Hollywood Ending - Where's Christmas? Lyrics

It's Christmas time again, I'm hangin' with my friends
There's snow fallin' outside, oh how will we survive?
Back when I was 5, I felt much more alive
With my gifts under the tree, I was fired up but this year I'm on the naughty list, we're clenching up our fists, why's everyone so pissed?

(Oh yeah) This year, I'm just gonna sit here and pucker up my lips under the mistletoe

It's Christmas, can we miss this year, I'm out of Christmas cheer, wish I could disappear
This Christmas, don't wanna gift this year, I threw my stocking away, Santa's my dad anyway, Where's Christmas?

I'm walking through the mall as people start to brawl
I can't wait in this line might as well be doing time
A little girl's miserable about the 1D doll
She sat on Santa's lap and that kid just took a crap (yeah)
We're under attack here Christmas turned real wack just want the feeling back

(Oh yeah) This year, my dad is on his fifth beer he almost hit a reindeer on the way back home

It's Christmas, can we miss this year, I'm out of Christmas cheer, wish I could disappear
This Christmas, don't wanna gift this year, I threw my stocking away, Santa's my dad anyway, Where's Christmas? (Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas)
Where's Christmas? (Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas)

Where did we go wrong all the love is gone
Who are these people standing on my lawn singin' the same old Christmas songs, so long Christmas is gone
Until next year I'm tryna do my best here let me make myself clear we're just having fun

It's Christmas, so feel the blisters here, tryna find Christmas cheer, don't let it disappear
This Christmas, let's give a gift this year, put all your troubles away clean out your fireplace, this Christmas (this Christmas)

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Hollywood Ending Where's Christmas? Comments
  1. Galilea Gómez


  2. Mallory's Life

    Still here today +-+

  3. Gracesjoys honey

    Anyone 2019😂?

  4. Elvin Mancebo

    December 2018? No... ok.... I’ll go now.....


    Elvin Mancebo yes

  5. Kpop Lover

    They are so underrated

  6. Amanda Marie

    This song came out almost 4 years ago and I'm just heading it for the first time where was I back then lol

  7. MarquiMarqIsSoRandom.

    Damn Chris Bourne you sound just like James! It’s nuts how much you sound like your brother when you sing! Crazy!

  8. Mrluckyjo

    this band is underrated and should have been more popular than it is

  9. Mitchie Brown

    still the greatest christmas song

  10. bluemelxdy

    They are possibly the funniest people ever, sad they broke up

  11. Natalie Layne

    Boobies XD

  12. Carol Volken

    Why the fuck i just discovered this now??

  13. Zak Randol

    Chris Bourne sounds just like his brother James


    Zakaree Randol Thank you. Finally someone else hears it. He could play his older brother in a movie 😂😂.

  14. Galilea Gómez

    best song of christmas ❤❤

  15. Lauren Bown

    Still the best song ever

  16. Irbis Tosh


  17. your fave

    can't believe it has been a year already since you guys posted this

    your fave

    wow I'm back again in this vid, I still miss u

    your fave

    2 years now, I still miss this band


    Can’t believe it’s been 4 years now :):

  18. Beckie Reynolds

    I miss this

  19. Lucifer Broke


  20. Kayla Dirksen

    Am I the only one still listening to this in August 😂😂


    Kayla Dirksen am I the only one still watching this in 2019?


    @Kittymator i do

  21. 濱村麻梨子

    I do love it... reminds me of Air Hostess :D

  22. Hannah Middaugh

    Love it. :) <3

  23. Marissa C

    U guys r weird

  24. Darcy Jones

    You remind me of busted💗💗

  25. Galilea Gómez Ü

    I really love, play and sing amazing, and you Tyler, I love your beautiful eyes and your tenderness haha ​​that perfect look. ♥

  26. 5SecondsofDougie

    Soo good, my last day of music before Christmas. I put it on, the teacher wasn't in the class and bc it was a double period we were playing songs. Aha the teacher was next door and heard the music but bc she loves us and since we are seniors (although I am in my second last year of school) she let is off with it.

  27. SearchOnTheRoll

    Can we get this on iTunes?

  28. RuRi geek

    They are so nice !

  29. Ashley Grachanin

    Great ! Really didn't like the beginning but like the song, love the beat !! Also, love Chris' shirt !!!

  30. georgiabyrne

    cameron has a better eyebrow game than me, loool

  31. Kirsten

    you've gotta love these idiots

  32. Kerry Stoneman

    Aww I loved it! Can I have Chris please? :D <3 <3 <3


    May I join you?? Xx

    Kerry Stoneman

    I'm sure we can share xD x

  33. Madie pridemore

    Hey Cam I'm on the naughty list too wanna be naughty together? Lol ☺️😂😂😂😜😘😊

  34. madisonj14

    this turned out amazing! i love it!:) hope to see you guys soon

  35. Kaylin W

    love this!

  36. Brittany Taylor

    You guys honestly sound best when all four of you solo 😊👏

  37. vashappenincupcake

    You know how makes me smile 3 djjwnsksns is perfect ! Best Xmas song :3 love you lots guys ^^ xx

  38. Krysten Wolack

    this is christmas song of the century btw, top notch boys!

  39. Anisha R

    I love this song! I already added it to my playlist

  40. Emma Davis

    Great song 😂❤️ me and my friend love your music ❤️ especially Freak Like Me, but this may be my new favourite!!!xx

  41. Payton Nagy

    Love it!!! <3

  42. Nienke Koenen

    i love it!! why are you so great? it should be a crime! but ya i love you XXX

  43. Charlotte Casselton

    Have to say this is now my favourite Christmas song by far

  44. Hollywood Katty


  45. Lauren Fry

    Its amazing

  46. Nayn

    I love this<3

  47. Brionna Lajoie

    love this! it makes me so happy im crying

  48. Stephanie Chen

    I love this song! Especially the ending!

  49. Lexington McGettigan

    All you're videos look so fun. Favorite Christmas song by far. :)

  50. Cassandra Cano

    idk how you manage to create such amazing songs-even about christmas omg

  51. benyaaaaaa

    I love this!


    That was killer

    krystal sarson

    When the heck are ya'll coming out with a christmas song come on

  53. Natasha Ng

    Best christmas song ever :)

  54. Nonovae

    December, 10th; it's my birthday and this song is litterally the best gift I could have asked for !! ♥♥♥
    I love you guys so so much, you make my life easier and never fail at making me smile/laugh! You are amazing!!!  Never stop being yourselves, you're all perfect!! ♥♥♥
    Thank you for this present and for being the best band ever!!! :D ♥♥♥♥

  55. Erica Schmeltzle

    Oh my god I love it. I love you guys! 😍💕

  56. Paige Evans

    all i'm going to listen to over christmas, seriously 

  57. Gemsims Sims

    I laughed way too much when dan fell over 😆😂😭

  58. Heyyy Kayy

    Sounds a lot like BUSTED's sound:)
    Loveeeeee it!
    You guys rock!

    Emma Davis

    @Kaylyn Little I was thinking the same thing!


    Heyyy Kayy Yea and Chris Sounds just like his older brother James when he steps to the mic! 😮. This sounds like Busted and Son of Dork for sure!

  59. Sofía M

    The best Christmas song/video I've ever seen. Love it!!!

  60. ツBethaniee

    Great song!😍🙌🙌

  61. Keira Rydeard

    Always making my day :) 💕

  62. ChloeF

    ITS AMAZING! Better not play it infront of my younger siblings tho....

  63. Beth Beswick


  64. Stellar Books

    Love this song! i pretty much dislike every Christmas song out there but this one is the best by far and so true it just doesn't feel the same as it did when we were kids i mean where did our Christmas spirit go? Well either way amazing job guys amazing vocals and cute outfits haha and that ending was too awesome and funny !

    Ender forever ♥♡

  65. Jerrica

    You boys remind me everyday why you're my fav band! (And boys in general) love you!!!!

  66. Clumsy Hiccup

    Number one christmas song!!! :D along with Merry Christman, Kiss My Ass of course :) this is fucking awesome :D

  67. Cat

    This is so me this Christmas. Only you guys can that can get me in a Christmas mood thanks guys love you all 😘❤️

  68. Abbi Toast

    This is officially the best Christmas song 😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Kayci Bonilla

    blasting this on christmas to scare my family

  70. sherice Kirkland

    Defo worth not sleeping for and you guys all sound different but its amazing and so are you guys !!!!!!! xoxo

  71. laura kate


  72. * hol *

    This is amazing 💜💜

  73. Breana Music

    I loveeee this

  74. Lucia Rose

    I'm crying holy crap that was amazing

  75. Inspiring3

    This made my day 10000x better❤❤❤-Megan

  76. Pineapple Mushroom

    Omg im in love with this song

  77. haybrooke

    I'm gonna go caroling with this song

  78. Kaay

    1:06 thats should be me as fuck. 

  79. Brenda U & I

    Great Christmas song!! I LOVE IT!! <3

  80. Michelle Bambie

    This is probably the realest Christmas song thats been written in quite a while..

  81. Olivia Sedran


  82. Lauren Edwards

    love this song guys!!

  83. Charlotte Bray


  84. Ayla

    Best christmas song ever!!! I'm sick as hell and feel even worse staying up this late but it's amazing so definitely worth it!! Love you guys! Hope I can meet you next year! LOVE YOU

  85. haybrooke


  86. Evie Brindley

    Love it xD 👽

  87. 2Perfectxox

    Omg yes this is fab!!

  88. Michelle Bambie

    I want to be Cameron at 1:04 lol

  89. stacey j

    love it love love it!!!!!!! 🎄🎁😍❤

  90. Just Neve

    It's an amazing song guys!! I really like it!! :D Nice job!!

  91. Laura Roberts

    Good one boys!

  92. Lysanne Smiles

    Favorite christmas song of the year

  93. Chloe A

    Okay, this made up for Dan saying he hated Irn Bru and that it sucked. I love you guys again :3


    Wait he hates Irn Bru. Its like the best drink ever!! Xx

    Chloe A

    @5SecondsofDougie I know right! Dan needs to get his priorities straight! In all honesty though, I think he was just tryna annoy the Scottish during the livestream haha. xoxo

  94. Just Neve

    Thanks for being such an amazing band!! You guys never fail to cheer us up and we are all so grateful for that!! #ForeverAnEnder  I wish you all the success in the world!! You deserve it!!

  95. Abby Lasky

    Only you guys would have an intro like that

  96. Marina HWE

    On point😘