Holly Brook - Still Love Lyrics

You drank a bit down
Spilled the rest of it in me
And that's the minute i let go
Your direction
With the bending of the light
If i remember it right
It carried on just fine
But tonight i will cry myself to sleep

Every rain makes its way into somebody's song
As a way to relieve the pain
This one is calling me out of my shelter
To face the truth
But i still love

More than one time
This color has been mine
To consume the energy
To be a painter
And cover all the blue
I would give up wanting you
But still the morning sun
Will leak into my window when i'm done

Every rain makes its way into somebody's song
As a way to relieve the pain
This one is calling me out of my shelter
To face the truth
But i still love

Searching for my intuition
Even though i recognize
Myself in all these silver walls
But as i star they all break me down

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Holly Brook Still Love Comments
  1. Ivan Pandzic


  2. Ivan Pandzic

    čeh old. O Toth,death an papak ann bit.56bfK.OLD STUPIDO MORIRE.♠️🐒👍🤔💩

  3. Ivan Pandzic


  4. lukejk1701

    I was a fan the moment I heard this album. Still one of my all time fav albums. Her new stuff is ok (Skylar Grey) but has a different style. This is a bit of a stand alone album. Fantastic.

  5. Nogueira GTN

    Sweet voice, wonderful music.....


    good song lovely liked :))

  7. Vesta

    Still here,still loving all of her songs.

  8. Arturo Jara

    I love holly brook skyler grey suck :v

    Skylar Grey Updates

    Arturo Jara no she doesnt

  9. surfpsych

    This would be so difficult to sing -- at least the way she does it -- (this is a positive comment)

  10. Choy Sin yee

    2017, I'm still here.

    croco hi

    Choy Sin yee me too

  11. iLLuMiNaToR MarcXisme

    what a voice..i love it

  12. TopComments

    I like her more as Holly Brook than as Skylar Grey.

    Meike Rieger

    woah, thats the same woman??? her voice sounds much better here.

    Meike Rieger

    same woman?

    Jel Rey

    But skylar is more Badass with all tats

  13. Jessica Oh

    I can't be the only person who, despite being absolutely in love with her talent, recognizes that she totally sold out. I miss Holly; refuse to acknowledge this Skylar person.

    Steve Morosa

    Jessica Oliver When you sign a record deal, your soul belongs to the puppet master. Independent and struggle, or easy money and fame and you are someone else's slave. choose 1 or the other with great care

    Skylar Grey Updates

    Jessica Oh Have you even listened to her latest album Natural Causes? She said in many interviews that NC and her new folk album 2019 are her back-to-roots album gosh stop judging skylar without listening to a single bit of her music or just when she started out

  14. joel joeljob.

    i like her
    would you marry me ?

  15. Ryan Khan

    dayuuum her voice though truly amazing like Liquid gold wow😱😱😵😵💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Ivan Pandzic


  16. 옹헤야

    This song is so good hhaha I don't know how to express but it makes me little sad when i listen to it...+_+

  17. Maaz Khan

    Anybody else too found out about this song in 2016? <3

    Anand Sali

    found it back in 2015, but still listening, with a cup of tea and rain :)


    Maaz Khan I've known about her for years. I actually have this album. Remember when MySpace used to be cool? Yeah, that's how I found her. She's absolutely amazing and the album is so beautiful!!!!

    Maaz Khan

    @angelindisguise83 Nicee!

  18. edidnac ondo

    Holly Brook is scalar Grey!! She just change the name. So talented!! Pure angelic voice!!

    Jason Jewell

    *Skylar Grey

  19. skippy zero

    wish she kept true to he soul..... no became skyler grey

    Unknown Reject

    +skippy zero She had some good songs as skylar grey at least live, then she went all poppy using automated beats and what not and that fucking bike songs is so fucking bad she's trying to be mainstream trash now.


    "the bike song" is dissing the attention whores of today's music industry. it's a good song if you know its meaning

    Skylar Grey Updates

    Unknown Reject Judgey much? C'mon let me ride was a song she was forced to do by the label to get mainstream. She said in her Podcast that she doesnt even like it at all. Her latest album Natural Causes proves that she is not mainstream.

  20. Zack4ry

    She is unique... so talented. Thank you for you Art Holly.

  21. Hello Dear

    That's very very beautiful! So amazing💖

  22. StefG

    Does holy brook is skylar grey?

    Jason Jewell

    yes same lady

  23. hugo canesson

    Dans la veine de A girl called Eddy. Une ouateuse obligation d'y retourner.

  24. Thijs van Abs

    It's music like this, that makes you realize even more how terrible Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or any of that other mainstream trash is. Yup i know it's to hate on mainstream, but the stuff we nowadays have on tv and radio is well deserving of the hate.


    +Thijs van Abs you know this is skylar grey right?

    Jessica Oh


    My thoughts exactly. I was like, uhh, kind of ironic to be saying that considering she has delved into the steaming heap of mainstream trash.

    Unknown Reject

    TV and comedy, is actually thriving right now a lot of great shit out right now more than ever but couldn't agree with more about the music. music sucks now

    Skylar Grey Updates

    Jessica Oh No. Skylar Grey songs arent mainstream at all. Listen to her latest album Natural Causes. Or her latest few songs. She said she has a folk album coming in 2019

    matias vera

    I hope you get cancer

  25. surfpsych

    No matter the name, she keeps creating the best stuff there is -- with little recognition.  Some day she'll cover something like "Smelly Cat" by Pheobe Buffay with church organ and chimpanzees playing cymbals -- and it will be number one in 32 countries.  And THAT will be what she is known for --- :>)

    Drink Water

    Comments like these deserves an award of the greatest kind.
    Thank you for making my day, week and most likely month better. <3

    Unknown Reject

    She kinda makes shitty pop songs like every other artist now it's disappointing.

  26. Andry Patrick Rakotondrazaka

    Holly "Skylar Grey" Brook... You Simply Took My Heart!! <3

  27. vaderfication

    actually she chose skylar grey because it symbolized the unknowns in life

  28. nirdjha2000

    The Artist Currently Known As Skylar Grey ... can't remember how to make the signal.

  29. 408thefourzeroeight

    Skylar's kinda awesome in a dark way, yet she's got a really pretty singing voice.

  30. skylar horan

    duhhh shes awesome

  31. Alessia Antoine

    this was uploaded on my birthday yay lol

  32. surfpsych

    I still love this

  33. surfpsych

    Love it. This one reminds me of Sarah McLachlan. That's another compliment...

  34. Rose Lily

    this song is just so beautiful ♥ btw I'm so glad that sometimes I just cannot resist clicking on those random pictures next to a song ;)

  35. Tzvi Perlow

    2 people don't still love

  36. Mystin

    I don't they suck, when she was Holly Brook she had heart now it's all about trying to get over.

  37. Noah

    She said that Holly Brook was a very feminine name, she was the opposite so she decided to be known as Skylar Grey.

  38. The Infected Fetus

    writing Holly Brook - Still Love and searching for it on YT brought me here.

  39. Chicki Luv

    Fucking love Skylar Grey.

  40. Ptrixle

    Same person, different persona.

  41. Abigail

    Uh, I'm not completely sure, but I believe it had something to do with her being at what she described her lowest point, while trying to recover from depression, she found her "inner superhero" whose name was Skylar Grey. So this new persona of hers is the one that can save her from the depressed Holly Brook. Hope this helped~

  42. floatable

    Shame the music industry had to take something intelligent, sexy, and real and turn it into essentially a soul-less rapper...

  43. Just For mind

    nice song hahahaahhahahaahhaaha my dream in my heart..

  44. t3tsuyaguy1

    So this woman is very skilled. I like her work as Skylar Grey very much, but I LOVE her earlier work as Holly Brook. I hope she does more in this style again someday.

  45. Iván hm

    Why "Like Blood, Like Honey" wasn't a success? that album is great, was the best i heard the last year

  46. Bud Manthey

    Hey Skylar I just became a Holly Brook FAN !!!!

  47. Muath Amin

    Nothing new! Maybe the name is changing between Holly Brook or Skylar Grey however the uniqueness is the same! What a voice!

  48. fashiongirlxoxo100

    in love with this song omggg

  49. Emiel666Emiel

    thats ur opinion.

  50. RareHunterful

    Holly was better than Skylar... I like Skylar too but... Holly had something special... :)


    I think so too 😂😂 I like her old style😂😂

  51. Madeline Morris

    anyone know of any music that is much like hollys, looking for new artists to listen too.

  52. patcharee yee-phu

    still luv this song <3<3<3

  53. Myriam Meijer

    She need to be more famous.

  54. Rosie Dilworth

    wow, 1 dislike... they must feel so out of place...

  55. Maria Tyurina

    Thank you so much for this amazing song

  56. anisha nicegirl

    skylar gray's songs really meaningfull...

  57. anisha nicegirl

    skylar gray's songs really meaningfull...

  58. d3tzk

    @coolcat2239 its Skylar Grey (artist name), Holly Brook is her real name though.

  59. sammytheindi

    @coolcat2239 Her real name isn't Skylar Grey, but Holly Brooks.

  60. M Mendoza

    @coolcat2239 they are one and the same :)

  61. Natalie P

    Okay is it Skylar or Holly?!

  62. steven reynolds

    I like Holly and the Skylar part of this lady......She is brill in my mind....

  63. Mollie Flook-Richardson

    @Wizaly they are one in the same...lol

  64. Mollie Flook-Richardson

    @rojah13 me too....love her

  65. poppy rose

    NO dislikes. THAT is what I like to see :-)

  66. Lia Reyna

    @xXStreetLightsXx Ja, ich hab's auch da gehört!! Einfach hammer schön! Lg, Reyna

  67. rojah13

    Fort Minor and Linkin Park brought me here :)

  68. stephan hoglund

    Thats my Photograph! Please credit me if you will! stephanhoglundphotographyDOTCOMI shot it a couple years ago in grand Marais Minnesota before she became famous! `~)

  69. Mark Tanteo


  70. Alex S

    @hydroblast9 the first song i fell in love with was 'what i wouldn't give' I've gone off that now, my favourites are still love, like blood like honey, again and again and saturday :)

  71. Mark Tanteo

    @SweetMintPie555 wow ever since the invisible. no one ever listen to this song. i am the first one to comment lol. and there was i think 46 vies something 2 months ago. and now to 9000. i love it! it was the first song i favorited too.

  72. Alex S

    @hydroblast9 i think willow already knew this?.....

  73. Mark Tanteo

    @Will0w14 cuz its her

  74. Mark Tanteo

    @Will0w14 holly brook as in Skylar Grey. Holly is her real name

  75. Mark Tanteo

    @Will0w14 holly brook-Skylar Grey

  76. Mystin

    Finally Skylar Greys talent isn't Invisible! <3 I love her new single!

  77. luvnliv

    I'm listening to her songs and hitting the 'LIke' (thumbs up) button, Adding to 'Favorites' and Sharing them.. then hitting the 'Replay' button... all her fans plz do the same...

  78. Mark Tanteo

    @echomathers it is.

  79. Mark Tanteo

    @CBJTexas i know right! i love holly brook...

  80. Clifford Johnson

    amazing lyrics. my favorite artist

  81. Mark Tanteo

    @Mystin857 yeah.. i really love Holly Brook. she showed me that her voice can touch someones heart. :')

  82. Mark Tanteo

    i love this