Holly Brook - Heavy Lyrics

Now i've come to cry
Shed your skin to rest my naked eye
And criticize
All that i implore
Seems to be one foot outside that door
Coming between me and waking

Underneath the corset of your mystery
Piece by piece undress you from your history
I'm sleeping with seclusion in sweet disarray

You can go heavy on me
And i will not weigh you down, down, down
You can be steady and clean
I can take it
Heavy on me
And i will not weigh you down

Born unto this pride
Silence is something you can't hide
You can't deny...us
Nothing has been said
Yet so many words have filled my head
Now they completely surround me

Tie the lines of honest conductivity
Caught between the center of our gravity
I don't have that much time to burn anymore

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Holly Brook Heavy Comments
  1. Android18uk

    I wish she had made more songs/albums like this...

  2. Trapzilla The Gorrila

    The song she did with apathy was a great one it’s called victim by apathy ft holly brooks

  3. Praveen surendran

    I am just giving likes to everyone's positive comments about Skylar, I agree with most of them

  4. The Beat Pharmacy

    Wow, just learning this is who we now know as Skylar Grey. The more ya know! I listened to this song all the time back in the day. <3

  5. Thiago Souza

    This whole album means so SO much to me. I remember that in 2007 (10 years now!) I used to listen to this when I was coming back from work while seeing all that chaos of city around me. Life was definitely not easy at the time, everything was falling apart and I was just hoping for better days. I wish I could tell her someday about my personal experiences as a listener, guess every artist should know the impact of their work on people's lives.

  6. Mohamad Hamidi

    any Linkin Park fan here for the new single?


    Mohamad Hamidi no. dear god who would listen to that shit. soooooo bad. as if LP wasn't bad enough now they're making shitty top 40 pop. it's time for those grandpas to retire

    Choy Sin yee

    Lucky you find Skylar/Holly. At least a underestimated song writer is found by searching a overestimated band.


    what did you think of the new mike shinoda ep?

  7. Otaku-chan

    wow...I love this...

  8. Lilo Cahyo

    Someone can tell me ,, official account youtube of holly brook please

    Lindsay Marie

    +Lilo Cahyo She is known as Skylar Grey now. :D

  9. James Watts

    Ooh real nice.

  10. Cody Co-Dee

    there isn't a song i don't like from this woman, she is the best kept secret in music!!!

  11. david ducrocq

    ahah :p

  12. Juan Le Garcon


  13. mirage blue

    you are beautiful as you are
    why you have to change.

  14. jaymar23flyaskanbe

    A Great musician in deed! Heaven broke the mold when she was born

  15. Larkin

    TROLL!! or was it? im not sure :P

  16. georgeait

    thanks for sharing a bit more of you.you definetly rock.

  17. Glow

    Holly, Skylar who cares which name you're using i still and always will love your music

  18. M Cast

    Holly Brook or Skylar Grey It does not matter just marry me <3 . <3

  19. Matt Wu

    I love this song so much. It's absolutely beautiful.

  20. blindchicken12

    seriousy. I'm falling fucking in love with this woman.

  21. Becky Frye

    This is indescribably beautiful. Thank you

  22. DevilPriestess

    when ever in a sad mood just listen to a good holly brook(skylar grey) song and you''ll feel better.

  23. Jamie Beauté

    Thank you for sharing.

  24. MusicDoesChange

    One of those happy songs that just make your day. :))<3