Holly, Buddy - Learning The Game Lyrics

Hearts that are broken and love that's untrue
These go with learning the game

When you love her and she doesn't love you
You're only learning the game

When she says that you're the only one she'll ever love
Then you find that you are not the one she's thinking of

Feeling so sad and you're all alone and blue
That's when you're learning the game

When she says that you're the only one she'll ever love
Then you find that you are not the one she's thinking of

Feeling so sad and you're all alone and blue
That's when you're learning the game

That's when you're learning the game

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Holly, Buddy Learning The Game Comments
  1. shoknifeman2 mikado

    The very last song Buddy ever wrote, recorded on his pro tape machine in his NY apartment. a couple of days before starting that last tour.

  2. Jenny wren

    Only 22 😪

  3. abberationify

    I can't begin to tell you what effect his music had on me as an eleven year old kid living in the UK in 1958. It was truly trail blazing stuff, never heard anything like it before and sounded absolutely fantastic. I know Elvis is regarded as the king of R&R but this guy was the real king, his musicianship and song writing set the stage for the 1960's pop music explosion and he was so influential on so many that followed him in that fabulous music decade. Such a legacy left by a man who changed so much but, tragically, died so young.

    Jenny wren

    It doesn't matter any more was mine, 1947 too..

  4. Adolf Hitler

    I play ay a lot of music on my left handed guitar mostly Buddy Holly Ritchie Valens the big bopper and Nirvana but I write with my right hand

  5. David Kelly

    If you can listen to the undubbed version just Buddy and acoustic guitar, much better than this version.

  6. Eddie Vincent

    overdubs added post mortem

  7. John Shipman

    Buddy Holley was a genius!!!!!

  8. John Meegan

    Just thought id say that cause this video was uploaded february 3rd 2012

  9. John Meegan

    I remember what i did 2012 february 3rd i listened to buddy holly songs on this station https://wevl.org/

  10. John Meegan

    I probably never played the game he is talking about

  11. Nobby Heads

    Interesting morbid fact.. The singing and acoustic guitar were recorded as a demo, in an apartment New York (It’s on YouTube if anybody cares, and it’s better than the full band version..... ) and the band overdubbed on after his death. :(

  12. Christy Jia

    There would be no Weezer without Buddy Holly.

  13. The Brassbound Rockets -official-

    this song is timeless awesome

  14. Frederik Laureys

    Absolutely amazing and emotionel song indeed: I still have tears in my eyes for many of their songs....

  15. walt7500

    Not the original version.

  16. iizonn

    Buddy Holly had rented the plane for himself, guitarist Tommy Allsup and Waylon Jennings. One of the band members had the flu, so Waylon gave up his seat for him. Ritchie Valens won a coin toss and swapped seats with Tommy.

    According the Rolling Stone: "When Jennings told Holly that he was going to take the bus, Holly jokingly told him he hoped the bus broke down, to which Jennings replied, 'I hope your ol’ plane crashes.'"

    It obviously affected Waylon Jennings for life. For a beautiful cover of this song, and some incredible guitar work by Mark Knopfler listen to their cover of this song: https://youtu.be/GeDtVlj0tII

  17. Pedro C

    It is a disgrace that nowadays Buddy Holly is never played on the radio. Thus, most of our generation (I am 19 years old) can not enjoy his music. Shame.

  18. carl lawson

    Greatest rock and roll of all time *)

  19. David O

    This song has a lot of meaning and deep. It reminds me of Telstar guitar style from the Ventures.

  20. mrbobevans

    Buddy Holly and Marty Robbins were two of the greatest musical poets of our time. They will never be forgotten.

  21. Carol Lindley

    "Learning the game" can come at any time in life. We never stop learning about love and hate. I Love Buddy Holly taken too soon. R.I.P .

  22. evertony1047

    beat that, the best

  23. meesalikeu

    natalie does a great version

  24. jelger hendriksen

    died too young

  25. B Colyer

    Magic music

  26. Nucc3

    I still miss him

  27. Elaine Roberts

    My dad told me that Buddy Holly perished in a plane crash in Clear Lake Iowa even though I wasn't born when it happened.

  28. Paul Knaven

    I love the Keith Richard version of this song!

    Adolf Hitler

    Paul Knaven fuck YOU sincerely German Man

  29. Phoenix85006

    Love his music, of course but he was a really gorgeous man 😍. That is the sexiest pics I've ever seen of him ❤️

  30. Maddy parker

    Doesn't get better than him and never will 🙏

  31. psychofred2

    50s grunge!

  32. Colin Edwards

    Beautiful track ...God Bless Buddy .

  33. Frederik Laureys

    Still this song nearly brings me to tears....special for you and so goodbye Lovely Gudrun....

  34. NotRealName

    Nice song

  35. carl lawson

    One of the greatest rock and roll legends end of lol

  36. Big Poppa

    His marriage was failing.

  37. Reuben Simmonds

    2018 still going strong

  38. TheBluejaysUK

    Check out our cover of 'Learning The Game' recorded at the Norman Petty Studios here: https://youtu.be/Vw7N7mg8_jo

  39. Reuben Simmonds

    Really can relate to him and let this music play throughout all the years to come

  40. TheBluejaysUK

    Check out our cover of 'Learning The Game' recorded at the Norman Petty Studios https://youtu.be/Vw7N7mg8_jo

  41. Cal Escapee

    Went to the crash site/memorial in Iowa 2016. You can feel them there.Nothing grows where the plane crashed.

    Mike Jordan

    I want to go to that so bad.

  42. Cal Escapee

    Never heard this version. Buddy is Awesome.That Staccato picking is spot on..

  43. Mary Ives

    Great late buddy.

  44. RychleTube

    Feeling so sad and you're all alone and blue…

  45. RychleTube

    Looking and sounding great

  46. Phillip Abramoff

    Buddy was so unbelievably before his time, especially for a 20-year old kid.
    Here we are, 58 years later, and can still feel the sadness of his early death.

  47. bobby7771117

    If you love this original Buddy Holly tune,you have to listen to Andrew Gold's remake of this song!!!! Sincerely,BobbyK

  48. Carmine Sinigaglia

    senza parole !

  49. realdibujo

    This is a poor version. Buddy's Apartment Tape acoustic can't be beaten.

  50. Julie Veronica Idczak

    Another great song from Buddy Holly. I love the guitar work in here.

    Carmine Sinigaglia

    Julie Veronica Idczak fantastica fantastic song

  51. Brian Marto

    Musical Genius

  52. Joe holly


  53. ron kennington

    Buddy is my good buddy.

  54. Grover Bennington

    voice of an angel...

  55. Grover Bennington

    Thank you. M and my dad used to play this on our guitars when I was about 8. We would record it on his reel to reel.Singing into that 50s sure mic. God I miss that...

  56. joe bloggs

    In the humble opinion of this simple man Buddy Holly was the greatest natural Talent that rock and roll has ever produced.The title of the LP Buddy Holly lives in 1978 says more than any words than my humble pen can ever produce.

    Joe holly


  57. ron kennington

    ON THE 1 - 10 SCALE THIS IS BUDDYS USUAL 11, He is the Bach of rock. RIP



  58. John Daniels

    Brilliant Buddy total genius perfection his music will never die

  59. joetake holly


    Irish Countryman

    joetake holly one of my favourites from Buddy

  60. u-said-what?

    Doesn't hold a candle to the acoustic original.

    Mark Stevenson

    This is much better

  61. Robert Fraser

    i hope buddy and David are getting on OK

  62. Robert Fraser

    ther was elvis i want a fan of his well well

  63. BloozeDaddy

    check out Andrew Gold's much more plaintive cover of this one....


    @Clive Bindley
      thanks for your vote...I'll send it up the Head Office for filing.

    Clive Bindley

    I've got a good idea where you can file it!


    In the Bindley Fudgebox?

    Clive Bindley

    try yours...mine is exit only!


    @Clive Bindley   I'm pretty disappointed in that comeback Clive...that was the equivalent of "no  YOU'RE the poopiehead !!!!"   have a good one...outbox and all.

  64. Mike Clark

    One of the best by the best ever,the music really died with him.

    Not Spiderman

    Yes it did.

    John Daniels

    no the music lives on!!!!!!

    Red dead Zed 1876

    Buddy lives on when ever we listen to this beautiful music.

  65. ofb3531383

    ......and in his words,....  Not fade away

  66. Skippy4936

    Buddy's #1

  67. Colin Woodland

    Sweet Little Sheila was by Tommy Roe but your sentiments are correct I believe. What Buddy would have come up with is only to be admired

  68. Stephen Barrett

    An absolute musical hero. I wish I was around to hear/see Buddy perform live

  69. Brandon Lewinter

    Buddy was amazing and intelligent. I wasn't alive during that time period but I listen to music of that era and he was way ahead of his time. He could connect with his audience and had big dreams and wishes and it was cut short tragically. He revolutionized and pioneered his own style of rock-n-roll and influenced many and his voice was fresh and crisp and the hiccup too that he would incorporate into his own music. R.I.P Charles Hardin Holley


    Yeah, Buddy truly was an RnR pioneer. The hiccup was later adopted (stolen) by pop singers like Michael Jackson. Love how he does it on the Peggy Sue song.


    "He could connect with his audience" - a case could be made, that he still connects to people today.

  70. elinor najera

    My idol, i base my appearance on him

  71. Valerie Curtis

    Buddy could say so much in so few words.

  72. Annah Erol

    Yes, he was!!!

  73. Annah Erol

    Buddy was the greatest!!

  74. Ronald Jillings

    My teenage idol,.!!!many..many..moons ago.!r,,I,,p,,!buddy.boy!!♣

  75. Hank Garland

    My favorite. My dear friend Musician Terry Bouknight shared this song with me. My Brother In Law the Legendary Guitarist Hank Garland used a similar technique called "mutting the strings". This song Is EPIC ~ <3 Amy Garland

  76. Corey Hansen

    this song is so good

  77. Denise L.

    This song is wonderful!

  78. Shannon Lee

    AWSOME! I can say no more!

  79. David56583

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!! SUCH A TRUE SONG!!!

  80. joetake holly

    two words THE BEST

    Irish Countryman

    joetake holly Better than Elvis in my opinion.

  81. GandAproductions1

    The bestest singer of all time

  82. stonerlemonblues

    What a great number... What a legend

  83. Levis the 67