tornado Bait Racing

    This song has always just spoken to me. I bought the CD in a very tumultuous time in my life and am glad I can look back now with a new perspective.

  2. Eric C

    Great Gurus , love this song!

  3. Domenico Manzo


  4. Captain Haddock

    I still can't work out what this song is about?

  5. Marcos Rodrigues

    Incrível a paz que esta música traz para alma...

  6. Cassia Araujo


    Fernando Anselmo


  7. Paul Bordelon

    I love this song...the lyrics throughout are so poetic and could only be written by a passionate young person at the height of their talents...that second verse about "Like the mariners from ages past..." kills me evertime - "Things we did together yesterday feels more like 20 years ago" - I think this to myself when I see or think of my old friends from back in the day. Also, excellent guitar and song writing from a musical perspective.

  8. Darren Traynor

    Another example of Dave's fine songwriting..thanks!


    I can't believe this is the only upload of this awesome song! This is one of my favorite Hoodoo Gurus tunes! I am going to upload this song in a few days.... So cool!!!!!


    Want you be my shaaaaaaaaaaaaadooooooooooooooow..........

  11. Sam Hemwick

    billy idol

  12. TampaFanatic1

    Great song by the Hoodoo Gurus.  I was first turned onto them by their album "Blow Your Cool" which got good airplay on Tampa's public/college radio stations: WMNF and WUSF and then bought the cassette "Magnum Cum Louder" when it came out in 1989.  I remember listening to this song a lot while I studied for classes at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa..   Thank for posting this!.

    Mauricio Matias

    One of my favourites from Magum Cum Loder...

  13. pedro paulo Coelho

    linda de mais !!!!


    Good tune! Great music!

  15. Bruce Feenan

    this song is woven into the fabric of my youth. thanks guys


    Great maestro!

  17. cosimo de matteis

    bella. davvero bella.

  18. LucasRamalho77

    Uma pena, tbm estou sentido dificuldade em postar novos vídeos :(

  19. Fernando Anselmo

    eu também acho lindona Lucas, a ultima vez que tentei postar algo no youtube não consegui... tentarei qualquer dia.

  20. LucasRamalho77

    Música incrível, o vocal me soou um pouco como Billy Idol, ou vai ver estou meio surdo rsrs, mas a música é realmente linda.
    Shadow me... I have lived in shadows all my life!