Holly Brook - Haunted Lyrics

They woke me up again
It’s going to be another restless sleep tonight
The ghosts inside my head
Are moving furniture and eating dynamite
They’re moving furniture and eating dynamite.

Take me up the rill to haunted hill
Past the floating bridge, the orphanage,
Where the spirits fly and never die
Where the spirits fly and never die, die, die, die
Die, Die, Die, Die.

There it’s always cold
Well I’ve got a fever and I’d like to make it snow
That’s why I feel so old
All these specters need a better place to go
All these specters need a better place to go.

We could get a chill on haunted hill
Where the saddest parts inside my heart
Can live in the past, leave me at last
Can live in the past, leave me at last.

Leave me with good will on haunted hill
Past the floating bridge, the orphanage
Where the spirits fly and never die
Where the spirits fly and never die, die, die, die.
Die, Die, Die, Die

Die, Die, Die, Die.

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Holly Brook Haunted Comments
  1. funandlala

    1:43 My favorite part :')

    We could get a chill on haunted hill
    Where the saddest parts inside my heart
    Can live in the past, leave me at last
    Can live in the past, leave me at last.


    same here<3


    @TaraCocolin <3

  2. MEmie MIEme

    love in color - taeyeon is this song
    i dont know SM bought this song or not
    but the melody is completely the same .....

  3. Priscilla Alexander

    I love this song🖤 makes me want to connect to the sprit realm and say hi to some passed away loved ones💜💜💜

  4. Mrs. Poem

    This song is beautiful and sad. I love this song so much and I am obsessed with it :D

  5. Brianna barragan

    Every time I hear lovely by Billie Eilish I think of this song

  6. Joy Marie

    Admire all of your work🔥🔥🔥

  7. Thiago Souza

    She knows how to keep both darkness and the sweetness balanced.

  8. subwayvesubscriber

    I don't think these songs should be titled with her new stage name (Skylar Grey) and rather Holly Brook. She made different music back then and these stage names hold their own significance. I feel like that should be honoured in some way.

  9. Rage Man

    Every year on winter when i'm depressed i play this song on rewind.

  10. Ganjababy Ja

    Nostalgia 😄

  11. Spencination

    Reaper's theme song

  12. Gabriel Côté

    Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2?

  13. เดช ตระกูลวาปี

    love you london

  14. ella raven

    Can we put this on Spotify


    Yeah, I look it up from time to time to see whether it's up yet...

    Mrs. Poem

    I swear I need it!!!

  15. The RR Show

    Vamo' a arruyarno

  16. Sabrina Andrews

    I love your voice it is refreshing and so is the truth in you music

  17. breneige

    SG ❤😍😍👏 Amooo tanto quanto amo Katy Perry e Melanie Martinez ❤👏

  18. Hello Dear

    So beautiful! I love it❤️

  19. Rachael Scott

    not many songs I can relate personally, but although I'm aethiest and do not believe in god I believe in guardian angels. Alot of unusual good events have happened to me recently and they are becoming more noticable. Although I did not know my great nan for very long she is still looking out for me and I always think of her when I listen to this song.


    +Rachael Scott How can you believe in guardian angels but at the same time not in god :'D?

    Rachael Scott

    @Repent I know that sounds weird but I can't take god seriously anymore, I just feel that religion is a placebo effect brain washing peaceful citizens to participate in creating unnecessary suffering.I don't believe in heaven or hell but I believe in reincarnation and the flow of energy needing to go somewhere =^_^'=


    +Rachael Scott
    You are correct that religion is creating unnecessary suffering , but you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater... The kingdom of god is within you, god is all that is and he(the creator) is a loving god. The only thing blocking gods love through you is your own preconception about how it should flow, you have to believe me as I say that as you purify yourself enough , you will experience god's unconditional love in you and through you.. you dont have to live up to some impossible standard on earth to experience it...

    Rachael Scott

    @Repent I have considered becoming a christian as I've experienced alot of unusual happenings which question my curiosity in god. I'm really sorry if you are following any religion but I respect religious people. I believe that simply the bible is at most a rule book of morals and that especially now there will always be conflict because people can never agree on what religion is the true righteousness to follow. 

    I don't mean to be insensitive I especially didn't like the witnesses coming to my door and peer pressuring me into christianity. Purely because they gave me a question of choice which they didn't answer for me and talked to me about something else on the topic of god.

    Doom Metal

    +Rachael Scott "not believe in god but still believe in guardian angels" WOW

  20. Bruno Juričan

    "I have a feaver and I'd like to make it snow"

  21. HoJae Son

    i fully caught up this voice these days

  22. Yorrana Rayane

    Beautiful! Very much

  23. aum Teal


  24. Aurelia Hanford

    Hauntingly beautiful.

    Gabriel Miyazaki

    Listen to Love In Color by Taeyeon if u want an alternative of this song!

  25. Yane Leon

    this gives me chills

  26. diabolicalbits

    My favorite from this EP!

  27. Sara

    so cool. where the spirits fly and never die

  28. Flavie V.

    Perfect <3

  29. Amanda Gordon

    Holly brook is skylar grey... For the uninformed people.


    really? wow, i should know this

    Amanda Gordon

    yes lol she was holly brook first and then she changed her name


    oh, that explains everything


    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!wowwwwww

    Gabriel Miyazaki

    Listen to Love In Color by Taeyeon if u want an alternative of this song!

  30. Yubing Wang


  31. b dyck

    I like the new skylar but she could definitely do without the rap beats on her songs

  32. AudLeyBeautiful

    i want to buy this song so badly...


    AudLeyBeautiful sameeeeee

  33. AGDBFFS123

    this song is perfect and she is wayyy underrated

  34. Emily King

    Why can't I get this on ITunes? :(

    Emily King

    What did she make this when she was in a different country?

    Emily King

    What did she make this when she was in a different country?


    I can't either ): it makes me sad

  35. Hailey Remington

    I love this song it is so wonderful to listen to, she has an amazing voice :) <3

  36. freaquin

    this is so nice I don't even
    I'm gonna cry?

  37. Katarina von Vanity

    I usually don't listen to this kind of music,but this.. Is so simple yet so meaningful.. <3

  38. yourlovelynightmare1

    For anyone who doesn't know, this is supposedly by Holly Brook. Skylar Grey's first stage name. :) same person. :)

    Eco Artist Nick

    not "supposedly"..IT IS!!

    Mountain Prowler

    yourlovelynightmare1 thanks, it said Holly Brook on one album I changed the song not knowing.

    Jillian Sauls

    !!! I used to listen to Holly Brook in high school. I never knew they were the same person!

  39. Mesado Fitness

    tupac brought me here

  40. MrMartinmarc

    I'm thinking I've to create a new playlist only for you...ok!

  41. Sierra Elizabeth

    i really want to learn to play this on piano. I wish i could find the sheets. :c

    Rique Challa

    Commiserate sister!

  42. mamaaa uwu

    Why Ellie Goudling? Why not Sia, Skylar Grey, and Evanescence?

  43. Dana H

    I'm not hating, I'm just asking. I just don't think Taylor is a good combination with Skylar and Ellie.

  44. osofriendlypussy


  45. Emma Reece

    Its only because Taylor doesn't have a very compatable music style

  46. gabriela millan

    I like this song for how she sings but the lyrics in the song I don't like them

  47. ChaoticBun

    take out taylor and then we got something going

  48. Hey It's Ryder

    I agree with her,sorry Brendhan,but Taylor is awful.

  49. Hey It's Ryder

    No no no no! No Taylor Swift. We don't want to mentally damage Skylar,or her fans.

  50. hayley m

    So beautiful

  51. Miss Waddles

    I found this song today and now i'm obsessed with it. i've listened to it more than twenty times now XD.

  52. Sir Shades

    not in this album.

  53. benabbou aissa

    did you know that eminem is skylar productor :)

  54. Gabby Paelmo

    and christina perrie!

  55. Salty Pickles

    I know right? Like the floating bridge is the one in here garden and the orphanage her house and she moves the furniture to open the little door.

  56. msjulicious


  57. Sarah

    No take out taylor, love her but no

  58. Violet Kelly

    this song

  59. Tim Grossen

    i love you so much

    Chrollo Lucifer

    Tim Grossen i love you too

  60. Twistegrim

    I love this song so much now, It reminds me of the movie Coraline.

  61. FeltsonInLove

    Holly Brook times x)

  62. Bethannie Needham

    God I love this Wong its the type that u can just close ur eyes and key ur imagination run free ...I always think of pixies or fairies xxxxlove

  63. Mitchell Christie

    I agree, Skylar Grey and Ellie Goudling shoud get together.

  64. Mosammath Anjum

    This song would be great for the Princess Mononoke during the forest scenes

  65. Dana H

    why taylor?

  66. Kiera Wheelock

    This song beginning and Mimi Page's Jigsaw song beginning sound super similar

  67. Mmiku Angel

    this song is so beautiful

  68. katnuss eferdun

    It would be a nice twist. And no one is good enough so it dussent mater. Personally i think that they will sound like an adorable girl band hihihi

  69. panda

    The title should say Holly Brook, not Skylar Grey. She wrote this before she changed the name -.-

    Anyways it's been 2 years and I can remember the lyrics, just <3

  70. Camille - GACFRANCE

    Skylar Grey should be sing with Mimi Page ! Two beautiful voices

  71. Amber Tomlinson

    i think it should be Ed sheeran and Skyler grey :D

  72. roa x

    and the girl from daughter

  73. Factivist

    agreed. she's hollywood. the other two are the real deal.

  74. Spark Knight

    I'm glade I found this song artist! I love her music!! :D

  75. MadBoyRelapse2

    there should be a remix of this song, with Eminem - it would be just amazing.

  76. Alexander Lee

    You should support the artists you like by paying for their songs. The only time i think you should get a downloader for their songs are if they are unreleased and aren't selling them through itunes and amazon.

  77. mary mongoloid

    This song is beautiful

  78. herosofpyro

    and lights :)

  79. Naomi505

    I would like to add Marina & The Diamonds to the list, that would be amazing.

  80. Kaitlyn Jones

    Fav song

  81. Jazzmin Peters

    Simply amazing!!

  82. Caitlin Kelly

    I think it would be better if it was Skylar Grey, Lana Del Rey, and Ellie Goulding. Taylor is just not good enough for them...

  83. Rachel Kelling

    Anyone know a good place to download Skylar Grey for free? i have a hard time finding any of her songs without going to Itunes or Amazon. :(

  84. sharpeningtheaxe

    Need a hug, buddy?

  85. Myrthe Meijer

    this is from holly :)

  86. thegod50

    Cool name:)

  87. nathwxm1

    so fckin what who cares

  88. KingsCrown8

    Wait, is this her when she was Holly or Skylar? The pic says Holly Brook and it sounds more like her when she was Holly soooo....

  89. Persephone Roze

    I can relate to most of her songs... I don't mean I'm like scared or anything but I've experienced alot of what she's saying ya know.

  90. Rozael Gage

    The fuck???

  91. Gábor .Gáspár

    Whats all this hating? Ah, i get it, Taylor became popular right? Is that it?

  92. EphemeraWolf

    Very beautiful song !

  93. Sawk

    Man.... It describes Clay Kaczmarek so well~ ; _ ; beautiful.