Hoodie Allen - Get It Big Time Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
We had alot of fun, we had a little date
The kids that went from skateboarding into lower hate
So I be churning out this music at growing rate
Alex B. Keaton I'm never seeing the Growing Pains
Because I'm so awake my eyelids are mad at me
I live for family that why I got this damn degree
Used to be up in the library now I handle beats
So I can be a star up in New York like Ann Marie Stahl
Ooooh life's outstanding and I got pow
East bound and down me
Till I brown out ooh Robert Downey
If women coming at me then I'm cleaning up like bounty
So whatcha going to do but the best I know cuz I been hungry on this beat in a vegetable
And I can serve you up this heat
Got an extra four wall shit is extra cold
As long I just stay up on this lane I'm the next to bowl

Get it, get it, get it big time
And now I want to make everything mine
So I been working on it every night
Until you just cant get it now, you just cant get it now
Get it, get it, get it big time
And now I want to make everything mine
So I been working on it every night
Until you just cant get it now, you just cant get it now

[Verse 2:]
They wanna call me up they wanna hear me speak
The kid that had to change his phone like every week
So I be climbing up these charts until the very peak
A role model I just gotta get it theroly
Campaign plus a little champagne for my real friends
Toast until we old this Regis Philbin
Will keep celebrating if no ones in the buliding
Flip cam fetish girls someone better film them
Cuz this life amazing and I got buzz no need for shaving
If I gave up who could I blame but the people in my life who would swear I'd never make it
So I just eat it up french toast and bacon this is breakfast
I don't stick my nose out I just keep my head in
I can never sell out I can be Efedrin
Bet a motherfucka that I fit like tetris


Hail mary, Tony Rom-
I just go big, let them suckers go home
I just go big, let them suckers go home
I just go big, let them suckers go home

I said: hail mary, Tony Rom-
I just go big, let them suckers go home
I just go big, let them suckers go home
I just go big, let them suckers go, go!


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Hoodie Allen Get It Big Time Comments
  1. matthew almond

    yo, anyone know how to find this album on spotify???


    matthew almond I wish

  2. Vlog Master

    gotta love the throw backs

  3. Omari The People

    most dope

  4. Lahcsap

    Still bumpin this..

  5. Carla Adam

    honestly my fave song right now

  6. Sexy FIsh Sticks

    Sampled Yeasayer - Tightrope just in case you guys were wondering.

  7. Me rve

    I like hoodie allen he's my favourite rapper! ♥

  8. Balmung Barbossa

    who'd he sample in this one?


    Tightrope by Yeasayer

  9. CALI643

    I wish I heard Hoodie years ago :(

  10. shannonmt101

    Here from the Hoodie Hang.

  11. Mrgummiwurm

    Tony Romo Hail Mary always ends up picked

  12. Jessica Goodridge

    who's listening in 2013???

  13. glossyellie


  14. Joseph Roesch

    FellowShipModz obviously likes the same gender!

  15. TheWDJ

    focus on your own life

  16. Yukari Bailey

    he has some clothing stuff on his site so you should check it out

  17. jokonsch

    He hasn't yet, but he has designed T-Shirts!
    hoodieallen . storenvy . com/collections/37961-all-products

  18. TheWDJ

    And Snapbacks!

  19. Jose Guerrero

    Well in 1941 we saw that in 2009 a BADASS named Hoodie Allen would create a YouTube account,so we prevented Mac Miller's music for a year.

  20. Jose Guerrero

    Wait.........How the hell did I type that?DAMN!drunk again....

  21. Jimmoleary

    tell me more.

  22. Jose Guerrero

    He's better than that.

  23. LifeLikeSpring

    Yeasayer :)

  24. Kaleb Brown

    I think hoodie and watsky should do something together. Its a long shot but they sound very similar.

  25. FoxKoit


  26. Matthew Dibley

    one m0:00re tome

  27. liquidfun

    hoodie, love ur music keep it up. leap year is the best album ever!

  28. Tedoku123

    @FellowShipModz Hoodies too good for him

  29. hhhh

    @brownmaster100 sounds good at 1.5 faster

  30. hhhh

    this sounds at 1.5 faster

  31. Héloïse

    yeasayer - tightrope

  32. jso818

    Macklemore x Ryan Lewis x Hoodie Allen = <3

  33. Just Drew

    thanks hoodie

  34. sastsxx


  35. Ray Graetz

    Shit is extra cold? I thought aardvark cum was!

  36. Mae

    @EternityFaithHD Well Hoodie hasn't even released an album on itunes yet... all he's done are mix tapes, which is good because i'd hate it if hoodie became controlled by some company

  37. EternityFaithHD

    @MrRobinsonTv Uhmm stfu, all these guys are great. Uhm i'm why is Mac #1 on itunes? Huh yeah, all of these guys are great

  38. ThatGirlLexee

    @blackopskin9 its free!!!!!!!! <333

  39. Kaite Miller

    @CodeSchwarz Yes I ended up doing that!

  40. craig richardson

    Anyone know where to buy his album? -3

  41. wavyjosh030

    Just download his Mixtape on his Facebook Fan Page.
    Keep up the great music!
    Probs from Germany

  42. Kaite Miller

    Why isn't my downloader thing showing up on this one video. My favorite song on this album and it's the only one it won't let me download!

  43. thardysboys

    @minimckinnie11 Already did ;) see on his facebook fan page

  44. minimckinnie

    hoodie if ytou havent already you should design a hoody...i would buy that shit!!

  45. ani dhruva

    @Hockeysk8er222 it's a free download

  46. Jet Black Storm

    why isn't some of Hoodie's songs not reaching millions?

  47. Connor Rathbone

    to bad jay sucks hoodie all the way

  48. WeSponsorYouHD

    @zentai145 you dont have a cd or usb input?

  49. John Keys

    Am I seriously the only one who thinks this guy's like a white Jay-Z?
    Fuckin pure talent man.

  50. Autumn Parker

    How are you not famous? You're great. It's amazing how some people get famous, but he's not.

  51. Marc Obrian

    hoodie man ive been a fan of yours ever since the album bagels and beats and im trying to learn how to rap any tips???

  52. Z06BOYZ

    yo hoodie your are like my favorite rapper of all time your beast bro

  53. SMJMoloney

    @Coree94 @xxKyleFlynnxx

    *High Five*

  54. carolina salguero

    Can anyone tell me if there is a radio station that puts his songs on?please.i would love listening to hoodie in the car :)

  55. Kyle Flynn

    @Coree94 yeah, course ;)

  56. Coree94

    @xxKyleFlynnxx Yes, Ireland!

  57. Kyle Flynn

    i would bum you, get your ass over to ireland :P no i joke but nice :)

  58. Jayr sandoval

    instrumental remake by me :) watch?v=bjPjdpx6cCY

  59. ariana j

    dude...after listening to your songs for the last hour...i think i love you...lol XD

  60. Brandon Parker

    Hoodie! You must do some shit with Mac Miller, That would be hella Orgasmic!

  61. durn rock

    @WewillSave Cause Haters gonna hate...

  62. CmanOnU15

    Get hyped to go to pep rallys now

  63. Zdx95

    The blond on the left is really beautiful !

  64. Nash Lewis

    @84dragonrider correction* will always be dope

  65. Ciara Kennedy

    @MrTheapprentice *correction* IS dope

  66. Eemeli Koikkalainen

    @84dragonrider *correction* ARE dope

  67. cartman67811

    I love you Hoodie.

  68. Alexis Croisier

    One person didn't get big time 8)

  69. Christopher Serafini

    saw him first on Breaking NYC. then i saw it on Zerkaa. had to check him out

  70. TheCoolSuperNerd

    are we allowed to use your music in our videos!?!

  71. harmanharmanharman08

    Song dope.

  72. Doughnut Holer

    Your welcome, Zerkaa fans.

  73. crunchyy333

    here comes the zerkaa fanboys, including me of course.

  74. Luis Castro

    Hail Mary, Tony Rome, I just go big, let them suckas go home!

    Hoodie Allen is amazing. I love his music. I play it whenever I go anywhere <3

  75. Shyan Manteghi

    hoodie allen BOSS?!

  76. ConlanWilliams

    @84dragonrider Correction***everysong on Pep Rally IS dope!

  77. Boroviac

    lets get it big time!

  78. Lennyy15

    @MrRobinsonTv Chill, Mac Miller nice too!

  79. Boroviac

    @wearehoodie bowling or blowing?

  80. Daisy Allen

    i listen to this walking home from work on a saturday night, gets me in a good mood for the weekend :)

  81. NOVAfilming

    @wearehoodie i love you hoodie

  82. minnesotabasketball

    Great way to finish an album

  83. Hoodie Allen

    @meandmygalisa hmm do i? i just like bowling yo

  84. Pacific rippin

    Hoodie you're rad dude! Just outta curiosity where you from?

  85. meandmygalisa

    Only song he even references marijuana

  86. Mikeymaybe

    u should do a instrumental too
    its very very good

  87. MarcoCutz

    Awesome song Hoodie. I love your songs dude, you have to come to Sweden some time! :D

  88. Ruchita

    @wearehoodie A plethora of respect, Mr. Hoodie

  89. Hoodie Allen

    @xhugsxokissesx confirmed. my fav song of pep rally

  90. Ruchita

    I hear elements from Tightrope by Yeasayer, confirm?

  91. mita mista

    jb sucks ass hoodie allen is okay but i prefer eminem or hollywood undead more

  92. james granay

    @theheeze DUDE its better than JB SHIT at least its has a good beat and what else should we do besides listening to music while the worlds going to shit?

  93. SimonSays

    @TheMrHoodrat Lol Just shameful how dirty this track is. No Manners. No Please or Thank You

  94. H33G4L

    dooooooooooope mixtape, hoodie's the shit!

  95. ThePizzaGuy1396

    i absolutely love the begining

  96. A. Hitler

    Lyrics? <3

  97. fl0wbee

    Chorus stuck in my head!

  98. he ping

    ily bro :D