Holly, Buddy - Ummm, Oh Yeah (Dearest) Lyrics

Dearest, though you're the nearest to my heart
Please don't ever ummm yeah ever say we'll part
You scold, and you are so bold
Yes together ummm yeah our love will grow old
Ummm yeah our love will grow old

You may-ay-ay-ay be a million miles away
Please believe me ummm yeah when you hear me say
I love you, I love you

Come ho-o-o-ome, keep me from these sleepless nights
Try my love again ummm yeah
I'm gonna treat you right, ummm yeah, I'm gonna treat you right

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Holly, Buddy Ummm, Oh Yeah (Dearest) Comments
  1. Heather Wells

    I love this !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris Donegan

    My mum saw Buddy at the Philharmonic Hall Liverpool. Said he was brilliant!!!😂😂😂🎸🎤🎹🥁

  3. Marco Smits

    listen to the new song signorita from jean mendes...almost exactly the same guitar solo!

  4. Scotseasy

    My favourite version by Buddy of this beautiful song : just him and his guitar, with some tastefully added backing, probably by the Fireballs. If this song had been released as the A-side, when it came out in the UK late in 1963, it could well have given him his fourth major chart hit that year.

  5. ninjabluewings

    This is without doubt one of Buddy's greats but very often overlooked in his back catalogue of AMAZING! songs sadly

  6. promo130

    This Will always be a grate song, heard iT so many times in 15 years time. But still gets me

  7. guybos1

    One of my all time favorite songs by Buddy Holly ! It's a different arrangement from the song 'Dearest', which was incidently a cover of the same song by Mickey and Sylvia. (Check out their version ! It's great too !)...

  8. tony barham

    another great record

  9. essence deamor

    I l<3ve it.......

  10. Ingvar Hope

    I hope that I will meet him in heven !

  11. Frederik Laureys

    This song and dreams never end make my cry every beautiful time.....

  12. Ingvar Hope

    Mange prøver å etterligne, men en kopi av Buddy Holly får vi aldri. Fantastisk !!!

  13. John

    This song is going deep down. Well done, Buddy ! ! !

  14. D Doeser

    Mag wel ouderwets zijn in deze tijd ! Maar de tijd van Toen had iets ...Ja hoe zal ik het benoemen " Romantiek " Houden de Meisjes van nu ook van !

    Frederik Laureys

    Ja, het was een heel mooie tijd ook voor mij ..Buddy Holly music werd vaker gespeeld door INDO band tijdens de feestjes..Ben zelfs nu 69 jaar...ENJOY forever...

  15. EPA18

    I am disappointed that Buddy Holly did not write this song.


    The main thing is, that this was of the many great songs that he left for us.

  16. Flor Candela

    Oh my.... this song has (un no se que) 'an I don't know what' but it does something to me. When I see him in heaven I am going to request that he sing this song, I just know when he gets to part, "jahh-love you, jahh-love you' I am going to squeal... hahaha..!!! Many thanks for sharing, I l<3 it..!!!

    Buddy Holly

    Flor Candela He says I love you not jahh love you whatever that even means

    Rob Jontay

    I hope so. What a beautiful thing to write..

    Flor Candela

    Buddy Holly, I know exactly what he is saying... Ummmm...yeah... I love you ❤️💕😘 I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍💋💕

  17. Martin Detienne

    don,t recall hearing this entire song but i,m definitely a Holly fan.

  18. Caz Red

    I am big Buddy Holly fan...the first CD I ever brought....!!!!

  19. George B

    Hard to beleive that today marks 58 years since "The Day The Music Died"...May all live in our hearts for ever!

  20. erik de noorman

    so sweet

  21. WTFAnyNameWorks

    This one goes out to my DEAREST <3

  22. Axel Bodin

    A very good calm song by the man.

  23. Neon Game

    This song is sooo beautiful

  24. Richard Proud

    What a beautiful song , melody , voice and words . The man was unbelievable and to have such a catalog at his age was unbelievable. Lord knows what he would have done had he lived .

  25. freddy wessels

    hy whos the greatest men from the 1960 sound


    freddy wessels 1950s

  26. Karen B

    Why is video no longer available?


    +Karen B - I have no problems with it, perhaps it's only unaivalable where ever you are. I am in England


    I am watching it in Illinois, USA

  27. Bea Haller Kelly

    the truth of those great days gone by love life and each other

    Irish Countryman

    Bea Haller Kelly well said

  28. Richard Proud

    Such a haunting melody . Unlike few singers , you know it's Buddy Holly along with his arrangement .

    Rob Jontay

    This is one that was produced in a studio while Buddy was looking down from RockNRoll heaven. He recorded it solo with acoustic guitar on his little Ampex two reeler tape recorder. Then after his death the tapes were split between two of his record producers. Although Maria Elena says Buddy was mad at Norman Petty his producer on early records he got some taped sketches as songs. Maria Elena has blamed Petty for Buddy being on the winter tour. Petty owed Buddy over $100, 000 dollars. Equal to a million plus in todays U.S. currency. Buddy had to borrow rent money! His newlywed wife was pregnant! Yet Petty wouldnt send him money as it was " tied up" in church bonds...Yet he made Millions of dollars himself pre and post Buddys death. I dont think he ever would have sent Buddys wife anything if Buddys dear friends from Lubbock the Crickets hadnt spoken up for her. They by the way deserved to be in the RnR Hall in 86 when Buddy was inducted....but finally she received some things in return. Her name is now synonomous with his. She appears on some record credits. And finally received more assistance from Paul McCartney when he bought all of Buddys song rights. He owns the Buddy Holly catalogue in full. Thank you Sir Paul. Thinking of you and Buddy today Ms. Maria Elena. The Day a Band was Born....

  29. Tonny Versijp

    heel rustgevend!

  30. michael george

    This LP cover is the real Buddy Holly he was wearing contact lenses which he hated and chucked them away .This album would

  31. John Romer

    I remember when he died and listening to his musoc brings tears to my eyes at times I believe  this is one of the so called aptment tapes over dubbed later in New York

  32. arizona doowopper

    A copy of Mickey & Sylivia's & an incredible version. Buddy was a genius that there is no doubt of.

  33. BlackFriday cheyenne

    Juno brought me here :p

  34. widdepoth

    geht wunderbar auf das Gefühl.

  35. Chris King

    A superb Buddy song, brings so many memories of the carefree days of the 50/60's.     

  36. M Dub_Dub

    My only wish is that Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper was back on radio forever. Anyone with me?

    Christian Ehrhardt

    Ya, it really annoys me that we were denied all the music Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens would have gone on to make.

    Gillis vg

    We don't need the radio anymore ! (luckely) It's all on CD and our records . Play them loud !

    M Dub_Dub

    @***** thank you 

    ded guy

    me toooo

    Commanding Judge, Dredd

    Couldn't agree more.

  37. Daniel S

    Great singer song writer one of the best.

  38. lina lundver

    Great musician He would be 78 today.

  39. June Conyard

    just another gorgeous song x

  40. Wim Boer

    I'm 68 years old en why do I still love this music? Super, how old he was? 22 years at that time? And so many beautiful songs of Buddy Holly. Stil amazing!

    Irish Countryman

    He was the best without a doubt

    Richard Proud

    You love it because it was just that ----- great song writer , great singer and most of all great music that never dies .

    M B

    This world still needs him ❤

    roelof wolf

    Mijn broer kreeg tijdens zijn diensttijd dankzij een andere dienstplichtige de muziek van Buddy Holly te horen. Dankzij hem ben ik een Buddy Holly fan!!!!

  41. Cheryl Breidigan

    First "album" I ever bought-was 11-now am 65 and this still sounds great as well as just about everything else he sang!!


    Great cover of Mickey and Silvia by the inimitable Buddy Holly, now performing in Oldies Country. Thanks!

  43. Templar Knight

    Sounds like Love is strange!

  44. voilafish

    does anybody know any songs in this genre? so not really the rock&roll but a bit slower

    Scott Gordon

    @voilafish Try Roy Orbison, Everly brothers


    @Scott Gordon thanks i will!

  45. Grant Wolf

    It would have been great to hear what Buddy Holly would done with the final cut! Norman Petty added string sections to songs left unfinished on a demo tape of songs Buddy Holly was working on before his death in a plane crash in 1959. The Buddy Holly ( 6 tapes) box set has a few different cuts on this song.

  46. joetake holly

    the music master an always will be he was just so good ]

  47. Benjamin Cabrerainvent


  48. Chrisandra VOX

    The King 

  49. charlemagne762

    Always liked this version. Buddy was several years ahead of his time.

  50. al llabres

    Still mourned, along with Sam Cooke and Patsy Cline.

  51. christian fletcher

    Buddy you were so good I loved The Beatles and Dylan but you were ahead of them, wished so much you lived till 1980 at least, your music was so good at that time..

  52. xoxBreannaxox123

    it's our birthday tomorrow <3 happy early birthday man!

  53. Lancastrian

    Your grandma had a great taste in music :)

  54. Julie

    I have fond memories of my grandma singing this to me. I think if it wasn't for her creating memories by singing me her songs, I probably would have been one of the clueless kids of my generation.

  55. christian fletcher

    Best song ever from Buddy what a sweet song to live for enternity

  56. MrAlsfan5

    Great time to grow up wasn't it? Such great music and wonderful times.

  57. Sarah Murphy

    plane crash in Iowa,1959

  58. eztobfree

    One of his best. Also love, 'Tell Me How'. I'll always remember riding home in the school bus and hearing the news come over the driver's radio. The music died that day.

  59. Nectratoplixs

    I sadly only know this song from the Juno sountrack, but dance to this song on average 16 hrs a day.

  60. Nadine Raposo

    Just love this song. MY age group had such wonderful singers , with THE EVERLY BROTHERS AND BUDDY HOLLY , ELVIS and so many others.. So sad the young generation won't ever get to love them like we did and get to hear real true music that's not mastered to sound good . I feel so sorry for them.


    Nadine Raposo i listen buddy holly since i was 19, im now 34 and still i listen to it

    Erica Conley

    I'm young and I enjoy true music

  61. Sin Ho

    I regret not being open minded to music in my teen years. I am an adult and I HAVE JUST NOW REALIZED HOW GREAT OLD MUSIC WAS BACK THEN. oh my goodness, this song makes me want to fall in love!

  62. bootsofdangerr

    Yes but coming from a musical background that if he was still alive writing music today, that would be decades, he wouldn't be stupid enough to let it become manufactured.

  63. bootsofdangerr

    What I meant was if he still made music even after his huge success in the 50's. He was the Justin Bieber of his generation however his music was no where near as manufactured.

  64. TheKBDestiny

    Juno brought me here

  65. Lancastrian

    Yes his music and his influence have certainly stood the test of time. :)

  66. bootsofdangerr

    Sometimes when I listen to Buddy, I wonder what music he would've released if he was still alive. I imagine it to be 10000% better than the cheap manufactured pop of the modern era. I am thanking my parents for raising me, a 14 year old girl, on music as great as this. R.I.P Buddy

  67. Ariee Hernandez

    This song always makes me cry

  68. unclejalepino

    My good taste brought me

  69. 01sugarplumfairy

    Wow, thank you for the answer, it was very quick! I had no idea that this was recorded by other musicians first.
    So there's no official song then? I ask because I really love this song and also because I have one of those 'the best of' albums and I've always found strange that includes the acoustic version instead of one with more effects.

  70. Lancastrian

    Buddy made two home recordings of this song in 1958 with a selection of other songs that became known as The Apartment Tapes. If you search YouTube for Buddy Holly Apartment Tapes. you will find both versions 1 & 2. This a dubbed version of the original as were many of his songs. However originally it was recorded by Mickey & Sylvia as was Love is Strange, again you search YouTube for this version. Hope this helps.

  71. 01sugarplumfairy

    Sorry if my english isn't good, but please if there is a Buddy Holly fan, can someone tell me why there are so many versions of this song? Because I know three different versions and I'd like to know which one is the original. Here it sounds like a xylophone at the beginning; another one includes clapping and a third one it is only guitar.

  72. Bert Rich

    so young. :(

  73. sasha vice

    My dad and I never used to have good relationship, but one thing I remember is that he would call me "dearest", and I believe it was because of this song, as he was a big Buddy Holly fan. This song makes me cry because of that.

  74. Tom Clark

    Amen brother, Buddy Holly is SUPREME!

  75. Susie196921

    What a pretty sound and another great one by Buddy!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  76. John Munge

    Juno brought me here

  77. Maura Moura

    I received this song from my forbbiden love. i'm still crying hearing this song. I LOVE HIM

  78. Joseph Scibetta

    Buddy admired Mickey & Sylvia whose hit Love Is Strange inspired him to write Words Of Love. Of course; Buddy did do a version of Love Is Strange later on. Dearest was also originally by Mickey & Sylvia. They were one of his many influences. BuddyFan, Joe

  79. Deakin

    1059, the day the music died.

  80. Meredith Hunter

    ***TOO SHORT***

  81. Neil Russell

    Any version of Umm, Oh Yeah (Dearest) that has more than Buddy on guitar is dubbed over. Buddy recorded this at his home in Greenwich Village on his personal recorder. He never did a studio version, just the home take. All other versions were dubbed after his death.

  82. elviseric

    Great song this one, I would say this is the best version

  83. Bellamy Blake

    I'm hard.

  84. ferguspuskas

    he was just the best

  85. aypierre

    stuck in head every day since i was born literally wow

  86. diceman199

    Would it not be more accurate to say American english varies from actual English English?

  87. diceman199

    have to wonder how big he'd have been if he'd had a full career not the short while he actually had. Superb musician.

  88. Kyle Rogers

    The day the music died.

  89. Kamari

    he died too young.. too too young

  90. AgTigress

    I was 17 too, inya1lake, and still at school. I have never forgotten the day, either.

  91. inya1lake

    I was seventeen years of age and working in the Brtitish Merchant Navy when I heard that Buddy had died. I will never forget that day. Buddy, I still love you after all these years.

  92. piwiator

    The day the music died...

  93. Xrelent

    The Day the Music Died :(

  94. Lalaine Uy

    I would have never knew this beautiful song if I never saw the movie JUNO. (:

  95. Lancastrian

    In a plane crash with The Big Bopper and Rtchie Valens.

  96. m daniels

    damn good song -maybe his best.easy to sing as well except for one section of a line that he does so effortlessly and on it's surface should be effortless,... yet takes me some practice to roll out right.

  97. joetake holly

    this is a great lovely song ,so many he did was just so good this man was real special thats 4 sure what more can I say