Honeymoon Suite - Gone Lyrics

Pace of my feet is draggin' and slow
Just so tired and I need to go home
Got empty pockets and empty mind
Lots of faces but no friends of mine

Told myself I should let it go
Leave this place it's grown so cold
Get in this old car and drive
Somewhere I don't know

And anyway from where I stand today
I'm walkin' out before I'm gone
All you have to say is meaningless anyway
I'm walkin' out before I'm gone
Tomorrow's gonna be different

I will never know what you could not say
I've been down before I been wrong that way
Can't never go back now, no sense in holdin' on
I don't kneed you up I don't need you down
I will always be just
Like somethin' you found
That you could throw away
Forgotten in a day that's you baby
Baby that's you

These days these times are testing us
Keepin' us blind
These ropes and these lines
Are binding us to those times

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Honeymoon Suite Gone Comments
  1. 5oclockbanana

    I love this song. Sadly it’s not available on iTunes.

  2. Leesy

    Yah! My fave ballad by them 💜😃

  3. Eddy Johan

    studied in canada 88-91. my top 5 songs during tbose years .....still loving you HS....downtown train rod stewart....you what i look for glass tiger....5 long years (darn it whathis name)....every little thing
    paul janz

    Wake Up Canuck

    Eddy Johan Colin James.

    Eddy Johan

    @Wake Up Canuck yup...thanx dude

  4. Matt Ryan

    Takes me bake to cruising in my Mercury Comet...

  5. Shawn Hellion

    Been years since I heard this

  6. Frank Paul

    One of Canada's greats. My teenage years

  7. Hot Wheels Racer

    Just saw them on Canada Day and in White Rock BC ... They still sound amazing. Great show ... Great music.

  8. dtjs1961

    Fucken great Canadain band

  9. Steve Whitehouse

    A most under rated band !! Some great bands have come out of Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. RS Dias

    The Best...

  11. Lori- LMJ Jones

    I love this song and Honeymoon Suite! Johnnie Dee to me, is one of the best singers EVER!

  12. Rick Barendregt

    Just pure pain

  13. lisa briscoe

    Great track....Ace lyrics.

  14. Neil Crump

    Just love these guys and this track is so oooo good.

  15. corinna007

    Saw these guys play this two days ago in Tumbler Ridge. They were amazing! And really nice! Canadian legends.

  16. Gerald S

    Awesome Song ! Had this "cassette " back when it came out, as all of their others. Was my favorite band back then. Great memories.

  17. Mark R

    Classic and beautiful. THANKS for posting!

  18. Carl Tomlinson

    why can ti find this song itunes? anyone have any ideas for a LEGAL download option to get this song

  19. David Ballantyne

    I love honeymoon suite... always have always will. Always Canadian

  20. ytboxlive

    Def Leppard - Hysteria


    +andrew morcus uhm not..and these guys were doing pop rock before def decided to mellow down

    Lori- LMJ Jones

    I was a Def Leppard fan but loved Honeymoon Suite more. Derry wrote quite a few of their songs and he is a Cancer(Zodiac sign) , as far as I know, they have a romantic streak. I do not believe they ripped off Def Leppard. Any HMS video where I can enjoy Johnny Dee as eye candy, is a great video.😀

    Bob Edwards

    Typical. You say they sound like def lep but it def lep who sounds like them!
    Chk yer dates next time idiot.
    HMS missed the international spotlight in the 80's not unlike April Wine in the 70's but it don't matter...Canadian rock is the best!!

    Reti Uup

    rip off


    hOw are you guys doin? It's almost 2020. Happy new year to all of you!:) It's a rip off.

  21. Brian Lehman

    The most underrated band of the 80's. HMS has always been about Johnnie and Derry. Nice to see they are still working together and making music!

  22. Laura Daniels Lawlor

    My husband's favorite.

  23. Shawn Hellion

    awesome Canadian rock!!

  24. CelesteK

    Well, it is from the late 1980s.

  25. CelesteK

    I'm a Canadian too. :) I spent half of my life listening to these guys because my older cousins were listening to them. :)

  26. glen Cochrane

    hey... you are talking to a Canadian, who has been a fan of these guys, ever since they were the biggest and newest thing, in the 80's!!!!

  27. CelesteK

    I thought so. His hair sort of threw me off.

  28. glen Cochrane

    yepyep. Johnnie Dee

  29. CelesteK

    Is that Johnnie singing leads?

  30. Franz Wolf Heart

    Que pedazo de rola viejo...!!!

  31. Manuela Fernández

    Que locura de canción!! =3... Grandes!!!!

  32. marcus Etzel

    Awesome ,one of my alltime favourite songs

  33. JT CITY

    This is classic rock?

    Darrian Magnum

    It's melodic rock.

  34. rattfan70

    i agree totally...luv the 80s music....honeymoon suite a big part of that time period...this music definitely stands the test of time!

  35. maxxdabass

    my favorite!!!

  36. rattfan70

    yes to be able to go back again to that time would be great!

  37. Denise Lefebvre

    To go back to 1989 would be the best. Gotta love the big hair and tight pants.


    I miss my dad! He passed away on November 18, 1978. I was 8. He was 45.

  39. b sheridan

    great song

  40. Bren McNulty

    MrBlaster, you are absolutely right.

  41. Jamie Burke

    dont make it like that anymore

  42. Franz Wolf Heart

    Chevere...!!! Grandiosa rola...!!!

  43. rattfan70

    great group....classic song....

  44. Brian Lehman


  45. jclueben

    80s were awesome.

  46. rockfan102

    grew up in the 80's. somehow missed this video from this group. brought me back to good old days. thanks for the vid!!!

  47. Diego Ayala

    nice song!! classic rock 4 ever

  48. Rock Melodic Radio - AOR Melodic Rock Hard Rock

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  49. maxxdabass

    one of the best rock bands ever!!!
    thanks for posting!!!

  50. Ken Lalonde

    This song has such a special meaning to me. It came out the same year that my grandfather passed away. So everytime I hear this song, I think of him fondly.