Holly, Buddy - I'm Gonna Love You Too Lyrics

You're gonna say you'll miss me
You're gonna say you'll kiss me
Yes, you're gonna say you'll love me
Cause I'm gonna love you too

I don't care what you told me
You're gonna say you'll hold me
Yes, you're gonna say you'll love me
Cause I'm gonna love you too

After all, another fella took you
But I still can't overlook you
I'm gonna do my best to hook you
After all is said & done

You're gonna say you'll miss me
You're gonna say you'll kiss me
Yes, you're gonna say you'll love me
Cause I'm gonna love you too

It's gonna happen someday
You're gonna see things my way
Yes, you're gonna say you'll love me
Cause I'm gonna love you too

You're gonna tell me sweet things
You're gonna make my heart sing
Yes, you're gonna hear those bells ring
Cause I'm gonna love you too

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Holly, Buddy I'm Gonna Love You Too Comments
  1. Kosi!

    I’m here from Parallel Lines

    brandon wymer

    Blondie did a great version for sure.

  2. C Synch

    Blondie did not bring me here

    Jason Cottingham

    Screw Blondie. It's all Buddy

  3. The Outsider

    The REAL king of Rock 'n' Roll ………….

  4. The Silver Hornets

    Love the cricket at the end.. Perfect.

  5. tracey hayward

    One of my favourites by Buddy . God Bless Him ❤️❤️

  6. Swamp Rocker

    If I find the 11 who don’t like this ................

  7. Tonetwisters

    Heard THIS version long before I heard Holly's and I've been a fan since 1958!
    And BTW: Holly was one of the first rockers to use multi-track recording production.
    And I've been playing electric guitar for 57+ years ... I ALWAYS have crickets in my ears!

  8. Kay Muldoon

    I love this version but also love Blondie’s cover as well.

    Zach Mottram

    Yea same. They both great

  9. Kay Muldoon

    I just love his sound. This was the sound that influenced the Beatles, Stones, and just about every other rock musician. Just imagine the body of work we would have to listen to today if he hadn’t been taken from us so soon.

  10. sliat1981

    Why is this and it’s so easy not on his best of album?

  11. Carmine Sinigaglia


  12. E_LOC 921

    Who’s here because blondie?


    E_LOC 921 Nope, I’m here because I enjoy Buddy Holly’s music 👍🏼

    Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    I had no idea that Blondie did thier version of this song


    Parallel Lines!!!

  13. Gregory Thibeau

    Even one of my 5 year old twins like it. They want me to play it all of the time.

  14. David Haley

    That intro is basically unplayable by anyone else it is a moment of Rock n Roll genius

    mcbillygoat !

    Proto speed metal? Another buddy Holly first?

  15. alex arolas garcia

    Esta buena canción la compusieron MAULDIN , SULLIVAN y PRETTY y la cantaron BUDDY HOLLY AND THE CRIKETS y la publicaron en el año 1957

  16. greybeard67

    i'm gonna love you too original ...what happened to the 2 chirps on the end of the original recording?

  17. Stephen Appleton

    Legend nothing to compare too ,

  18. Johnny Klebitz

    Mafia 2 deleted music

  19. caribman10

    I not only was someone who admired his music, I wore "Buddy Holly" glasses frames for about 15 years....love those things!

  20. Neal Coleman

    Absolutely fabulous. What a great rocker. Such a loss.

  21. Mark Lanzarotta

    Incredibly fresh and good! Genius!

  22. keith christopher kosiewicz

    Check out the 13th Floor Elevators version

    shoknifeman2 mikado

    Just did, it was horrendous, like a bad remake of the Blondie version

    Kay Muldoon

    I actually liked it. Sounded like Buddy on drugs. lol

  23. Tony Collingwood

    Jerry Allison says this song was written mainly by Buddy himself with Jerry as co-author - even though Buddy was not included on the credits. Always thought Buddy must have had a hand in writing it - one of his best in my view.

  24. Elijah Eskin

    0:06 "bye bye miss american pie Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry" same melody

  25. Jim Morrison

    RIP LEGEND died way too young, just imagine the songs he would have made wow

    Daniel Šrenk

    I was thinking about the same thing. Sad..

    lazyis hardwork

    Buddy would've had a huge influence in the 60s and beyond had he lived. He already influenced music, The Stones and Beatles covered him and openly admitted his influence, but had he not died in that stupid fucking plane then his influence AND presence would've been huge. He was a giant of rock and roll and no one who knew him had a single bad word to say about him. He was truly an extremely talented, gentleman rocker.

    Dean Wille

    lazyis hardwork you are so right! Amazing talent!

  26. Mabel Agnese

    I love this song and the voice of Buddy Holly

  27. joetake holly


  28. Chis64

    Such a good song. anyone know what year this was released?

  29. bionikball75

    Rock n Roll at its best. He was so unique.

    Rick Miller

    +bionikball75 Actually, this is Rockabilly.  If you listen close to the beat, sounds like similar stuff Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three did.

    Buddy Holly

    Rick Miller Rockabilly is rock n roll, hillbilly rock!

    Frank Marquez

    maybe the tennessee three sound like this but the tennessee two don t

    Tom Jeffrey

    Well, you can tell it’s rockabilly if the upright bass is slappin away giving it that great clack sound. While this tune has a pretty country bass line in two, the sound is just different, and with the drums, well that’s what I call rock n’ roll. Pretty darn near rockabilly, but I think it’s just rock- or even in a league of its own. It’s buddy!

  30. Nooshin Zarinmehr

    Only 27000 views!!!!!!! Unbelievable ...

    shoknifeman2 mikado

    Well, it is one of his more obscure hits... though, one of my own personal faves!

  31. WowHeCantFeesch

    Hey Ho Let's Go!

  32. Orlando Medina

    hollynes ¡ qué bueno era !

  33. Bobby Litwin

    Thanks for making me Rock to this song again!

  34. austin stratman

    It's His song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the H is capitalized on purpose!

    Kenneth Conklin

    Good man! 👏🙏🎸🎶

  35. Lucas Sobrinho

    I just love this song and Buddy Holly's music! He was a great songwriter. Pretty sad he had died so early in life. He could have done amazing things in music for sure!!! The following link is my cover video for this one:


    Lucas Sobrinho

    +shoknifeman2 mikado thanks!!!

    shoknifeman2 mikado

    +Lucas Sobrinho YW, I wish I could play guitar... but, I have no musical talent, whatsoever

    Richard Winters

    +Lucas Sobrinho amazing cover lucas, looking forward for your new covers!

    Lucas Sobrinho

    +shoknifeman2 mikado Never late to begin learning!

    Lucas Sobrinho

    +Richard Winters thanks man!!!

  36. sarabert63

    Wow!!! Love Buddy Holly's music. Did you hear the cricket chirp at the end? 

    Darrin F.

    I never noticed that before and I grew up listening to this.

    shoknifeman2 mikado

    And Tommy Allsup just died this past fall :(

    Kay Muldoon

    shoknifeman2 mikado so sad. I got to meet him back in 1989. Such a nice person.

    Gary Hansen

    some where in our recored colllection was an album with this on it and at the very end the sound of crickets was picked up on the recording. The lore that I heard, in the recor
    ding studio, there were crickets in the "echo chamber" which was lined in ceramic tile. Whether that is true is open for dicussion. I believe it to credible, but who knows

    Gary Hansen

    @PAUL EVANS Your post seems to collabarate the lore that I read or saw on a TV special.

  37. Jeff Hilbrecht

    I like this song, but I think I prefer the Terry Jacks version.

    fückin eh

    i like blondie's version :)

    Trai Mitchell

    sorry but buddy holly is better

  38. John Carey

    Sounds great!!!!!!!!!!