Hollywood Ending - Boyband Song Lyrics

Producers write our songs
So people sing along
And if we don't go number one
We're through
It's true

We're playing sold out shows
But we don't know where the money goes
Step by step
Here's what we know

So I put my hands up
Get on the floor
Shake it shake it shake it
Like you want some more
And then I smile real wide
Go deep inside
Then I drop another line
Like girl don't cry

Let me tell you how my heart is sore
Don't break it break it break it like you did before
Then I preach it like I love you girl
It's true

Then we throw you for a loop

With a weird chord change

Cos we don't even know what we're singing about
But we know it sound catchy if you play it real loud
I don't even try to figure it out, it's just too complicated so sing it like this


It's a mind control post chorus

Stylists buy my clothes
And dress me up so I don't look old
Then a makeup artist paints my face
Photoshop make that shit look great

Gotta focus on my tweets
Get a salad cause I'm not allowed to eat
Step by step
And then repeat
Just follow me

In two years from now,
We'll have a fallout
I blew all my money now I'm at my mom's house
Then Tyler goes on
Keeps singing our songs
To half filled dive-bars

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Hollywood Ending Boyband Song Comments
  1. Iwona

    I love Hollywood Ending !

  2. ꧁ɴᴀɴᴀ ᴋɪʀᴀɴɪ꧂

    Amei a música!!!! Amo vocês 💜💜😻✌️

  3. morgan luna

    woah this was from 2014???

  4. Fatin Syahirah Rozali

    Is it me or one of them looks like enrique gil

  5. anime alex

    I love your songs

  6. NeanN

    love your songs :)

  7. sister shook

    We still dont know what were singing about .. True nananannanNANANa. *

  8. just a potato

    Are the outfits supposed to be like back street boys outfits from I want it that way?

  9. acp301994

    The fact that they are making fun of bands for using na na na and they are friends with before you exit who have used na na na a lot lol.

  10. Ciará Castex

    Why do I always find bands after they split up ?! Except for Mcfly, 5sos and R5, it's always like that...

  11. ItZ_LAM Sause


  12. HarmonyGal 123

    I could not stop laughing at Tyler and Dan's parts! XD Also, does this remind anyone else of the pilot of Big Time Rush?

  13. Alyssa Toy

    I couldn’t help but laugh at so many points in this video. You guys are great! Haha

  14. Adam Downey

    The ironic thing is that they sound like a boyband anyway, so unless they are mocking them selves im confused as to why they are taking the piss out of boy bands.

  15. Bethany Whately

    Calling the band manager ‘Jay B’ is that a nod to James Bourne (J.B) or what?

  16. Mimi T

    For some reason this reminded me of backstreet boys😂 I love this x👌😂 "I'm gonna sleep with all ur daughters " best boyband parody ever

  17. chillybluesky

    So funny. 😂

  18. Alliecat

    6:04 though

  19. Natalie Layne


  20. Audz Tolentino

    this is too funny ~\(≧▽≦)/~

  21. Katie Elizabeth

    when you're missing HWE too much after Tyler's snapcaht so you come and watch old videos!!

  22. Danielle Moore

    I love them I miss them so much :'(

  23. Nayn

    I miss you so much.

  24. Betsy Shirey

    I miss you guys so freaking much...

  25. FrankieGlitterock

    For those who don't figure it out, this is a kind of parody of boybands. These guys are not a boyband, they kept on playing their instruments and writing songs until the band lasted, so don't write nasty comments about how they should've gone back to guitars cause that's actually what they did :)

    Adam Downey

    Some boy bands write their own material, doesnt make a diff what instruments they use. To me most of their stuff sounds like boy band stuff, why? Well because theres 4 guys all singing, thats a boyband. Not like a rock band that has a lead singer and one or 2 backing singers, they need to accept that they are a boyband and stop denying it.

  26. Martha Cross

    Aw! I miss them so much❤️


    so i've just seen them for the first time so is it just me who thinks tyler looks like joe jonas

  28. Amanda Beaumont

    Omg lmao!!! Y'all keep ripping off one direction and 5 seconds of summer with your videos. This videos a Copy of dest song ever.

    Rachel C

    5sos is not a boyband


    All Time Low did a video like this before one direction even did. It's common theme with bands saying how the music industry wants them to be something they aren't and care more about the looks of the band

  29. your fave

    I miss these guys so much

  30. withchanwoo


  31. Clarheart

    I love this

  32. Suejam


  33. Frimizen

    Still hearing "for being gorgeous" than "then a weird chord change" ( ; _ ; )/

    Alexa Garcia

    omg i love your vids

  34. taylorissonothot

    They're pretty much dissing NSYC xD

  35. Monica F.

    Lol these guys are funny... :)

  36. Gen3ralGrimReaper

    Must be nice all these people giving out nice comments about these guys music and how they sing and dance but let s black person make a video, REGARDLESS of its genre, they receive hate. Hope you all burn in hell

    Jordan Soulman

    +Gen3ralGrimReaper You're delusional. Hate is everywhere, you just have selective observation that you feel entitles you to become or make out victims.


    @Jordan Soulman
    says the white man that wont admit racist. ok bitch

    Jordan Soulman

    So because I'm white, that makes me automatically racist? I guess that means you aren't cable of being racist because you aren't white right?


    @Jordan Soulman
    not all people are racist but there are many that are

    Jordan Soulman

    @Gen3ralGrimReaper If not all are, then why did you immediately imply that I was? Before you had any way of knowing? Of course racism still exists, and it's a terrible thing. And even though I may be white, I've been directly oppressed due to my skin color many times.  

  37. Yoontopian

    This is literally lime big time rush not 1D

  38. Alison

    Oh my god this is best thing I've ever seen!!! XD

  39. Amber Fendrock

    I know where calum got his bleaching hair idea from ;) both are great bands and they are definitely not a boyband

  40. tom mf holland

    Dan said a lot of bad words

  41. Robyn Sully

    not boyband thank god not another boyband

  42. Kysha Woodard

    Lol almost every 5sos fan on here is hating on them (not all but most)

  43. Lisa Sewell

    Haha this song funny I love Chris lol xx

  44. Ruby Burns

    Doesn't anyone notice that Nicky b is in this video 😂😂😂😂

  45. AnotherFlolik


  46. s o f i à h e a l y

    Guys...you're a boyband too

  47. your fave

    Is elgor their drummer??


    Yes! :D His name is James

    your fave

    lol they're such dorks

  48. biggoblyds

    i have been on that beach many times!

  49. MeMaya1000

    I used to love 1D. This entertains me XD

  50. Rosheely Ortys

    I don't know like I don't understand like wat wat wat

  51. Aeryn Watson

    Hey look it's the boy from "year 3000" Peter. Lol anyone else notice?


    Yeah, his brothers are in Busted lol

  52. Mia

    people are saying this is taking the piss out of one direction but let's be real here they can't dance like that

  53. amina miah


  54. Lorelei Rae

    "i'm gonna sleep with all your daughters" LOL

  55. JA Luxx

    A boyband! <3

  56. Hermine Doddema

    2:52 start the song btw. love it

  57. grace m


    grace m

    @Meme8299 what song?

    grace m

    store brand 5sos. What you gonna do about it.

    Kysha Woodard

    Jeez I see you on almost everyone of their videos hating on them and comparing them to 5sos, If you don't like them then why are you wasting your time clicking on their videos just to write hate

    grace m

    @Kysha Woodard this is the only one I've been on wtf


    @Grace Makowski the song was Daylight

  58. sleepy revmy

    2:36 <----If you wanna get straight to the song

  59. Pineapple Mushroom

    Dan's reaction at the end though!

  60. Steve Marsham

    Love u guys ! Follow my twitter @jessicamarshamx xx

  61. Katrin Buerger

    Love to hear Dan and Chris singing too! ♡♡

  62. LifeWithMegan

    Chris and his lava lamp haha!

  63. sarah8cake

    LOL at 7:23 is Dan Tyler's biggest fan ?! :)

    Pineapple Mushroom

    Yep, definitely!

  64. morgan reed

    1:15 Flappy bird lol

  65. Tania Lee

    what is this xD

  66. liveintoronto


  67. Martyna Kozioł

    What. The. Fuck XDXDXD

  68. Kayla Hemmings

    Lol my friend saw a pic of chris on my phone and thought that he was my boyfriend its so funny

  69. Kayla Hemmings

    Lol my friend saw a pic of chris on my phone and thought that he was my boyfriend its so funny

    Pineapple Mushroom

    My friend did aswell, but it was a pic of Dan!

  70. Cerys Summer

    this video and song is amazing x

  71. Jane Doe

    I laughed so hard. OMG! 

  72. Claire Danvers

    Hahahaha this is great!!!! Well done guys and so true!

  73. Lauren Ma

    Tyler's English accent is so good!

  74. haniyfa azalea

    damn i just found this band i love it lol

  75. stupidThings24

    The end though

  76. Megan Rose Xo

    I met them 😄✌️

  77. Hannah Elizabeth

    I walked into my house and my entire family was sitting in the living room.. and I just yelled "We landed on the moon!!" And ran into my room..

  78. Jennie Gatens

    Some people are saying that directioner' are disliking it but I love one direction and im a directioner but I thought this was cool

  79. Gabi Smile

    They were amazing last night..I saw them live!! xxx

  80. sarahkatie19

    Tyler should put on that British accent all the time 👏

  81. sleepy revmy


  82. sleepy revmy

    5:15 - 6:05 is the best part of the whole music video

  83. Maria

    is it just me or does dan looks like the ginger kid from american dad xD catchy song tho :P 

    Hollywood Ending

    hahaha ill take it :p

    cringylamegirl K

    Mariaorsomething I thought he looked like Ron Weasley from Harry Potter don't Judge me

  84. sleepy revmy

    Not a boy band: I think they are original with guitars etc! You cant become a boy band 

  85. superhunk1989

    This is SO true.

  86. Jessica Stewart

    It's so sad how true this is.
    but not all "boy bands" go that path.

  87. Cady H


  88. TammyCarter100

    this is actually brilliant!!!

  89. Maria Amill

    That was funny.

  90. takara starks

    So funny

  91. Jessica Woolston

    he said no green skittles! jesus christ! that was all he asked for!

  92. Jessica Woolston

    me and my 3 friends do this in form and my teacher puts it on on the bigscreen. i'm chris!:)

  93. Rue Kennedy

    7:10 more like "all your daughters wanna sleep with me."

  94. Jorge Malik

    I prefer their old hair😫

  95. Samantha Knox

    In a world full of boybands there's always to have some normal and a good band like you. 

  96. Misha Christer


  97. Soinniàn

    I love how everyone has a black pen.. and Dan gets a red one haha!