Hoodie Allen - Friend Zone Lyrics

Shit's over now, we can't work it out
If you're right there, chillin' in the friend Zone
And I can't help you if you're frontin' too
You know I can't just live without you

You've been the person that's been stressing my life quick
Cause I'm not trying to be the other man like a sidekick
No Butch Cassidy, y'all just have to be
Gettin' in line for the Masterpiece
And I never claimed to be your Romeo
But maybe I'm Master P, that's how it has to be
Y'all can wait after me, came to the buffet starving
Y'all ain't really ready but I'm Reggie at the Garden
Cause I've been thinking you're the future girl I mess with
Call her Judy Jetson, let's split
Somewhere, where our chemistry is tested, SAT's
I be giving her my pen she's like S-A-please, Geez
And that's just exactly how a fan's made
Callin' all the time in between your tan breaks
And now we're friends sharing pancakes
And you tryna to ask for the digits of my band mates

[Hook 2:]
And I don't wanna talk no more
Cause I heard that friends don't score
Stuck in the zone that I've been before
And you don't look at me just like I do [2x]

Do you, what the fuck I gotta do?
She don't look at me just like I do [2x]


I'm tired of sitting on the side like a red shirt
Cause when it comes to women, I be falling head first
That means my head hurts, so Trent Edwards
I be looking at you, twisting every single said word
And your friend said you leaving in the same cab
Damn, I really hate your friend bad
Every compliment, I meant that, true
So I'm thinking that I can't just live without
You wearing glasses but you got the perfect vision
I'm a jerk, admit it, but I swear I'm worth the visit
Nervous, but I'm living, means I'm always taking chances
How else am I supposed to get you pants-less
No E-Z pass, I couldn't advance and
I don't think we're really there anymore like Kansas
Dancing with the floor, showing everybody that you're worth
I got you sixth string but I couldn't get a first kiss

[Hook 2]

I just can't live without you

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Hoodie Allen Friend Zone Comments
  1. Lewis Lloyd

    Release on Spotify please

  2. Christian Myers

    Your old stuff is mad underrated

  3. ItsCloudeyy


  4. Jonas Völksch

    still nice :)

  5. Reina S

    You made it so far since 09 so proud can't wait to see you with FOB and Wiz -2015 👏🏼

  6. Dylan Martin

    Last time I got friend zoned I was in her dorm room balling my eyes out thinking about whether to jump from the 8th story window or run to the roof and say farewell to the world. It was a bad time, I loved her, I told her i loved her and she told me "we've only known eachother for 3 minutes"

  7. ElizabethCML

    2015 and I still sing this chorus when I hear the words "friend zone"......

    Lenard Mullins

    ElizabethCML whole reason I played it

  8. The Shout

    sounds like a remix with crank that soulja boy

  9. hlk

    this is 100% accurate

  10. Justin Gates

    people say "the Old hoodie" but their was 2 people..

    Justin Gates

    Look it up, in 'Making Waves' it says there was two people that made up the group 'hoodie allen' but he split off and there became one Hoodie Allen

    Blaine Wood

    @ZombieOutFection  he was making songs with a friend from college and the other guy was there for making beats but hoodie left and went on his own

  11. Julia Kirsche

    guys, he's the "old" hoodie. and he will always stay the best 

  12. TehDerpBros

    Remember these Hoodie?


    The Turtles - Elenore is the sample

  14. Lenard Mullins

    fuck the friend zone

  15. TehFlatchi

    She's obviously a lesbo

    Frank Parent

    wooooooow, homophobia

  16. TehFlatchi

    Hoodie you're a poser! Girls can't resist you man! XD keep it up bro

  17. The Best

    Having to swallow my pride and know I didn't ask her out soon enough is a shitty feeling. She's wheeling I'm I'm friend zoned.

  18. Tavo Rivera

    There's a great difference between being on the friendzone, and being ugly as fuck.
    Grow up some balls and tell her that you love her. That's it.
    Great song, indeed.

  19. Tyler Rodgers

    I know them feels bro.


  20. Murray Lee

    don't worry tom pohwat, it'll be okay, you'll find someone new

  21. Chuck norris

    yes this is true

  22. Kata H

    Does anyone know the lyrics of this song ? Like are they in lirama...

  23. Hairy Harry's Playland

    Is the guy of your dreams hoodie allen

  24. MisterAirsoftguy

    My girlfriend dumped me.
    Friendzoned hard.
    the feels, man.
    "I would rather loose you as a boyfriend than loos you altogether."
    its bullshit, man.

  25. paulieMgirl

    Being told by a guy this is "our song" ... Not sure what that means

  26. link0192

    not always hes talking about in the game not the show dude

  27. XoHolic

    Friend Zone FMLd mylife

  28. Richard Hogan

    yehh bro it is :)

  29. Andy Thomson

    at 0:37 did you use solja boy's "YOUUUUUU"? - also, i love All American man!

  30. power6053

    @aaronkey1 same, fml.

  31. power6053

    @nhmiller1231 life is better without them, they back stab, hate, annoy, break your heart. just have 1 best friend.

  32. JustARanga

    old days

  33. Zach Kindle

    soundtrack to my life

  34. Mmalo52

    i got out of the friend zone... only to be put back in 3 weeks later.

  35. brasilianBUG

    @TVforSmucks same lol

  36. minichamp31

    Anyone have the lyrics for this?

  37. Jacob Gent

    Story of my life

  38. BaileyButton11

    I got put in the friend zone D:-

  39. FunDiggle

    Worse than hell. Makes people almost suicidal

  40. ScissorUpYourAss


  41. christ8laze

    Story of my life....fuck

  42. St3hLy

    Nice guys finish last, enough said.....

  43. nhmiller1231

    good thing... i have no friends :/

  44. Regnier77

    The worst place in Earth, worse than Hell itself= The Friend Zone.

  45. Jeremy Leger

    Even Hoodie got put in the Friend Zone??? Makes me feel a little better...

  46. Yukari Bailey

    ewwwwwwwww friends...-.-

  47. TcFW97TCM

    Hate the friend zone:( I guess someone has to be there for him, wen his gf fucks up;]

  48. T Willy

    She puts you in the friend zone? put her in the rape zone!

  49. Anthony Delmolino

    i just entered the friend zone with another girl...im sick of this shit

  50. Anthony Delmolino

    i think i just went into the friend zone with another girl... im sick of this shit

  51. channyboi1191

    wow i guess theres not alot of people in the friend zone, considering theres no dislikes :3

  52. VIew

    @ItsNoiaTime yeah, same.
    Fuck friend Zone

  53. TheBaschtl

    @Insideviewanimator *quite.

  54. VIew

    eminem; ''maybe the next best thing but not like me.''

  55. Wayne Norfleet

    i love the way the beat comes out of nowhere and really takes advantage of the quarter time. good song as well, true lyrics.

  56. Collin Rinehart

    im in a tripheca of the friend zone right now

  57. Patrick Cantwell

    This pumps me up for when I play pokemon

  58. z411811

    lol i hate the friend zone