Hoodie Allen - Eddie Haskell Lyrics

It's the young Johnny Depp in rap, you find me on Jump Street
Something 21 man, we jumping over dumb beats
Other rappers are Lunchables, basically they're lunch meat
I be up on your girl like a scrunchie, bump me
I'm juiced up so I spit it with a passion
You should check my raps with an asterisk
Comparison is not fair, why bother to ask him?
Haters getting lost like John Locke in the casket
Mack it, in the mouth any imitation that we come across
Student to the game, yeah I take the summer off
The vacations, y'all stay waiting
I'm a surgeon on the mic, I gotta thank you for your patience
And while we cuttin' up these tracks, no scapel
I was born to be a winner, no raffle
Obie stitching up this sick beat, no hassle
All about the beaver, parents think I'm Eddie Haskell

[Hook 2x:]
I been, I been doing it
I been, I been rocking
I been, I been doing it
I-I-I-I been rocking
I been, I been doing it
I been, I been rocking
Hoddie Allen make the whole world go round and say

We Hoodie Allen, give you shit to make you feel nice
Take you to heaven, you living Jessica Biel's life
Other people bit us, but they never seem to steal right
We are on a world tour, tell me what if feels like
Real, my ill take way long to flock us
We love New York, y'all John Rocker
Life is a bitch, can't remember when it started
So I just talk smooth, baby keep it guarded
I'm in your insides like where your heart is
I'm Doctor Strangelove, you've been bombarded
I'm never of the people, love the talk shit
I'm to busy waking up to people who ignore it
Fuck it if they snoring, y'all are tryna ass me
Never gonna give you up, call me Rick Astley
Tailgate rap 2009, y'all can't pass me
Watch Obie go and lay the track so nasty

[Hook 2x]

Hoodie Allen make the whole world go round and say [5x]

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