Holly Brook - Man On The Mountaintop Lyrics

There's a man on the mountaintop
And he's shooting up all the stars
Went away to mend his broken heart
But he didn't get very far

There's a man on the mountaintop
And he's staring out into space
It's so hard to connect the dots
When they don't stay in one place

And all the fireworks we watched have flashed and gone

There's a man on the mountaintop
And he's drinking down the milky way
No matter when the winter stops
It will snow on him all day

And all he wanted was for love to last as long

There's a man on the mountaintop
Seems a lonely place to dream
Somewhere out there in the endless dark
There is something he can see
But it's not me
No it's not me

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Holly Brook Man On The Mountaintop Comments
  1. tokionovaloid

    why aren't these on spotify

  2. Brent-Lee Bruiners

    her songs are so dark but amazingly so and her voice is so hauntingly beautiful

  3. Thiago Souza

    One of my all time fave songs

    Antônio Farias

    Yeah, it is one of my favorite songs too. You should check out for Aldous Harding - Titus Alone, it is also Incredibles. Bye

  4. Tia Phan

    I cant find these on Spotify !!!! Fack!

  5. April Tambling

    @Mis Click

  6. Faith Tisdale


  7. Ilona Mathers

    Dr. Skylar i love you <3

  8. Vinny Manfrate

    Should be in Doctor Who!

  9. Jane Doe

    Her songs give me shivers.

  10. Anna Lynch


  11. david ducrocq

    ( margaux)

  12. david ducrocq

    j'adore j'adore <3

  13. Juli Aguss Mi

    Dios, como amo su voz!!!!

  14. Misscuntstrewed

    you like amy lee? :)

  15. Sim Scammell

    Your profile pics gives me chills haha :P

  16. Myrthe Meijer

    for everyone ho also likes nightcore /watch?v=Ir0tHcRaFiU a friend made it :D omg soo pretty song <3

  17. Misscuntstrewed

    the ending gives me chills

  18. chrisman223

    It's funny that she is way more famous than Christina Grimmie yet i think they are both equally talented

  19. Naz Sim

    OMG! She is A M A Z I N G ! ! !

  20. Zolex

    I love this song so much!

  21. raynin phillips

    her music is so mysterious but enchanting

  22. Glow

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  23. QuackImaMoo Girlsense

    11,872 Views?! Dude! You're amazing! You should has many views as Christina Grimmie! Your voice is so beautiful! Don't ever give up on your dreams! You're amazing, Love! Take care! <3

  24. koolkatkimina

    This is one of my favourite songs by her... no by anyone