Holly Brook - Falling Out Of View Lyrics

Tell me what good will it do
To paint it red or blue
When inside it's burnt and black
Will the light ever come back?

It's been twenty days or more
And I'm still lying on the floor
I would give up anything
Just to hear you sing

We've been killing off the days
Now there's nothing more to say
And the bullets of your words
No longer seem to hurt

We're like strangers in our own land
Falling out of view

Once it was a dream
Like a dress worn by a queen
Now it's so hard to believe
One broken thread can tear the seam

After everything we had
All the good and all bad
I'm beginning to believe
That I don't know who I am

We're like strangers in our own eyes
Falling out of view

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Holly Brook Falling Out Of View Comments
  1. Pat Auclair

    Why isnt this on Spotify 😞

  2. Eddie McKeon

    think you need to update your track names, MOST of these are not skylar grey they are holly brook

    Lyan Santos

    They're all Holly Brooks

  3. James Ashville

    This nigga be a shemale,soooooooon~

  4. James Ashville

    Dumb bitch, her own songs get deleted due to copyright. 

  5. lolm8123

    Is Skylar Grey a girl or a boy?

  6. Anna Thompson

    This song just moves something inside of me. Especially the ending. It's so amazing.

  7. 420snakedogg

    ya go on kick ass torrents i just googled the name of the cd with torrent after it and it was the first link that popped up kat

  8. Myrthe Meijer

    yes a song i can sing and play on the talentshow at school ^-^

  9. NeonBananify

    her voice is so beautiful <3
    Just a tip, if you guys like this music check out Gregory and The Hawk. Its weird how alike they sound <3

  10. tidexxedit

    Holly brook is her real name :D skylar grey is just a stagename

  11. takeurtimeful

    Wait what? She is using a fake name?????? which one is her real name?

    Joseph Reyes

    takeurtimeful Her real name is Holly Brook, this was before she made her stage name "Skylar Grey". Just like how Eminem's real name is Marshal Mathers

  12. Jorge Estepan

    Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

  13. Madeline Morris

    this stuff is beautuful, I prefer it to the stuff on her album 'blood like honey' but I can't seem to find it on ituens or amazon, can anyone help me with that?? xx

  14. Skylar Grey Argentina

    yo tambien la conoci como Skylar...pero el talento no cambia!!! es por eso que la amamos!!! Saludos

  15. Sabry Kaulitz

    Conocí ah Holly como SKYLAR GREY.!!! y simplemente la amo. amo su musica amo su sentimiento al escribir..amo Lo qe canta.!! LA AMO AH ELLA <3 sin importar cuantas veces cambie su Fucking nombre.!! ELLA ES GENIIAL. :3

  16. Stroh Hut

    dieses lied beuhigt mich wenn ich mal wieder stress mit meinem bruder hab

  17. Nur Atiqah

    Yes it is, indeed =)

  18. Cassidy Lam

    what?!! no

  19. keiko winterborn

    Holly Brook is Skylar Grey :)

  20. Cassidy Lam

    i dont know if anyone sees this but it says holly brook at the bottom of the sculpture

  21. viridianikon

    That's a very fitting way to put it. I only just discovered her tonight and I've been listening and thinking ever since...without really doing anything else, which is exceedingly rare for me.

  22. ScotchiDom

    I love all her music. Her voice is so calming. This is the kind of music I would sit in a dark room and just listen to. This is the type of music you feel.

  23. Kevin R

    where did u get these? never heard these before