Hollywood Undead - Does Everybody In The World Have To Die Lyrics

[Johnny 3 Tears:]
Change, some broken fate
Dim fucking dreams of a Hollywood cage
Perfect, picture-perfect babe
Kingdom may come but look what we made
Slaughter and fuck what comes after
The meaningless madness, maniacal laughter
And what else can you take?
Your hands put together, so holy, you'll hate
Another fucking madman
Another motherfucker with a motherfucking handgun
Come all you weak, come all you wicked
I got some heart, come and get it, bitches

Does everybody in the world have to fucking die?
Does everybody in the world have to fucking die?
Everybody in the world has to fucking die
Everybody in the world has to fucking die

I am a thief and my father is a bastard
Who am I? I am you
My ego it eats and it needs an answer
Do or die, let the hate burn through
Take a deep breath as you look in my soul
I devour your dreams and I live in your home
It comes from under the bed
The foul smell and hot breath
A need to your head
A close relative of death
We're coming inside
Kill the fucking hunter and you're killing the pride
In the tide, I'll survive
But will the fucking world leave me buried alive?

[Johnny 3 Tears:]
Does everybody in the world have to fucking die?
Does everybody in the world have to fucking die?
Everybody in the world has to fucking die
Everybody in the world has to fucking die

[J-Dog:] (Die!)

[Johnny 3 Tears:]
You will not be anything
An after-thought, a memory
You'll cut bullets when you leave
You have nightmares, I have dreams
We need Mother Mary White
Hold in breath and wait to die
Just another shallow man
Zipped up in a body bag
Just another shallow man
Zipped up in a body bag
Just another shallow man
Zipped up in a body bag
["Just another shallow man" backwards:] Nam wollahs rehtona tsuj
Zipped up in a body bag
["Just another shallow man" backwards:] Nam wollahs rehtona tsuj
Zipped up in a body bag

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Hollywood Undead Does Everybody In The World Have To Die Comments
  1. bananinho

    Imagine this when you are coming to the ring xD

  2. Error In The Abyss

    Showing this song to my stepdad right now.... I'm dying from his reaction.

  3. Johnny 3 Tears

    Oops I think I said to much well that's what happens when i go insane

  4. Mr X

    2:26 Wait, did he actually say what I think he said? I'll cal FBI omegalul. Btw this song is sick and I love it xD

  5. Sentient Bottle of Jack Daniel's

    I silently whispered
    "Why yes Johnny. Everyone has to die."
    My mom is finding me a councilor...

  6. Night Owl

    When your list of favorite characters is a graveyard

  7. Zielone_Japko_BICZ! Aka_wcale_nie_kiedyśWIELKA_ANNA

    2019? This song is sooo dark but I still like it :'v

  8. Julius C

    I love this song, but can't help to notice a lot of dislike of it. I'm guessing it is because of the topic being a reaction to school shootings in a sense. As an adult, I can say it is an uncomfortable topic to bring up. The song musically is also very experimental. It's making music from noises and reversing vocals... In general this song is meant to make one uncomfortable. It's an an uncomfortable topic. Of course people can joke about this stuff online and it's no big deal, but in real life it's a sketchy and political driven topic which can lead to discourse. The lyrics are raw and I think it's a song where Johnny and J-Dog sat down and just wrote without thinking. The emotions I feel fron the vocals are quite emotional as well.
    What I'm getting at is that the theme and unconventional sound is probably why people aren't hyped bout this song in particular. I find it to be a really strong piece in that album. Not a super meticulously written work when compared to Swan Songs, but you can tell they really put in the effort on this track. It's not popular, but it's not supposed to be.


    ..............FOR 1 HOLY SHIT..........for 2 just wow

  10. SAHLA


  11. Apathy

    This would be a perfect fit for the Joker movie thats coming

  12. Alexocalypse

    Johnny 3 Tears is mine 💞💞💞😍😍😍

  13. Lightning Kitty

    0:21 who is saying that part and what is it saying? can someone tell me please and 0:26

    Amy Maria

    I think it's saying "pray" or something. And yes,I'm late

  14. Alexander Ivaylov

    I know johnny 3 was not from this world but he proves it hear with this unknown language

  15. Zielone_Japko_BICZ! Aka_wcale_nie_kiedyśWIELKA_ANNA

    Leave J3T and J-Dog alone for a fuc**in moment in a studio....

  16. vGangHalo

    Hollywood undead rap/rack music

  17. crow marrow

    At 2:29 this man starts yelling in german xD

    Slocole 100

    Actually it’s saying “just a another shadow man” in reverse

  18. J- Dog

    Most underrated song ever.

  19. Filip Zaf

    1st time hearing this: not bad
    35th time hearing this: cant get enough of this masterpiece

  20. fam

    this is so dark but it's so fucking catchy what the hell

  21. Aðalsteinn René Isuls Björnsson

    “you have nighmares, i have dreams” yeah for me its the other way around

  22. Isaiah Munns

    When someone gets up in your face when your already mad becuse you have detention

  23. Jaïr van der Sterre

    1000th comment ;)

  24. Johanna Elkinein

    02:24 what is he saying?😂

    Slocole 100

    “Just another shallow man” backwards

  25. dartagnon rules

    I FUCKING love this song they should make more like this man

  26. Spiky 1987

    Why is there beeps
    And at the end is J3T ok

  27. Anthony A

    perfect for a horror movie scene or some drama cop/detective scene when they find a body or bunch of bodies in a river floating around or some dark shit like that lol.

  28. Undead Hunter

    One of the heaviest songs they ever made .love it.

  29. sloth god

    This is dope af

  30. the trash

    yo the reverse is great

  31. g a r d e n i e n

    this song gets me high

  32. Iconic Logic_

    😍😍😍😍😍 johnny 3 tears mine

  33. Infinite Lyrics

    If anyone is wondering about the reversed audio after Johnny says "zipped up in a body bag". The reversed audio says "Just another shallow man."

  34. Meghan Velazquez

    2:13 - 2:35 the best part

  35. the Boz

    Something that I'd love to do to my biological father if I ever find that sick twisted piece of shit. It really sucks when your blood line is full of homicidal freaks, rapists, and completely insane low life fucks

  36. George Parker

    Yes!! I was trying to find who did this song!!!

  37. DSkehan2004

    reminds me how fucked up it was when Obama was president.

    Slocole 100

    DSkehan2004 maga

  38. Samkra 2508

    Am I the only one who thinks the part with the reverse lyrics is meant to show, this will repeat? J3T said in an interview he wrote the song after his mother told him another school shooting happened. So this seems kinda logic.

  39. Kerr Hog

    It sounds like the distorted part is just the last 4 lines said backward

  40. Expand !

    What was in there mind when they made this

  41. Ali

    Jesus Christ this song tho is so fucking dark and edgy

  42. joey fatone

    weenie why the mary whine

  43. Mika Baggins

    johnny's saying 'just another shallow man' backwards isnt he? sounds like russian xd

  44. Depressed Pnda

    Deep man this song is deep

  45. Golden FanGirl

    I love this

  46. Alex Morris

    I love the song it is very cool

  47. Gabriel Cardoso

    i dont know why but everytime i hear this i remember supernatural...

  48. Kal-El Messenger Of The Bright Army


  49. Koala. Just a koala

    idk why but this song gives me some kind of anxiety

  50. Interköltő

    At 0:20 if I'm not wrong I heard "Pray". V album confirmed? :D

  51. Farhan Syah Firdaus


  52. Doing It For The Lulz

    I didn't like this at first but now... omg its beauty to my ears

  53. BCM M

    Listen to this is 2.0 speed 😂

  54. No Name

    Please explain what the h ell he was saying starting at 2:24. I know it is in reverse and I don't know how to interpret the words

  55. Teo Pazdrijan

    That sound at the end is so awesome and creepy at the same time,what is that?

  56. Nerbamas

    I love this song xD

  57. Roma Hatkin

    The hymn of school shooters.

    ps4 player

    Today it's the hymn of the fucking world

  58. Toby

    This is my anthem

  59. UndeadArmy 4lifebros

    I love this song, but of course, I love Hollywood Undead. Always proud of their music. Hu4life!!!😉

  60. Dark Manga

    It's 2017 and I'm barely hearing this song and Jesus best song on this album but seriously...wtf J3T

  61. Dark Manga

    So dark but I love it

  62. UndeadArmy 4lifebros

    I don't know about anybody else, but HU has to be one of the most amazing bands ever. Plus, Charlie Scene's cool too. ;-)

  63. Josephine Haynes

    Yes, everyone has to die... I'll help >:)

  64. King Walrus

    In case if you were wondering what J3T was saying in that "Just another shallow man" part when there were no subtitles, I reversed it and its litterally the same thing he was saying except a wolf howling.

  65. kuri chae

    I was listening to Vocaloid about 15 minutes ago and now I'm here. what is wrong with me

  66. Echo

    Loving the tune of how J3T says 'Does everybody in the world have to fucking die?!'

  67. 420 0000

    yea I love this song tho.

  68. Unoriginal Content

    @Smile boy where have you been

  69. dakota frazier

    I bet all of y'all shop at hot topic

  70. Dea

    no matter how insane and evil this song is I still wanna fucking bounce and yell the lyrics
    I don't understand why tho omg

  71. Liquorice

    what language does j3t start speaking when he said "just another shallow man ziped up in a body bag"


    SasukevsItachi34 makes scence

  72. Delfina Sonsen

    this song needs to be in like the purge or some thing but it would be like an entire new remake where like the hollywood undead band are the actors it would be boss af

  73. Caleb Carson

    this is one of the darkest and bass heavy songs from hollywood undead I have ever heard. I LOVE IT

  74. Grace McCray

    The backwards speech always freaks me out.

  75. Sadie White

    this needs to be in a horror movie right? right?

  76. DeviantGames208

    Imagine a Kids' Bop version of this song.

  77. Glenn M

    Tried to see if this album could compare to Swan Songs and B-Sides... Nope. They're awful now. It's truly an American Tragedy that they turned into whatever this garbage is that they spew out now.

  78. Brotherz 4 L!fe

    It would be so badass if after J3T's chorus lines a loud creepy women screamed "YES!!!". Just my opinion

  79. xXLena98Xx

    This song is pretty scary...
    but I like this song like... WTF?

  80. Shinkilovania

    This is just plain fuckin scary, especially when the ambulance alarms come in. (I think.)

  81. Dogma

    And the song I'll play in a firefight is

  82. RLYoshi

    J3T: Does everybody in the world have to fucking die?
    2016: Yes

  83. DatPurpleCat Gaming

    Charlie Scene and Funny Man in the studio themselves=Party By Myself
    J-Dog and J3T in the studio themselves =This song

    Johnny Egboi

    DatPurpleCat Gaming party by myself is one of my favs.

  84. Erin Perdue

    0:07 the word *Fuckin* pronounced in pure *ANGER*
    BTW HU been a fan for an awful long ass time since 7th or 8th grade I'm in 10th now DAMN
    and I'm a girl XD damn fucked up lives looking for some fucked up pride

    sebastian buckwalter

    Erin Perdue fuck or fuckin in this song is just......said with anger...

  85. Hannah Rodgers

    I wantt to see this done live.

  86. pippen

    Was anybody else waiting for there to be an electronic beat drop?

  87. Ookami Hikari

    _Scary_... But somehow I love it

  88. DiceStorm X RAY

    City is darkest song, this song make me laugh

  89. In different

    "I am a thief and my father is a PASTOR!"

  90. Helen Wilbourne

    This song always makes me think about my friend whenever I talk to him about the book I'm writing (pretty much everyone dies)

  91. Marc Bou Saleh

    Hollywood undead+Horrorcore=Love

    Axel Noid

    There is a thing such as Horrorcore?! Man wtf thanks! 😍

  92. bigboss 6549

    nam wollahs rehtona tsuj

  93. Monty Siamé

    Jesus Christ

  94. Tommi

    How I feel when I have to go to school.

    Bizzy B

    You do know it's about School Shootings,right?

  95. Mason

    listening to this high is a wild ride of mindfuck and paranoia

  96. Daniel

    I'm just gonna play this on loop....

  97. Boom Exca

    this is some trippy rave-like shit ._. ( i dont think its literally shit ^^)