Holly Brook - Curious Lyrics

Someone tell me what to do
I feel like i must be a fool
For ending up right back at the start
The things that we don't comprehend
Are laughing at my mind again
I think that i think too hard
And i don't give enough credit to my heart

I'm so
Damn curious to know
And there are too
Many unanswered questions
That we hold onto

I've put my theories to the test
You know i've tried to do my best
But maybe we weren't meant to strike gold
Sometimes things that you ignore
Are all the things i'm looking for
Will i learn to let go
Give into love and listen to my soul

I'm so
Damn curious to know
And there are too
Many unanswered questions
That we hold onto

Portraits of your loved ones
Are more than what you see
All the elements they capture
Are more to you than me
A different dimension we've yet to define
There's a forest to cut through with thorns and vines
There is no reason to try

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Holly Brook Curious Comments
  1. Rayout Thurston

    I'm here 2019.

  2. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    Why did she changed her stage name?

    Francis O

    Manuel David Rendon Acevedo Yes, she is Skylar Grey!

    Thiago Souza

    she needed to make money, this was a way out

  3. purplebunny69

    she is so beautiful and, pure

  4. Harshita_ Saxena

    here bcuz of jk....his taste in music is really AMAZING ...sometimes i ask myself like where does he get these songs from???

  5. Holly J

    I had no idea this was Skylar Grey! I discovered her back in 2010 and literally listened to this song on repeat! Good for her, she has an amazing voice.

  6. Jimin heavydirtysoul

    Thanks kookie 😊😊😊

  7. xian wei

    how does jungkook find so good music?? and its GOLD

  8. Ku Dae

    JAJAJAJAJ puras ARMYs en los comentarios 😂😂😂

  9. X yan

    좋은 노래이다 정국이 고마웡 ♡

  10. 계란빵남쥬니

    전정국은 어떻게 이렇게 좋은노래를 다아는거죠 흥!! 사랑해요♥앞으로 좋은노래 많이 추천해줘요♡♡

  11. Asuna Rosie

    BTS brought me here :') Kookie! Thanks for this!<3 i love the song!

  12. Bernadette Raposon

    Her voice is amazing..... ^_^_^_^_^^_^

  13. Beyzayguner TV

    woah jungkookie I like it

  14. Areeya Khamka

    jungkook listen this song

  15. Syazwyna

    Her voice is amazing!Thank you,Jungkookie oppa!Thank you,Bangtan for the amazing music recommendations. Bangtan's taste in music👌👍as always

  16. Jhoan MJ TNHLZ

    alguien mas vino por que Jungkook la recomendó? xD Al parecer si... es buena la canción :3

    Gabriela Gomez Palacio

    yo también estoy aquí por el 😂 y la canción es muy buena

  17. YQ FOONG


  18. Annnnn

    I'm glad Kookie also listens to Skylar Grey. Her music and lyrics are always so beautiful.

  19. Lali Fainello

    Bonito gusto tiene kook :'3

  20. biskut seagull _


  21. may c

    kookie good taste

  22. kirei

    Wahh came here because BTS! Thank you!! They have really great taste in music!

  23. Roro Sung

    Jungkook never disappoints me ! his music taste is LOVE!

    Alexia Barros


    karolina xyz

    +Roro Sung everything he recommends is so pretty

  24. shistyWolf

    I miss her ;(

  25. Raul

    This is crazy! I did not know this was Skylar Grey! I just remember this video being preloaded on my Insignia MP3 player. I would listen to it all the time :)

    Tara Clark

    Me too! Random question - do you remember what other music videos were preloaded on that??


    @Tara Clark Will You Be Around by Platinum Weird and Little Razorblade by The Pink Spiders.

    Danielle Asphall

    And Matt White - Best Days

    Dory Fin

    There was another one..they were all standing by a pool singing I been looking for that one forever!

  26. Paradite

    She can sing. The problem I had was I listened to a minute of this song and I felt like I was listening to it for 5 minutes already. It is way to slow. 

  27. eRic

    Reminds me of Sarah McLachlan circa 1997. So good. So sad she let the industry change her :(

    Quinn Dang

    @regression I would argue that her voice has evolved tremendously. I didn't even recognize her when she took off with Skylar Grey.

    Jingtian Wang

    I think the newer Skylar Grey stuff is better now

    Jingtian Wang

    I think the newer Skylar Grey stuff is better now

    Jingtian Wang

    I think the newer Skylar Grey stuff is better now

  28. aikune

    Doesn't mean it ain't stupid

  29. ShatDad

    C'mon let me ride is satirical.

  30. Foggy Forests

    i heard her music first on I need a Dr, and suddenly that's a bad thing... lol shut up and enjoy the music, why does it matter if "you got here first".

    you would think her true fans would be happy she's getting the recognition she deserves.

  31. LeonFrankCW

    She should back as Holly Brook.

  32. LeonFrankCW

    Love Holly Brook, but her latest style sucks. She got many strange tattoo and she changed her style a lot, she shouldn't change sexy style like C'mon let me ride

  33. Padrae

    they are the same person different stage name lol

  34. Thirsty_Pickle

    Fort Minor- Where'd You Go

  35. Thiago Souza

    Long before. She's absolutely amazing.

  36. Angel Vasilev

    She is. She changed her name to Skylar Grey. Look up her songs :)

  37. Zolex

    I love her voice ✙Skylar Grey and Holly Brook fan✙

  38. LaQuan Schoolfield

    sorry I mean that in a good way like it least she got noticed even though she was known already by others it just widened her fan base.

  39. LaQuan Schoolfield

    What the fuck does it matter? it least they found her somehow whether before or after

  40. Madeline Morris

    does anyone know any singers who sing songs like holly? Now that she's skylar, I'm looking for a new idol...

  41. Kristen Kimball

    I *Just* learned that Skylar Grey, someone i thought was an irritating new generic tween-music singer is actually Holly Brook, one of my favorite artists of all time. I probably played Like Blood, Like Honey a thousand times over the years. Her music moved me, it touched my soul. This song was practically my anthem, I connected with it so deeply. Right now I just want to punch whatever music label executive is responsible for this in a sensitive place.

  42. MasterMinda1025

    93 hipsters have watched this video.

  43. RBGHfam

    You are so right. She is finally in the industry, but not the public eye...YET!

  44. i077

    She is too young and has too much music in her to be buried. Bring her back Skylar Grey!

  45. nurisim

    RIP Holly Brook, the talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who is buried in the corpse of a shallow, insipid, hip-hop waif. Every song I have heard by Skylar Grey is okay, but fails to truly showcase the ephemeral and transient qualities of that delicate voice. It is all buried under layers and layers of crap. I hope this is a passing phase and I get Holly Brook back. I killed this CD playing it so much!

  46. MitoxHD

    @ChloeeCarr she didnt'.

  47. HalfABlackDude

    didnt know they were the same person..lol just sayin, liked her since whered u go..and that was 5 years ago

  48. Phoebe. O. Morakinyo

    So Holly Brook and Skylar grey are the same person?

  49. Sofia Garcia

    Skylar deserves the attention of the whole world

  50. Jin

    I like her music lyrically and vocally but her best stuff is like this IMO.

  51. eda1102

    thumb up if you remember her from the Fort Minor track, Where'd You Go.
    (And you'd never actually hear of any eminem song where she was featured.)

  52. Jiffy

    she changed her name because she needed to let her past life go and move on

  53. tomaszu00

    It's very shame that she change her artist name and now plays pooh-music :(

  54. jlsk01

    She is such talent.

  55. Bernadette Ison

    I'm so damn curious

  56. Bernadette Ison

    I'm so damn curious

  57. infisek

    so talented

  58. Ciaran Connolly

    @madscarymoviefan she didn't change her name to get more famous, she changed her name because she wanted a different stage name.

  59. Annie

    @Jeff55369 saaaaaaaaaaaame :)

  60. ImSoLament

    I love it when artists write their songs all by themselves. It's unique.

  61. Jeff

    @4LoveOfDance I heard about her because she was featured in ft. minor. She sang well, I wanted to hear what else she did.

  62. shistyWolf

    Very pretty without all the make up. Loved her since Fort Minor

  63. rshenster

    i think her lack of success is due to the style of her songs. many main streams songs today are pop, hip hop, and rap. true music like this isn't appreciated as much today

  64. Norman

    I love her VOICE! OMG! :)

  65. plainlazy121

    she looks so different now

  66. monkeyonx

    I have always been in love with her voice. No lie.

  67. Mitchell Roberts

    One word: Beautiful

  68. Arthur stevens

    @williambrazzers She's getting Very famous, very. via skylar grey

  69. Vahtacen Terrence


  70. marley

    that is how i feeling now

  71. Ailynne Castillo

    i love your song...^o^...

  72. abbz101012xc

    i was think why does she sound so much like skylar grey and its cus that is her silly me :3

  73. HeartReborn

    @Skittle1999 Really? I knew about her when "Where'd You Go" by Fort Minor came out in 2005. I think she was 20 at the time.

  74. dynamikjoe

    Garth Brooks AKA Chris Gaines = suck

    Holly Brook AKA Skylar Grey = awesome

  75. bambaby07

    I didn't realize that she was the same person as Skylar Grey .

  76. Remeliss

    10 people dont know what true music is....she truly has an amazing voice.

  77. Kinga Csarmasz

    Listening to her is so fantastic.
    She has a freakin beautiful haunted and emotional voice of a woman.
    And what is more, she sings live the best I have ever had from someone.

  78. Adela Smadea

    @skittle1999 i never knew about her until Dance without you. :)

  79. MusicDoesChange

    I'm soooo damn curious to know.. Why the hell are they 10 dislikes!?

  80. Reilly Skinner

    @DavoCitizen she changed it when "holly brook" didnt get very famouse so she switched to skylar grey who's becoming a huge hit!

  81. jazzuan

    The way she sings in Love the way you lie is kind off different form this one... Both are awesome, but its sound like there's more feelings and passion in her voice under the name skylar grey...

  82. Chloe

    She's gonna get VERY famous.

  83. kopopo23

    now she's goth D;

  84. tschiefnrone

    holly brook was her old name, almost all of her features with other artists are under the name of skylar grey!

  85. Entails

    Her voice...its...just so....FREAKIN AWESOME!

  86. relyk92

    @flaper41 don't try sarcasm on youtube, it doesnt work :<

  87. Ernest Cline

    This sounds like a Sara McLachlan song. :-)

  88. fordbullittboy

    she has a beautiful soul. Great song Holly

  89. NSBurak

    love the smile at the end.

  90. Ali Zubaidi

    I'm glad that there are genuine true artists in today's music, like her.
    I really hope more of her show up in the future. And less of the shitty music nowadays.

  91. JohnHunt

    @missingleads She changed her name because she likes the colour Grey, I think. Something like this, I remember reading it on a site.

  92. Aurélie Sérafimoff

    I knew her for a while when I heard the song with dr dre, but I didn't know it was her. When I noticed I was like, what? But I'm kinda happy that she's finally getting known.

  93. Yolo Cause I'm A Zombie

    autotune really screwed up music because it's really rare to find voices like this anymore. her voice is PERFECT words just can't describe it.

  94. Ники Страшимиров

    What manner of voice is this?! It's PERFECT!

  95. Oda Tonstad

    @astarks94 Skylar Grey is her stage name, she didn’t change it. Lady Gaga did the same thing, and it worked out well for her… ;)

  96. Wendy’s Loving Life

    I love you skylar!!

  97. diva1675

    she writes alot of songs. That girl is getting paid.

  98. Delbeyy

    her new name is skylar grey

  99. Luna

    I Love Her Voice

  100. outsideredge

    Glad she's made it to the big time. I was a fan of her from "Where'd you Go" by Fort Minor and I bought Like Blood Like Honey. It's still one of my favorite albums. I know her next album will be more hip-hop influenced, but I will get it the second its out. Congrats Skylar/Holly!