Hoobastank - Running Away Lyrics

I don't want you to give it all up
And leave your own life collecting dust
And I don't want you to feel sorry for me
You never gave us a chance to be
And I don't need you to be by my side
To tell me that everything's alright
I just wanted you to tell me the truth
You know I'd do that for you
So why are you running away?
Why are you running away?
Cause I did enough to show you that I
Was willing to give and sacrifice
And I was the one who was lifting you up
When you thought your life had had enough
And when I get close, you turn away
There's nothing that I can do or say
So now I need you to tell me the truth
You know I'd do that for you
So why are you running away?
Why are you running away?
Is it me, is it you
Nothing that I can do
To make you change your mind
Is it me, is it you
Nothing that I can do
Is it a waste of time?
Is it me, is it you
Nothing that I can do
To make you change your mind
So why are you running away?
Why are you running away?
...What is it I've got to say...
So why are you running away?
...To make you admit you're afraid...
Why are you running away?

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Hoobastank Running Away Comments
  1. Jesse Z

    Bro 2020 this is STILL like brand new just hearing it again on repeat

  2. Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    I made a video for this song hope you have an opportunity to check it out

  3. Nov•6LI Artist

    Me : *trying to pet my dog*

    Dog : *runs*

    Me : Why are you running awaaaaaaaaaaaay?!

  4. Jade De Castro

    I love this song since grade school. I'm 26 now. Lol

  5. Rock Axis

    Yes finally in HD. Music nowadays sucks compared to this.

  6. Caprukboy Channel

    My Favorite Song's Every Day.. 😎☺

  7. Gabriel Raboy


  8. seechelles50

    When music was good... loved these days 2000s....

  9. Bravo Kilo Kilo

    Simpler times.. better music. I truly miss it in 2020.

  10. Artful Dodger

    And suddenly...I’m 39.

  11. Alim Diuningakeun

    Running away..

  12. Bani Marhaen

    Best music

  13. Simon Tattoo Art Studio Malaysia 刺 青 紋 身 工 作 室

    2020 im still here.......

  14. Sean Harrilal

    This song still rocks in 2020!!

  15. Anthony Tucceri

    Anyone in 2020?!


    Listening in december 2019...

  17. Sugeng Yunianto

    Hahaaaaa...jmn itu gue jd band kampuss


  18. K G

    anyone 2019 ?

    Derrick Strickland

    Nah 2020 lol

  19. Diamond Sky179

    I cannot play this loud enough 😩

  20. Samuel Smith

    Why can’t music just be this good again and on the radio?

  21. twiston43

    How can it be that I still remember the lyrics?

  22. Male-O Male

    hoobastank vocalis is john myung with short hair 🤣

  23. Syafiq Muhammad

    2019 and still running away

  24. issaa A.

    This song randomly popped in my head today and it’s making me miss this music💔


    I love this kind of music. Been going through old songs on YouTube lately. Brings back memories of good times with old friends

    Carlos Cañizalez


    The Darkwolf92

    Your not the only one. :)

  25. Muhammad Firdaus

    too bad The Reason overrated them. such a good band.

  26. Ikaz Gnola

    This video art is better than 2019 music video

  27. Rendy Adhi laksana

    Where the hell are you people, why this epic song stuck in 16 m viewer

  28. torasclaat

    Sexy video

  29. april williams

    2019 ♡♡♡

  30. Gypsy Alex

    Because I lit the firecracker 🧨.

  31. Från Sverige

    Love it ❤ what happened 😥

  32. CJ Raven23

    ❤️this song


    Hoobastank, 3 doors down and green day is medicine for me.

  34. Ashley Titano

    2019 still loving this song

  35. Koonvie


  36. budez zedub

    Where are these guys, why don't they do good songs, hello everyone

  37. anikaasif

    at 2:33 we hear the soul voice

  38. brenda lozano

    Love this song!!..

  39. brenda lozano

    Lol is it me or does the lead singer looks a lot like vannosgaming?

  40. Joji Irawan

    2019, anyone?

  41. Evan T

    Please God let me find a girl who listened to rock but isn’t a rocker girl

  42. Lisna Wati

    #indonesia 25 september 2019

  43. Barbara Gibson

    Reminds me of my ex.. is it me is it you. So why did run away..

  44. Whoopsyou

    Still claps! 🙌

  45. FienX

    This song still that shit after all these years.

  46. Amimarie Tomaino

    Haha *hidden Christopher. Been along time... Just my first ear piercing.

  47. Adriana Quintero Chavez

    Running away yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  48. Esther Rosales


  49. Nisa fitri

    09 - 09 - 2019💕

  50. Marcelo Júnior

    Their best song for me. Much better than The Reason, there is no comparison.

  51. N B

    A part of me really likes this song, and another part is like, "don't be a 'nice guy'. Some times people don't work out. Let her go."

  52. Cypher X Muzik

    Yes, we are now in our 30s .. but hell we’ve got good music back then.

  53. Nicole Shotz

    anyone got a drumless cover of this song? want to play to it myself

  54. Taqy El Barok

    August 2019 from Indonesia???

  55. Sr. Imperial

    C O L O M B I A 2 O 1 9

  56. Miss Machine

    The nostalgia is hitting my face violently.

  57. IronPlastic Machine

    Is hoobastank NU rock?

  58. j b

    Know him!

  59. Delin Feriadan

    You are atau are you

  60. Sara Loran

    change your mind 2019 anybody

  61. Craig Miller

    This is a hit for them
    This song help them head to mainstream music
    They did it again with The Reason

    then SoundCloud And TIk Tok overshadowed their popularity

  62. Cenon 45

    Pre " the reason" era

  63. Hassan Mehdi


  64. Anie Ahmed

    Why r u running away

  65. อส.ทพ.ชูเกียรติ์ อุตม์อ่าง

    2:09-2:10 I think I didn't see that one thing alone.

  66. Toms Alcore


  67. NiggER Man Fucker

    My shit

  68. Casmer Aranas

    Brandon boyd voice

  69. Juansho Cortés

    la copia china de Brandon Boyd

  70. Mark Blum-Anderson

    The chord progression is so obvious, it’s as if they just listened to other popular songs of the time and wrote one similar. Or the producer just knew which chord progressions to use in order to make a popular song.

    that weird guy

    Stfu nerd

  71. Adam Flores

    Summer of 01 sophomore year of high school truly the golden years!

  72. kami Surta

    Sdds 2009 😥😪

  73. mae Fuentes

    just this morning, found myself singing this song while still half-awake unwilling to get up.. damn just over 10 years ago i was into this kind of music i knew most of the artists it what made my college life rock... sheeezzz... what happened? 2000-2010 was a hell of a decade...

  74. Vincent Balauta

    why am i running away??

  75. Emi Sts

    O japonês canta muito

  76. Christopher Perkins

    Jesus man take me back to 2002

  77. Ains Gown

    Grew up to this one 💪💯👍

  78. Manly Men

    This band could have been bigger if their name were not so stupid lol

  79. Ral Hellcat

    These are the songs we need from Hoobastank in 2019. Their 1st 3 albums were EPIC. Last 3 albums, not so much.

  80. Vic Rod

    I think about her all the time!!

  81. oki Ox

    Now listen in June 19 2019

  82. Boguslav Red


  83. Emeka Stanley

    Who’s here 2019?

  84. Rae ofLyte

    Doug Robb makes me happy. <3

  85. dogeatbear

    This song randomly came into my head. Took me a week to remember the lyrics.

  86. Roland Paz

    bad ass song

  87. Christopher Owens

    So sick in concert! Blasted Awesome time!

  88. Danilo Coitinho

    Alguém ouvindo 2019?🙋‍♂️👌👍

  89. cheryl wofford

    I came down from the stars and I am running away

  90. ThunderBull

    Wow!!! This bands Awesome!!

  91. RizErna

    MAYDAY 2025???

  92. JustSmile2theSun

    first time to hear it in my life in 2019

  93. tanner dixon

    Takes me back to 6th grade

  94. dragonsblood23

    They were great guests on SNL when Thanos hosted

  95. joey Sosa

    2019. This song is my time machine..

  96. Dominic Cullen

    And I'm Still in Love with this song