Holly Brook - It's Raining Again (Smile) Lyrics

It's raining again
Tell me something I don't know
This place can make you dizzy
Sweet dream didn't show
Walked across the finish line
Would you believe?

It's raining again
I won't say I didn't know
That it would come so early
My clock radio playing static every time
And breaking up my pearly tea stained

Smile if you can
I'm with you till the end
That's all I wanna do

It's raining again
And you're cutting in and out
Like intermittent heart-ache
Yeah, I saw the sign

It said slippery when wet
The water's washing out your painted

Smile if you can
I'm with you till the end
That's all I wanna do

Smile if you can
I'm with you till the end
That's all I wanna do

Till the end
That's all I wanna do

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Holly Brook It's Raining Again (Smile) Comments
  1. Tom Darank

    Beginning sounds like a slowed down version of the beginning of “I write sins not tragedies”

  2. Thiago Souza

    She knows how to keep both darkness and the sweetness balanced.

  3. Subtle Sen

    This completes me

  4. Ronan


  5. Angie LupusLife

    cute song

  6. David George

    This was the first song I ever heard from her and it's my favorite.

  7. Dee El

    Holly Brook is actually Skylar Grey's real name.

  8. The Infected Fetus

    rainymood com + Holly Brook - It's Raining Again = Smile

  9. LovezYouful

    Search rainymood and play with this song :)

  10. minevids101

    hi lucy

  11. zaSuperHitlist

    2 dislikes are assholes this song is what made me listen to her until com'n let me ride

    Skylar Grey Updates

    She actually made a new album called Natural Causes which is so dark, iconic.Plus, C'mon Let me ride is a sarcastic song about most of pop songs nowadays..... Here says the line in the bridge before Eminem's verse "I'm only fucking with you, fuck you fuck thinking it's true, i'm not like the sluts in the town" She says she was talking about the sexual songs nowadays she says she doesn't make songs like them and she is different and hates them. She is a lyrics genius!

  12. Soulsearcher1able

    if anyone can tell me the chords for this song I'd be really grateful :) . I can't seem to find chords for this anywhere on the net :/

  13. SkyMatterTV

    This is the Holly that I love to hear, not that "Let me Ride your Bicycle" Skylar.

  14. madalyn

    Grrr it's not on iTunes otherwise it's perfect :)

  15. Roba Haj Yahia

    Love her

  16. Roba Haj Yahia

    Skylar has an amazing voice!

  17. rajat rao

    Skylar grey ppl , holly brook's her old name. Change it ธนวาว รักในหลวง

  18. EmmaKVin

    No, you don't;-D

  19. tkdguy92

    It's dumb how YT doesn't allow you to upload audio files. Too lazy to find a way to convert it/upload it :/
    I've never uploaded music before so it seems troublesome.
    But if you want I can email you the song file to you. Just send me a message or something.

  20. F4ngVids

    could you upload it please ?

  21. Eri KS

    we don't really have a choice about that, do we?

  22. Isela R.

    aww this song reminds me of my good friend Mathew<3 I told him I was going to be with him until the end but one day he suddenly disappeared :/

  23. Carolina Barros

    I just found out this amazing voice! beautiful.

  24. Naz Sim


  25. EmmaKVin

    Like if you are listnning in 2013!

  26. tkdguy92

    I think it got deleted. It was in my YT playlist but i can't find it. Good thing I ripped it off onto iTunes beforehand :x

  27. Angel ML

    where was the original one that she had up? before this one, the other one was way better because it was more simple :/

  28. Leonardo Avendaño

    yes, she's Skylar Grey.. she previously sang with that name

  29. Kanplu K.

    เพราะจังค่ะ ><

  30. Gerald Doonan

    i think this song is so pretty. im ganna sing it as a solo at our school :)

  31. Jana Lrzr

    i love it.. but i think, this is Skylar Grey's voice, or not..... it's crazy...

  32. Zerospace

    This is just so beautiful! :)

  33. Jenn

    thanks for the most clear version i could find (: