Holly Brook - Like Blood Like Honey Lyrics

You want to catch your breath you want to get out
But as you surface you don't really know how
How to live upon the solid ground
Sometimes it's easier to let yourself drown

Love is
Thick like
Blood like

You cannot spell it out there are no words
Mrs johnson never taught me those verbs
On how to give myself and how to receive
It is something that's inside of you and me

Love is
Thick like
Blood like

Forget everything you ever learned
No one listens when you want to be heard
Just bleed the bittersweet

Seven sunrises and seven more nights
You'd think that we could learn to do it right
If nothing changes then i'm gonna stop
But do i really have a choice?
I think not

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Holly Brook Like Blood Like Honey Comments
  1. Nathan

    She is so freakkng cool and chill. I’m in love with this 20 yo skylar grey

  2. Soy Panchita

    wow, such a beautifully talented young lady right there, she's now so successful- so good for her.

  3. Cody Co-Dee

    This song describes what love is like, it's from a discussion in the bleachers of my high school just before 9/11 when I had to see her before it happened knowing I was most likely going to die being as I collected footage and mountains of evidence before and after Sept. 11, 2001. It was the last time I saw her.... I had to tell her about a few things we did as kids, one of which was in the audience at the time, I later blazed them both in my car.... To this day it's one of the happiest memories of my life. I managed to collect and distribute over 30,000 pieces of physical evidence all over the world regarding what happened in New York and was forced into faking my death. She wrote this song for me along with "ordinary tune" among others, I've helped her over the years in ways I could that didn't jepordize her safety, same with Avril to which I'm sk8erboi... I think I already wrote this out but I have no problem doing it again. She hates me now, thinks I'm some kind of "creepo" or whatever, either way she has told me to stay away from her and she wants nothing to do with me so I have respected her wishes and will have to go in blind during interviews where I know she will be brought up over and over again in questions. I still remember that photo shoot I put together of her looking out on a rock at lake Superior, the white dress she was wearing was the one Jenny wore in "Forest Gump" as a young child which is just the tip of the iceberg. Avril painted the wooden whale from "free willy" there is so much those girls don't know about their lives, I'm like the other half of their diary that my pipsqueak loves to read and my munchkin is more "get the hell and stay the hell away from me" attitude. Well she got what she wished for, I'm out of Skylar Grey's life almost completely now except for one stipulation in her contract, after that to which I can discuss it with others and she doesn't even have to say a word to me to which I'll be handling in Sept-Oct 2017. Cold-hearted bitch never used to be in her personality and was never cold-shouldered either, not sure how that happened but it did somehow... FUCK YOU whoever did that to her!!!

  4. Pavka Kochugin

    красивая и песня и девушка

  5. Juliet Armstrong

    She had told her age in the video before she started to sing. Try to listen.. :)

  6. Juliet Armstrong

    And yup she looked so young. She was 20 ...

    Charlie Anthony Fink

    Oh, Really?

  7. Booker DeWitt


  8. Chris Wertz

    if any of you didnt know, her now name is Skylar Grey

    Charlie Anthony Fink

    Her name now, you mean

  9. TheVanillatech

    She poured me a glass of wine XD

    Nice girl. Wish I'd have heard her sing back then.

  10. Tony Fink

    I like her earrings.

  11. Samuel Keltner

    Be u ti ful


    hi holly, I like to listen, I love all singles, bye see you beautiful girl ♥

    Charliee Cool Indigo Shades Fink

    She's not single, apparently she's in a relationship: on Facebook.

    thomas mccauley

    +Charliee Cool Indigo Shades Fink i think he ment that he likes all of her singles

    Charliee Cool Indigo Shades Fink

    @thomas mccauley Yup/Yep, but I was talking about her relationship status

  13. CourageTehCat

    RIP Holly..


  14. Wanheda

    I knew about Holly Brook well before that, but I just now realized that Skylar Grey and Holly Brook are one in the same..

  15. Jafet Ríos Durán

    She's Skylar Grey

  16. Tammy Buhrow

    she is now skylar gray

  17. michelleryan

    loved this song since I heard it on Beauty and the Beast

  18. Tony Fink

    Cool song

  19. owhatsmynameo

    I dont think making some money is selling out, her voice will always be great and that won't change

  20. Crome267

    Holly Brooks is Skylar Grey. Emma Stone, the girl friend from the Spider Man movie, and Holly are of no relation to each other.

  21. yousef al-harbi

    did you know is holy brook is skylar grey .. and did you know is skylar grey her sister is the girlfriend of the spider man movie !!

  22. MysticTrades

    There is one person that you can compare her to and that's Skylar Grey ;)

  23. AakiKaiyu

    Holly Brook IS Skylar Grey people.......do your homework

  24. peppermint23

    one of the most talented women in the game right now

  25. xanthipi tsak

    Holly Brook is the same person with Skylar Grey and Holly Vance.

  26. shinodita

    Yes, she is.

  27. Lynx4w04

    OMG, this was 2006!!

  28. Andrew H.

    @DrFeelgoodex respect homie

  29. raz flo

    @CforChexX Hell yeah! That song by Apathy is what led me here, i was just bumpin it in my car and i just had to find out who that girl was. :D

  30. Andrew H.

    beautiful beautiful voice<3! she did an AMAZING job in "victim - apathy"
    amazing talent and i have so much respect for this women, great job

  31. TheMusicjunkie84

    Gotta love artists from Wisconsin!!! Great voice.

  32. Caro Land

    Watch my SOMEONE LIKE YOU cover! You are the judge, tell me what YOU think!
    -CaroLand <3

  33. gilbert910516

    oh...she's so famous now!

  34. Alex S

    @umiryuzaki90 didn't you just compare her to Rihanna....?

  35. Kailey Cudney


  36. Helena-Clare Gould


  37. Alexis Motz

    She changed so much from Holly to Skylar....creepy and intriguing.

  38. Vahtacen Terrence

    @elisabethgoble13 And then proceeded to make numerous disparaging remarks about their mothers.

  39. Patrick Wells

    @umiryuzaki90 If you watch the live performance where Skylar and Eminem did "I need a Doctor" RIGHT AFTER Eminem and Rihanna did Skylar's "Love the Way You Lie Pt2" then it's OBVIOUS how much better Skylar is. She beat the shit out of Rihanna.

  40. Shannon Cr

    she has a voice of an angel

  41. chaocrazy

    I wish that she would do something with Linkin Park. I won't let go of that hope all because of Fort Minor. :)

  42. BlindTruths

    She reminds me of Jewel without the twang and yoddle. but it's there!

  43. enrique.salazar

    @umiryuzaki90 if you say someone is better or worse than someone else, YOU ARE COMPARING THEM....

  44. Mark Gamble

    This is a beautiful song.

  45. PeanutProductions

    god she makes my heart cry out. keep it up girl.

  46. Simpli Yonie

    @DropoutDesigns I know right, Bet half of these people comparing, is listening to a Rihanna song or has it on there iPod,phone,mp3 like really....GIVE IT A BREAK ALREADY!!!

  47. 0IOCreate

    She's incredible. Might have been cool to meet her when she lived in Wisconsin; she grew up twenty minutes down the road from me.

  48. Jesiah

    @pingpongingful you can also hear the autotune in Rihanna's music. In case you didn't know, it adds an almost robotic sound to the voice. And ya, she does suck live.

  49. Tanner Ulrich

    wow shes so fucking amazing

  50. umiryuzaki90

    @KrazzyKingz i can say whatever I like and you guys are just in denial.. :p

  51. Dustin M

    @umiryuzaki90 lawl shut up

  52. Brithney Wright

    @marigardner6 lol no...the girls of dirty money sang her hook over in the video

  53. umiryuzaki90

    @pingpongful yo u ever hear her live she is horrible!!!

  54. pingpongingful

    @umiryuzaki90 how the fuck do you know that rihanna is autotuned? where'd you hear that?

  55. Holly Roberts

    @umiryuzaki90 A fucking men!! Rhianna sucks livee ohmygahh, && was cool when she was younger, like S.O.S, I thought was oookay but then the hair thing came up and her chris brown thing happened and then she got all, weirdd? I was just like wtf are you doing, be normal please your somewhat talentedd haha...But HOLLY, is amazing:) No biggie thats my name hah!! <3

  56. Josh thomas


  57. Elisabeth Goble

    9 people would'nt know a good song if it shot them in the face

  58. icgantshat

    @umiryuzaki90 nice english chief

  59. Twisted86

    Far as I know she has 2 albums out - Like Blood Like Honey and O'Dark:Thirty E

  60. Danny Young

    @zeus018 amen!

  61. CantThinkOfANickName

    man she has really nice hands O.O...random comment, aaaanywho - I so feel like I could drift off to sleep listening to her beautiful soothing voice *dreamy sigh*

  62. Wendy’s Loving Life

    I can't wait for her new album out!!!! i love holly aka skylar!!!

  63. lavaling

    @caitylyngirl lol ya i just found out like 10sec after this comment....

  64. Kecokate

    @goddessmhj7 thick ;) xDD

  65. lavaling

    what is her album title i need to know FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!!!

  66. goddessmhj7

    @prabhunath Ooooh!!! Ok! That makes much more sense!! lol Thnx!

  67. Redmayne


    It's not 'love is fake like blood like honey'.

    It is 'Love is THICK like blood, like honey'.

  68. goddessmhj7

    Wow... She has one of those voices that is pure, simple, yet so beautiful. Can't help but listen over and over. I don't really get it though when she says "love is fake like blood like honey". How is it fake like blood and honey, and how are blood and honey fake?

  69. Aaron Stewart

    wow amazing

  70. WilliamAztech

    the type of voice I would like my girlfriend to have.

  71. 77hopefloats

    Video lurking got me here..lol -This girl is absolutely amazing! It doesn't matter who she is singing with, or what name she is going by..she was MADE for music...and I'm just happy that she is making her way b/c the world deserves to hear her :) Keep em' coming girl...You got my ear..anytime

  72. Priyamvada Singh

    It's beautiful <3

  73. umiryuzaki90

    Rihanna is autotuned which is sad comparing to Skylar Grey/ Holly. Wait.. she can't be compared to Rihanna cause she is way much better than her!!!!

  74. John Li

    i think i read somewhere rihanna has lyk 9 utube accounts... hmm strange

  75. xTempa

    is she skyler grey :O ?

  76. Buji

    I think i'm in love....

  77. Charles Washington

    Agreed on that, besides she is still a songwriter and all of her collaborations have solid lyrics. There is still room to branch out as the the white woman collaborating with rap producers. Check Pink's career, or go back to Madonna and Blondie.

  78. hamburgernskettie

    she is amazing.....by the way you cant sell out with pure talent

  79. Luar Zaragoza

    Holly Brook > Skylar Grey

  80. Lyssiegrl

    @anonymootle actually she started singing folk music with her mother as a child. She has a great voice and I wish she would make another album like "Like Blood Like Honey" instead of the other crap.

  81. Lyssiegrl

    She used to be so much better before she started singing with rappers. This is real music. I wish she stuck to being herself instead of selling out.

  82. RawMilk902

    @kadz200 really? lol.. INTRODUCING.... wikipedia.

  83. kit wan

    Holly Brook = Skylar Grey!!!

  84. BadAssVegan

    I was a fan already, but this is great, I love her voice, it is not straining and it is effortless for her.

  85. TheGreatestTeamOfAll

    @HybridEmblem ;-)

  86. 1 1


  87. Tommy MV$ERVTI

    she is so goddamn talented!

  88. Yazra M

    Holly Brook is Skylar Grey !

  89. Ava Katner

    She looks different now.

  90. TheGreatestTeamOfAll

    @maoam25 lol Damien Rice? who the fuck is that? And what a terrible singing name! lol Rice.

  91. Josi Beck

    She is amazing... Such an emotional connection i have to her songs...

  92. Reece Perkins

    What the hell is with some of these comments...? She IS famous... Lmao.

  93. Kevin R

    @donuts991 i could make a stupid comment about *cough*illuminati*cough*.... but im not.
    yes she deserves to be famous cause she has a voice like DAMNNNN...

  94. Lisa Marie

    ahhwhwhwh i wish i knew her songs b4 she was sklyer grey singing ''singing i need a doctor" and ''im coming home'' :[

  95. sa7up

    @donuts991 she is now. but by the name skyler grey. you might know her from "i need a doctor" or "love the way you lie".

  96. mkextra05

    only a handpicked of artists sounds so good live. pure talent should be given more credit and recognition if we want to keep real music alive.

  97. GunnerBakaThat1Kid

    Holy Fuck

  98. Goh Teik Chuan

    @porcupine179 true true

  99. Jordan Pack

    @zeus018 Lmao