Hollywood Undead - California Dreaming Lyrics

[J-Dog & Funny Man]
Like a sink hole (Like a sink hole)
Stars aren't born, they're fucking made up in a dice roll
What does it show? (What does it show?)
C-c-cut off all the tethers to your lost soul
Think about a time on a dotted line
(Venice Beach, cutting throats on a shoreline)
It ain't a fucking crime for taking back what's mine
(Los Angeles, we on the front line)
Click-click boom, let 'em fall
(Lining 'em up with a semi-matic auto)
Hear the call, hear the call
Hop in the whip to tip it straight then I'm out though
When I do it like this
With a wiffle ball bat
Surf's up, bitches, and it's like that
Hollywood coming to attack

I'm no shooting star, just a burning heart
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
Running through the dark, broken boulevards
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
In California, we're dreaming

[Johnny 3 Tears & Funny Man]
Armageddon now, Armageddon now
Coked out skeletons, come back down
Break 'em down, gotta break 'em down
Broke down Ford lights, sing so loud
The greatest story ever told, the greatest five ever known
(Dead men walking) Audition for the big show
It's biblical (Social cynical)
In the land of make believe the situation's critical
Sink into the ocean like some martyrs at our pinnacle
Yeah, it's just a vision, but the waves are fucking literal
As above (so below)
You wanna go to heaven but you sold your soul
Dying young (I'm growing cold)
Cut yourself apart so you don't grow old
We're living in denial (but we're doing it in style)
Out here in California, it's a trial by fire

I'm no shooting star, just a burning heart
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
Running through the dark, broken boulevards
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
In California, we're dreaming

[Charlie Scene & Danny]
Future tension
Hidden in the question
Underneath the dreams I hold
I can see rejection
In my own reflection
I can feel my dreams grow cold
Dreams grow cold!

I'm no shooting star, just a burning heart
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
Running through the dark, broken boulevards
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
In California, we're dreaming
In California...
In California, we're dreaming
In California, we're dreaming
In California, we're dreaming
In California...

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Hollywood Undead California Dreaming Comments
  1. hendrixhead90

    They are one of the douchiest band ever! God what an awful song from an awful band!

  2. See Burrito

    I love this video as it reminds me of the purge

  3. Artem Andreev

    Holly undead? What??!!!!!?!!!

  4. Ayuna Tyan

    It’s my favorite track of HU

  5. Fynn

    Still feeling it

  6. Anonymous

    They start off with a sick riff then starts with I’m a sink hole like it kinda drops the hype but if they started with a more better lyric it would be perfect

  7. Kathy henry

    Very Purgy Lol😄

  8. dylan smith


  9. Resonant Engineering

    This song just killed the endead

  10. camera obscura

    Holy hell shots fired smash those girls and guitars!

  11. Den Den

    а не та маза((

  12. Godar Herrera


  13. deven dewald

    The are trash now wow

  14. Bad Show

    Hello I am from Russia!

  15. Daynna Magby

    2019????? Anyone or just me? I would actually like to know I'm not the only one still listening to them

  16. Lil Kobain

    Im sad used to bump every album sinxe 2004 with desperate measures but yall kinda want soft the only ones who havent xhanged is danny and j3t with their flows

  17. Vince Em

    I'm probably the only one who fanboyed over the Crown Vic... LOL.

  18. [GD] StarMarine108

    When J3T came in, I lost No Nut November

  19. drea. vil


    i came for a metal version of California Dreaming by the mamas and papas what 😂

  20. Jessie Lape

    This might sound stupid but who's the other dude with JDog in the first verse?

    zStereo_hx _

    IT's funny man 😂

  21. Kenneth Hammon Jr.

    5 months later the city was engulfed in flames.

  22. Miguel Salazar Castaño


  23. ๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶

    4:08 *I don't, like, know man, his head just, like, did that!!!!*

  24. ๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶

    woah man he smokes ice in this video thats whack, most people would get demonitized for that

  25. Kevin James

    do a collab with Mike Shinoda

  26. matt guibord

    ok that was badass!!! undead army forever

  27. sleuth 2077

    These can't just rip off one band......they had to rip off 2. Lol

  28. Lucio Garco

    j-dog ahegao
    j-dog ahegao
    j-dog ahegao

    Rylee Carlson

    Why you gotta do him like that?

    Lucio Garco

    @Rylee Carlson I never wanted to do him completely like that. I mean, we got a lot of gay jokes soooo...

  29. Mogo Punisher

    What is happening? Punk is gay now?

  30. Michael Bast

    When the riot flashbacks kick in

  31. Wrench Bench

    Broken bullet farts?

  32. Farlen Ketchum


  33. Landon Weeks

    This song reminds me of my grandma. She died this year and she loved this song. The last discussion we had was about this song. I break out in tears everytime I hear it. HU TILL I DIE

  34. Split Personality

    Imagine being someone seeing this riot. Fuckin' nightmare fuel

  35. camera obscura

    Well I certainly dreaming of California right now!

  36. d. dox

    Whos coming back to these prepping for the new song tomorrow

  37. Ryan Nichols

    Coked out skeletons come back down

  38. Rozzy Gator

    If only the rest of the album was this solid

  39. Vintendo

    I swear this band is my gangster side when it comes to music

  40. Jona-Marie Liebe

    one of my favorite hu songs 🔥

  41. Sandy Mandy

    What 😳😳 my first time back in 4 years 😓 where are the masks?!!?!! 😞

  42. Austin Serna

    "Once again the good life in Southern California has come to an end" Wait this shit has happened before?!


    Ava Serna it was day of the dead. Not really in the music video but I think it referenced that because that songs single album artwork is a riot in Hollywood

  43. ριsςεszz Dяαgσηταмεя-

    Don't let me be the only one listening to this in September 2019

    CherokeeCarBomb Miller

    I missed them and watched some videos. Oct 19

    Lucie S.

    well hello there, finally some people with a good taste in music

    ριsςεszz Dяαgσηταмεя-

    @Lucie S. yee

    Shadowolf 1111

    2019 Dec

    ριsςεszz Dяαgσηταмεя-

    @Shadowolf 1111 perfect

  44. Andrey Elov

    With love from Russia!!!!

  45. ivettelovestea

    The purge 5: California Dreaming

  46. Nathan Keeton

    Metal linkin park 🤢

    David Keys

    No not even close bud go listen to dove and grenade or swan songs

  47. Zachary Fischer

    This is the halftime show for the purge

  48. Reese Bryson

    Wait when did they stop wearing masks? I've been out of the loop lmao

  49. where the wildflowers are

    Crazy - my cousin is apart of Hollywood Undead but they made a video about my uncle who has now passed but produced California Dreamin’ from opposite sides of the family!

    fucker mcfuckface

    Yo are you being legit? If so which one is your cousin?

  50. Laura Fragoso

    This deserves a billion views

  51. K9999 Alan

    Ningun comentario español...
    Solo yop.... jajaj...

  52. S A D G H Ø S T

    *Twenty Nineteen???¿¿¿*

  53. Funny Man

    what would the name of your song be without me
    Hollywood undead
    Oh you wouldn’t know
    California dreaming

  54. Тиктоник 228

    Мягко говоря, я охуел.Пиздатый клип👍💵

  55. Reaver !

    still nice

  56. Your Mom

    Since when they stop wearing masks?

  57. Elissa Rose Holmes

    I gotta smoke and watch this video! 😍😍😍

  58. Mevlüt Selman Şan

    24 july is my birthday...

  59. Carlos Romerosxe

    Su mejor tema en mucho,mucho tiempo! Esos coros los hacen tan inconfundibles <3

  60. Payman Khayree

    this group is so underrated

  61. RIP Kobe Bryant YOU WILL BE MISSED

    never EVER seen any of them without a mask... wtf is going on?

  62. CalebWithAC

    This band is my childhood and it's crazy to think that someday I'll tell my kids ab them the same way my mom would tell me ab her music

  63. The Heavy Metal Gamer

    5th grade is when I discovered Hollywood Undead

  64. J Santos

    Finally found it



  66. S A D G H Ø S T


  67. Barry Sakr

    The rap and melodies are fucking wicked

  68. Gautrais Gwen

    La première que je n'oublierai jamais ❤️

  69. Ghost In Music

    I’m here in 2019 and GOD THIS SONG IS STILL SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!

  70. like a human thing


  71. Lupu

    2 years since this masterpiece came out..this was my best birthday gift!

    Varga Vilmos

    Happy late birthday!

  72. Crystality

    2 years since this single came out.


    Since when!!???

    Jokers daughter DeLuca dent

    @Brandon2940 JAN 2020

  73. XXAnthonyCarmineXx

    Anyone catch the Beastie Boys reference with the wiffle ball bat?!

  74. Get me 169 subs and I will reveal something

    Well. This isnt California Dreamin’

  75. FitForASpidey

    No masks anymore??

  76. Andu Needle

    Imagine instead the break, Charlie would go into a super crazy guitar solo. Yeah. That would be super sick.


    Don't they only have one guitar solo ever? Near the end of "S.C.A.V.A." back in the mix?

  77. Pa!n737

    When’s the new album?


    Pa!n737 January , and a new song in September if I’m not wrong

  78. Sgt. Baker

    "You tha man, Shady. You tha man."

  79. Bear Wynos


  80. Dire

    I wish I was good looking as Danny...

  81. francisco ortega

    When did they stop using their masks


    francisco ortega they still do.. but not as much as before

  82. izuku midorya

    Funny and j-dog sound so similar to me

  83. BlackSheep I.F.I.

    Hella gay

  84. Дыо Брандо


  85. Hello Goodbye

    Only used to watch their old videos, it’s kinda weird seeing them perform without masks lol

  86. Attila Felföldi

    Can anyone explain why Charlie is on the guitar and not Danny? It's ok, I'm just confused

    Black September

    He is a lead guitarist when dannybis rhythm guitarist

  87. Ķìłł_Ńēvēŕ_Đìē

    2019 people? Great fuckin song!

  88. thomjudd


  89. Ianna Natasha

    I thought it was a cover of The Mamas and Papas song.

  90. Galactic Sperm

    Bunch o fags this bunch

  91. ForgottenDreams03

    Dude, I was born and raised in Cali and this song really speaks for this place. How did I just find this?

  92. Thoticcus Prime

    cali is a ces pool of degenerate trash now a days.. glad we moved when we did and i didnt grow up there

  93. alex baron

    wow!Amazing song and video

  94. Matheus Cruz

    Best HU music video, along with We Own The Night

  95. 誰でもいたくないのさ

    POD called they said they want their genre back

  96. Clever Anonym

    4,8k dilsikes from LAPD

  97. Valley Vallfonia

    havnt heard HU since that California song...wow Damn, i just heard this song and i gotts to say Major shift. in terms from Beats and Rap to Hard Rock and Rap.

    but yah this tune is Gud :)