Hoodoo Gurus - Lend Me Your Comb Lyrics

Lend me your comb
It's time to go home
I got to go past
My hair is a mess

Your mammie will scold
Your pappie will shout
Unless we come in
The way we went out

Kissing you was fun honey
But thanks for the date
But I must come to run honey
But you know baby it's getting late

Just wait till I say
My darling
Lend me your comb
We got to go home
Kissing you was fun honey

But thanks for the date
But I must come to run, honey
But sugar, it's getting late

Just wait till I
Say, my darling
Lend me your comb
We got to go home

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Hoodoo Gurus Lend Me Your Comb Comments
  1. xD Te4rz

    No sir you ain't touch my hair.

  2. River Chambers

    Well then bleach it! Quit cuttin.. 🙄


  3. Phantom Thief

    What a Greaser says to another Greaser.

  4. Mr. Aziz

    Hey Blondie!

  5. Doc Cartwright

    Is it Jerry Lee seeing harmony?

  6. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    I relate to this song so much

  7. Behold_ Rebecca

    Ponyboy: "Hydrogen poroxid!?!?, were not gon-"
    Johnny- "that's right your gonna bLeaCh yOur hAir"

  8. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    go ahead, get your jolly's
    my pleasure
    yeah I know it is

  9. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    it's gonna grow back ponyboy, it's not that it won't

  10. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    literally me

  11. Evan Hansen

    Everyone came here from those hot greasers

  12. Arminius ء

    Flirting with disaster

  13. Amazing Grace

    Came here for the Outsiders comments. Not disappointed

  14. M P

    Another cover the Beatles did better than the original (and, yes, I am a CP fan).

  15. JGC

    Perkins’ last single at Sun, before moving to Columbia later in 1958. Believe this was actually the B-Side, with ‘Glad All Over’ on the Flip. Sam Phillips at Sun, Riding high with ‘Raunchy’ by Bill Justis, ‘Great Balls of Fire’ by Jerry Lee, and ‘Ballad of a Teenage Queen’ by Johnny Cash, had some spare money lying around and put some into promoting Perkins. A full page ad ran in Billboard in January, 1958 proclaiming that ‘Lend Me Your Comb’ was up and away, but it only made it to #60 on the CashBox charts, and Billboard didn’t even recognize it in the top 100. Carl Perkins, the guy who broke out with ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ right when Elvis first became famous with ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, would not have another record ever make it into the top 40. When ‘Lend Me Your Comb’ was released, Elvis had ‘Don’t’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock’ both riding very high. In late 1957, Perkins was featured in the Rock ‘n’ Roll movie ‘Jamboree’. The film had originally been planned when ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ was riding high on the charts, and Perkins was cast as the star. Well, his fortunes had changed after a car accident in Mar, 1956, and when the film was released labelmate Jerry Lee Lewis, singing ‘Great Balls of Fire’, drew all of the attention. That was the final straw for Carl, who was sick of being neglected at Sun because Sam was promoting Cash & Jerry Lee.

  16. Seo Squidward

    I ship Ponyboy and Johnny

    Sorry not sorry

    traveler 7

    Min Hoe *Everybody disliked that*

    Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    highkey same

  17. city zen


  18. Nora Snatch

    REALLY close in parts to the Everly's "Wake up little Susie". Both are awesome, regardless

  19. Gillis vg

    Wake up little Susie .

  20. Ronald Herrera

    Lend me your comb !!
    it's time to go home.
    I got to go past .....
    my hair is a mess .....

    Your mom will scold !!
    your daddy will shout.
    Unless we come in ...
    the way we went out.

    Kissing you was fun honey but ....
    thanks for the date.
    Time it´s come to run honey, but you know
    baby it's getting late.
    Just wait till I say:
    my darling, lend me your comb.
    We got to go home.

    Kissing you was fun honey !!
    but thanks for the date.
    But I must come to run, honey ...but
    sugar, it's getting late !!
    Just wait ´cause Isay:
    my darling, lend me your comb ....
    We got to go home.

    Regular Artist

    Wrong in so many parts

    Ronald Herrera

    Let´s Paola comb your hair .....

    Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht


  21. Trust Me, I'm Black!

    I read that Ben Weisman wrote 57 forgettable songs for Elvis movie soundtracks.

  22. Believe in Frost

    No sir you ain't touching my hair, cmon now ponyboy it'll grow back, okay go ahead... ~the outsiders ponyboy and Johnny ☺️😊💜💜💜

  23. Valerie C

    Well then bleach it, quit cuttin

  24. Saku Wagtail

    I love this and the beatles version

  25. Chance Watkins

    Kinda raunchy song XD.Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless! :)

  26. BND 1:50

    My hair is big mess quote is my favorite.

  27. 615sir

    All greasers get this guy

    Dylan Fathbruckner


    Rocka-billy the kid

    Heck yeah I carry a comb everywhere I go, people think I'm crazy but I just need to look nice.

  28. e.eagle2007 eric

    great solo in this! must learn it...

  29. traveler 7

    Seriously im going to shave my hair off on Monday.

    King Cole

    I just did that on Thursday.

  30. traveler 7

    Man I got to confess my hair is a mess

  31. Nicole Ann Orlando

    Cmon Ponyboy you gotta cut your hair

    Sisi Farika

    +Nicole Orlando lmao ahahah

    Dylan Fathbruckner

    +Nicole Orlando im good lol

    Lukas Zigon

    Uh uh you ain’t cuttin’ my hair

    River Chambers

    No sir you ain’t cuttin my hair

  32. 1125lps

    Not ponyboys hair!

  33. Georgie Thumbs

    John Lennon used this to write Please please me. He combined the Everly brothers Cathys clown with this.


    +Georgie Thumbs
    i just realized that myself.
    (of course, one mustn't discount roy orbison)

  34. Awaken Pickle

    THE OUTSIDES ARE AMAZING!!!!!😍😍❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤

  35. Keith Ninesling

    I've covered this song.  A great little tune.  And, Perkins, at his height, really brings it...

  36. Nevaeh Collins

    THE OUTSIDERS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. elvis presley

    Just got this on E-Bay on a 78 Brand new unplayed  56 years old, not a mark on it or on the spindle either.

  38. DaOtakuAlex

    Outsiders moment.=P Fantastic musical genius!!

  39. Sarah Gaines

    Yay! :D

  40. 87camro