Hole - Skinny Little Bitch Lyrics

Skinny little bitch
Staring at the mirror
In your desperation to disappear

And you would be oh so dumb to fuck with me
Cause baby you're much too young to end up with me

Your bedrooms walls are falling down
And everyone can see you now
Your bedroom walls they sell for cheap
You lie, you lie alone
You lie alone
You never sleep
Oh, you never sleep

Skinny little bitch
Praying to the Lord
Praying for some salvation
Cause she's oh so bored

In my vile sex horror and my cheap drugs hell
I am all the things you'll never live to tell

And you will never see the light
I'll just obscure it out of spite
You're just a nasty piece of work
Come on, come on baby
Come on baby, let it burn
Oh, baby, does it hurt?

Born of foul creation
Born of sour milk
Cocaine filth

You staggered here on broken glass
So I could kick your scrawny ass
All the drugs and all the burns
What a nasty, what a nasty, nasty piece of work
Oh, baby, does it hurt?
Oh, baby, just go slower
Oh, baby, just go lower
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch
Skinny little bitch

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Hole Skinny Little Bitch Comments
  1. Dee Leinefanny


  2. Zzz Zzz

    Tough ass broad!!!

  3. Thiago lima Dahmer

    Putinha Magricela
    Putinha magricela
    Olhando para o espelho
    Em seu desespero pra desaparecer
    E você seria tão burra de foder comigo
    Porque queridinha, você é nova demais pra acabar comigo

    As paredes do seu quarto estão desmoronando
    E todo mundo pode ver você agora
    As paredes do seu quarto não valem nada
    Você mente, você mente sozinha
    Você mente sozinha, você nunca dorme
    Como você nunca dorme

    Putinha magricela
    Acerca de Deus
    Rezando por alguma salvação
    Porque ela está entediada demais
    Ouça minha vadia insignificante
    Minhas infernais drogas baratas
    E todas as coisas que você não vai viver pra contar

    Você nunca verá luz
    Eu vou ofuscá-la com o ódio
    Você é só uma idiota desagradável
    Vamos, vamos queridinha
    Vamos queridinha, deixa queimar
    Oh queridinha, isso dói?

    Nascida da criação sórdida
    Nascida do leite amargo
    Da cocaína suja

    Você cambaleava aqui no vidro quebrado
    Então eu chutei sua bunda magra
    Todas as drogas e todas as queimaduras
    Que idiota, que idiota
    Que idiota desagradável
    Oh queridinha, isso dói?
    Oh queridinha, vai mais devagar
    Oh queridinha, vai sem pressa

    Putinha magricela...

  4. kimmyfreak200

    this sounds old skool... like mid 90s... love it

  5. Ernst van Gelderen

    Oh Hell She is! But you do not and neither. It is a start. x

  6. TJ K

    By skinny little b is she referring to male hipsters wearing skinny jeans?

  7. Hailey Michelle

    Sounds a lot like Dive by Nirvana

  8. Rem

    I like this song and am a big rock fan but sorry i always thought she was a man

  9. Arielle Shea

    Skinny little bitch
    Starin' at the mirror
    In your desperation to disappear
    And you would be oh so dumb to fuck with me
    Cause baby you're much too young to end up with me
    Your bedroom walls fallin' down
    Everyone can see you now
    Your bedroom walls suffer truth
    Now you lie, you lie, you lie alone
    You lie alone, you never sleep
    How you never sleep
    Skinny little bitch
    Praying to the lord
    Praying for some salvation
    Cause she's oh so bored
    In my vile sex horror and cheap drugs hell
    And all the things you'll never live to tell
    And you will never see the light
    You're just obscure and out of spite
    You're just a nasty piece of work
    Come on, come on, come on baby
    Come on baby let it burn
    Oh baby does it hurt
    Born, of foul creation
    Born, of sour milk
    Cocaine filth
    You stepped your heels in broken glass
    So I could kick your scrawny ass
    And all the drugs and all the burns
    What a nasty
    What a nasty, nasty piece of work
    Oh baby does it hurt
    Oh baby just go slower
    Oh baby just go lower
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch
    Skinny little bitch

  10. Lil Kennedy

    This was the first hole song I ever heard, I remember it from tap tap revenge back in like 2010. Still one of my favorite bands 💜

  11. The Orange Clown

    Now that's what i called punk rock.

    Bobbi McNeely

    Fuck yeah

  12. ale

    Plump pt 2

  13. Ray Allen

    I think hole is a very good band but something confuses me if grundge came out of Seattle in the 90s then what the fuck was Joan jet an the black hearts giving us in the 80s because if you listen to Joan jets bad reputation an holes violets isn't it the same thing with the same intensity energy an emotion? Therefore dosnt that place them in the same genre

  14. Nicole Martinez

    "Skinny Little Bitch... Starin' at the mirror... In your desperation to disappear (.....)"

  15. Farah Raay

    Her mind so powerful ❤

  16. Psycho Annie


  17. Laurence Pokras

    So absolutely Awesome underated talent.... Definitely a legend....who does this kind of rock..??? Only a legend that's who , you "Skinny little bitch" you!

  18. Annie REILY

    Love miss courtney

  19. Telly Melly

    She was not given her due. Brilliant. So underrated. That's when people worshipped Madonna . Madonna could never hit it like Courtney

  20. Dennis Maitland

    Can u please contact me? Begging u.


  21. Sophie O.

    I prefer Hole's early stuff (POTI and LTT), and Celebrity Skin and Nobody's Daughter aren't my cup of tea, but this song is amazing!

  22. Shane Darling

    just go slower just go lower

  23. Marina Doshkevich

    Kind of funny considering how hard Cortney tried to stay slender, and only succeeded with surgery.

    Maria Beatriz H. B.

    get a life lmaoo loser

  24. Kendall Knable

    my ex had me listening to hole for like a month straight on pandora


    That's a good month.

    Marina Doshkevich

    Questionable taste in women /and or music.

  25. Stephanie Romero

    I was a Hole fan for years but the bitch had something to do with Kurt's death.
    And yes this does sound like a Nirvana ripoff. Still catchy! she played this on Jimmy Kimmel years ago. I was in the crowd.

    ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴘᴏᴛ

    Stephanie Romero what makes you believe she did that?

    Ray Allen

    Narcissistic people always leave hints of what they do because they think their smarter than everyone else listen to her song Malibu there she told you how she tormented him an drove him to his death.


    mikey way Well you see, extremely unintelligent people often believe whatever the tabloids in the grocery check-out line tell them, regardless of the lack of facts and simple logic supporting their claims. They also seem to enjoy pretending that they knew these people and their situations personally, that all of the facts have been presented to them, and that they are qualified to make such pronouncements. It would seem that Stephanie Romero is one of that lot.

  26. Muriel Ruiz

    Bravo, Hole. Et merci pour le coup de main.

  27. Declan O'Gorman

    the sound on this vid is so superior to other versions, thanks, its fucking marvellous

  28. RebllionDog

    She's so under rated...

    Ernst van Gelderen

    Oh Hell She is! But you do not and neither. It is a start. x


    She killed kurt what do you expect

    Ernst van Gelderen

    So it is said by word of mouth...., or worse!

    deez nutz

    @Rem fuck off

  29. viktoria westrin högström

    it works when you are mad on your friend.

    Jessica Hanyok

    😈 westrin högström

    Susan Atkins


  30. Steph Fahey

    I heard this song was a diss to someone but who???

    Scarlett Howard

    +jayson williams Lily Allen.

    jj williamsoconnor

    @Scarlett Howard paris hilton

    Scarlett Howard

    It's really Lily Allen. She said it, man.

    Steph Fahey

    I didnt realize lily allen was skinny

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    jeffree star

  31. gianna victoria

    Phyllis go hate somewhere else. Courtney fucking rocks. my favorite!

  32. darren knight

    Courtney is a fucking legend

    Jessica Hanyok

    darren knight C. Love Is STil reverent, and

    sasha ch

    how about Cobain?

  33. Whirlaway

    I love her stuff. Courtney Love is awesome! This song rocks!!

  34. FortMetallica

    This riff is fucking crunchy, and it's great.

  35. brandoon50

    Sounds almost like dive by Nirvana

    Isaac Talisman

    Reminds me of the A-side to Bleach a lot. If it were more dynamic I'd see practically no difference.


    Ikr. I thought I was the only one…

    Johan Ericsson

    Sorta...I thought the same thing. Also "Hello" is "Sister Havana," "I'll Do Anything" is "Smells like Teen Spirit"...you could get away with that maybe once, then it starts to get hacky

  36. Phyllis Brosmer

    Dumb ass bitches...She has made it where none of you ever could...Say what you want,,But She Is ' Courtney Love' and you are nothing..absolutly nothing!

    Phyllis Brosmer

    Just a dumb ass bitch, right.  Why do you hate her?  Her talent' do not deny it, unless you know more than the music critics., Is it that she can afford to be a junkie and get by? (Oh well, lucky her.)  Is it because she killed the love of her life and the father of her child....no she did not.  Personally I think you hate strong women who refuse to put up with limp dicks, and I am talking about a limp dick society...take it personal if it applies.

    Rick VanMeter

    Phyllis Brosmer I think I love you!

    Ashley Whitehead

    @Phyllis Brosmer lol definitely borrowing that if you don't mind. Lol✊✊ Vernacular asswhippen.

  37. adam lynch

    For one dumb ass if you knew the amount of H in his system you would realize that he would have been dead or at least nodding out while trying to pull the trigger. Maybe you should do some research before you talk shit Sherlock bitch.


    Dude, obviously you have never known a heroin addict. Its called tolerance. The more you do the longer you do it, the more your system can handle it. Trust me. If you have been through the experience of a narcotics anonymous meeting,-- or lived that life yourself you would know how dumb that argument is and the crazy amount an addict can take and needs to take to get by. It might have been a hot shot for someone who hadn't done it as much as him, but I bet if he hadn't pulled the trigger he would have lived. Still wanted to die--but lived.

    Terese Drew

    Jess im so glad you commented that

  38. Nilson Nobre

    fucking awesome

  39. Kristen Jett

    From a lyrical standpoint, this and the other songs off the album are probably her best, most personable, ever written

  40. Viktoria Westrin Högström

    cp courtney is on coke and pills again police

  41. Aatira

    ღCourtney Loveღ is an amazing singer songwriter and will always be on the top of the heep of female vocalists IMHO. (。❤◡❤。)

    Marina Doshkevich

    Except for how none of it is written by her.

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    cool pfp, did someone draw it

  42. Viktoria Westrin Högström

    whats up with this war against each other? courtney isn't evil like you.

  43. DR. HOUSE M.D.

    Olympia and Violet are my 2 fave Hole songs but this one rocks out with its cock out! xD

  44. DR. HOUSE M.D.

    ha ha! you rock! xD



  46. Soleil A

    lol courtney youre the skinny bitch!! XD

    Maria Beatriz H. B.

    No. You are

  47. Miss Potent

    Proof? Oh.. you have none? Awkward.. maybe shut the fuck up :)

  48. Bunnyscene

    Why does this only have 246.488 views?

  49. Nozomi Tsuji

    never thought I'd see the day where someone thought a song from Nobodies Daughter was Hole's best work haha

  50. Pasqualino Settebellezze

    hi baby

  51. babylovespie

    the only good hole song

  52. J.S Live_Forever

    why main riff reminds me DIVE? btw good song :D

  53. krazychemist78

    I'd love to hear Hole cover some Sleater-Kinney and L7!

  54. Jocelyn Jean

    Fucking perfection!

  55. Belle Broskie

    Whew,cocaine filth!

  56. Derek McCallan

    GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!

  57. BloodyBlonde Baby

    Omg. I definitely would be down to go man!

  58. fückin eh

    ugh i want them to do a tour, that'd be soo awesome

  59. BloodyBlonde Baby

    Same here man! I'm too fucking excited over this right now.

  60. fückin eh

    i just found out they had a fourth album
    this is exciting

  61. HAYDS510

    all that speculation is full of shit, you're right... but that was kind of an overreaction

  62. mindinsolitude

    She wasn't in the same state at the time. And she revived him on several occasions in the months before. She could have left him not breathing numerous times, but she didn't she wanted him to live. Comments like that would make Kurt turn in his grave. GET A LIFE. Courtney Love when she was a drug addict had greater purpose in her big toe that you have in your whole body. SO STFU

  63. mindinsolitude

    The album as a hole is quite deep lyrically, it's just as deep as Live through this. This song was added as a headbanger to lighten the mood. The response from critics was more positive than negative. The album like many a good rock album these days didn't sell because the label won't invest in it's promotion. I loved this album, it's a cool marriage of a punk and folk rock sound.

  64. deussolinvictus

    OK, I understand there's not a great deal of depth to these lyrics and that the album's universally panned, but...... this song's a hell of a lot better than the other garbage on rock radio.

  65. smellslikeplatypus21

    Awhh shit did you guys know she killed Kurt?

  66. D. S. McFly

    the main riff is very similar, and that's about it. it's hardly plagiarism.

  67. CountDruckula

    Nicotine is still a drug, and almost everybody ingests caffeine

  68. mindinsolitude

    So happy Courtney stayed clean. As for Drew it's so hard to believe she ever had a drug problem. Now me and courtney have the same additions caffeine and nicotine.

  69. drtreg

    This song is ripe to be played in a hip cult film - not one of those generic films plaguing the film industry at present

  70. twistedkarm

    its funny how kurt became a bigger problem to courtney when he died
    she first had to handle the helpless junkie
    and since the "big day" she has to put up with the black widow stupid nonsense
    funny isnt it?

  71. Hayden Oran

    "Skinny Little Bitch"
    and "Dive" are completely different.

  72. StrawberryJuice Knight

    After all, didn't Courtney used to be married with Kurt?

  73. MrRightNow469

    Courtney's been drug free (except caffeine and nicotine) for the last 6 yrs. She and Drew Barrymore are turn around success stories.

  74. g0ogly

    Sorry, no. I don't like to "palm off all of Courtney's achievements...", I like some of her stuff (Violet is outstanding, for example), but a real fan would call it like it is.

  75. D. S. McFly

    there's similarity if you listen enough, but it's definately not plagiarized. maybe you need to stop being a jerkoff who likes to palm off all of Courtney's achievements onto Kurt, I'm saying this as a big Nirvana, Hole, Courtney and Kurt fan.

  76. Maddica Elizabeth

    Shes My Hero <3

  77. risingsonseven

    shes no joan jett, but i like her voice

  78. g0ogly

    The song's name is "Dive", from the Incesticide album by Nirvana, but I believe Courtney is legally entitled to plagiarise it.

  79. pauleuro16

    i'm glad that hole became a cult band, and not following nowadays shit !! , hole rulez so does courtney

  80. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    the rave-up at the end = so badass :)

  81. lucifersgarden


    Thank you for helping me demonstrate the concept of having one's own opinion. I wasn't sure I could pull it off by myself, and you really came through for me.

  82. SalandFindles

    @lucifersgarden She doesn't even play guitar really. She wears it as an ornament. She's a shit musician. She also has no vocal range or any formal skill.

  83. sharon karen

    current theme song. <3 i love hole. :D

  84. Lord Vladimort


  85. kiro siva

    @Asarelah 29 now

  86. smokelakes

    "my gods a skinny little bitch tryin to make the scene"...hmm

  87. Frank Quam

    who wrote this one for her? / who is she fucking now?

  88. Chop Nugs

    Its so great this album fucking flopped so hard. 33,000 sold is so LAME! Stupid bitch!

  89. Virna Lisi

    this is great, that skinny little bitch got talent

  90. hashfromplan9

    fuck off with the cobain theories, we all kno he did himself in

  91. sammie nichole

    25 people are big fat manwhores :P

  92. istvan natrabula

    Very cool!!!

  93. Mando0725

    25 fat big bitches dont like this

  94. mmk

    And you would be oohh so dumb to fuck with me ;)
    love that bit.

  95. rockdudeguy18

    Fuck this bitch.
    But I like her music.

  96. JordanjamesX

    @Phunt555 Why do you talk such bullshit? If Courtney did kill Kurt she would of been in jail by now! Kurt was a very depressed young man that's a fact! You cannot blame Courtney for the fact her husband was messed up.