Holly, Buddy - Send Me Some Lovin' Lyrics

Send me some loving, send it I pray
How can I love you when you're far away

Send me your picture, send it my dear
So I can hold it, pretend you are near

Can't you send me your kisses, I can feel their touch
I need you so badly, I miss you so much

My days are so lonely, my nights are so blue
I'm here and lonely, I'm waiting for you

Can't you send me your kisses, I can feel their touch
I miss you so badly, I need you so much

My days are so lonely, my nights are so blue
I'm here and I'm lonely, I'm waiting for you

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Holly, Buddy Send Me Some Lovin' Comments
  1. willem karel arts

    .. when there is only one for me : it 's buddy ...

  2. bluegtturbo

    Little Richard's version is far better.

  3. Peter Bonney

    Great singer just one of the Best, .i know what it was like to be lonely. Thanks to my wife Carol i have never been lonely again,xxxxx

  4. Jimzee McCarrey

    Awesome Buddy Holly Photos! Thank you!

  5. Stephen Reed

    Shawna Shea if you don't cry at this song your weak : )

  6. Pagan Morph

    many thanks for sharing this great song and the wonderful pictures

  7. konfrontation1

    Took all the life out of this song ... sorry. I like little Richards version. Just my preference

  8. Tonetwisters

    This song shows Buddy's range and blues ability. The man could sing ANYTHING. Just give a listen to "Early In The Morning" as he essentially sings Gospel style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-TZHaREET0

  9. Consuelo R

    NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE compares to this beautiful LEGEND, Buddy Holly! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. roberto d

    "My day's are so lonely, My night's are so bluee"

    willem karel arts

    .. amazing .. : it is ..

  11. Abbie Grimes

    I'm 14, and I love Buddy. I see people who were around when he was , saying how much his music means to them and it brings a tear to my eye. I hope I can make them happy by taking a little part in carrying the real music on through my generation.
    I would do anything to travel back there and see what it was like back then. 🌟

    Mathew C.

    14, too, and I love Buddy. He doesn't seem to ever get enough recognition. He's just so underrated.

    RaZe Eruption

    @Mathew C. agreed. Also, 15 here.

    Mathew C.

    Well, it's just a big party, up in here!!!

  12. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    From a mad keen 75yo Aussie fan.
    Henry Byrd---You must be a musical genius---The Picks are fantatsic.

  13. Alan Logan

    Send it

  14. Nikolay Yanev

    No Buddy and Crickets=No Beatles

    jonnhy qwango

    no elvis no anyone, holly said it him self. i mean im no grest great fan of elvis but i mean there right, elvis paved the way for the music or the late 50s n 60s

  15. Nikolay Yanev

    Best version of that song!Buddy was musical GENIUS!

  16. sauquoit13456

    I was ten years-old in 1955, and in the late fifties I had five idols, they were Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, and Elvis...
    And now on June 11th, 2018 I'm here listening to You Tube with tears in my eyes, for only Richard remains..

    Nikolay Yanev

    You forgot Jerry Lee Lewis,Eddie Cochran and all other Music Genius

  17. mickbrod1

    i grew up listening to loving & buying buddys records had he lived I'm sure he would have been a great recording engineer e.t.c

  18. Mckinley Lowman


  19. Johnny Salter

    One of his best. I like his version n the best. With Brenda Lee a close second.

  20. Henry Byrd

    "Call and Return" doesn't work with this song. The Picks were no Jordanaires!

  21. frank macville

    room rockers the hague in the 50e covered this song,what a great song

  22. Buddy Holly

    58 years ago today 2/3/59 - 2/3/17. Love you Buddy, Rave On!

  23. Buddy Holly

    The real King!


    I agree


    Buddy could sing the ballads as well as Elvis, and could actually sing the real rockers ("Oh Boy," "Early In The Morning," BETTER than Elvis.

  24. 540rollerman

    Buddy was one of my favorites, I was upset when he got killed. I still love to hear him sing. Thanks for the pleasure of reliving my memories.

  25. Brian Shelton

    This wasn't really Lil Richard's style, Buddy sang it so much better. For this kind of music give me Buddy, but for out and out rock and roll Lil Richard and Chuck Berry can't be beat.

  26. geoff garfield

    wonderful   Loved Buddys vocals  Much missed 

  27. walt7500

    Would it help if I'll cry too?

  28. Joe Westbrook

    It's already been done. Actually, there is an acetate with just Buddy and his guitar that was made from the master tape prior to the Picks screwing it up. It is available comercially. Probably here on You Tube.

    Buddy Holly

    Joe Westbrook yeah but it's real staticky and you can't really hear it that well

  29. BuddyHolly551

    Great song!

  30. DavidW6229

    There is a version without the backing vocals on the complete studio recordings plus more...unfortunately it is quite hissy but guess it can be cleaned up a bit :))

  31. Mason Singletary

    Little Richard's version was pretty cool too but there is just something about Buddy and the Crickets.

  32. king77703

    What about the version from Elvis, worth listening to !

    Shandy X

    Elvis version is crap compared to this

  33. Shoknifeman

    @TheGibitzMachine he is saying "My nights are so blue"... don't forget, he had a west Texas accent

  34. jjkoekemoer

    WOW !! Great tune, thank's for sharing.

  35. faustus999

    a stunning song, one of buddy's best. every element of it is wonderful.

  36. Noriaki Bucciarati

    OMG that voice! I just recently really got into Buddy :), need more now. Haha

    Karl Mezansky

    Amen brother

    Buddy Holly

    You can never get enough Buddy

  37. worthatronproduction

    @buddyfan57 i think i heard they overdubbed backing vocals on alot of his songs in the 60's after he died, so you probably can get the original version without them

  38. BooBots


  39. Simon Whipp

    We're not worthy.

  40. john9944

    There is only one. He is undisputed King of the early singer-songwriters.

  41. andyrowe14

    and to me too

  42. serenitysescape

    WOW Buddy sure did a lot of stuff in his way to short of time here, absolutely amazing and I do love this song, Just WOW!!!

  43. tony ryan

    thanks for your reply .the sound is great thanks tony australia

  44. tony ryan

    is that realy buddy holly /

  45. Wienerkabobs

    i still love it even with those annoying guys LOL

  46. Shawna Shea

    yea i know i hate the back up vocals in all these songs but nothing i can do about it but im sure there are versions out there with out the back up vocals unfortunatly i dont have one sorry

  47. stacyblue1980

    Cool. yea thanks.

    And if I come across that CD Ill certainly let u know.
    Ive heard a BIT of his undubbed stuff. Like the original bits but I havent heard much else like that. Ill check amazon to see of they have it. :)

  48. stacyblue1980

    Yeah it wouldve been awesome. I thought this is an over-dub 4 sure. Thanks,:) Its too bad this world has been so familiarized with these instead of his original songs. If Im not mistaken I think
    theres a CD out now that has his original cuts. I 4get the name of it. I like this but ....im gettin that CD.

  49. stacyblue1980

    is this an original or a Picks over-dub? I like it tho. thanx.

  50. gammovies

    sounds a lot like "it's too late"

  51. serpico56

    Surprise I never knew he recorded this