Hollywood Undead - Sing Lyrics

[Chorus - Danny:]
Sing, sing, sing just a little bit more, more
More than they're asking for for
Some of us never change
But we can give, give, give just a little bit
Live, live, live just a little bit
Love, love, love just a little bit more
It's all that we’re asking for
It's all that we’re asking for
Ah, just a little bit more
It's all that we’re asking for
Ah, just a little bit more

[Verse 1 - Charlie:]
My friend my friend
Is it breath you're holding in
Or the questions from within
Do they end as they begin
Oh my heart my heart
Is it left out in the dark
Is there light after the start
Like the clouds after they part
No, the end, the end
Is it written in the sand?
Is it slipping through your hands
Like a dream that never ends?
So, my friend, my friend
Are the walls still closing in?
Time and time again
These are words from a broken friend

[Chorus - Danny:]
Sing, sing, sing just a little bit more, more
More than they're asking for for
Some of us never change
But we can give, give, give just a little bit
Live, live, live just a little bit
Love, love, love just a little bit more
It's all that we’re asking for
It's all that we’re asking for
Ah, just a little bit more
It's all that we’re asking for
Ah, just a little bit more

[Verse 2 - Johnny 3 Tears:]
The stutter and the static
It's the voices of the attic
It's the pitch inside the panic
And the voices of the manic, oh
I just want a minute here
And after 60 seconds I swear that I will disappear
Yeah you know that I’m a liar
And I wanna live forever
And I wonder why I'm dying
So, like the bottom of the dream
I was running for the sky and forgot the in between
It's so hard to understand
That there's meaning in the man
And it's lost inside the love that I guess I never had
But we're all a simple chance
Holding on with gentle hands
We're as simple as a symbol
That means slipping to the past
Before I ever let go
The things are getting better
So my daughter has a little hope
That's the meaning of a memory
That there were better things,
Better dreams, and a better me

[Chorus - Danny:]
Sing, sing, sing just a little bit more, more
More than they're asking for for
Some of us never change
But we can give, give, give just a little bit
Live, live, live just a little bit
Love, love, love just a little bit more
It's all that we’re asking for
It's all that we’re asking for
Ah, just a little bit more
It's all that we’re asking for
Ah, just a little bit more

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Hollywood Undead Sing Comments
  1. Felix Eberhard

    I could fucking cry. This song... It's so beautiful. This and gotta let go are my new favorite songs.

  2. Tay Tay Johnston

    This song has such a message.

  3. DerpyFatPugPlayz ツ

    i remember when this band used to be...;-; you know...uhhh getting drunk and F#cking girls...

  4. H.U Fan

    Danny's voice.. Omg... It's so heavenly.. ❤❤❤

  5. Kyler Woods

    i have found that sometimes, the nicest people, are torn apart inside every damn day.

  6. BlobJamMeltdown

    Calm contrast=satisfaction 100

  7. Aidan Roberts

    Really wish I could this on iTunes

  8. Benpu Benpu

    J3T I love u n your voice


    I love this song so much...
    I love Hollywood undead and everything they have done. They are amazing and have helped me through a lot of stuff Over the years. Every time I hear J3T’s voice in this song, I smile and tear up

  10. Spring Sofi

    This is that kind of heartwarming song what people need when they are sad. You can see it will be better soon, this song has a really strong positive spirit what you need to heal. Especially if you're a HU fan.

  11. Khaa 3 Endro

    It sounds like a love song,yeah,if somebody wanna apologize,this song can be a great idea

  12. Michael Shena

    I play this song for my little girl to help her sleep I honestly never been so happy in my life

  13. Mr. ₩¡sP ()-()

    wtf its realy H.U.

  14. Atiendo Boludos

    It's November 21st, it's a rainy night, My wife is sleeping and i'm here listening this while smoking a cigarrette. Life is good.

  15. Dayday 6297

    Charlie's voice in this makes me cry, it doesn't even sound like him but it's beautiful

  16. 3PAC RARES

    j3t doesnt belong on this song at all lol

    Rylee Carlson

    I know but its still so good

  17. Gabriel Keener

    I love how they sing from.there hearts. there songs almost represent human emotion in how fickle we are. they aren't a soft souled boy band. they aren't rappers who only care about partying. there human, in there flaws, doubts, lust, and all. which is why it is one of my all time favorites

  18. RJWrighty

    Me five minutes ago be like. Hear me now is the HU song what else could be better?

    Me now. 😭😭😭 that was so god damn beautiful best song by any band ever.

  19. Shelby Wells

    Wow i thought i listened to all of there songs already

  20. Mewtube 24

    Why can’t I find this song on iTunes or Spotify:/

    Fernando Carrillo

    Mewtube 24 Best Buy exclusive

    Rylee Carlson

    you have to go to the artist and save the Day Of The Dead Deluxe Album

    Rylee Carlson

    I lied my bad i think its unreleased

  21. Johnny Head


  22. Zero Sugar Koolaid

    I was really into HW during my freshman year (I’m a junior now) and I didn’t go back to them for about a year an a half. And let’s just say I got chills listening to them again.

  23. Matthew Wolanski

    Am i the only one that ones at least one song with funny man opening up on an emotional song, like this one? Feel like we've seen the serious and fun sides of each group member except him.

  24. Parkour Savages

    My family member died recently so this is the song i listen to

  25. michael lofthouse

    Does anyone know what album this song is on

  26. Johnny Head

    J3T Best

  27. Undead Creature


  28. Kill Away

    J3T voice is amazing

  29. billy billy

    Why is this song not available on spotify?

  30. Jaïr van der Sterre

    everyone talking about Charlie and Danny, but J3T´s part was also really good. I love it.

  31. Jake Walker

    Johnny's part made me feel at peace

  32. Jennifer Felice

    Lately ive been liking their chill music

  33. Charlie Scene

    This is the first song where Johnny has clean lyrics

  34. Luna Walker

    I will gladly sing

  35. LOOΠΔ is [my One&Only] love

    I come here every time i can't fall asleep

  36. Kodi Setter

    ,,you cant get this on itunes,,


  37. ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ sᴘᴀʀᴋʟᴇs

    I can't find this one in spotify... They need to upload it

  38. Demonic Semen

    2019 anyone?


    This ain’t on Spotify anyone wanna finna make a petition lol


    HU album rankings just imo
    5: 4/10
    Day Of The Dead: 8/10
    NFTU: 7/10
    American Tragedy: 8/10
    Desperate Measures: 5/10
    Swan Songs: 7/10

  41. Chris Geer

    I just now found this song, due to an Instagram post, and tried searching for it on the Day Of The Dead album on Spotify, it's frustrating I can't find it there, I'd love to listen to this on car rides and when I'm chilling at home with my playlist on shuffle

  42. Dk Newlin

    This song is incredibly amazing!!!!!! But I did not expect Charlie to sing so calm

  43. Aquna aye

    Danny I love ur voice

  44. Spudlicious

    I'm sad to say that I'm listening to this song for the first time in 2019... Been a long time fan of HU, but I somehow missed this song. I'm so glad I found it. This song perfectly envisions why I love them so much. They have so much emotion and power behind their words. Keep on, keeping on, HU Nation!

  45. hitchhicker2013

    2:13 Had to make my own repeat button for this part.

    Thousand Q

    Ikr... Johnny makes his verses so emotional

  46. Dragon Legend

    My God, Charlie's voice was so gorgeous and soothing in this one. Yes, all the other ones he been in have been good, but goddamn does this one show is gentle and caring side.

  47. TaB M9

    how is this not on Spotify -.-

  48. LOOΠΔ is [my One&Only] love

    I always listen to this song when I can't fall asleep, but lately it's been happening so often I'm afraid it'll stop working lol

  49. mike s

    When Danny and Charlie ain’t that part why are the walls still closing in I felt that so much than any therapy session can do

  50. LadyVos ⓶o⓵⓽

    Someone teach me where to find this song :’(

  51. Matty Dean

    It’s not surprise that Danny’s voice gives me shivers but Charlie Scene’s voice in this just made me cry

    Thousand Q

    And Johnny 3....💕

    Matty Dean

    Thousand Q and Johnny 3 Tears. They are all amazing

    Thousand Q

    @Matty Dean yeah ♥

  52. Kevin Klein

    charlie charlie are you singing?

  53. Slendery Does Things!

    Why isn't this on Spotify? I need this

  54. Liu Hertz

    Holy shit is that Charlie!? 😍😍😍

  55. Maylee/hollywood undead

    I love Charlie scene!💓💓

  56. SaphireFreak

    Sing and Ghost aren't on Spotify im crying ;;

  57. Trevor Feller

    Is this song only available on YouTube or what? Wtf?

  58. Blake 813

    1:29 could be a reference to Deuce

    Thousand Q

    I really don't think so, lol

  59. Pan

    I don't remember this episode of the Sleepycabin Podcast

  60. Toby Rens

    This song is 100% one of the most beautiful hollywood undead songs. Just danny singing is already calming, Charlie's singing is even more calming this slow and j3t sound the best in this kind of songs most songs he sounds like his voice is breaking here it sound super good.

  61. Austin Petersen

    Can anyone find this song on the day of the dead album on Google Play music? It used to be there I'm confused why it's gone

  62. Brandon Geppner

    Still get chills when Charlie sings 2019?

  63. hardcorePS4GAMING

    One thing I think everyone will agree on is how amazing this song is and why the fuck is it not on Spotify yet I had even set up a petition and send Spotify an email asking for the hidden tracks from Day of the dead.....still no luck

  64. Dragon Horse

    2019? This song ia amazing and so calming

  65. Evelyn Quinones

    They go from partying to these deep ass emotional songs.
    I LOVE this fucking band. Who's with me?!

  66. SachiTFG

    I know it's probably just a coincidence, but J3T said he'd only be there for 60 seconds then immediately followed up with "I know that I'm a liar". If you time his section of the song, it lasted exactly 50 seconds and I want to believe that was intentional.

  67. El Nubo

    Charlie better than Danny, he should sing all the choruses

  68. Troy Hosteen

    This song is amazing it's the emotional song that will be 💯 love what you guys think of this song

  69. ArturM

    wth why did i just found out about this song...
    and why is it not on spotify :(

  70. Mr. Killjoy

    "My friend, my friend, it is breath your holding in? My heart, my heart, is it left out in the dark? The end, the end it is written in the sand?" My fav part (I shortened it)

  71. Mr. Killjoy

    Damn, Charlie tho. I'm in love in it😍

  72. Anonymous

    Under rated

  73. Wild Wolf750

    Charlie’s singing voice and Danny’s singing voice in one song? I am in love, I swear.

  74. Legends of Halo260

    TheExtremeUndead im sry

  75. Javani Syvixay

    What album is his or is this a single or what?

  76. Ayin Smith


  77. Western Spy

    It's really amazing how this band can go from crazy party music to deep and calming ballads and it just works. HU4Life.

  78. TitaniumGolem _

    J3T's verse sends chills up my spine, I love it.

  79. MoonlightRose


    Edit:I hear them sing this, like actual singing and I’m going to cry at their beautiful voices

  80. MrCringeWorth

    Its 2019 and I still love this song

  81. Igor Vinícius

    Nobody Wathcing beta version

  82. Viktorius hmr

    This is such an innocent song...

  83. Laughtill YouCry277

    One of their most beautiful and uderrated songs 💜

  84. Dan Tomczak

    Try it with it sped up a little its so beautiful 😍

  85. Anton Straziscar

    who else in 2018 is listening to this and wishing deuce was apart of this?

  86. Nick

    Why isnt this on Spotify cmon

  87. Crimson fox

    I'm not crying. You are.

  88. See Spring

    Although i got all these songs and i can listen to them without coming on here i still listen on here

    everyone getting sad and I’m not damn I’m starting to feel like I’m not emotional but I still get called emo for some reason

  89. Xx GrimWinter xX

    Who else wants to hear Jdog sing like Charlie does in this song?


    Charlie's voice in this song

  91. Scorched Rose Arts

    Oh my god this world needs more Charlie vocals.
    Holy shit this guy can sing like a fucking angel.

  92. Westin Fruh

    Damn I like this

  93. Logan Marshall

    Man this really shows how unique Hollywood Undead, people just think they are a hardcore rap but there's more to them

  94. Broken Entities

    This is how you know this band sings from their hearts

  95. Noah Hills

    god damn this is the sofest song ever rom them, where there is no sweaeing, or talk about sex, god daamn i love themmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  96. Noah Hills


  97. Mihai-Alex. Dudu

    I haven't played this song in 2 years. And now I have cried from this song yet again.

  98. Recluses Biite

    2:15 to 3:03 I’m obsessed with that part! J3T blew me away singing like that!