Hoodoo Gurus - Hallucination Lyrics

I don't suffer from hallucination
It's a private form of recreation
On a trip without a destination
"Don't forget to take your medication"

Sometimes you get a bad connection
(That all depends upon your predilection)
When you're pointed in the wrong direction
You can wear me for your protection

Let's establish a new tradition
We'll abolish old superstition
You're the Jesus of my religion
You're even better than television

Take it as read
I won't harm a Single hair upon your (sweet) head
Safe in your bed
That's where I said it, meant it
Hit it
(You won't regret it)

Learned to live in my imagination
The School of Hard Knocks was my education
I got a Magnum Cum Louder graduation
With a major in Hallucination
Hallucination across the nation
Lost generation

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