Holiday, Billie - The Way You Look Tonight Lyrics

Someday when I'm awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow
Just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight
Oh, but you're lovely
With your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft
There is nothing for me
But to love you
Just the way you look tonight
With each word
Your tenderness grows
Tearing my fear apart
And that laugh
That wrinkles your nose
Touches my foolish heart
Lovely, never never change
Keep that breathless charm
Won't you please arrange it
Cause I love you
Just the way you look tonight

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Holiday, Billie The Way You Look Tonight Comments
  1. David Reid

    More than likely the best version I've heard. Pure magic.

  2. Brian Ratekin

    Wow. The phrasing!

  3. Le Random PC Gamer

    SEXSEXSEXSEXISALLICANTHINKABOOOOOUUUUUUUUUT OAH YES I just got an erection watching my daughter will come back here after the rape,

  4. Cherlyn Burleson BlackBird

    Fantastic. Love the clarinet sound.

  5. 坂巻洋


  6. Jay Young

    She sings exactly the way I've always felt inside, starting when I was a mere five years old.

  7. J P

    Many times great ;/

  8. derek t booth

    Thanks eldo

  9. Cruse12

    My gosh-she was so good.

  10. tricky dick

    Not a great version, that double rhythm sucks.

  11. Lana Dale

    She is one of my favorites along with Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald!

  12. ihazcupcake

    The fact that Frank Sinatra made a cover of this song and both have different style of music amazes me.

  13. Niko Mazanashvili

    I'm young and stuck listening to 30s-90s music. It changed my life, because i started thinking differently, and it made me happy and sad sometimes, because i can't see people, who can express their emotions and feelings like billie could. She was expressing it through music, even with or without, we are not emotional today, we can't feel, only when we're hurt physically... nobody can feel this style of music, and i don't understand, do you like trap and bass that basically blow our ears off? I was listening to trap before i found billie, and other legends... So sad that the message that billie and others gave to us, almost no-one can understand today, they'd rather hear drums every second going hard at it, rather than listening to real music, which has harmony, lyrics that make you think, these songs that billie and others were releasing, it was about their lives, of course we wouldn't learn from them because why do we care? I care, we have same life situations billie had, maybe not now, but in the future it might happen, just glad to hear real music,that cleared my mind from trap and bass trash...

    harlem shaker

    Yeah what a long-winded way of saying you were born in the wrong generation. Just shut up and listen to the songs you like. You dont have to be a goddamn snob aboit it.

    Niko Mazanashvili

    @harlem shaker you got it wrong... I'm not saying that i'm sad that i was born in wrong generation.

    Donald Duck

    Niko,so glad to see a young man with a mind of yours,keep it up,you are great and unique 👍

  14. J G

    So hard to sit still while listening to this! Her voice and all the instruments are all so perfect together!

  15. Richard Condon

    So, as I visit I see 74 shared my thoughts. I cannot expand further except to say I still create lasting art and make friends. All from an early love of music like this that touches the heart.

  16. monica bella

    BILLIE ❤

  17. Jersey shore chef

    Super cool

  18. Jeannie Bartlett

    I found her in my 20s and I liked a few songs, in my 30's she resonated with me, and now her songs fill me with memories of my own and those of her time. May your spirit find us again Billie.

  19. The Artful Dodger

    Amazing! Her voice sounds exactly like a saxophone. Oh, wait ...

  20. Pratyush Purohit

    My love sent me here, ill always go back to her to come back to this music

    Medhavi Dua

    Never letting you go away from my heart, my love

  21. eldo dieseltune auto

    Congratulations, if you're reading this comment it means you have great musical taste.

    Joey the toner guy

    oh yeah I was born in 1961 and it was love at first listening my mom and dad and grandparents were into this I am very lucky

    Naomi Gichuki

    Well thank you

    Tracey Savell

    Isnt this just like velvet


    No, just good game taste

    Tony Negron

    🎙 Happy New Year! 2020

  22. Karen Walsh

    Love this💕🌹

  23. Watching TESHA


  24. shihlin1

    "Some day, when I'm awfully low
    When the world is cold
    I will feel a glow just thinking of you
    And the way you look tonight.....
    Yes, you're lovely, with your smile so warm
    And your cheeks so soft
    There is nothing for me but to love you
    And the way you look tonight......"

    Lyrics so simple yet so universal !
    Made all the more memorable by Billie‘s bouncy interpretation.
    Ah, can't beat that combo !


    My grandfather loved Gershwin and this lady would have liked this if he could

  26. 荒島唱片行

    love this song

  27. Painted Butterfly

    Any other 90's baby here listening in 2019. Bruh this was real music. Forever love you Billie

    monica bella

    ❤ Lady Day rules!


    Oh, that's surprising - your comment made me believe you were born yesterday for a second.

    Kimberly Dejesus

    yes year 93 and i lovvvvve this music!

    scar trismegistus

    Yuuup 93 too but I have the taste in music of a middle aged man hah

  28. John rowley

    Wow what a wonderful singer

  29. reina coffee

    Excuse me if I get up and dance to this cute song. I can't help myself!!

  30. elizalove

    *Wonderful Billie Holiday!! ☆😊💦 ♡ 🌹 ♪♫ • 🇨🇷*

  31. jim lieb

    Man, I love the lively beat of this one!

  32. Hans Blix

    You mean simeone had sung this before Sinatra?

  33. Heru- deshet

    Loving this in 2019.

  34. Rick Roybal

    Oh damn.

  35. Cacodemon9078

    "Disculpame por lo que voy a hacer pero esto es insoportable".

  36. gabe v

    I love this song,they dont make good music anymore-I'm stuck listening to the 60,70,80's sigh -the first time I heard this was over the radio in my new 58 chevy belair(miss that car)i will be 85 tomorrow and I still haven't done half the things i wanted to accomplish-take care younguns


    gabe v I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! 💕

    Liz Davies

    How about you. I'm nearly there with you; music and life xx

    Joe Harkins

    Gabe - shame on you for giving up so young. Yes, young. You are only 85. I am almost 87. When I was 80 I decided to upgrade and activate my bucket list by picking up where I left a potential career when i was 20, as a singer and actor.

    Two weeks ago I had to turn down an invitation from Mariah Carey to sing WITH her at the Hard Rock Hotel in Atlantic City because I had a long-standing event already booked. In the past 5+ years I have sung in a major Broadway show and been the lead in 3 Off-Off-Broadway shows. I created and manage a business that manages 12 performers. I have performed before, for and with major celebrities.

    Doubt me? Of course you do. Sometimes I doubt I've done this too. But look:

    What are you waiting for? There's still time. (BTW - I miss my 57 Chevy - and let's not even talk about my 51 Mercury Coupe.)

    C Forbes

    do tell....

    Spirtual Gangsta

    U will get to do everything ,u didn't get to do in your next lifetime.
    I happy u had a wonderful birthday & many more!

  37. 32amelia

    I was blessed with a mother who had exquisite tase in music.
    I grew up with music from this era.

  38. Soledad Lorenzo Alonso

    Una verdadera maravilla

  39. Priscilla Saturnino

    3 de agosto de 2019

  40. Timothy Grocock

    Let's give this masterpiece fifty trillion views. Peace to all fans, Billie's soul is in our hearts. Tim.


    Amazing and wonderful music and voice.

  42. SandViolet

    Incredible- 183 thumbs down! I want names!

  43. Omid Rostami

    Billie holidays sing drive me to history and 1920 America intensely...billie is amazing

  44. Omid Rostami

    Fall out games were beautiful more because of your songs in it

  45. Fahad Ahmed

    These kind of music remind me tom and Jerry cartoon

  46. Paul Wesson

    Love this version

  47. Pablo López

    Aguanten los simuladores!!

  48. Gordy Oh

    She was 21 when she went in the studio to sing this. Oh my!

  49. WinterGirl

    Timeless <3

  50. deano dog

    How does hardship produce such beauty?

  51. Tim Fisher

    Never really appreciated how amazing Billie was. Yes there were many greats in that time (Sarah Vaughn. Ella, many more). But Billie alone was not just a singer, she was truly a real Jazz singer.

  52. Legendary Duke

    Billie from my City 💕💕💕

  53. Dave mawson

    The clarinet is Vido Musso,not Benny Goodman. Davemawson..

  54. Marisa Orlandini

    Grande Billie!! <3

  55. Leo Bustos Rio Tercero

    Like si llegaste aca por LOS SIMULADORES #AguanteArgentina

  56. KER JI

    un monument de l'histoire du jazz !

  57. A Gentle Lady

    A Monday Find...:0)

  58. Joshua Wilkie

    With all focus on My audible reception receptors, t()() be in the Audible witnessed surrounds I have created; has My Theoretical Heart fill with delight. This Voice. All thus power filled properly pronounced Words meanings, together combine too have this |3eing "A Classic". Billie Holiday when those Words "Love You" are pleasantly pronouncing from your Mean as Pythagorean means Instrument, I am internally taken right back. Back too a Romantic, most Romantic period within throughout this consistently constant present Day \3eing()_0o-o0_() You Billie Holiday are so Beautiful in all areas of Personified Being action Herd//. // My Telecommunications mainly used for Music device, is not nearly complete without your suspenseful personified of High intellect Voice amongst.,.-.,. /YEAh/'

  59. Mahsun KARA

    O heryerde

  60. Pablo Palacios Ramos


  61. William Morton Jr.

    I wonder if this song was originally written at a faster beat like this?


    This is my favorite song ever! Let's go billie! You rule the jazz world!🎶🎵⭐🎤❇🎸🌟🌠🎵❇🎸🌟✨💯💯💯💯💯

  63. Lieutenant douche

    135 Dislikes from the Non Allied Countries

  64. Ricardo Murcia.prijs

    I got the whole columbia collection, its the best buy i ever did Miss Holiday never bores.
    and im only 29 but this music knows no age, since this music never ages.

  65. amenra bey

    Billie Holiday has the greatest voice ever no songstress today can compare to Ms. Holiday this is true old school.

  66. Beatríz Marisela Soriano


  67. el Bambino

    elBambino Sample Beat !!!

  68. Bruno Diaz

    El mundo no puede corregirse, la fuerza mayor indica que el derrumbe es inevitable.

  69. antidepressant11

    just captures the era. the irony of optimism living in depressing times

  70. Aline Ricci

    Amo demais é uma sensação de saciedade 😍😍😍😍😍 sou completamente apaixonada essas músicas definem infância nos filmes da Disney , Fox , Warner Bros continha essas trilhas sonoras , o primeiro a vim na cabeça é o "mágico de Oz " que delícia de ritmo musical ,😍😍😍😍😍Brazil in Bahia 🙋

  71. Sandra Seaton

    Love her. And the way she sounds tonight. Nobody like Billie. Her phrasing. Her diction. Her sense of humor and of drama. The way she plays with the lyrics and still keeps the writer's intent. She dresses herself in each song. Wears each one so well.

    Wayne J

    Yes. She's the ultimate songtress. A true artist whose art is forever, as this sort of beauty lives outside of time.

    Sandra Seaton

    @Wayne J thanks for your great reply!

  72. Gregg Levin

    Class in a song.. Billie  Holiday was class personified.

  73. B E Kelly

    Yes indeed.

  74. Veronica Binns

    Don’t know her but love ❤️ her song!💕💕💕🎄💕💕🎄😋

    William Stamper

    She know 5hat music. Makes those who know. Know... Music and add he sexy

    William Stamper

    I'm always sexy for you Billie girl remember 62 our holiday. Miss u wait for me on other side like we talked about. Love u always patrick

  75. Harry Minot

    Enthallingly Eternal! Tearing my fear apart!

  76. Unknown Source

    Who else came here because of tupac lol

  77. Samuel Bell

    I don't suppose anyone knows what year this was recorded in?

    William Morton Jr.

    1936 ten months after the original

  78. sofia Istambul

    I know... I'll play that song tonight, cause I lov him that bunch!!!

  79. Ralph Rotten

    It's never not a good time to listen to some Billie Holiday.

  80. Beatriz Perroni

    Vim por The Red Bow kkkk fic camren sz

  81. Hyhena Girl31

    I love this music and her to

  82. Deb Jones loyal

    Billie and Judy, two singers who sang from thier souls.

  83. antidepressant11

    not a jazz fan. didn't like this one at first...but...slowly..graduaaally...its just magic!

  84. Deb Wunder

    I think she is the only female singer with enough grit in her voice to pull this one off properly.

  85. Brokeman music

    now this is mad funky

  86. Feking Deef

    hi, does anyone know where to find a piano sheet for this or a tutorial on how to play it? can't seem to find any of billie's version

    William Morton Jr.

    Teddy Wilson was the pianist and the lead on this record, Billie was only 20 year old at the time of the recording.

  87. Billy Murray Fan

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 She sucks shot. One of the worst female singer before Miley Cyrus. I HATE HER RECORDINGS

  88. N O O N E Y


  89. zamtrax

    Adoro !
    sonzinho gostoso , boa música é atemporal !