Hoku - You First Believed Lyrics

How many times did I pray
You'd find me
How many wishes on a star
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I'd see your face
Safe at home unafraid
Captured in your embrace

So many times
When my heart was broken
Visions of you
Would keep me strong
You were with me all along
Guiding my every step
You are all that I am
And I'll never forget

It was you who first believed
In all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes
You held my hand
And showed me life
And I've never been the same
Since you first believed

There were times
When I'd thought I'd lost you
Fearing forever was a dream
But it wasn't what it seemed
Placing your hand in mine
You could see in the dark
You were guiding my heart

It was you who first believed
In all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes
You held my hand
And you showed me life
And I've never been the same
Since you first believed

How many times did I pray
You'd find me
How many wishes on a star

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Hoku You First Believed Comments
  1. miamars delacruz

    Demz espinosa cover brought me here☺

  2. Cat Timmy

    It reminds of someone who i really loved. yet, nalaman ko ginagamit lang ako dahil buntis sya sa ibang lalaki. Balak nyang lokohin ako na ako ang tatay. 13 years na rin nakalipas. Im still single. Sya apat na anak nya sa 4 guys. Masakit lang mahal ko pa rin sya. Pero di ako tanga.

  3. Coco Chanel

    Who the f is Jaiga? Been listening to this song since I was in HS wayback 2007

  4. Cess Lao

    You actually brought me here, ~

  5. miki mousy

    this literally the song im going to sing for Jesus 💖

  6. Crizelle Nabilon

    Jaiga brought me here ❤

  7. Kimberly Ferca

    Owemji...JaiGa brings me here...At hindi ako nagiisa madami kami.

  8. sciencelearnremember

    Do you guys realize she is singing about Jesus in most of her songs? She is awesome.

  9. kharlo evangelista

    Moira's cover brought me here.

  10. Eliza Lomuntad

    Jaiga brought me here!😭❣

  11. yehet ohorat

    Came here because my crush recommended it😍

  12. Nahidah Bint Nabel

    #JaiGa brought me here

  13. Faith Alvez

    andito ka ba after nung random vlog ng jaiga? kung oo, then parehas tayooo!💓

  14. Jannah Reyes

    Jaiga brought me here :<… The song is so beautiful.

  15. Chelle Bergonio

    Because of jaiga

  16. Chelle Bergonio

    Because of jaiga

  17. Joan Topacio

    JaiGa brought me here 😍

  18. Jheena Mae

    because of JaiGa 😭🧡

  19. kuraaku03

    Did anyone here knew that this song is actually a gospel song?

  20. Sheeva Arnejo

    I miss the person who dedicated this song to me

  21. Carissa Camile Decano

    2019? ♥♥♥

  22. MammaMia 04090822

    This is really my song for my mom❤️❤️❤️

  23. aj perdigon

    2019?? ❤️

  24. Lesley χ Gusion MLBB

    i was here because of Konickz GamingYT

  25. alyssa patulot


  26. Yoshi Garilyo

    I've known this song for almost 11years already. When my friend sung this song while we are together. 2018 na ngayon, 12years old pa ako nun eh. Hehe

  27. Yoshi Garilyo

    I've known this song for almost 11years already. When my friend sung this song while we are together. 2018 na ngayon, 12years old pa ako nun eh. Hehe

  28. Ayeisha Gee

    This song will never get old. 🎶🎤

  29. Rona Dimaculangan

    College days ko p to...wala pang maine wla pang moira

  30. Roselie Zamora

    Moira brought me here!! ❤

  31. jeremy ferreras

    Moira Dela Torre brought me here, thaks to her..... so lovely song! <3

  32. Nsandrei Bayangan

    maine brought me here too wahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  33. TheLoneWolf

    grabe ganda ng kanta! thankyou maine!:)
    mayroon na akong kanta para sa Girlbestfriend ko!

    Miko V.

    friendzone alert

  34. V B

    nandito ako dahil kinanta sakin to ng bestfriend ko 11 years ago.. at dahil na rin kay Maine Mendoza. naalala ko bestfriend ko. :)

  35. #Cousins Forever

    Love this song because of Maine! ☺

  36. Casey Chan

    love this song~!

  37. angelica canubida

    si maine talaga iba nagagawa sa akin..,sya reason kaya napahanap ako sa song na ito..,MaineInfluence talaga..,kaboses nya..,parang sya..,Maine Mendoza brought me here

  38. Vicenta Salanatin

    Ohh my Gosh !! I was looking for this song because of Maine. Sobra akong nagandahan sa song na to nung dinubsmush ni maine to sa kalyeserye.

  39. Mina Suarez

    Aldub brought me here :)

  40. marlon quio

    maine kasi :)

  41. Jorej Austria

    Maine brought me here.

  42. Jelai Luna

    nagustuhan ko talaga to kc narinig ko kay meng..

  43. Airah Panara-ag

    ganda! i'm here because of maine. 😊

  44. sutra yanit

    kaboses nga ni maine..kala ko talaga si maine yung kumanta sa KS..

  45. phibz phoebe

    yes nalaman ko din ung tittle neto :)
    kaboses ni maine :)

  46. Andy Tea

    because of maine!

  47. Evanangeline Lily


  48. Christopher Leung

    thank you maine ....love this sweet song..bless you and alden😍

  49. Luis C.

    i was here because of Maine...

  50. angeline baguio

    MAINE brought me here....

  51. Ireneo Lungay jr

    wow nice song.

  52. Ernesto Dela Cruz

    ganda ng taste ni maine sa music tapos maalala mo mga aldub moments ayy T_T

  53. good karma

    kaboses din ni Maine

  54. good karma

    for sure dadami ang viewers bec of Maine

  55. carmen shinn

    @twisted faith...I looked this song up because of maine mendoza. you have a problem with that?what dyo mean by wag babuyin yung song?you have exclusive rights to that song?don't you dare look down on us,maine's fans ok?remember,we aren't just fans!we are a nation!ALDUB NATION!!!

    Biehn E

    carmen shinn *cringed*

  56. Jeannelyn B

    Thanks maine for bringing this up! :D

  57. msladyken

    Maine's playlist pa more!

  58. Juvz Bolivar

    maine Vday playlist #6

  59. van mavy

    Maine's Playlist.. O my god..she's so deep.. she's so lovable I'M IN LOVE! God.

  60. joycejeffaj

    maine mendoza brought me here! salamat.


    Anong episode po yun? Kelan po niya kinanta? Salamat

  61. mary rose reyes

    maine mendoza valentines playlist <3

  62. Belle Valdez

    Maine's Vday Playlist No. 6. 😍😍

  63. michelle abigail vito pepillo

    Sobrang genuine at uplifting nitong song na to.. At the same time it heals as you release and try to dedicate it to someone special. ^_^

  64. queenie maniclang

    my favorite song ; )

  65. Ke ke ke

    2014 and still love to listen to this song ^_^

  66. Jhona Pensica

    I Dedicate This To My One And Only Man :))

  67. Ash Lee

    i love you papa...from ivy chavez

  68. April E

    ,..i've never been the same since you first believed..:)
    ,..thanks baby...i love you so much..♥

  69. caci Hoti

    thumbs up for 2013 :)

  70. Frazse Josen

    sobra kitang mahal dumating sa point na muntik ko ng makalimutan na may sarili ka rin palang buhay, alam ko mali ako. maakit isipin na dahil sa pagmamahal kong yon ang naging dahilan para ikaw ay tuluyang mawala, mahal na mahl po kita bheb...listening to our song always brings me to tears. God knows how much im missing you...love you so much bheb ingat ka po lagi at sana magiging masaya ka sa knya, mahal na mahal po kita....

  71. Frazse Josen

    hardest thing about letting go is trying to convince yourself you're good at it, that you are such a virtuoso manipulating pains, falsifying your emotions just to paint out heartaches; but no matter how hard you try to trash out memories, you'll always find yourself still longing for him....

  72. antonette dionisio

    nakakainis super like ko yan ?

  73. blincyn gobi

    i love yuko :)

  74. Laly May Dulatre

    iloveit ;)

  75. complexplicit ming

    been searching for this song for soooooooooo long...

  76. Kristine Tayag

    love it ♥

  77. Shalom Yauder

    You First Believed by Hoku (for Nollan)

  78. abby argoncillo

    I miss someone!

  79. abby argoncillo

    What a very nice song! :) Love this :)

  80. diana daria

    this is my favorite song ever since. :) and now, i found someone whom i can finally dedicate this. :) #teus

  81. jaimigsdane123

    Who's still Listening at this song now 2013? Thumbs Up!

  82. anja r

    thumbs up if you're listening this until 2013 ;p

  83. mary vonne santillana

    favorite song :))

  84. Marilyn Taguiam

    i love this song so much..it my some one special who sending me this .. thank u my love..how i wish that our dream come true...

  85. CanadianGirlxo

    Not just Jesus. If I remember correctly, her father died so this could be about him. I have lost loved ones and this song reminds me of them. Everyone has the right to believe what they want. To you, this is a song about Jesus but that doesn't mean that's what Hoku wrote it about. Interpret the song any way you want, that's fine but your speaking for yourself not everyone else. Not everyone is going to think it's about Jesus. You could have said "This song makes me think of Jesus"

  86. rosemary gonzales

    hey i love this song .. and her voice is soo amazing ..

  87. Jon Joseff Estolloso

    thumbs up if youre still listening to this until 2012 and would still listen in the future.

  88. wella garutay

    how many wishes on a star????

  89. Zelle Valdes

    favorite !!!! ahhhhhh <3